Half elves fall in love chapter 238

Chapter 238: Revisit the ancient city 3 [Dianne Laila Jeanne]



When we tried to get an inn in the same place as before, it seems that rooms weren’t very vacant.

“Is it time for so many customers to come?”
“Schranz is a historic city and there isn’t much snow here……and it’s not uncommon for people to come sightseeing during the winter”
“……So that’s it”

Dianne nods as convinced by the apologetic explanation of the inn receptionist.

“Well, what do you do……you can look for another inn”

Give us a judgment.

“It’s a little difficult to be an elf, a dark elf and a dwarf in a city of Trot”

Although it is geographically south and closer to Celesta, it is by no means a Celesta city. Even if you look for a new inn, Laila is just a super beauty, but seeing Dianne and Naris doesn’t always show any difficulty. As much as possible, I want to stay at an inn where they can enter. Dianne turns to the receptionist again.

“How many rooms are available?”
“Five rooms is a little difficult……if it’s a couple of shared rooms, I can manage it”
“I’m with elder sister Laila”
“I don’t mind being with Andy. What about Naris?”
“I, I would never say its a luxury to be with a woman”
“All right, then I’ll ask you for a few shared rooms”

Well, if this is in total action, it is about to secure the number of people even if the name of the Celesta army is put out, but if it is the number of people now, it is not a place to force it.

“For two and three people?”
“Yes, please”

When you think about it, there are surprisingly few situations in which a shared room is used in an inn. I usually stay alone and crawl and hang out at night. Or maybe it’s a big room.

“It’s a rare situation, even if it’s overnight”

It seems that Dianne and I were thinking about the same thing and she hung the cloak she was wearing on a hanger and smiled bitterly while caring for it.

“Well, that’s right……I’ve been taken care of by Jeanne and Laila today, so I have to thank them too”
“I thought it wasn’t bad to be one-on-one once in a while
“Is that okay? Then……”

Dianne is taking care of the cloak while talking about ecchi like a small story. Her butt is defenseless. When I was wondering if I could roll her hips and touch her ass, I heard a knocking sound.


When Dianne asked that, someone replied, 「It’s Naris」.

“Get in”

Dianne gets up with her hair lightly brushed back. A little disappointing. I also like to play with it from behind.

“Excuse me……I came to replace 10-man captain Smithson”
“What is that?”

Dianne frowns.

“I, It’s a three-person room over there. Either way, if everyone gathers at 10-man captain Smithson´s room at night, I’ll occupy a large room.
“……So that’s it”

Naris sighs.

“Really, 10-man captain Smithson is also very good, against the legend of Celesta, a dwarf and a dragon”
“If you are a beautiful woman and head over heels in love, I have no problem with any person”
“As a person who is too powerful. Do you want to eat all the young female clan chiefs in the northern elf territory, or even Knight chief Sharon and 10-man captain Aurora? Are you willing to conquer the northern half of the continent?”
“I have no intention of doing that……”
“To tell the truth, I’m a little wondering what kind of goal Andy has for entwining a woman”
“Don’t even say that to Dianne!”
“No, No, No. It’s abnormal. 10-man captain Smithson. No matter how good the timing and position are, it’s not a formation that can be hooked so easily, right?”
“I think that’s true!”

It’s just not possible when the lone guards have the reins of two dragons. Regardless of that, it’s unlikely that super-young girls like Dianne, Aurora and Anzeros are having an affair and staying in an all-you-can-flirt situation. Selenium and Apple are too much for you and there are all-you-can-eat colonies and dragon palaces where you can commit all the women there just by stopping by. Certainly, if you look calmly, it can’t be helped to say what you are planning and what you are using. But.

“I swear, I have no political ambitions or aspirations. I’ll be a blacksmith in earnest after this special duty”
“Well, that’s fine for me, but even the king doesn’t want to do that at this time”
“……Uh. I don’t mean to be extravagant”
“Rest assured, I’ll stay even if you’re shaken by all the other women”

Dianne encourages me, but Naris still looks a little sullen.

“So, if you don’t rely on the unreliable face, you have to stop by and support it……is it a way to convince a talented woman”
“Naris. Don’t poke at Andy strangely”
“That’s not the case.”

She threw herself into the bed where I was supposed to enter and after a while she got up.

