Half elves fall in love chapter 153

Chapter 153: To the Hometown in the snow



In the end, after sunset (thanks to Maia’s help), the construction of the lookout hut seems to be over. After cleaning up after the massive sex orgy, we returned to Catalina on Maia.

“Now we have no more deals. We can go to Polka to see what’s going on once”

When Dianne says that, everyone gets excited

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to eat Trot´s meals!”
“I don’t hate dried meat or pickles.”
“For Boyd it isn’t a problem, but its a big problem for us. The alcohol here doesn’t taste good”
“Yes. I really miss the taste of 「Big Ice Field」”

Lantz and Goto imitate a cup of tea while thinking of the taste of distant alcohol.

“You guys are from Celesta……if you say that, it’s like the 「Ogre Killer」 from the desert”
“I’m sorry, but I prefer the big ice field over the ogre killer”
“Me too. Ogre killer, as the name suggests, is a bit of a killer and it is a different feeling whether it is delicious”

Regular soldiers betraying their homeland.

“I want to drink a little bit of the ogre killer……”

To Maia, who has a lustful look, the regular soldiers say, 「I’m going to give a treat when we go to Celesta」. Don’t they know how much Maia drinks? No, I just forgot. Anzeros urges attention by clapping her hands at such a crowd.

“You guys are too early to relax. No matter how much it looks like a garrison, don’t forget anything here! Even if its a deadly battlefield, who will take care of what urgency? I don’t know. Don’t think it’ll stay until the next time you come!”
“Well, I only bring valuables to the point of view”
“Idiot! Crossbows and breath caliber are more important!”

Goto is scolded by Anzeros. I understand his feelings.

“Hoho. I hope Jeanne and Selenium are fine”
“Hmm. Well, the Baron, Christie and Golkus are on duty. So they will be fine”
“I, I’m a little worried……perhaps because the flow of air is rough here, the astrology is not effective either”
“Well, as a doctor, I would like to see Jeanne-chan’s progress a little more firmly……well, I don’t think it’s important because dwarves are a species that originally grows without a midwife in a cave colony”
“Isn’t everyone forgetting Peter too much? Something as souvenir……I can’t get it right now……”
“Anzeros is completely obsessed with Peter”
“I, It’s okay, because its Andy’s child, so it’s also my child”
“I want to give birth by myself as soon as possible……”
“Luna, you’re not the only one”

The women’s team is also excited. And the Renfangas camp is a bit uneasy.

“Smithson-san, what do we do in the meantime?”
“Eh, why do you ask me that?”

Sharon shakes her ears. Now that she says that, her face. Dianne smiles bitterly.

“If anyone really wants to stay, you can, but with the wings of a dragon, we’ll be back in a few days and there’s a hot spring that is good for fatigue. It’s better you come too”
“Th, That’s right”

When Sharon said that she was relieved, Almeida and the two Red Arms began to exchange information in the inner circle.

“Hot springs are wide, aren’t they? I can’t imagine it at all because I used to go to Saint Gardo’s hot spring labyrinth”
“Naris-chan is surprisingly saying a lot of things”
“Please leave it to me. The labyrinth of low difficulty is around the Great Plains of the south. A hundred years old”
“……There must be a lot of things. I heard that there is a large public bath in Polka at Trot and there is a hot spring that comes out of the same source in the silver clan territory in the northern forest”
“Even if you say various things, I’ll look forward to it”

It’s all about sightseeing.

“Is that so……Knight Chief Sharon is coming too”

Masturbation Brothers laugh happily. I understand. I understand their thought circuit. Sharon officially comes as our companion → enters Polka´s miraculous spring, not the forest → our battle is about to begin! Because I think so too. ……For some reason, Sharon sometimes shows me her naked body, but at that time I couldn’t do anything but lust. A man automatically erects for the time being if it is shown, but when it is not her intention, it will be confusing. It is only when you follow the urge to see it that blood is burning.

“Hold back, Lantz, Goto. Sharon has a surprisingly good intuition”
“10-man captain Smithson”
“Hu. Be careful”

Lantz and Goat return to a gentlemanly smile. Taking their hands off their crotches for now.

“Dragons are amazing, aren’t they? They can come even in such a battlefield at once”

Neia had a peaceful smile as usual.


The next day, after a light morning subjugation in the surrounding area, the carriage is taken out.

“Isn’t it necessary to make the carriage a little bigger?”
“If you don’t make it very sturdy, the bigger it is, the easier it becomes to break. But if we do that, it gets heavier and it’s hard for us to pull”
“It’s difficult”
“Yes. Well, 100-man commander didn’t say anything. but that’s still fine, maybe”

You can hear the conversation between the two ogres, but it’s certainly narrow when you count all special corps members, Neia, Irina, Sharon and the other Gauntlet Knights. If Laila is also allowed to fly, we can get another carriage, but Lord Buster wants her to keep a low-profil.

“Hey, what are you doing, don’t get your luggage off your knees?”
“……Youüre already sitting on my knees, Irina”
“It’s narrow, so don’t complain”
“Ho, you can also sit on my lap?”
“Sorry Laila-dono, I´m not interested on sitting on your lap”
“Don’t sit down with interest!”

Maia roared loudly and took off while the carriage was busy.


