Half elves fall in love chapter 263

Chapter 263: Sex Timetable 4 [Laurier – Jeanne]



In the morning, I found that my arms, which had been underneath Maia and Almeida’s bodies, were messed up and numb. In addition, I still had my fingers in both of their assholes.

“‘Hey, wake up……”
I couldn’t move my fingers because I couldn’t feel them, so I called out to them.

“……Good morning, Andy-sama”
Maia quickly opens her eyes and greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Almeida rubs her eyes. And.

“……You smell worse than ever”
“Good morning, Master”
Before I knew it, Jeanne and Laurier were in the room.

“May I serve you in the morning?”
“……The blue dragon child and the dark green……”
Two adults who look like children by all means approach each other. However, I was a little reluctant to let them serve the neat penis who committed two ass holes yesterday. Even though Maia cleaned it up with her mouth…….

“Let’s go to the hot spring first”

I refrain from sticking out to them and get up. ……Blood begins to flow to my numb arms from the pressure and a fine tingling pain comes. This is painful after being numb.

“……What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong with your face……”
The two loli girls looked at me strangely. Maia looks at me for a while and suddenly notices, she rushes to get my clothes dressed. Still, it hurts every time she touches it.

“I’m coming with you. I’ll help you, Andy-sama”
“Th……Thank you”
“It’s just me and Laurier to have sex now, you know. Even if it’s Maia, you can’t break the rules”
“I know”
……You’re a good girl, Maia. I’d love to pet you, but my arms are tingly.

Leaving Almeida, who is slightly asleep, I head to the hot springs with Jeanne, Laurier and Maia. Yesterday’s blizzard had stopped and we headed for the outskirts of town under a clear blue sky. My arms are as painful as ever, but Maia and Laurier take both my left and right arms and Jeanne walks beside me with a wry smile.

“I’m going to look more like a leader than a lover with you three”

I’m not sure if I’m a lover or a guide, but I’m a guide who takes young girls somewhere. Or a teacher. I’ve never been to a school, but I wonder if there are young teachers in big cities who are popular with girls like this.

“You mean a teacher who leads……?”
Laurier tilts her head. Does the elf have such a form of education system?

“It’s true that, in human terms, everyone may look similar in age, but…….”
“You shouldn’t have the teacher in charge put all the seeds in the womb and go around”

Jeanne laughs at the muttering of Maia’s pondering face. Jeanne’s appearance is 12 to 13 years old and Laurier is about the same and Maia is a little taller. But everyone is following me to have sex with me. ……It may be a terrifying situation if you don’t see the reality of age. No, I don’t know the actual age of Laurier.

All three of them followed me to the men’s room.

“Originally, I’m barely able to see it even if I’m in the men’s bath”
“Muu……a bit humiliating……”

Jeanne was willing to take advantage of her childhood appearance to the fullest, while Laurier seemed reluctant to be in such a 「Children’s slot」. And Maia, who is a little bit older than them in appearance, has small but nice breasts.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you’re with Andy-sama”
She said firmly and left the changing room with me.

As expected, after the snowstorm, there are no people here yet.

“First I have to wash my crotch”
“You want me to wash it with my mouth?”
“Use your hands properly”
It’s an offer, but if it’s a blowjob, you can do it anywhere. No, that’s not the point. I made a mistake. I’ve come to the hot spring, so it’s only logical that I wash myself with hot water and soap.

“Then I’ll wash it……♪”
Maia will take the place of my hands and wash my penis carefully. Its very worthwhile appearance is truly a dragon girl. But.

“Aaah! Don’t run off like that! Didn’t you just say 『I understand』!”
Jeanne jumps out of the dressing room and gets angry.

“……Jeanne and the others are ready to have sex. It’s not like I’m having sex with Andy-sama”
Maia continues to wash my penis carefully, as she whispers.

“So even if Andy-sama ejaculates, a little accident ♪”
“You’re aiming at it, aren’t you?”
“I’m just joking”
She was so surprised by Jeanne’s swiftness that Maia withdrew her hand.

“Don’t be so angry, Jeanne”
“Even if you say that……you can only have Andy ejaculate once”
If you spend a day and think about it again, it may be a little cramped.

“Ex, Excuse me……”
Laurier joined in with a slightly nervous look. She stepped into the washing place and finally realized that there was no one else and let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re still embarrassed, Laurier”
“Don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of……lascivious bitch. I’m only for Master, including watching”
A sullen Laurier pouts next to me, as she goes down on her knees.

