Half elves fall in love chapter 114

Chapter 114: Full moon return



The day after the rampage in Catalina, we decided to take off again. That said, we didn’t have to go so quickly, so in the morning, we went to find souvenirs in Rennesto.

“Jeanne-chan asked me to do it.”

When Selenium bought this and that, we just put them in the luggage Boyd was holding.

“It can’t be helped if it is for Jeanne-chan.”
“Jeanne-chan is not enough, we have to prepare something for Irina-chan too.”

Lantz and Goto whispered and jumped out into the city. However, they couldn’t understand the language and came back quickly.

“10-man captain Aurora!”
“100-man commander is also fine! We need a little help for shopping!”

Until now, the Queen and Gold Arms had been talking to us in Celesta’s standard language (so that Selenium and Sharon were secretly interpreting), so we didn’t have many inconveniences. However, it was really terrible to ask this from the merchants in the city’s markets.

“It’s just right♪ I’ll be shopping too. Dianne-chan, please go ahead.”

When Hilda-san, who could speak Valerie in this way, tried to follow, Dianne thought for a while and then turned her head to Anzeros.

“Maybe there’s something, Anzeros you will follow them.”
“Roger that!”

……It might be that Dianne was worried about something like the other day. It was not impossible.

“Lantz, Goto, take the crossbow stock so you can contact me as soon as it turns dangerous.”

The two understood and hit their chests. The crossbow stock of the crossbow corps had a stamp made by Dianne and could deliver sound to Dianne’s ears even when she was away. One-way communication was a bottleneck, but it was certainly a reliable means.

“I wonder if I can buy some souvenirs for Sylvia-san.”

Boyd whispered overlooking the women shopping happily in the market. Come to think of it, this guy had left her behind.

“If you have all this baggage, you will miss your chance.”
“Haa. But this amount is……as expected, I can’t leave it to 10-man captain Smithson.”

It means that I couldn’t hold it without collapsing because it was a huge load. Surely I couldn’t tell him to leave it to me.

“Ho, leave it to me.”

Then Laila came out, which was good. From Boyd’s hand, the baggage was lost one after another in the air.

“Uwa!? Wh, What are you doing, Laila-san?”
“Storing is storing. My special skill.”

She took out the spice bag she just erased from the air and showed it again. This was Laila’s high-class illusion skill.

“Hey, what are you doing, quickly go shopping for your bride.”
“Y, Yes, I’m sorry, I’ll be back soon!”

As his hips were slapped, Boyd rushed to the market.

“Laila do you want to do any shopping? More or less coins amount.”
“Hoho. I don’t find much value in things that are in human hands.”
“What is a souvenir? Is it a place you don’t really come to.”
“It’s a place where you can always come if you’re curious to get something. Rather than that, I should stick your nails to you and your friends’ enemies faster than anyone else.”

In short, she seemed to want to say that it was more important to escort than the specialties of Renfangas. Last time, she cared about Dianne and she was worried about the delay in getting her hands-off as a result. After all, her roots were serious.

“Maia, what about you? Why don’t you shop with Selenium and the others?”
“I am like Laila-sama.”

Our dragons were both serious and reliable. But I think they could take a little break. This time, Dianne and Anzeros were there. I was not the only one standing dazed by the fact that I was bothered to choose a souvenir. Keiron had a similar feeling and had been sitting in front of a wooden box since a while ago and Apple was next to me like a handheld. Well, wasn’t existing how to spend that way?

“Oh, where is Boyd-san?”

Aurora holding the clothing she bought, blinked her eyes.

“I’ve taken care of the luggage. That young man wants to buy a souvenir for his girlfriend.”
“Is that true? Certainly, his girlfriend also needs a souvenir.”

Aurora said that while handing over her baggage to Laila as being persuaded.

“But it’s a frustrating atmosphere here.”
“Is that so? Regardless of Klaves or Polka, this kind of hustle and bustle seems normal in Celesta.”
“No, I’ve been chasing after thieves and military police many times since a while ago……Andy-san, Apple-san, this way.”

Aurora who turned her head suddenly pushed me and Apple to the end of the road. Immediately after, I saw a cat beast who ran away and three Red Arms chasing her as they passed by us.

“Uoo… ”
“Wh, What is that?”
“……So it’s like something like that is going on all over the city. I also saw a Black Arm.”
“……I wonder if they´re starting to smoke all of them out with all the Gauntlet knights in town.”

As soon as I whispered that, a person came down from the sky. Contrary to the momentum that fell, Lister Jail showed off his golden gauntlet.

“It’s not just the Gauntlets. We’re moving half of Rennesto’s army.”
“Su, Suddenly appear!”
“It looks like it’s just right here. Stay away a little bit, guests.”

