Half elves fall in love chapter 21

Chapter 21: Self-hatred and temptation of a beauty 【Aurora】



“Hey, Laila! Has Andy come!?”

In the morning, Dianne jumped into Laila´s mansion. Laila, Jeanne and I are lying entangled on the bed.

“……Ho. Isn’t it Dianne?”
“Ho, isn’t it! ……Fine. Andy”

Dianne hugs me who has a half asleep and relieved face.

“If you are attacked now you can’t defend yourself properly, I was worried that you were walking around at night and getting tangled with burglars”
“So, Sorry”

Thinking carefully, I went out without informing Dianne. Was it bad that I spend the night somewhere else?

“Well, be careful next time”

Without reservation, my back was hit gently. And, under her tender embrace, the feeling of a tongue licking my bare lower body appeared. Dianne’s face is bitter and she gets away from me to confirm it. Laila buried her face in my crotch.

“……This sex-obsessed dragon”
“Well, it is not me who is inexperienced with lust separately, as I´m just comforting him because this little boy wants a woman in the morning”

Laila says it shamelessly. My head hurts a bit.

“Laila: It is a physiological phenomenon rather than lust”
“Don’t say something stupid. It will rise when it wants a woman, so keeping a woman as much as that, is it still a man’s worthiness to be aware of it?”
“I guess that’s something different, maybe.”

If such a thing is worthiness, then the city is just a rape hell.

“In the first place, Laila you had Andy thoroughly yesterday”
“No Dianne-san, don’t talk about it here”
“Shut up. Even though I have been in a state of abstinence for nearly two weeks since Becker that fool came, I can’t take it anymore, for now, I will do it”
“E, a, wait!?”

I´m pushed down. When Dianne quickly pulled off her clothes and straddled over me, someone knocked on the door and someone came in.

“I’m sorry, is Smithson-san here……”

It was Aurora. Coming into the bedroom and being speechless. A sexual smell, a nude young girl, a beautiful female dragon, Dianne me combined in one scene.

“……, Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!?”

Aurora who became bright red in an instant holds her face and looks like a rabbit. Dianne who saw it sighs as we see Aurora leaving.

“Let’s continue”
“Don’t we follow her!?”
“It can’t be misunderstood by seeing this scene”

That is true, but it is not good to become defiant. Perhaps.


Under the blue sky, at the usual drinking place. For the time being, all travel companions have breakfast together.

“……I did not hear anything about having breakfast together”

This time, Aurora clears her throat.

“Isn’t Smithson-sans lover Anzeros-san?”
“Different……no, that”

Anzeros turns bright red in an instant. Today she has a ponytail. Aurora looks at me after seeing that Anzeros was looking down

“That……well is complicated…….”

Anzeros cannot grasp the sense of distance. It’s not like she is suddenly in a whisper of love and she can’t get back to my relationship. Even though it was an extreme state, at least at that time I said that I didn’t hand Anzeros over to anyone and Anzeros said that she would accept my goodwill. It is a state of unmanageable each other how to deal with the fact. But regardless of the neighborhood, Selenium hugged my arm from the side.

“I’m his lover as I´m Andy´s female slave♪”

Aurora becomes red. By the way, didn’t she know who Selenium was, and why she is sticking to me? I don’t remember what I explained.

“I, I……I will at least do it with Andy?”

Dianne says so while being embarrassed a little.

“And I will stay by his side from now on”
“10, 10-man captain is a great man! He can afford to have 4 or 5 women!”
“Wait a moment, please!”

Aurora closes her eyes for a while religiously unraveling her temple with both index fingers.

“……He, Here, among us, who has a relationship with Smithson-san……?”

Selenium, Dianne, Laila, and Jeanne raise their hands. Aurora is shocked.

“……Wh, what kind of……”
“I, that, a bit, emm……”
“Sl, Sluggish. Simple confession. Everyone is his woman, with the responsibility to get pregnant”
“…………Ev, everyone is his woman with responsibility……emm, it seems to feel like that anyway?”

Even if I squeeze out my chicken heart, nothing will come out.

“Andy, make it more beautiful”
“Oh, yes, such a thing will make us uneasy?”

Booing. It is me who is anxious.

“……So, everyone is convinced……to do it, right?”
“It is hard to say convinced……but Andy is good”
“Andy-san, it can’t be helped”
“Ho. My boy is a good man”

Aurora holds her head with the elbow on the table. Anzeros shows a complex face. Even though it says a delicate distance feeling when thinking carefully, Anzeros never tried to approach me and she may be disillusioned to me who is having so many relationships. It was slightly dented.

