Half elves fall in love chapter 233

Chapter 233: Holy Beast Secret Festival 6 [Breakcore]



In the morning, the elves, who have vitality, are weakened by the overnight festival and the overall movement is slowing down. The music that had been played in the corner of the meadow was also changed to a gentle one. Does it mean that a noisy song is bad for sleeping friends? The grassland on the labyrinth, which is wrapped in the morning haze, has some elves sleeping as they are without going under the trees and in a sense it can be said that there are many dead corpses, but for some reason it has a quiet and neat impression. Even though it is in the same state as the bar after the liquor is full, the spectacle that is somewhat peaceful is probably unique to the appearance of an elf in harmony with the forest.

“It looks like everyone enjoyed it, Andy”
“It’s supposed to be a festival to entertain you”
“At the same time, it’s a festival that I entertain. It’s a festival to create fun memories in order to make friends that don’t change even when time changes. It’s not that the elves dont enjoy themselves”

Is that so if you ask? Originally, it was a festival with the intention of increasing the number of elves visiting the labyrinth. Nominally, the holy beasts are worshiped, but the elves should be happy and enjoyed. It can be said that the purpose has been achieved.

“Is breakfast ready soon? ……I should offer something from me soon”
“Isn’t it a hobby to store things separately when you give them away?”
“I don’t have anything to store, but if you take the time to serve meat, I can serve as much as you want”
“No, let’s stop doing that. Everyone will pull”

Breakcore with no hesitation in self-harm. But, aside from the person herself, it would be a traumatic sight for the elves. To be honest, I´m horrified by seeing a beauty that makes her meat roasted from the scraped edges.

Eventually the sunrise changed to a blue sky. In the morning haze, the elves who started to get up one after another start preparing breakfast. Apple walks between the pots of each clan with Maia and Irina (or rather, they are accompanying Apple), learning recipes for local dishes from various clans.

“Is this a recipe? It can’t be helped if it’s white clan´s Irina-sama’s request……hee”
“Hmm. Just because she’s a half, why don’t you do it in a way that doesn’t matter? When Maia and I cross east of the snake mountain, this girl’s cooking skill is relied on”
“Yeah. I’m in trouble if Apple doesn’t make delicious food”
“If that’s the case……”

At the moment, Apple can only help our journey with a little magic and as a life supporter, mainly cooking and washing. But, on the contrary, she is beginning to gain a solid position as a full-time employee. She’s close to a chore, but it’s not a role she doesn’t need. Even in the military, it is a part that has gained a firm position as a supply corps. While doing those things, Selenium, who was able to handle the repulsion close to the actual battle, was just extraordinarily excellent. If you think about it now, Dianne, who was worried about her excessive dependence on Selenium from an early stage, has no choice but to say that she has an keen insight.

“Good morning, Andy-san”
“Huwa……ah. I, I’m sorry, I didn’t yawn”

Aurora and Sharon have also woken up. The two of them are staying indoors because they can’t just roll them around. Well, when I say that, my friends are generally in the category that requires special treatment, but among them, the special evaluation is for them. After all, they have a strong bloodline.

“Why don’t Aurora learn to cook a little bit now? See, Apple is doing her best”

I mean, next to Breakcore, I’m eating freshly baked bread from Labyrinth Village while drinking lightly Kumis (a gift from the cherry blossom clan. Yogurt rather than alcohol). ……I thought that Aurora would turn back to my half-teasing words, but she suddenly turned into a serious face behind Sharon who was smiling and put her sword away before she walked toward Apple.

“That’s a joke. Cooking should be taught from the basics in Polka……”

I follow in a hurry, but Aurora smiles.

“If I think about it, it’s not something I want to lack behind. It’s worth remembering. It’s one of the skills that I don’t have enough experience with. Little while, I will be like Apple-san´s shadow”
“H, Hey hey”

……No, Aurora was trying to broaden her horizons with a break in her quest for the sword. She used to participate in swordsmanship matches as usual, so I thought it was a little while ago, but was she waiting for a chance?