Lister-san held his gauntlet down. The cat beast who had run away returned again. Looking at her, Lister-san struck out his left and right fists from a clear distance and finally stepped forward with a force that would break the cobblestone on the ground by kicking forward.

“Kaa, Kaa! Kiiaa!!”

And the cat beast who ran away earlier was blown three times into the air and fell. Apparently, it seemed to have been a shockwave.

“It’s a disgrace, sky-blue princess.”

Lister-san took a breath and along with the Red arms that came later, he caught the faint cat beast.

“As expected from a Gold Arm……”
“Is it possible for Anzeros and Dianne to do that?”

Aurora shook her head when she told that and seemed to be strangely impressed.

“The terrible part of my technique right now is that I’m hitting the shockwave 『Without a little waste』”
“If Anzeros struck, she would definitely blow away all the items around her. I think Diane had blown off the stall tent that was ahead of the cat beast.”

Speaking of which, the shockwave struck by Lister-san had nothing to interfere with except the cat beast. There was almost no wind. The attack range and attack distance were completely controlled. …… Was it possible to do such a trick if you used the shock wave mastery?

“The empty-handed expert, Lister Jail. In the same ring, Dianne-sama seems to be at a disadvantage.”

It was hard to imagine that Dianne would lose, but being a Gold Arm also meant that he was almost equal to Sir Bonaparte. I had to convince myself that there were many strong guys in the world. And it was not only Lister-san but also Alex Buster who spoke to us earlier.

“Hey, Guests.”
“Sir Buster!”
“Haha, you don’t have to say it that like that. If it’s you, girls, please call me Uncle Alex. Ah man, don’t say uncle? You’re going to be back someday, so humbly call me Alex-san.”
“No, I can’t.”

To a Master Sword Saint class like Old man Bonaparte or Sir Buster I just couldn’t address them like that. He sure was lively though.

“You´re probably busy, but what kind of operation is going on?”
“A strategy is a strategy. It’s the city’s tightening discipline. ……Sometimes, we have to make sure that the thugs can’t do as they want and don’t be so noisy.”
“Isn’t it a bad thing that strong guys gather too much after all?”
“It’s good to be strong and if you’re young, you’ll see that you’re a little crazy. But Renfangas is open to those guys on the premise of fighting monsters. We’ve got to remind them that they’re not just criminals.”

Sir Buster had a bitter face while stroking his chin.

“It was always easy because that woman was always there and most of the rough guys who walked on the streets were full of bruises.”
“……You mean the Gold Arm who headed for Celesta?”
“Yes, it’s 『Tyranny』 Annette.”

A nickname that didn’t seem to be from a hero as well as not fitting for a woman.

“Well, you’re leaving today?”
“Ah, haa, that should be so.”
“I’ll send a messenger to the clans meeting, but please listen first. Renfangas will thank you for your help.”

After he said so, he nodded to Lister-san and disappeared from our view. When trying to follow with the eyes, I got confused for a moment and lost sight. Was he constantly using the mysterious original spell to make a statement 「Don’t follow me」?

“Even if so many people are protecting this country, it is still not sufficient……it’s a horrible story.”

I agreed with Aurora’s words. And Keiron slowly got up.


At noon, after eating a lightly skewered meal at a typical stall, we prepared to take off from the courtyard of Rennesto Castle. Then the Queen and Neia appeared.

“Your Majesty……and Neia Grans.”

Dianne kneeled in a hurry and we, who were aligned, stood upright.

“Please raise your head. It was us that came to ask for a favor.”

Dianne raised her head. The Queen smiled.

“I understand the story of leaving Rennesto for a while. But please take Neia with you if possible.”
“She is our guest, but she isn’t bound to us. She doesn’t have to stay here all the time……rather, it would be more convenient for her to be with you to investigate the demon territory.”
“That is……certainly.”
“Besides, I want to show her a wide world. I want to give her the opportunity as a friend and not as Queen.”

……Speaking of the Queen of Renfangas, she was a symbol of courage for the people. It was said she had given priority to her army’s inspiration for surprise attacks and rarely left Rennesto. It was true that Neia needed to see the whole world, but it was not good that others were tied up like the Queen was. The Queen’s desire to want it might be greater. When they stood side by side, I saw Neia and Queen Flare who looked like sisters from the edge of my sight.

“……I understand. I’ll take care of Hero Neia for a while.”
“Thank you!”

The Queen left and we were out of our 「Careful」 attitude. Neia took off her hat.

“Thank you for having me for a while. ……The Queen has been excited since last night.”

“Let’s talk about dragons. What was it like to fight one and how fast is a dragon?”