“…..Hey, Smithson, shall I teach you how to tame those hooked beautiful women”
“I won’t listen to him as no woman get under the hook of this 100-man commander”
“I feel offended hearing you say tamed”

What shall I do?


That said, as soon as I think about my foot’s recuperation, Apple’s treatment, and the return to the corps, it’s better to leave, so Lila made a farewell party to everyone in the city of Helicon.

“Uooh, Laila-sama, don’t go”
“We would like to appreciate Laila from our hearts, so please take me with you by all means!”
“You don’t need to say that, this is a good city and won’t disappear, so I will come by to play occasionally, so please wait for me here”
“What blessing words”
“There is no regret even if we spend our whole life alone to protect our lives by those words alone”

That was mainly said from a member of the military police force who was encouraged. However, it seems that it isn’t even a performance from a pervert, as ordinary citizens and lizardmen merchants gathered to see us off.

“A dragon’s protection is the most encouraging story, so it is easy to think that if you are the favorite city of a dragon you can even sacrifice a couple of people or something else”

Dianne explains so. It is certain that Helicon is caught up in the battle against monsters as it isn’t good-secured and at the boundary between the desert and the forest territory. It is the desire of every citizen to want a strong monarch.

“Don’t worry. With the wings of a dragon, even if Helicon is on the other side of the desert, no matter where I am, I won’t be far away”
“Oh, Laila-sama……!”
“Yes, this time it’s not parting with Laila-sama. This is only Laila-sama’s departure”
“Ye, yes, we weren’t abandoned, we were ordered to wait for Laila-sama to return home!”
“That’s right! Laila-sama, banzai!”
“La-i-la! La-i-la!”

It is positive.

“That’s why we should toss a cup of parting, even if it is 100 kilometers after the sunrise, we will arrive by night”
“A, Ah, good”

After all, it is a drinking feast with the good Helicon citizen. In a sense, it might be a great fun city.


I had a little time to spare, so I bought a pair of tools as well. As the citizens knew that we were acquaintances of Laila, they offered discounts at various stores. It is a bit secular but I am not rich, so let me use it now.

“Oh, flintstone……this looks good”

Selenium and Jeanne hurriedly support me, as I try to get the item in hand, but the center of gravity drops out of the crutch and I stagger.

“Haha, a good elder brother, with flowers in both hands, you´re Laila’s favorite?”
“Haha. So, is this good for making fire?”
“I don’t sell anything bad. You also get a tinder for free”
“Oh, okay. I will buy it”

Tinder is a cotton that ignites a spark when it comes in contact with a flintstone. Since it is a consumable item, I found a small bottle with a nostalgic design there.

“Ah, this”
“Oh, I got this yesterday, blessed salt from Trot´s church”

The distribution volume seems to be small, but it seems that it has arrived firmly here. It is an attendant of a nostalgic Trot table.

“I will make it cheap, how is it”
“Can I get two bottles?”

I have them wrapped together. One bottle is for Anzeros. I have borrowed hers in the desert labyrinth and it was also handy here. Although it is a cheap reply, it would be nice if there are seeds that can show even a little bit of sincerity and appreciation with a delicate distance feeling at the moment.
Taking the bottles, I look for Anzeros around the inn. I hope she will be glad even a little. When I was walking extensively on my crutches, I found Anzeros in the square behind the inn. I can’t see her well beyond the trees, but she seems to be practicing her sword skills. I once again check the salt bottle in my hand and try to approach. But in that sight, Anzeros suddenly disappeared.


I was so surprised that I dropped the salt bottle. I was in a panic to pick it up and I got more confused as the sounds of metal colliding became closer than I thought. When raising my face, Anzeros and 100-man special duty commander Becker compete with each other just 3 meters in front of me. It is a momentary thing and they quickly jump off and disappear. In the sky, far away, in the direction of the sunset, in front of me. Anzeros and 100-man commander Becker repeatedly swoop while changing places one after another. The eyes of Anzeros who can be seen are instantly serious. There is still some difference to 100-man commander Becker. The weapon Anzeros uses is her short sword and it was a scene that showed the difference in power.


Bunbunbun, gan, gin, gan, bunbun, gagiin!!

