Half elves fall in love chapter 239

Chapter 239: Revisit the ancient city 4 [Naris]



The next morning it was far from a good awakening. I don’t remember well, but I feel like I’ve drunk a lot like Laila. The fact that I don’t remember the taste of alcohol may have been quite strong.

“How about waking up?”
“……A little low voice. I have a little headache……”

I wake up, responding slightly to Laila’s voice, which I hear just before opening my eyes. Oh crazy. Gravity is tight. The body becomes slanted without permission.

“You’re still weak with alcohol”

Jeanne supports my body like that. Even if there is a difference in height, her strength is different, so it is reliable.

“I mean, it’s such a weak Trot alcohol”
“It’s not a strong drink made in the royal capital”
“Elder sister Laila ordered me to get the strongest in the liquor store. I was more surprised that it came out in a glass bottle”
“Well, I don’t see it in Celesta……”

Ceramic urns and wooden barrels are widely distributed for ease of processing. Clean glass is still expensive. This area is a place like the face of Trot´s industrial power.

“So what are we going to do today?”

Dianne says while opening the window of the room. A little cold. Even though it’s upstairs, everyone except me is still naked, but it’s bold.

“Would you like to go back to Polka or take a detour? I think Isaac’s march training is about to pass through the royal capital”
“Passing through the royal capital and going out to Mt. Leica……is it a hellish snow march from there?”
“It seems that he intends to do that”

Although the small snake mountain range is lower than the snake mountain range, they are quite hard. Especially for big ogres, it should be quite hard.

“I hope there are no dead people”
“……I’m a little worried. Let’s just stab the nails so as not to overdo it”
“More than that, Dianne, don’t sit on the window while still being naked. Ah, an old man is looking from the other side of the street”

Perhaps because of the sense of accomplishment of a solid sex, Dianne talks while sitting on the window frame in a good mood without wearing a single thread, but this is the third city of Trot. Even in the neighborhood, there are some tall buildings. An old man on the balcony in the opposite building was looking at Dianne’s naked back, but Dianne smiled lightly and waved her fingers.

“Di, Disappeared……!?”

The old man is surprised. Dianne seems to have created an illusion.

“By the way, Naris was sulky. She told us to put up a voice illusion”

She forgot about it. Once in a while Dianne is careless.


After that, while being supported by Laila, we go out to the dining room, and I meet Naris in the hallway.

“10-man captain Smithson”

Naris takes out a short strap-like thing that isn’t even a collar.

“I give it back to you”

She slammed it lightly on my face.

“It hurts”
“That’s right, isn’t it? I thought about it, but isn’t there any difference after all?”
“Yeah. What is it? It’s mostly, because I’m a poor person who is happy with small money, no matter how much it is, it is not a relationship to do sex separately, but suddenly I become an erotic slave or it is too excited!? No matter how you think it’s strange!”

I finally laughed. I could laugh.

“Naris would be in trouble if you didn’t tell me that”
“I’m not as good as you say, but I’m not a good for nothing blacksmith who loves beauty and eroticism. It’s like being filled or reaching out with beautiful words. You may hear it, but I’m a pervert with a strong desire for exclusivity that just pushes the collar and obedience. I don’t want you to make a mistake”
“……It sounds bad”
“Ho. I can’t help it, Jeanne, who wears a collar until she wants it, is no different from me”

Jeanne with a delicate face and Laila with a bitter smile.

“That’s why I don’t want to get lost. You’re not Selenium or Apple, you’re not Anzeros, Aurora, or Sharon. I like Naris, who has herself right there”
“……No, so don’t put in strange misleading lines there”

Naris sighs. Isn’t she surprisingly unfamiliar with being told 「Like」 or even flattery?

“Did you make such a thing? Some of the girls in Polka will stare at you”

Dianne also smiled bitterly.