Neia smiled.

“I ended up talking about something like this. I apologize for the inconvenience.”
“I see… ”

Dianne’s wry smile overlapped with me. Indeed, the story of Maia’s success extended the dream of the pretty Queen.

At around noon, all preparations were done and we took off.

“100-man commander, by the way, I want to ask you something.”

While Maia was gaining altitude over the Snake Mountain Range, Boyd raised his hand.

“What is it?”
“……Can we stop by Basson? No, it’s not like I want to go home, but I wonder if I can give this souvenir……”

Did he want time to report to her? Well, Isaac and Williams were fine. Dianne thought for a moment and then asked Chibi Maia on her shoulder.

“Maia, do you know the direction towards Basson?”
“……Yeah. It’s not far from here”
“Then, will you fly over there first? Polka will be tough from now tonight, considering airflow and time.”
“Yes. Andy-sama, is that okay?”

When I nodded, Maia could be seen leaning to the left.

“Is this really fine?”

When Boyd said that apologetically, Dianne laughed.

“I don’t mind. Thanks to the duel between Sharon and Aurora, we couldn’t leave Trot, but our headquarters is over there.”
“……I’m sorry… ”

For some reason, Aurora turned red and apologized. Did she feel embarrassed now that she was a little too ahead of herself? Everyone laughed a little.


The Renfangas Kingdom bordered both Trot and Celesta as well as Snake Mountains. In other words, it was between the two countries in terms of latitude. This meant that Basson, the land of Celesta’s north, was much closer to Rennesto than Polka which was the northernmost place in Trot in terms of linear distance. We went out in the afternoon and were already above Basson before the sun went down.

“This is Celesta……”
“Well, it’s the most Trot-like area in Celesta.”

I answered to Neia’s mutter. I knew that this warrior was a Gold Arm-class super-combatant, but I was able to talk with her without hesitation because we had an encounter before. It might be because she looked like a little child and was really cool.

“Andy-sama, is it okay for you as usual?”
“Hmm… ”

As Chibi Maia nodded, Maia slowly landed near the barracks.

Half of the place that had been a playground until this time was devoted to the construction site of the new barracks. The wood was cut in the opposite direction and was processed by a group of ogres. As we got down while being covered by an illusion, a nearby member was hit by the wind pressure and turned over, making his eyes black and white.

“Good, unravel the illusion……there are two 100-man corps and there are about 75 members of the original team……well, more than half of the recruits had never be seen. I hope they don’t panic”

Dianne took the initiative and got off the carriage. After a while, the guys who were watching us strangely became stiff and they could see that the illusion was unraveled. The only thing that surprised me when I looked down from Maia’s back was all the new faces and before long all the friends I knew were shouting 「Oh, 100-man commander Dianne-chan」.

“U, Uwaaaaaaa!!!! 100-man soldier Isaac! 100-man soldier Isaac!”
“Call me 100-man commander Isaac! It’s kind of terrible!!!”
“Uwaaaaaa, run away!!!”

The new recruits who caused trouble relying on Isaac all flew to the barracks. After seeing them off for a while, as I remembered, I saw Williams yelling, 「Hey, why are you calling out to Isaac all the time? Call me first」.

“Maia, you can return back to your human form.”

When Maia transformed according to my words and we all went to the barracks, nostalgic people rushed over there, including Williams, who had shouted, Mikagami and Isaac that had jumped out.

“Welcome back, 100-man commander!”
“It was surprisingly fast, Smithson.”
“10-man captain Anzeros and 10-man captain Aurora are safe and sound”

Looking at our figures, all other new recruits were also coming near. They were scared.

“……Uwa, that’s 100-man commander Dianne.”
“Wow, there are so many beautiful women.”
“When we’re talking about the natives of the corps here, they’re going to show us their boobs, right?”
“You idiot, the other party is a 100-man commander, hide your heart!”

Quite charming. Conquering them roughly by hand and 100-man commander Dianne raised her chest and her voice.

“Gentlemen, I’m the former supreme commander of this corps, 100-man special duty commander Dianne. The new corps building construction mission is a hard task and we will ask for your best in the future because it will be here on the address. And the dragon is one of us, so be rest assured.”

*Noisy*……Increasing noise.

“See, I told you, she’s really a very pretty woman.”
“The story of regular soldier Jean Jack is too virgin-like and I don’t know whether to believe it!”
“Dragon……who is the person who is a dragon´s companion……”
There are a lot of big breasted girls here, my adventure spirit is increasing after a long time since 10-man captain Mikagami.”
“Do you still want to peek when you almost lose your sight?”
“10-man captain Aurora is that 10-man captain from the second southern army corps……right?”