The dynamic sound of swinging and the sound of hitting are heard irregularly from here and there. Anzeros´swar cry is also near. New is the movement Anzeros showed in the fight against Lucas though it is Anzeros´s strategy to be one move ahead if usual. In reality, Anzeros who doesn’t wear that heavy armor anymore had the ability to show this movement. I can see the splendor. And, 100-man commander Becker dodged all of that with minimum power. This person is strong after all.

“Hoi, yoo!”

Towards the gap where Anzeros got a big swing, 100-man commander paid a fee. The energetic Anzeros turns around with a tremendous turn and scrapes the top of the lawn. 100-man commander Becker quickly catches up with Anzeros, trampling Anzeros´s sword and holding the tip of his sword against Anzeros´s neck.

“Well, my win”
“Once more?”

*Peton* Anzeros lays face down to the ground.

“When Anzeros is in high-speed warfare, attacks will be aggressive and monotonous. I can say with confidence that your body hasn’t yet followed up with your agile combat yet”

“No, that’s……”
“Calm down first, don’t be mislead because your opponent has started running around. You can always catch up if you can see him…… Also use that 『Beheading sword skill』 well, I don’t know how the dragon is, but usually anyone can walk the sky If you hook once, you can limit the choices of actions for a few seconds, I think it’s a great advantage to blow off your opponent without asking questions”

I think that Anzeros is a swordsman after all. Although she seemed to be frustrated at the beginning, I understand that she gradually, frantically and seriously becomes exciting, while listening to the criticism of 100-man commander Becker. After all, there might be a part that only swordsmen and the avant-garde communicate. She never showed such a face to me.

“……In the past, you always called me100-man commander, right?”
“It’s hard to call me that, so call me Sieg or Becker”
“E, emm…….Si, Sieg……100-man commander”
“That will be extra long!”
“Ye, Yes. That……Sieg, san”
“Yoshi yoshi, can I call you Anzeros instead?”
“Eh, yes, that doesn’t matter.”

Somehow, it felt like I was looking at something I should not look at. No, I don’t care about Anzeros and 100-man commander Becker who are seen. I felt something I shouldn’t have seen.


Looking at the salt bottle rolling on the grass, I give up to take it and leave as it is to the inn.


That’s right. 100-man commander Becker is handsome, stronger than me and he is pretty friendly and he is highly likable to Anzeros. I’d like to lend my coat. I’m working with Anzeros together but I can’t talk to her properly as I´m surrounded by Dianne, Selenium, Jeanne, Laila. What do I see in Anzeros? What do I think of Anzeros? ……In general, at that time I was trying to help Anzeros, but I was protected by Anzeros, so wasn’t I just a dead child? Is it enough to fly up because I showed a slightly naive swing? Rather, I´m different from Lucas who lusted for Anzeros, right?


It was pride. Why did I think that Anzeros and 100-man commander would never stick together? Why did I think it would be convenient for her to stick with me at the end of a leisurely relationship? Anzeros is pretty, serious and good-natured. 100-man commander Becker is older than Anzeros, but he is originally a foreign race and, anyway, when I grow old, I die sooner than longevity girls. It doesn’t matter how old the difference is. What am I thinking about? Is it perfect?

“……But the damage……”

On the bed just before checkout, I’m rolling around……because it might damage without knowing the foot with no sense, I growl alone. Yes. Self-conscious of everything. I can’t complain to anyone. Therefore, I growl alone for the time being. It’s okay. Forgive me for this. Then, the door was struck lightly.


I thought that it was Anzeros for a moment and I will try to forcibly organize the messy clutches that were scattered in my chest as to what kind of face I should show. However, the voice of another person came back.

“It’s me, Aurora”

I was relieved even in imprudence. Even if I feel sluggish for a moment, even if the response is slow, as I have a shallow association with Aurora, it can be deviated by saying “I am a bit tired”.

“Good, come in”
“Excuse me”

Aurora bowed elegantly with opening the door. Closing the door, she locks it and moves with quiet steps to my bed

“Isn’t it me who should be saying this line……?”
“No, well, I don’t care. I know everything”

What is Aurora talking about? I think that should lift my neck. And I was surprised. She is wearing a see-through nightgown in the morning.

