I was terrified when I saw my face…

What the hell is going on…? What the fuck is going on?!

No, I can’t panic, I have to calm down. In this situation, I have to remain cool.

Alright, let’s analyze the situation.

Name is Edward Moriaty. Yeah, my ancestor was probably James Moriaty. If he was, I wish had inherited his intellect. 

This year, I am 35 years old.  If I am being humble, I would just say, I am just your average middle aged old man with a bit of muscle and I am no pervert. Yes, definitely. I am single but not a virgin. 

Yeah, like people would believe that crap. But serious, I am not a virgin.

I have purchased sex a lot. I figured that was a lot cheaper than getting married. My work kept me busy and I have no time for love.

I hired someone for just the cooking, housekeeping, and laundry chores. If I wanted companionship, friendship, an intelligent conversation or sex, I would take an escort out to dinner and dessert. I had escorts that I enjoyed being with enough to request them again.

As for my job, I am a man who has a very successful job as a CEO for a small but growing company.

When I was in college, I majored in accounting and then got my MBA from a certain prestigious University. To be honest, it was wasting money but my parents won’t hear any of it.

Anyway, I graduated and worked for a big company for almost ten years. Then I got an offer from an old friend of mine, to be his CEO for a little accounting company he was starting. I didn’t need much of a salary as my parents are loaded and I also rarely spend my money for something, so I think this was perfect for me and perfect for my friend’s start-up company.

Well, I’m a rich person from beginning and I don’t feel one bit guilty about it. So, I took risks and invested in companies that made it in the tech boom. Who could have thought thanks to that, the company prospered immediately and we acquired over the first three years, four small companies in our business that we made divisions and so we had five divisions in five separate locations, they all did very well and we went public then we made a lot of money.

Money didn’t buy me love, but it sure helped me with everything else.

Well, that sums up the good part.

The bad part was, I always felt stressed and tired. Unlike my friend who got a beautiful wife. I am single. Well, I am just an “unlucky in love” guy.

However despite being unlucky in love I have had no complaints regarding my sexual performance or the length and girth of my cock. In fact, I really must have something wrong with my personality as far as it relates to being a boyfriend because all of the women that I have slept with have unequivocally physically really enjoyed themselves.

Also, being CEO doesn’t make me live comfortably like you always heard. I sure have got a ton of money from this job. BUT! Being CEO doesn’t make my life easier! This job is very stressful as hell! Unlike those wannabes who owned the companies and who enjoyed their life freely and didn’t know when their company would go down or go bankrupt. I have to pay attention to every small detail just to make sure there aren’t fraud attempts or something that could put my company in a bad place. I have to work hard to make sure this company is working fine and won’t ever encounter some silly lawsuits because of some idiots. I won’t let that happen as long as I still breath!

Well, as much I complain about my job. I had to admit it, I enjoyed my work. Not that it was mind-boggling, earth-shattering work by any means, but I did like the practicality and relative smoothness of the whole accounting process. Everything had its place. And, when I got around to it, I tried to bring the same organization into my personal life, however, I was constantly too practical about things and often found it hard to just let go.

But outside of work, my pathetic life did not allow for much as my thoughts constantly lingered back to work.

So, in order not to increase my stress, I decided on just going straight home while organizing the next day’s tasks in my mind.

On my way, I stopped by the convenience store and bought ice coffee which I drank as I drove my ferrari. After that, I returned home and had a nice shower, nice dinner and slept early.

That’s what happened last night… 

Great, no amnesia detected. My memory working fine and not senile yet.

So, what happened this morning?

As usual, I woke up to my alarm at 5AM and went to the bathroom to prepare to go to work.

I didn’t notice something wrong until I saw how my suite apartment room as I lived in very luxurious apartment. That luxurious room had evolved into a cheap looking room.

The interior is completely different yet I somehow know where the bathroom is.

I thought I was drunk so I just ignored it until I saw my face….

“What the fuck is this?!”

I shout as I see my reflection in the mirror when I wash my face. The face that is reflecting in the mirror right now wasn’t mine…

It was someone else’s face…