“Haha. ……That’s right, Naris. We´re going to have another drink in the morning”
“Andy. I don’t want to be too noisy, but it’s endlessly lazy……”
“Ho, Dianne. In any case, I don’t have to hurry. If it’s a special reconciliation, why don’t you leave it alone?”
“Leather, I’m using it a little bit. I’ll buy you a run later”
“Wait Jeanne, it’s dangerous for one person to say how much more power you have than a normal man……I can’t help it. Well fine, it’s only in the morning, Andy”

Buying a few bottles of wine from the cafeteria and have Naris take it to her room. I have no appetite. The composition of an elf girl and a dull man who drink only alcohol without eating from the morning is a little conspicuous even though this inn is okay for heterogeneous accommodation, so it must be a room.

“… Trot wine is delicious, isn’t it?”
“Well, especially since there are many orchards around here, wine making is popular. The taste of alcohol is noisy because dwarves come and go frequently……I, I heard it all in the royal capital”

Many blacksmiths like alcohol. I was talked about alcohol by a senior at Sreedo´s workshop and one day I longed for a family word about alcohol. ……Well, I didn’t know the taste of Trot liquor because I was pulled in by Celesta when I was about to drink alcohol (it is accepted from about 18 years old in Trot).

“Yes, I’m sure you said that 『Deep affection』 is made around here……let’s find it before we go”
“Trot is irresistible for gourmets, isn’t it?”
“Even Celesta has a lot of delicious food, but there are also races with insensitive taste, so everything tends to be great”

In particular, ogres and beastmen feel unsatisfactory unless they have a slightly strong taste. Beastmen feel that the scent is stronger than that of humans, but the taste is dull due to the structure of the tongue. On the contrary, it seems that dwarves and lizardmen are surprisingly sensitive to taste.

“Well, it’s good to have a lot of food. ……Naris, another cup”
“But isn’t it pretty strong, this wine?”
“It’s not strong, it’s not strong. If you want something strong, then it’s stormy whale or ogre killer……”

Yes. When I noticed, we had emptied two bottles of the wine we had secured.

“That’s why, do you understand? Not to mention Almeida-san, Tetes-chan is actually a genius with such a face. Do you understand my position? I don’t know? So I’ll explain it from the beginning again”
“You’re in great condition
“I forgot how much I explained! That’s why 10-man captain Smithson! Is it okay to explain again from the beginning?”
“Did you say that from the beginning?”
“So don’t disturb me, how many times do you want me to explain from the beginning? In other words, I’ve always lived in bikini armor, and it’s fatal that everyday wear has a larger skin color area than poor racing clothes”
“The story has changed”
“That’s not the case, what are you talking about! I talked about Crash Haken from the beginning”

What do I do when she gets drunk faster than I do? Or rather, what do I do when you are suspicious with the companion of drinking in the morning?

“I’m a sincere person”

I also have a pretty good pace while saying that.

“Huhuh, it’s often said”
“Don’t be hearty. Do you want me to massage?”
“If you want to rub it, try rubbing it, you’re a stupid person!”
“Do you really want to rub it!?
“Because it’s an elf, it can’t be helped, but I’m a little lonely”
“Moreover, it is a disappointing evaluation!”

What this glue.

“Meaning now, I don’t think my boobs are big. It’s balanced. Of course I don’t say Sharon or Neia are bad”
“It’s all about those people, isn’t it? I’m not going to do that”
“Well, don’t say that. You´re a last striker who can enjoy every day from Jeanne to Laila”
“What do you mean with striker!”
“That’s right. What are you going to do?”
“Don’t ask me! And while rubbing, rub it persistently!”

What this glue.

“After all, I feel like I’m a little spoiled from the top of my clothes
“That’s natural, you can dig into my clothes……”
“This is my true ability”
“Awesome boobs striker. Ahahahaha”
“Why laugh”
“Hahahahahaha, don’t tickle my armpits!”

What this glue.

“Take off the trouble”
“Don’t strip girls’ clothes for that reason!”
“It may be unavoidable if told so much”
“You’re drunk, right?”
“Are you drunk?”

Naris unties her clothes, sharpening her mouth.


