Half elves fall in love chapter 13

Chapter 13: Laila´s sexual excitement [Laila]

Laila applies my hand on her chest and hips and she starts to lick my neck as I stroked her hips.

“Don’t give a voice like a girl. ……If I can taste you well with your good chest and nice ass, there’s nothing wrong with a soldier”
“N, no, that……I wonder how it became such a sexual relationship.”
“I smell two girls from you. Both of them are thick. Are you enjoying them side by side or alternately?”
Wait. Why does she know that? ……That’s not a tsukkomi to pass on to a dragon. No wonder she can do whatever she wants.

“Instead of talking about morality from your mouth, you lady-killer? It is not even possible to face a person who would refuse a night with me”
“Based from you I’m a lady-killer……but I was a virgin until the other day”
“Ho, I want to taste you more and more. Indeed you are a man who has carnal knowledge of a woman……you got two elves and are having sex with them in the morning and evening, right?”
I understand why an elf smell is omitted from below. And I have to say that the outline is rough. I think my current situation is too bad when I explain it in words. No, I must be happy, but I cannot a bit.

“Well, the womb of a dragon isn’t much different from a person, so isn’t it a dream that you should enjoy fully?”
“……Ho, really only one night?”
“Okay, I mean that it’s up to you”
Well. In other words, should I think that this person doesn’t have sex which occupies the taste? Or, will she escape if she is satisfied?

“Kukuku. Very troublesome. Your face is so tempting”

Laila loves to stroke my cheeks and finally moved on her own.

“Haa……its been a long time of mating, my heart is excited. It will be over until Jeanne wakes up ”
“……It is certain that I don’t want to show it to that child”
“Huhuhu, you are the second one for me”
There are many obligations to show me around.


In the middle of the water field, there is a polished flat rock that is like an island. It looks good to dip here on a hot day, but now it was Laila and my bed lit by the moonlight.

“I feel pretty good. I feel the blood thirst of eating a woman”
“I would like you to not feel bloodthirst from my dick”

I mean, I’m not having sex so far. But the nude body of Laila and the request “Give me semen and make me a mother, “don’t let my son wither silently. No, frankly, I have an erection like a virgin.

“Huhu, it’s a nice thing to remember boy. Sex is essentially an invasion of the partner and the murderous weapon is the subject of the partner. It is a savage and ferocious will that destroy the partner´s honor and takes away the choice of the other person and wants to occupy him without saying”
“…..I, I don’t know, but it’s a little too one-sided, right?”
“If you purify the sexual desire, without the wrapping leather of love and affection……it is that kind of thing”

Laila begins licking the back of my pole with her long tongue for example.

“Especially the penis is a poor creature that is forced to work hard to conceal it softly somehow and don’t break your partner”
“Huhu, do not make a strange face. And to the end its normal, even females are similar……there are those who are born with occasional inversion desires. They want to break out of their shell, they feel joy in being beaten up by living aspiration, wanted to be tied up, deprived of freedom and being thoroughly fucked by all means”
Remember. All right, remember, boy. ……There is such a woman, too. There is a kind of woman who expects to be violated with bloodlust. Not only do they want to be pleasant, but also the hot desire is thrown away and there are women who want to be violated until they break”
“Wh, What……?”
“Hey boy, for example, do you think that there is not such a sad story if it is such an overwhelming fear that such a woman even gets close to any man?”

Laila who is watching me strokes my dick with one hand. ……In other words, she wants to be raped by me. She wants to be pressed down, and have her secret hole pierced and used as an arbitrary ejaculation tool without any handling or care. She really wants to get pregnant and be a mother. Is Laila really sure about that?

“……You´re a very tough dragon” 
“No, don’t say that? I’m not changing my mind”
“Okay then let’s misunderstand”
I´m sorry, but my penis became quiet from what she said so. Laila said that she is a dragon who can’t imagine pregnancy realistically like Selenium or Dianne. If it is said that it is irresponsibility, there is no refutation and if it is said to be an injustice, there is no sound. However, how can it be done that such a thing is whispered to a superb woman?

“I will ravish you”
I slowly attracted Laila’s head towards me with my hands and kissed her. Our tongues entwined together and we exchange dep kisses. Laila’s tongue is still long and tasted a little bit of my dick which I endured. Letting go of her lips I pushed her passionate face against my crotch.

“……Lick it. Holding it in one’s mouth, nasty!!”
I selfishly demanded a fellatio. Laila’s desire “to be ravished as a desire” is the beginning of treatment. Personally, I was a bit nervous, but Laila was pleased. Grabbing my dick firmly without touching my hands, her tongue tangled around it. I pinned her head down.

“N, gu, guhee, egu, uuu♪”
“……I’m really happy with you. Pervert dragon”
“N, uhh……nguuu……nnn♪”
As Laila said, she is a masochist and befitting of this description. She is a real masochist who understands it herself surely, though I don’t know how to perceive it and who developed it in the past.

“……Good……drink it, drink it……!”

Ejaculation. There is no pace, so I put a selfish ejaculation into Laila’s throat. Laila´s back, spine, and shoulders tremble from receiving it.