“Nyu……huu, good morning, Andy”
“Good morning. The grass bed is not bad if it is so high quality”
“Human beasts are nice, they can adapt to sleeping outside without a bonfire. I couldn’t settle down because I’m not at night”

Luna, Keiron and 100-man commander Becker, also get up. I mean, Luna, she was there before I knew it.

After that, Dianne & Laila, who were sleeping, satisfied Anzeros and Almeida and Naris and Tetes, who were a little oversleeping, woke up and had a light breakfast. Then, the closing curtain of the Holy Beast Festival begins.


Apparently, the idea for the opening ritual was from Breakcore, while the script for the closing ritual was written by Irina. Even though it was a script, I didn’t like theatrical performances that I didn’t understand, so I decided to end it by arranging the words normally. Well, I don’t think anything starts with a play and ends with a play. ……And the closing remark that Irina wrote in a hurry. I’m relieved to have her tell me the meaning first. I read the sentence (with the help of Irina) with all my gratitude to the elves who went out with me and my hopes and prayers for the future.


──The forest, the heavens and the earth that hold it, the barrier that protects it, and the world that protects it. Under the will of the universe, the party was chosen by the spirits of this land to celebrate the eternity of Breakcore and end here for the time being. Thousand years are too much for humans and eternity is too much for the genus of the forest. Therefore, we must not forget and respect our friends who walk with the forest, even though we are determined to walk lonely for eternity. The spirits gave us the freedom to go around the heavens and the earth, giving us a life that never ends with a holy beast. Although the roads are different from each other, the joy of touching and supporting each other cannot be denied. Never forget that we lived together yesterday between infinity and finite. Never forget today, when we took hands together in front of the Holy Beast between the 100-year mortality and the 1000-year mortality. Don’t forget, don’t forget. Although our lives are different, the encounters are equally precious. Even after a million years, we cannot share the same joy with the same beloved you today. Thank you to all things that made me and you meet here in a wide wide world. Thank you to the universe for meeting me and you here in a long long time.

And again, beyond the passage of time, let’s share the joy of being in this world together. Let’s look forward to the beginning of the next party.

Everything, bless me and him. Blessing the future that goes with us to our friends who walk together.


The crackling cheers of the standing elves are poured towards Breakcore and I. I’m more calm than I was at the start and accept it. ……Irina’s closing remarks should, of course, be interpreted in the contrast between Breakcore, elves and me. If I change the focus a little, I think it’s a word that can be applied to the relationship between me and Irina……no, Apple, Dianne, Laila, and all the other people with different lifespans. It’s easy to say that different lifespans are just sad. But that cannot be a denial of love. It cannot be a reason to categorize love with each other as a tragedy because they have different times of life. We will accumulate today where we can share happiness together. I don’t know how long it will last, but I will never deny the fact that there is someone I love in front of me. I don’t know the future. But even if the world ends tomorrow, I’m sure I won’t regret it. That is the form of love between me and them. Speaking of momentary, I don’t think that attitude is wrong for those who are passionate about their lives and moving into the future. ……I’m sure Irina wrote it with that in mind.


Withdrawal begins 3-5. Some walk back to the red clan manor, while others have used up the dragon’s transport flights, so we don’t seem to be able to completely withdraw everyone so easily.

“Luna and Keiron. Come with me. Enter the labyrinth”
“Ah, maybe Naris and Smithson?”
“Yes. Collect Naris’s weapon. It may be a bit long because the location cannot be specified”

Dianne seems to lead Luna and Keiron who have night vision and embark on an exploration. Naris is kneeling next to Dianne with her eyes looking at her goddess.

“Shall I go too, captain?”
“Becker remains in Labyrinth Village. If there are any other problems, you should deal with them”
“Laila and Maia are in charge of the transportation. Others should return to Polka at their own discretion. Naris can wait in Polka”
“No, I’ll wait here, because it’s my weapon!”

I thought I should take Anzeros, Sharon, Almeida, etc., but even if I forcibly put them in because I do not have a complete map in my head and I cant have night vision, it will be more troublesome if I dont do it well.