Ah, yes. These members were full of poking their nose into something in many ways.

“Aren’t there a lot of questions, but can you give us a little rest? We had a long journey”

With Dianne’s word, Isaac and Williams took over the small fishes. There were certainly a lot of faces I didn’t recognize, but there was no one against Isaac or Williams and they all looked like good-natured guys.

“I’ll go back to my early life when I finish my work.”
“That’s right.”

Lantz agreed with Keiron’s words. I wanted to agree too, but I wasn’t able to because I had plans to resume my blacksmith training after completing the expedition mission. I……what will I do after finishing the trip? ……I still thought it was not bad to continue being a soldier.


When I returned to my room in the barracks, I felt somewhat relieved. After all, Polka was only a temporary residence right now and we stayed in an inn. This was decided to be relieved. Boyd ran into the city of Basson. That single-minded lovey-dovey guy was really charming.

“Now……wh, what am I going to do?”

Thus I lied on the bed and thought while being exhausted. No, it was not a serious story about the future. It was probably only tonight that I could enjoy this peaceful private space. Continuing until tomorrow. Did I really want to fall asleep? Did I want to warm up the old friendship with Isaac? No, it hadn’t even been a month since the reorganization. That was why it was a good idea to do things like Dianne or Anzeros in this safe environment. I was troubled.

“It’s hard to throw away all of them……”

I had never thought that staying in this room would be such a precious time. Ah, but my bed smelled good. I’m relieved.

“……Well, if I go to sleep……I wonder if……”

I was about to lose consciousness. At that timing, the sound of the door knocking was heard.

“Coome innn……”

I replied in a half-asleep state. Even if they came in, Dianne or another girl would forgive me even if I fell asleep.

“Excuse me……are you sleeping?”

It was Neia! I did think that the wording was strangely different from the girls. She smiled, took her hat off, put it on her chest and approached the bed while speaking in a gentle tone.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you.”

I couldn’t fall asleep as it is, so I just woke up.

“What is?”
“……I also have some knowledge about dragons.”
“We never borrowed power from them, but there was a Dragon Palace near the Valley of Calwin. We’ve borrowed accommodation from them.”
“U, Uh?”
“Dragons don’t go beyond the scope of play, even if they lend power to people on a whim, as they always seek a rider if they truly wield power. It should be no exception for the dragons who protect the northern elf territory.”
“……Are you a dragon rider?”

……She was sharp. Should I hide it? Someday, Laila told me that Dragon Riders were too strong and were therefore easily targeted. Laila and Maia were both pretty women who like to expose their boobs to those delighted, foolish companions and the girls as they were friends, but Neia was definitely an outsider. Was it okay to tell her? No, but I didn’t think something good was going to happen if I hid it.


Neia stared at me. I was thinking about it with a head that hadn’t been tightened yet. Suddenly, Neia jumped into my chest……no, I had been tackled.


*Don*, I hit the wall. Neia’s power was quite strong and armor was also worn under her clothes, so she was quite heavy. I was having trouble breathing. When I complained with my eyes that I couldn’t breathe and what she was doing, Neia pulled out her sword from her waist and raised it. I looked at the point of the sword. No, it was just beyond that. She was pointing her sword at someone.


I followed her line of sight and looked ahead.


There were people. I didn’t realize someone was standing there. The sun was falling and the moon was starting to rise over the window. It was a full moon. In the backlight of the moon, the eyes that captured the light turned over here.

“……Who are you?”

Neia, who was pinning me down to the bed asked for the identity of those fellows. I decided to grab Neia’s shoulders to see from the side.

“Na, Smithson-san”
“Ah. It’s all right, they’re acquaintances.”

I understood after seeing a frightened figure who had a moving tail.

“……Isn’t that right, Luna?”
“……Who is this?”

The cat-beast girl who became the third wheel pointed to Neia with an expressionless face.

“She is a friend.”
“I am a hero.”

To the almost simultaneous response, the cat beast girl, Luna Basil, looked unconvinced.

“……Andy. I get acquaintance?”
“……Is, Isn’t it so?”
“That friend, get acquaintance?”

I didn’t think she was a friend or lover at the moment. But if I thought that we had a relationship to seed and have sex……something warped.

“What’s wrong, And……again.”

Anzeros and Aurora who rushed here after hearing a don sound and the almost naked Dianne who was about to go to the bath opened the door and weakened.

“Anzeros……that girl?”
“Ah, she is a child of the desert cat beast colony from that time.”
“Ah, I remember it.”
“……Andy-san, why are you pushing Neia-san down?”
“I’m not pushing her down!”

……It seemed to be a little troublesome. I just wanted to have a meaningful time to relax…….

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