“Andy’s female slaves are tough to say so hard”
The two older slave girls rubbed my cock together, giving some good advice.

“Andy is a man who can fuck anywhere”
“He does a lot of outdoor sex”
It’s true, but when you say it with such force, it makes me want to reflect a little.

“……I, I’ll try to do indoor sex as much as possible from now on”
“That’s right. Older sister Laila and Anzeros also say, 『If you’re a female slave, you’d rather be happy to show that fact to others』”
“Those two are rather serious perverts, so you don’t have to copy them”
“But Andy-sama, you always say you love perverted girls……”
“Of course I love those perverts, but I also love pretty girls who aren’t perverted”
I clench my fists. The numbness is most severe right before it returns completely. But I hold on.

“I’m very happy to hear you declare that you’re my female slave, Laurier, because I have no intention of giving you up to anyone else. You’re so cute, Laurier. You’re my only erotic slave. I’ll continue to rape you exclusively”
“And of course, Maia and Jeanne are ready to let me have sex with them anytime and anywhere. I will continue to attack suddenly without hesitation, so let’s do it to the fullest”
“Good grief, you become the owner of an ego”

Surrounded by three naked beautiful girls with petty breasts, they all make a promise. Then, Maia and Jeanne turn the washed penis toward Laurier. As expected, I had an interval that I couldn’t say exactly, such as the physiological phenomenon in the morning, but I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t get erection in this situation. In fact, due to yesterday’s ejaculation management, I have only ejaculated an inordinate number of times in a reasonable time interval and I am eager to ejaculate deep inside the tiny wombs of these stunted girls right now. ……It’s really bad, isn’t it?

“Laurier. ……Let me cum inside you”

Let me hold you or let’s have sex. I don’t know. After I’ve said it, I realize. No matter how many times I ask a girl to have sex with me, I can’t say, 「Let me cum inside you」. It’s just not possible. Surrounded by three little girls, the situation itself that makes me mesmerized by getting angry is a terribly abnormal situation when seen by strangers. If you deviate from the way you invite, you can’t make excuses for being seen by others. However, Laurier rolled over on the wooden floor and spread her legs in front of me, holding her knees. I open the crease between her legs with my fingers. I can tell by the look on her face that her emotions are running high, but she’s still not wet enough. It’s hard to tell once you’re in the tub, so I’m glad I’m not inside yet.

“I have to get ready”
“E……n, aa……”

I lightly roll Laurier’s pubic area with my tongue as I bask in the morning sun. Laurier’s body is not difficult to feel, so I just let the saliva soak in. I stopped there and lay on top of Laurier, as I was afraid that someone might come if I was too persistent.

“I’m coming in, Laurier”
“……Yes. My impregnation Master……♪”
“What’s that……”
“It’s not just any master, it’s a……erotic master who wants to get me pregnant……♪”
Certainly, in general, I´m a 「Master」that conceives, aren’t I. ……In the delusional world of erotic picture scrolls, anyway. While thinking about the definition of such a word, I insert my dick into Laurier´s small pussy.

“N, huu……u, uuu……”
“Are you okay?”
“……Alright……Master has been teaching me a lot about cock lately……I’m sure I’ll be fine……♪”
“Andy, I don’t know what you’re doing. Apple and Selenium are complaining about the low frequency”
“Jeanne. ……This is proof that boobs are not an absolute standard for Andy-sama. It’s more of an advantage for us”
“Muu……is that the case?”
I turn to Maia and Jeanne, who are strangely convinced.

“I’m not discriminating against tits, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like big tits!”
“‘Yes. Master just likes pussies that can be fucked easily”
“That kind of blunt talk hurts my feelings!”
I lightly chopped Laurier as I hugged her. Then I shake my hips violently with the intention of giving her punishment.

“Aa, n, ha, aa, a, aaa……♪”
Laurier’s weightless little hips rippled at the mercy of the violent movements of my hips. I kissed Laurier violently and went harder and harder. Laurier’s body is still too small to be fucked by a big man without hesitation. When I hugged her, her smallness seemed even more pronounced. But the little girl hugged me, clawing at my back, her legs firmly planted on my hips as she moved to make me cum inside her.

“Ye, Yes……!”
“……You’re going to be a female slave, aren’t you!?”
I reconfirm that her eyes are blurred with pleasure.

“Y, Yes……I want to be……”
“You want to be a slave elf that Ican shove up your pussy whenever I want!?”
“……Ha, Hahii……”
“You want to be a servant of my cock so that I can use your body to cum whenever I want!?”
“……I, I, haa……”
She hugged my body with her arms and legs.