“Huhu. In other words, the point is that it is a rule-free dispute for love?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Originally, while there is no gentleman’s invitation, even if there are no fragments of character, such as a color scheme from a woman, I will cut it off and throw it away…..I finally understood that this was not the kind of situation I was leisurely to say”
“No, what do you mean?”
“Smithson-san……. I also want to have love”
“I knew my rival was Anzeros-san and Smithson-san, according to the human world and the principle that only one woman can be loved, I thought until this morning about it”

Aurora has moist eyes as she smiles while making me look into her eyes. It is difficult to imagine this from her usual dignified atmosphere.

“But, that mixed Selenium…… No, except for that half-elf, if you add Dianne-sama, that dragon and even that dwarf to the rank of the night already, the story is different. …… I grew up in love with you and I was thinking leisurely about the love which becomes the bridge of the world between elves and humans eventually. But I am not the only princess to you, and you are neither a king nor an aristocrat, and there is no inevitability which leaves a lot of heirs. I realized that it is fundamentally different from the love of the social world that I can dream of being invited by a man just to polish myself up and wait”
“No, then it is normal to give up that there was no fringe there……otherwise a nobody is even a nobleman as you say”
“Do you say that I shall accept defeat?”
“What are you fighting for?”

This fellow, her attitude is a bit strange, but if you think that it is actually a common sense, it is quite strange after all.

“I, someone who never gives up has never given up, so it is speechless to give up my first love just by saying that there are other rivals”
It seems that elves don’t have any word that first love doesn’t work.
“……Plunder love is also a form of brilliant love. I will try to be your favorite more than Dianne-sama with my ability”
“N, No, I think that the first love is often a misunderstood shock, so I’m sure that you will regret it absolutely after having a light relationship with me”

It’s shameless to say it on my own, but Aurora seems to be most misunderstood.

“Don’t worry, we have more time than humans. It is still too young to be ashamed of the passion even if death is going to come to separate us”

There are many people living by pushing through the misunderstandings in the world. Aurora is probably that type.

“Do, Do you think I’m a cheater? Saying love or something, are you going to misunderstand like Lucas? No matter how much you take the most, it’s not always the way to settle down”
“Well, I don’t mind. Let’s do our best no matter how many times, so now please give me your love”
The last resistance is also crushed. Now I can’t escape by running away with a dash. Just after a halfway broken heart, this enthusiasm and warmth are terribly comfortable. ……Ah, I am a useless person. A hopeless case.

Aurora invades me with an excited tongue kiss. Fuck. I don’t know anymore. I will not take responsibility for disillusioning like Anzeros later.


Unravel the thin see-through negligee.

“As expected, you’re a lady and have a beautiful body”
“Huhu……do you want to taste? This body will be used more than once in the future among your many women”

She is confident. Even though it is Aurora´s first experience in the future, how to put this liver is quite amazing.

“……Thin chest”
“Wh, what are you waiting for!! Now they are going to grow from now!”

She seems to have been concerned. As soon as I touched her chest, Aurora turned red and turned upside down.

“……When a pureblood elf like me is growing it will take a long time”
“It, It is different! You´re still in a growing season!”


“When I talked to Dianne before, she said that the growth period of elves stops around 18 and then slows down by 800 years or so”
“I, I am 17 now! There are 10 more months to go!”

……Calm down. I need to calm down.

“……What aren’t you 20 years old?”
“Is it not ok?”
“No, that”

Ji, 17 is okay? I was wondering if I could get married at 16 years in Trot as well? In a sense different from Jeanne “It’s okay?” I never thought that I would be worried about the age of an elf.

“Come here and see my skin to every corner, now it is possible right?”
“……I, I understand”

Sure. I don’t know anymore. Let’s tie to her abdomen. ……Ah, how many times I am thinking “I don’t know”. What was my determination to admit my own monopoly greed and ego the other day. I´m useless. Let’s not blame others for when they are satisfying their own lust, but look at my lustful and ugly part. Let’s admit. If not, you are miserable to the other party you held.

“Ya, nn……that, my nipples…..”
“This body will be tasted until I die, I guess this is introductory. You will let me do as I like, using your hole every day and doing it inside, not only that, these nipples will be rubbed as well and I will release my semen anywhere I won’t, in your face or ear”
“N, huhu……that’s right, I’m thrilled”
“Some nerve.”
“It is the first time for me to show my desire to someone this much. A person interested in my face, sword skills, bloodline…….ahh……oh, there were many but……to all of my body, the value of a female I only know you♪”
“You’re really holding still…”

Even though I almost whispered what to do with her most obnoxious dirty expression, that challenging and euphoric look does not change. She might really be a big deal. Lucas can be eliminated, so she may be the Queen of Klaves. I feel excited when such a woman is moaning through my hands and tongue.