Although I can go back to Polka, I still have something to do.

“I felt like it was a little strange not to come this far and seed you”

I was pushing Breakcore down to the bed where I was flirting with Anzeros yesterday.

“Yeah. That’s Andy”
“I feel like you have some strange trust”
“What do you say. The man who said he would commit me until I got pregnant♪”

Breakcore is embraced by me without hesitation, hugging me and giving me a rain of kisses. When I try to take off her clothes, she also actively takes off my clothes. It’s a completely 「Waiting」 attitude.

“What should I do? It’s okay to change to an infant figure like the white clan chief”
“There seems to be a misunderstanding, but I don’t like tiny children too much……”
“I know. I can do both, but it depends on your mood at that time?”

I feel that she is steadily researching me even though we meet only few times.

“Let’s hold it like this today”
“Yeah. I love you with big boobs too”
“I love you indiscriminately”

I don’t feel like I´m being praised, but I think it’s a Breakcore praise because she is smiling. Peel off her clothes. There is nothing to wrap under one coat, neither on the chest nor on the waist. It’s a style that Laila loves, 「Underwear is troublesome to wear more or less」.

“It would have been good to show the elves that you’re seeding me at this festival”
“Not good, not good”
“Is that so? I’m not a person anyway and I don’t think it’s a big problem”
“What do you want to do with my position?”
“……Well, there’s a problem like that”

I think Breakcore, which is said to have been a blind spot, is still somewhat out of place. However, the well-shaped boobs, the well-organized face and the slightly large buttocks like a horse are too attractive to insist that she is not human. Breakcore giggles while lying down as I grab her boobs and suck on her nipples.

“You really like boobs. You´re like a baby”
“I don’t have an appetite. I love purely erotic boobs. Well, I don’t want to lose to my son even if I like pure boobs”
“Thats right, you already have a son. ……Huhu, when will your child come to suck my boobs?”
“No, your body is mine. No matter how much you have sex with my son, you can’t do it”
“What’s wrong with you, it’s cute”

Breakcore caresses my hair as I stick to her breasts. I don’t think so, but I rush to take off my pants so that Peter can’t take her. Then, when I laid down my body on Breakcore, opened her crotch and tried to rub my dick on it, knock knock, the door of the hut was lightly struck. I’m stiff.

“Hello, Holy Beast”

There was a woman’s voice.

“What is it?”

Breakcore answers with a calm voice, turning her legs around my waist. It’s a little mischievous. ……Well, I’m not thinking about anything strange.

“My name is Oregano, the lowest seat of the gold clan. Permission……did Smithson-sama come here?”

Oregano!? Why is she looking for me?

“……He is here”

Breakcore answered easily and I was surprised. Breakcore won’t let me go when I try to get my clothes back in a hurry.

“That’s right. That……”
“You can enter”

Breakcore´s voice. I can’t move. There is a sound of Oregano opening the door and coming in. No, this is not the footsteps of Oregano alone.

“Smithson-sama, if you want to go back to Polka, come with us”
“Let’s go home together……?”

Oregano and Savory came in together and got stuck in the bed scene between Breakcore and me.

“Yaa. I’m sorry, you´re in the process of seeding”

……Breakcore, because I couldn’t do it at the festival……isn’t it harassing to show it to a small number of people!?

“Th, That……”

Oregano and Savory. A silver braid ring and a golden pony look at each other as if confused.


A few times, the line of sight goes back and forth between us and each other’s faces. And.

“This is……”
“W, We can’t lose, Savory!”
“Eh, you?”

I think I’m about to go home if I’m taking it in, but for some reason Oregano decided that the direction to take it off was the correct answer. She started to unbutton her clothes.

“Th, That……Oregano says this, can I mix in?”
“……Intently, you like that kind of sex, Andy”
“No, these kids are…that special kids who have only had group sex……”

It seems difficult for both sides to explain inconsistently.

“Well, I’m used to it too……”
“Don’t blame me for this situation”

I wonder if they lured me in.

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