“If I can make love to Master with it, that’s fine…….♪”

She dares not just affirm my words. Laurier puts her strangely pure feelings on it and turns her insulting words into pink. …… In a sense, she knows it well. The true identity of a man named me. I just want to greedily have a cute girl and flirting sex while being cool with a female slave, sweet-tasting. ……I understand, you’re giving me.

“……Then, I’ll make a collar……!!”
As I hugged and slammed her hips deeply, Laurier’s vagina tightened. Ejaculation so as to punch out the tightening. The two of us were very impressed and trembled.

“I’m not going to let you take it off because I promised you a collar”
“That’s how good Andy-sama is”
Behind me the outsiders point out further, as I spit semen into Laurier´s pussy and fill it. ……I wonder if that is the case.

Jeanne takes a bath and sits on the back. Gently, Jeanne shakes her hips on my cross-legged legs. On either side of her, Maia and Laurier relax, their heads resting on my outstretched arms.

“It’s a good idea to relax like that rather than play the bad guy, Andy……♪”
“I, I’m not trying to be bad”
“Don’t lie to me. If older sister Laila asks you to be mean, you’ll do it and if an elf lifts you up, you’ll get embarrassed and pretend to be a bad guy. If someone calls you an animal trainer, you’ll act like one. If someone calls you a womanizer, you’ll be in the right mood and you’ll be a jerk”
“……We, Well, that happens sometimes”
“……Even a woman who gave birth to a child……you can’t even push yourself strangely to the one who devoted her body and soul to Andy. You should be able to take advantage of women a little bit”
If I shake my hips violently here, as Jeanne says, I’m showing that I´m bad.

“I’m a very receptive woman. Letting a baby or two spoil me is not going to make my husband less receptive”
“You’re the smallest one, but you’re cocky”
“What do you mean, the guy who mercilessly suckled the smallest one and made her pregnant”

Laurier and Maia giggle as well. Stroking their hair and nipples, messing around, leaving my penis to Jeanne. Soaked in a paradise hot spring with three little girls. I’m sure I don’t need to push……I’m happiest.

I heard a powerful nod, so everyone looked back. Old man Harry, who put his hand behind his waist, was about to put his foot in the bathtub with a slow gait. ……Did no one notice his admission?

“Wh, What are you going to do? ……I can’t move around too much anymore, you know”
“Let’s relax around the waist……ah, that’s Maia and Laurier, can you play with a little hot water?”
“……for Andy-sama”

“Mu. You can’t help it……just because you’re a blue dragon doesn’t mean the water has to be cold”

“For Andy-sama”
Pasha Pasha.

“It’s not fair to score points by calling out too many words”

Pasha Pasha Pasha. The two begin to play in the hot water while facing each other in a strange stance. Jeanne uses her hips in the gap. I feel that the level of movement has risen especially because she gave birth to a child. Shortly after.

“Hu, kuu……”
I ejaculate comfortably in Jeanne while the hot water is splashing. Two people are weak.


I shuddered at Harry’s old man, who still nodded as if he had timed it. ……I wonder if he can see through it all.


I visited Jackie-san’s house to work in the morning. Jeanne accompanied me.

“Oh, good to see you, Jeanne-san”
“You’ve made a lot of progress. ……This is Naris-chan’s armor, isn’t it?”
“Archer-style medium armor”
“That’s a weird concept”
“I solved it by adding another concept to the color scheme. Naris doesn’t like the idea of fire and blood”
“Hee, that’s thoughtful”
“So the finish of Naris’s armor and Sharon’s armor……”
“Well, we’ll take care of that”
Holding her palm, Jeanne shakes her head not to tell everyone.

“And Andy, you’re going to make a collar”
“It’s time to make collars for the ones who don’t have one. You don’t want to get into trouble”
“I don’t think that’s something you need to worry about……”
“What do you say to show off seriously in front of you? It’s not just Selenium. I think about everyone”
I think she’s grown a lot compared to when she was just a child of Laila.

“……That, Bocchan. What do you really mean?”
“No, that, it’s hard to explain”
“……Looks like you’re still leading a very sexful life”
“Stop making comments that are hard to respond to……”
Against Jackie-san’s indescribable laughter, I started making collars, as Jeanne said.

Five collars completed.

“Do you not need six?”
“Eh, the four of Laurier´s group and Christie”
“What about Naris-neechan?”
“……Well, I’ll make it if she wants it, but I doubt she will”

I don’t think Naris is really that type of person. I don’t know what type she is, but at least so far she hasn’t had a sex appeal to be a female slave. Christie isn’t sure either, but she seems to be shaken by Selenium and I feel like she’ll need it soon, so I made it.