Thinking about Anzeros it’s tinglingly painful. If Anzeros and 100-man commander Becker do such a thing, an unpleasant sound will echo in my brain, but now it is ignored. Anyway, I can not deny that. Unlike Lucas, she won’t complain about 100-man commander Becker. That’s why I can only take my eyes off them. It’s better for me to drown in the body of this supple girl, to get over it.

“I will insert it soon”
“Ha, Haaa……Haaa……yes…….”

Her red hair is disheveled and Anzeros nods to my words. She doesn’t feel the seriousness of losing her virginity at all and isn’t anxious. Even if I breakthrough as it is, Aurora probably won’t mind as if there was nothing wrong. Such a boldness is felt from this girl. But I still wanted her to be strongly aware of it. Losing her first time to me.

“Come now, Aurora. Demand it”
“Please hurt the hymen of this princess of the elves, tear it apart with your cock and stick it into my uterus and ejaculate and embrace me”

The violent aurora while breathing. I felt she had to be aware of it when I was trying to do what we are going to do, by recognizing my position and the identity of her partner firmly. Aurora smiles a little.

“Andy-san, do you like that idea?”

Then, straddling over me and slowly opening her labia minora lips, while letting my dick kiss it, Aurora says so with a firm tone.

“Come now, I pray to the precious lineage of proud elves, as the princess of Klaves, the virgin membrane of my hymen shall totally be broken by the extreme penis of Andy-san from the human race and my bloody vagina shall be entered to the uterus so that he can ejaculate and I become pregnant with his child”
“……Arranging too much”
“Shall I repeat?”
“That’s enough”

In the end, this is the actor´ss top. After understanding everything, understanding that her elegance is intentionally defeated and my son is swallowed deep inside. While thinking so, I grabbed the narrow waist of Aurora that is kissing the glans and the labia and pulled it down.

“Ah, ……gi, a, u, aaa!!”

It seems that it hurts indeed. Between the waist and the hip pushed strongly, the hymen is torn apart with a sound and Aurora opens her eyes.

“It, it hurts……th, this……”
“You see, I just got in. I can’t move and as long as I can’t move, it won’t end”

Her thin and tightened thighs are hit. After trembling a bit, Aurora who trembled and endured the pain had swollen teary eyes.

“It, it’s my loss of virginity, but I don’t feel like immersing a little more”
“You’re in trouble if it is painful, you have to finish growing until roughly evening”
“No more atmosphere.”
“On purpose”
“Cold person…..♪”

Despite saying that, she is going to love it as my penis is inside her belly.

“However, it is against my principle to give up the match”
“No, it’s not a match”
“Huhu……one of my fights, there is no place I can strive for you, so it’s my victory to lead you to ejaculation as declared”
“Isn’t it painful?”
“What do you want to do, dear……well, either way, is the same♪”

*Kui* *Kui* Aurora starts to move her waist in small steps. Even though it should still hurt, she pushes herself and starts her movement to please my dick. Although it should not be easy at all, Aurora wigged with an elegant smile while shedding sweat.

“In, Incredible……”
“Huhu, have you reviewed it?”
“……It, it is impossible for a virgin to shake this much……normally……”
“This is still a device called a genius”
“That, it’s a sword……”
“I won’t lose in anything”
“Are you glad that you are a genius of erotic……?”
“For you to tell me……♪”

It is useless. I don’t feel like winning this necessity. With that passionate hip movement and stubborn enthusiasm, I raised the white flag from the tip of my dick.

“A, haa……♪♪”

Aurora bends backward. Her red hair danced gracefully in the clear light from the blue sky which was inserted from the window.


After dressing oneself with a lightly wet towel, I try to head to the bathing spot on the first floor of the inn while still remembering Anzeros. The door was opened and I bumped against Anzeros.

“……Sm, Smithson……?”

I become pale for a moment. Anzeros also kept her mouth open for a while, didn’t she want to say something?

“Ah, later!”

She cried and ran away. After her ponytail disappears beyond the corner, I notice something is rolling on the ground. ……It’s a blessed salt bottle which is muddy with grass.

“……Did she notice?”

If so, was she a little bit worry about me……? And, looking backward, in the room Aurora seemed to be unlikely to lift her neck……ah, she saw this.


The worst. I am someone who is increasingly distrusted by Anzeros. Really not good.

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