……And when I noticed, I crawled on the whole body of Naris in her underwear on the bed without saying anything and Naris was laughing while twisting herself for some reason.

“Ahahahahaha!! S, Stop, not good that, that touching!”
“……Then this is it”
“N, No, No! Why can you make me laugh with my ass?”
“Kukukuku, now I have trouble breathing no matter where I touch you”
“It’s going to be true, so stop!”

Naris is laughing. For some reason, I was taking off Naris’ pants as a matter of course. Naris laughs and doesn’t resist much. And I feel a strong desire for Naris’s body. White, soft and supple. Somewhere near, somehow far. I feel a strong admiration for the warmth in front of me.

“Hiii, hiii……wh, what are you doing, 10-man captain Smithson……?”
“I’m finally going to tickle your final point where you can’t tickle”

Taking out my dick and attaching it to Naris from behind. Naris just twists herself.

“No, what, there is no such place……eh?”

Squeeze her inner thighs, smeared with saliva from my tongue, through my dick. Then, I push it into Naris as it is.

“Hi, aa!?”
“As a person who would have to tickle here too”
“Tickling is this!? Why did it become a story like tickling national domination!?”

Naris is a little confused. I can’t think of anything that I’m confused about, but I force my hips, force my way through the hymen, and push it all the way to the back.

“I forgot!”
“……I, I forgot too……”
“That’s why I’ll tickle you”

Start moving my hips. I’ve said that it tickles, but the movement is already just a man’s instinct. I want to ejaculate in the back of Naris’s vagina. I want to ejaculate in Naris’s womb. I want to ejaculate in Naris’s meat jar. Oh, I want to smear my desires deep inside Naris’s white body. I want to store it in this belly. I want to ejaculate while rubbing her ass. I want to ejaculate while picking her boobs.

“Naris, ah, crazy Naris, I feel better, Naris!”
“E, wait, why are you feeling so good? It’s not tickling……it hurts……!?”
“Naris……Naris, Naris!!”

Naris is clearly confused, but I hug her from the side, shake my hips and ejaculate as I want.

“KKu……u, uu”

Filling up with semen. A slimy feel. It gets a little easier to move and I start moving again. I ejaculated while rubbing her butt, but I didn’t ejaculate while picking her nipples.

“E, a, yaaa……re, really, what……hey, wait, what’s this feeling……!?”
“Naris……I’m cumming more, Naris……!!”
“Danger, Smithson, hey, hey, wait……a, auuu……”

I shook my hips almost unconsciously at Naris and repeated ejaculation.


“Emm, 10-man captain Smithson?”
“Not yes. What is this really”

An hour later. I´m drunk and I was out of breath. After collapsing for a while, we got up and sat upright with each other naked.

“Isn’t this strange?”
“It’s super strange, isn’t it”
“Why did you commit me even when I refused to be a meat slave? That’s so much! I was a virgin!”
“……No, wait a minute. I’m trying hard to remember how it went”

Headache. But I’ll do my best.

“……Sorry, I don’t think I can get a logical answer”
“You’re sorry!?”
“……Wow, what’s so worrisome, what’s this virgin break……”
“……It felt good”
“If I was told that I was uncomfortable with being so many times, my hymen would come to my mind! I’m sorry, I couldn’t imagine what kind of picture it would be like to have a hymen floating around”
“Naris is the one who seriously thinks about such an insignificant thing……”

We stare at each other for a while. I poke my hand and feel a little depressed.

“……10-man captain Smithson. That……let’s forget about it. Each other”
“I’m a little reluctant to forget”
“That’s why I’m not a sex slave or something like that! Do you make up your way to sex slaves or not?”
“No, that’s not the case. It’s different from Dianne and other female slaves”
“……Anyway, forget it! You have to forget it!”

Naris, who was warm with her weak fist, was so cute that I hugged and kissed her.


Then, Naris’s powerful fist came in and blew me away.

“Ah, I’m sorry, 10-man captain Smithson, firmly!?”

……But what is it? Naris and I may look good like this.

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