“I’ve seen that she’s the type of girl who, when she’s able to conceive, will be the first to do so and give birth to a baby”
“Don’t be too graphic. Jackie-san’s in trouble”
I’m so sorry.

Thanks to Jeanne and Jackie-san’s hard work, Naris’s armor is almost complete. I’m also working on Sharon’s armor, so I guess I’ll be shifting my focus to that next. As I walked along the road to the tavern, I thought to myself……now all that’s left is Neia’s armor.

“Oh, Irina”

Irina, who stood in the city square, found me and smiled with a smile.

“Anzeros has already called for you. Let’s go”
……This pattern. I hurriedly pulled out the parchment and unfolded it.

Day 2
 Morning: Jeanne Laurier at Andy’s room
 Lunch: Anzeros Irina, meet at the mansion
 Night: Laila Sharon, meet at the inn

……Irina and Anzeros for lunch, huh?

“Where……the Baron’s mansion? I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you. A little at lunch……ah, use an illusion”
No, I should have Maia cast an illusion during Jeanne in the morning? It was a failure.

“What are you talking about? It’s just that the meeting of Anzeros and I is there”
“After some discussion, we have decided to invite you to the forest”
“The forest?”
“There will be a feast. Don’t worry about the time. We’re not going that deep”

Irina led me through the forest for about half an hour.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Andy”
Anzeros, who was there, wore a costume that was different from her usual outfit and military uniform. In a word, she looked like an elven hunter. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a young grass-colored robe with wooden bracelets, earrings and hair ornaments. The pure white obi was tied in an elaborate knot. She also wears a fur breastplate and an empty quiver of arrows at her waist. It was obviously a pose, since Anzeros couldn’t handle a bow.

“What are you wearing?”
“A traditional white outfit. It’s something they made me wear a while ago……”
“Hohoho. You look great. ……So we’ll start there”
I’m scared because Irina said something rough. However, Irina keeps a fearless smile.

“Elves originally meet in the forest. There are even clans that believe in having no houses at all. The forest was originally their bed, their farm, their hunting ground, their fortress. There is nothing strange about meeting in any of these places. ……The reason I had Anzeros dress like this was to give Smithson-dono a taste of how elves make love”

In that part of the forest, in the bushes with the undergrowth. Under the sunbeams, Anzeros sits with a complex face next to Irina, who sits comfortably.

“Now, which one of us will you push down first?”
“……Just to be safe, there aren’t any other members of the White Clan keeping watch here, are there?”

If Irina’s clan finds out, I’m in trouble.

“Well, nou?”
“I’m in trouble! I don’t want to be the one who gets hit by an arrow while I’m fucking Irina”
“I……I’ll protect you”
“That’s what Anzeros says”
“Why do I have to do something like that courageous test!”
“Hoho. Well, no one is going to attack you. The clan leader is me and you’re the hero”
Even if she says I’m a hero, it’s like she’s bluffing. Isn’t it dangerous because she is the clan leader? ……I tried to say, but Irina stood up gracefully.

“Isn’t it okay for you to commit without hesitation? Hopeless man”
She began to take off her clothes with a strange gesture.

“What are you doing?”
“Huhu, this is one of the dying traditions of the white clan. In the past, it was considered shameful to raise one’s voice when a man and woman met. ……Still, there is nothing that can be done without confirming the intention by courtship. No. Therefore, to show in an attitude that I have received the courtship of a man……thank you to the spirits”

Irina slips off her fluffy clothes and strips her clothes around. Her clothes scattered around her could only be said to be 「Undress」, but the movement was strangely seductive and fascinating.

“The man’s refusal to touch the woman who had taken off every last piece of clothing was a refusal to complete his gratitude to the spirit. It’s just a matter of time”
“Now, what do you do, Smithson-dono?”
Saa, under the swaying sunbeams. Irina shows a gentle dance, leaving only her collar. I and Anzeros are taken aback. However, Irina’s 「Stylized Old Elf Rendezvous」 ritual is strangely thrilling.

“I don’t need to talk or confirm. ……The elf who saw this dance just takes action”
I reach out to Irina who invites me. I touch her little beautiful naked body with my hand.


Anzeros swallows her spit. Will Anzeros also do a 「Performance」of the ancient ritual of her clan? Maybe she’s interested.

……And I shrug off the naked Irina, who twists herself loosely with her arms raised beautifully and kisses her. I decided to shut up and start having sex with her.

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