“……Hu, uu”
“Kuhaa……hehuu, ……ggu, uu……”
“……How are you doing? You want to be like this, Laila?”
“…… Umm♪, As expected you……you’re my anticipated soldier♪”
“You are expecting a relation with a soldier……”
“Huhuu……that courage and passion, that sexual desire……even if I know there is a man who can do this to me. Goodman. There are only two moody elves in the way”
“Those girls aren’t moody”
“You don’t have to be humble, let’s continue. Use me to the fullest and try to pierce your dick in the back of this womb many times♪”
Laila, with tears in her eyes and having semen pouring out of her lips, stood up in the moonlight. She shakes her perfect limbs like a god engraved artwork and shows her pink hole under the pubic hair. She felt it while having her throat being raped and the labia that was spread out made a sound and a different liquid which is different from water flowed out.

“Now, inside this……inside this, you can ejaculate as much as you want……okay?”
“……Let’s mix together”
“Yes, I’m going to entertain you. I will let you eat a full course of me”
Her waist is slowly dropped on me. And my penis is swallowed very easily and hugged by her whole vagina that was wet and drenched.

“Nhaa……a, aa……kku, a……a”
“…… Hey, don’t use your strength. Coming”
“U, Umm……I’m having sex for the first time in 100 years, please forgive me……”
“I don’t forgive”
“Mu, Muu?”
“Don’t come alone, let me ejaculate too, this meat toilet”
“U, Uooo?”
I grabbed Laila’s breasts spreading before me with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other hand, before thrusting my fingers into her butt that moves up and down.

“Na, aa!?”
“Let me eat more of you”
“Ho……good, that momentum. You should violate my body more violently♪”
“Even if you don’t say, I will……!!”
Gucho, Gucho……I begin to violate Laila’s vagina. Her trembling vagina is still not in the way of my insertion. The cervix waits for my coming, repeatedly kissing the glans, I poke Laila´s swinging nipples with my fingers and Laila sticks her tongue out and showing a great reaction.

“N, kuu, ouch……ouch, more……mess more around with me……make me a woman!”
“You, haa……you are my tool……your vagina is just for my masturbating……!!”
“TssTss♪♪ Uhh, you, masturbate……wipe my womb with your dick and use my pussy……you can use my butt hole too……this body is all for your masturbation……!!!”
“You´re a lewd, vulgar, semen-addicted and outrageous woman, what kind of fairy tale do you tell……?”

I ejaculate while cursing. Every time Laila was abused, her vagina tightened and kept urging me to ejaculate.

“……Hu, aa……♪ Come, my womb……I, I’m being seeded now……♪”
And I was worn out. While thrusting three fingers into her buttocks, sucking on her nipples intensely, I only could ejaculate at last. Although my erection continues, my physical strength to move my waist is insufficient. I have to take a day off.

What’s wrong, boy? You should release more”
“……I’m sorry, my stamina…….”
“…………Huhu, that’s a pitiful lie. Well, it is not too bad to see the moon while having my womb screwed by you like this”
“You can move whenever you want to move again. I’m so happy right now♪”
……Okay, it’s different from what I first calculated. I am too absorbed in the rape play while making such a tremendously strong opponent fall and I feel something pretty muddy.

At the moment when I tried to move my waist until I could move again, a huge water column rose near us.

Laila who has sharp eyes for a moment and I are surprised. I who laid down because of the procedure, look up in the water column with my face. It was Anzeros and Dianne who was there.

“You’re an unpolished intruder. Take your clothes off here”
It’s a bathhouse.

“You are……not a person”
Diane glares at Laila with his eyes full of vigilance and murderous intent. If she looks at me with those eyes my heart will stop.

“Welcome to my Dragon Palace. Thank you for this nice man. Pleasing you”
Anzeros is one step behind kneeling lightly in the water. She is ready to wield her sword from her waist at any time. Dianne is silent without any arms before she muttered something.

“That man is my boyfriend, I want you to return him”
“I wonder. He’s a little extraordinary, a little regrettable”
Uuh, Laila ignored her.

“I will get him back even if I need to use force”
“Against a dragon as the opponent, you’re a tough woman”
“Even if the other party is a dragon or the sword saint brigade, I won’t yield to anything”
Laila finally withdraws from me. Semen drips down a little from her vagina which opened and Anzeros was blushing.

Bloodlust is emitted from Laila’s whole body. It will be dangerous so I’m trying to get away……but I noticed that a strange string is attached on my wrist. It is wound to a rock, so I cannot move.

“Ah, that is one of my treasures, not a chain of silk, so you can’t break it with your human strength”
“What is this!?”
“A gift for you. I admit you are pretty good♪”

My penis is exposed! Looking upward! I can look at the battle of a dragon and a master knight!? The battle has started before I put my heart’s scream into shape.

“I will fight that one, look for a gap and bring Andy back”
“I also fight……”
“You can’t”
Dianne was standing guard. Laila ‘s hair blisters like she was waiting for it.