It seems to have been able to ride well in the wind and we arrived in Polka before nightfall. With every few rest breaks, the scenery was dominated by silver and by the time we arrived at Polka it was pure white. Polka is already winter by the fall of the calendar. Date has not been told that half of the year is in the snow.

“I, It’s really cold……”

Sharon doesn’t wear a bikini armor but wears warm clothes (with only her gauntlets), but still looks quite cold. And one idiot is wearing only a cloak on top of the bikini armor.

“Coooolllllddddd, how many people live here, isn’t it snowing till the waist at such a time!? It’s cold and hurts, isn’t it?”
“You’re an idiot, Naris! Even though I said it was cold, you only wear one cloak!”
“It was expensive! It’s 1600 gold coins!?”

Certainly, it looks like a high-end leather cloak, but it’s still only one cloak.

“Huu……well, it’s not so much heating”

Irina casts a spell on Naris. The shivering stops.

“Wh, What did you do, Irina-san?”
“It’s just a sensory illusion that made it hard for you to feel cold. It won’t be cold for you”
“Oh, sure”
“But if you don’t really warm up quickly, you may freeze to death without the feeling of cold”

Naris runs to the entrance of the town in a hurry. Two guards are frightened by the momentum.

“When you look at Naris-chan, you cant think she is a hundred years old, isn’t it?”
“……Don’t say that even if you think so, Tetes”

Almeida. I think you’re saying that in the shadows.

At the tavern, we catch Naris crouching down in front of the fireplace, as we take the usual inn and then go to the Baron’s mansion. There was the appearance of my sunny child sucking on Selenium’s boobs as usual.

“Andy, welcome back! Did you finish your work?”

Selenium looks so happy and Jeanne jumps at me as much as she can, leaving Peter on Selenium. Thinking of nostalgia, I was easily blown away by Jeanne’s power and rolled down the hallway.

“Yes. You’re still weak”
“I, I´m not weak, dwarves are just great……”

Jeanne’s head just enters my solar plexus and I am in agony. A man who laughs at a grin appears. I worry.

“Welcome home, Andy. And well-returned Irina, wasn’t that important?”

The baron appears from the side, stroking his beard with his fingers. I should have greeted the baron first, but had to put it behind because Selenium’s room was closer than the baron’s study room.

“Well, there’s no doubt that there’s nothing to do with Maia and Dianne, and most importantly Smithson-dono. But the little air travel was long and tiresome. Guto-dono, may I ask for some tea”
“Um, to your heart’s content. Give some tea to Irina-dono!”

A maid moves as soon as the baron claps his hands.

“Huhu. It may be rude, but when I look at the Baron’s face, I miss the taste of tea and scones”
“Hahaha. It’s a filthy bearded face, but it’s an honor if you can remember it with a good taste”

It is indeed a quiet and easy-going between adults or between Irina and the baron, although it is polite. If I were you, I’d be sure to rush in if you said, 「I want to drink astringent tea when I see your face」.

“The first time I see you, Mr. Baron. I’m Sharon, a descendant of the Glory Clan in the Arcus Forest to the south. I am a Black Arm Gauntlet Knight of Renfangas Kingdom”

Sharon bows respectfully. Speaking of which, haven’t I greeted the baron properly? Then the other three Red Arms also give their names. The baron received it in a noble ceremony.

“I’m Duran Guto, the ruler of this Polka. Please enjoy yourself, the elves and the healing town”
“Hmm? Did you come up with another interesting phrase?”
“It was Christie-dono’s idea. Well, there aren’t many elves that stay long enough to settle down”

A healing town with people and elves. not bad.

“I hope one day we can name more races”

The baron smiled, as he said that.

“It’s up to you, Andy?”
“At least, if you settle here, you’ll be able to list about three times as many races”

Sure, there are dwarves, dark elves, dragons and cat beasts. No, but how about calling it a specialty of the town that there are only two people each? It’s subtle.

“The tea is ready, Baron”
“Oh, okay. All right, everyone lets go to the saloon. Let’s have a fancy tea party”

The baron guides everyone into the hall. I’m a little jerky under my stomach, but I stand up and try to follow it. However I´m stopped by Jeanne.

“……I was lonely”

Although it is work. I can’t take Jeanne with us. It is bad to make her feel lonely. So I apologize and kiss her lips. Selenium slowly approached tme. Peter sleeps gently because he was tired of sucking her boobs and Selenium smiles at him like a mother, even though her child is not yet born. And when Selenium turns her face, she has a girl’s face again.

“I was lonely too?”
“I think it’s okay to give me a little sincerity”

It seems to be Selenium in the hit which makes a joke. I’m glad I missed the small feelings that kept herself apart from that of Apple.

“N. Then, sincerely”

Chu, kiss. ……On her boobs.

“Somehow, Peter’s parent”
“Ehehe……but, he’s like Andy-san and I’m really happy that Andy-san is back……♪”

While listening to Jeanne who raises a frightened voice and Selenium who seems to be happy even if the expectation is missed, I sucked on Selenium´s big tits, rolled with my tongue and took a sweet bite. Release from my mouth like a pop. And kiss Selenium´s lips as it is. I love Selenium, who would smile and accept me just because she was waiting for it.

“……I´m home”
“Yes, welcome back, Andy-san”

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