“Please put on a mute illusion. I can hear it because I’m an elf and I don’t have a hobby to hear naughty voices”
“……Yes, I’ll do that”

Dianne nods with a slightly ridiculous expression and leaves the room with me.


And the room of Laila and Jeanne who took turns to become my nest. I wondered when they bought it there, as I saw Laila and Jeanne tilting a bottle of liquor. ……It’s not like they’re going to get drunk either way.

“Somehow Naris was aggressive”
“Ho. That’s it”
“It’s that”
“What? You guys did something?”

Laila and Jeanne tilt the glass together while grinning strangely.

“We don’t do anything”
“Don’t do anything”
“… Then what is that?”
“That’s what you’re good at”

……I wonder if it’s a matter of a tavern.

“I can’t think of anything that would make Naris angry”
“No, owner. You didn’t make her angry”

…… What are you guys saying? I asked Dianne for an interpreter, but Dianne had the same delicate expression as I did. It seems that the situation is not as swallowed as Laila and Jeanne.

“Well, that’s something that can’t be helped. Instead, let’s continue where we left off during daytime”
“Aah, elder sister Laila is sly. If you do something at once, I’ll come first”
“Ho, say it”

Laila stands up and brings her face closer to me. With a bitter smile, Dianne stops her forehead with her hand and pokes with her finger.

“Mu, don’t disturb me, Dianne”
“If you do it, do it on the bed. Andy, you just have to think again about Naris’s mood”
“……That’s right”

Well, when it comes to the problem of mood, I think it’s okay to put it off. Let’s switch heads. The king and envious women are starting to take off their clothes for me.

That’s why I kiss Dianne’s slender spine and reach for her boobs.

“Hey, I haven’t taken off everything yet”
“We can do erotic things even if you don’t take them all off”

The contrast between the tight spine like a carnivore and the soft boobs is fun to the touch. While rubbing the crotch over the waist that has not been taken off yet, I rub her breasts gently. Kissing her long ears from behind.

“Do you like it?”
“……Your body temperature is just over the cloth”

I take off my pants with one hand while holding Dianne’s boobs and drop them. Then slide the dick inside Dianne’s hips and resume massaging.

“I, It’s not enough to just convey the body temperature there!”
“……Not good?”
“……I, It’s not bad, but if possible, I want the warmth of your hips throughout my hips”
“Hoho, Dianne is sweet”
“Take it off”
“D, Don’t be violent, it will tear apart!”

Jeanne, who was in her underwear while I was holding Dianne, pulled down Dianne´s pants and panty with Laila, who was also naked.

“It’s embarrassing to have clothes taken off by others……”
“You’re already rubbing your dick while kneading my boobs?”
“Nonetheless. ……I just came up with strange things”
“I also like the shy Dianne”

Dianne shakes her body, the moment I kiss the base of her ears.

“Ho. You’re still not wet. I have to loosen it”
“I, It gets wet over time”
“I don’t feel like waiting so long. Jeanne, suck owner’s cock instead of me”
“Instead……hua, idiot, don’t touch Laila!”

I enjoy Dianne’s breasts with my hands, as Laila puts her fingers in and out of Dianne’s crotch and Jeanne stretches her neck from the side and clings to my dick.

“Look, get it wet quickly. You must be done with Jeanne before you can be in law.”
“That’s why it’s just Andy’s caress……naaa”
“Nku, n, nguu”
“Ku, ooo……Jeanne, that way of sucking……!”

Four naked people are intertwined on one bed. The sound of Jeanne’s fellatio and the sound of Dianne’s vagina play a harmony from below.

“Th, That’s okay……if it is only that, it will enter without any reason……!”
“Ho. Don’t hesitate to feel a little more”
“I’m going to squid by you”
“Hoho. I’m particular about cute things”

I saw Laila licking her fingers. And Jeanne also tapped and released my dick and I inserted it into Dianne as if it was biting the sand and reassembling the gear. I enjoy the feeling that our bodies stick together with a slight sense of accomplishment.

“Naa……th, there……♪”
“Poke……don’t hesitate, come all the way to the womb……♪”
“Yes……k, kuoo……!”

As I push my hips forward, I hear the entwined feel of her vaginal folds. Dianne’s uterine ostium in the back. Up to that point, I rushed as if I was rushed by my instinct,


As soon as my dick arrived at the uterine ostium, I ejaculated. I felt too much about Jeanne’s enthusiastic blow job. ……Regret.