Laila pauses her fingers while swinging her arm from the bottom to the top. At the moment, red flames are generated to rip off the blue darkness. It became a fireball and flew toward Dianne.

Anzeros is startled. Dianne´s eyes open and the next moment an impact. A huge amount of water vapor occurs.

“100-man commander!?”
But, as to interrupt the cry, something brown flies from outside the sight.


Bam, a flying kick hits Laila and blows her away. At that moment, Dianne jumped toward the wall and does a triangular kick to attack Laila again. She is outside the water. What an agility.

“Well, that’s interesting”
“Greetings ends now. I will aim for your vital point next”
“It’s not even an aperitif for me right now”
Across the rocky island, the two of them smiled and leaped as if they were carnivores. Flying kicks are exchanged with each other in the air and jumping to the wall, they are flying around the rocks and started a battle of fierce speed.

Aneros makes a chagrined face while avoiding flying rocks and fireballs. Anzeros´s battle strategy is to crush her opponent with power and sword speed. She is strong in following opponents apposition, but when it comes to boasting overwhelming mobility of the center of the battle, then Anzeros is in trouble with her heavy armor.

“……Smithson, go now!!”
Soon she gave up and ran towards me. And then Anzeros swung her sword on the silk chain. Gaan!!

A stone that flew from sideways hit the swinging sword directly. The sword bounces off. Laila and Dianne are fighting at high speed near the ceiling and they do not have time to go to Anzeros side. So why did the stone fly from the side?

“What are you going to do to 10-man captain!!”
Jeanne the dwarf girl jumped on the rocky island with a big jump while holding her hammer. She threw a stone and is possibly misunderstanding the situation.

“Why is 10-man captain utterly stark naked and tied! Do you want to remove it! Who on earth are you, burying your head in the torso!!”
Ah as expected.

“……Smithson, who is this?”
“Ah, um……”
“I´m 10-man captain´s disciple! Jeanne Crux! If my master is in a pinch, it’s like water in the fire”
The fireball landed on the water and exploded. Steam covered. In a state where the fire and water are supposed to be terrible instead of a metaphor, Jeanne frowned with slightly sleepy eyes.

“Anyway, I will beat you!”
It seems I quit thinking. I mean, I do not think of anything from this child first.

“It is a misunderstanding!”
“No misunderstanding! You are an experienced pervert who attacks 10-man captain!”
The pervert is not Anzeros. I’d like to explain it properly, but I’m kind of embarrassed to make a crack to Laila and Jeanne’s beautiful friendship.

“I am not a pervert!”
“Pervert! Ya-iya-i!”
“No, it is wrong!”
“I am not coming to you or I will receive your pervert bacteria, Idiot!”
Anzeros. You are an adult, so you’re being beaten up. And in the day after tomorrow. When.

Kapon and Jeanne ‘s small body was hit by a water bottle nearby.

“Hey, please have a look”
It was Selenium who was the only person I couldn’t see before and who appeared right now and kicked Jeanne rudely.

“What are you doing, Andy-san?”
“……Did you see it all?”
Somewhat briefly, Selenium cuts the silk chain with a knife while showing a grin with emptiness feeling. She is somewhat angry and has me on my balls.

“I was very worried about what you’re cheating on, Andy-san?”
“No, no, I’m really sorry”
“Well, it is fine. I’m your female slave”
“But I want to be a female slave who is paid for being a female slave”
Momimomimomi. ……No, since when did I became the female in a pinch.

“In particular?”
“Next time, before Dianne, don’t pull out after six times”
“……I promise”
“I did it. I´m Andy’s favorite♪”
Selenium is kissing and hugging me. I don’t quite understand what it is but I am increasingly feeling that my son is living up again in my lower body. And then.

Two strong characters from the ceiling raised a voice at the same time and jumped down.
Jeanne almost simultaneously escaped from the crisis of drowning within the bottle and shouts.

“Wh, Who is this girl!? You don’t only have these two, but also a strong woman fetish”
“Selenium! t is too cowardly to use me as a decoy!”
“10, 10-man captain, who is she? Hu, how did you become free!!? Uwaah!!”
I do not care whether you are on good terms or not.

“Ehehe. ……Emmm, I won’t hide it, I´m Andy-san´s second female slave, Selenium Smithson and we both lost our virginities to each other!”
Selenium proudly shows off the collar. After seeing Jeanne discouraging with an uncomfortable face, Laila confirmed Dianne’s neck. There was no collar and Dianne shook her head like affirming it. What is it that suddenly the eye contact has been completed in just a few seconds?

“……That means there is another female slave besides this half-elf and this dark Elf”
“……Boy, you’re a better ladies-killer than I imagined”
“No……No……No that……”
Anzeros who has not entered into a conversation is awkwardly burying her chin in her chin guard plate.

“……What, is she also a female slave? The pecking order is lower than I thought”
Other than Laila and Selenium who muttered like they were amazed by shaking their heads, everyone looked at me with a frightened face. Please don’t look at me. I don’t understand how the flow became like this. No, I understand, but I don’t want to think.

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