“It got out…? …?”

Dianne also looks at me with a slightly missed face. Sorry. I’m very sorry.

“Hohoho. Well, one shot is one shot.”
“Next is me”

Jeanne lowers her panty. Laila smiled with a big smile.

“This……you did it, Laila, Jeanne!”

Dianne lays down Laila, inserts her finger into Jeanne´s buttocks, stops her movement and grabs my dick with one hand.

“Di, Dianne!?”
“Can I keep being beaten by these guys’ mischief? I won’t let Jeanne enter until Andy cums”
“Wh, don’t get so angry”
“Ku……kukuku, with this attitude, I can suck up the seeds in your pussy”
“If you want to suck, suck it and even if it’s all licked, Andy will pour it inside again”
“I, ……u, waa”
“Nn……nchuu……nkuu. Come more this way Andy, it’s hard to do a blowjob……”
“Hohoho. Delicious delicious……if it’s my tongue, can I lick it to Dianne’s womb?”
“Let’s like it, but I prefer Andy’s cock to the juice that has already been served!”

The versatile Dianne conquers the place. She is playing with Jeanne´s butt and vagina with one hand, giving me a mercilessly hanjob with the other hand and rides on Laila´s face so that she can suck the love juice from her pussy.

Of course, when I was released, I had to pour it on Jeanne’s vaginal opening before going all the way.


Two rounds for each girl. On the second lap, the three asses are finally lined up normally and a vaginal cum shot is made in order. ……No, I feel something is wrong when this is normal. I’m really thirsty, so let’s go to the bar below, who is still open, for a light drink……suddenly, I was wondering what Naris is doing, so I looked into the room.

Naris was sleeping in her bed. She no, she was sleeping, or lying down, with her long pillow pinching her face from the back of her head.

“……I told you to put on an illusion”

Naris murmurs. After all she was awake. Or rather, even if she covers her ears with a pillow, she can hear us easily.

“What did you come to do? It’s 100-man commander Dianne’s bed, not 10-man captain Smithson’s bed”
“No, I thought you were in a bad mood……did I do something not to your liking?”

Naris took her hand off the pillow. Pahu and a pillow that spreads quietly behind her.

“……I just don’t understand”

Naris turned her back on me and she was silent for a while. And.

“Don’t answer because I’m talking to myself from now on”
“What’s your answer”
“I told you not to answer……”
“Did you understand?”
“Yes Yes”

Take a breath.

“People don’t help me. That’s why I got stronger. Now that I’m stronger and able to help someone, I can finally have a place for me. Why are you helping me even more now? It wouldn’t be my position if someone who was weaker than me broke my heart for me regardless of strength. It’s terrible. I think that it might still be good for a moment. But why……why is there someone who is so weak and can’t rely on me at all, and who still helps me, who can reach out even if I don’t help……why is it so enough? There isn’t enough space for me to enter. Don’t show me. It makes me very sad. But after all, you realize that it’s not kind to me in the world. Please stop. That’s it. It’s painful…… ”
“You’re prohibited from responding, aren’t you?”

Naris shouts in a loud voice. More than the loud voice, it was heartbreaking.

“Stop being bland and gentle that anyone can see at any time! I don’t think there’s ad-by-spot comfort……to me!”
“So……please don’t ask”

Naris doesn’t look in my direction until the end. ……So.


I sighed a big sigh. Naris trembles.

“Hey, I have to go to the Ironworker´s Guild again tomorrow……”

Naris raises her face a little. She pulls her pillow out from under her head and slams it from the top.

“Don’t bother with my monologue”

I pull the leather I bought for the armor coveralls out of my luggage in the room and cut it to the right size. And……because there are no metal fittings, make both sides thin and make it into a string.

“I am. I’m looking at someone like you”
“I want to make you a female slave and commit you”
“That’s why you get fucked. Be a female slave who always gives me a slap. Be mine”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m such a guy. Maybe I’m the most greedy, amorous and perverted guy in the northwestern plains”
“So, if that’s all right, put this on tomorrow”

Let’s admit. I’m just a greedy pervert. So, I inked the engraved pen, made a simple collar with my name on it and left it on Naris’s bed.

……If it’s alcohol, it’s okay because Laila and the rest were drinking. Maybe it’s really strong, but I’ll soon be conscious. That made me feel good.

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