Half elves fall in love chapter 274

Chapter 274: Tree Spirit Yell [Azel Rizel Luna]



The cat beast girls were sisters. They were twins, which was not unusual for a prolific beast race and they were fifteen years old this year.

“Azel Maple!”
“Younger sister, Rizel Maple”
“Lina Yuna is another one, but there are so many confusing names in that colony!”
“It’s better to have names that are similar”
I wonder if there’s any dislike of siblings or relatives having the wrong name. ……Maybe not. I don’t really understand the culture of other people.

“But you’re fifteen……”
Cat beasts tend to be tight, even though they are not very active. They have thin, agile arms and legs, but their breasts and hips are not that thick. I’m sure that in a few more years, they’ll be a bit firmer and more attractive. But at this point, I was a little worried about impregnating them, because they were so thin.

“It’s a great idea to send a 15 year old out to get impregnated, no matter how young and healthy she looks”
“Yeah. I just looked over there, but there are much smaller ones than us”
“We can have children, you know. Even in the colony, you were having sex with Anise and other little girls”
Azel and Rizel wagged their tails in protest. Of course, both of them were completely naked in this village. Perhaps it’s because they’re familiar with the orgies we’ve had in the cat beast colony, but they don’t seem to be as resistant to exposing their naked bodies in front of me as the elves.

“No, I’ll do it right. I’m going to seed, but I thought it would make sense to send someone older and more capable of safely bearing children”
I lightly stroked the older sister, Azel and let her hand hold my cock. I also reached for her younger sister’s ass and lightly stroked it.

“We’ve never had a difficult birth in our family……”
Azel explains as she lightly rubs my cock, following the guidance of my hand. I look at Luna and beckon her to follow me. Luna comes up to me and wraps herself around me as I sit down. She’s used to it.

“Grandma makes the decision based on bloodline and other overall factors. ……In case you’re wondering, Azel and her family have another older sister, too”
“No, she’s too weak. ……She’s always wanted a child”
The cat beasts tell me the situation while licking my chest, shoulders and cheeks with their rough tongues.

“How old is she?”
“Two years older than Luna”
20 years old? ……Not bad.

“Fine. ……Laila, go get their older sister”
When I say that, Laila, who was talking to the blue dragons at a distance, quickly approaches and she looks down at me with a strange face.

“Ho. Donna is as weak as I feared. Isn’t that a bit too outrageous?”
“I’m sure she’ll be fine. ……Especially if she is weak”
“Ho? ……Oh!”
Laila clapped her hands. Azel and Rizel have a puzzled look on their faces. Kneading their small boobs with my fingers.

“W, Why……?”
“Maybe older brother´s hobby is to seed a weak child……?”
“That’s not true. Because I’m here☆”
I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it’s a good idea. Hilda spreads her hands from behind the cat beasts. Nya, all three of them freaked out when their tails were touched and put themselves on guard. Hilda smiles and shows off her overwhelmingly large boobs and curved hips compared to the three.

“Right, Andy-kun?”
“You know what I’m talking about, but don’t play dumb. Azel and the others are confused”
“Huhuhu. It may not be nice to meet you, but I’m Hilda-sensei, the veterinarian at Andy-kun’s erotic zoo☆”
She called me a zoo.

“Well, that’s not a joke, but……there was a human town on the way here, right? There’s a great spring of water there called Polka’s Miraculous Spring”
It seems that Luna has finally noticed. That’s right. It’s not a problem if you’re weak or have a chronic illness……in fact, we should be proactive in bringing them in to help heal them.

While giving my cock a hand job, Hilda-san used one hand to cast a spell on Luna and the others in turn.

“As a Doctor, I think it’s too plain to lick shoulders and cheeks when there are three girls serving you”
“But it hurts when a cat beast’s tongue touches a man’s place”
Azel and Rizel looked at each other with troubled faces. Yes. The tongue of a cat beast is a little irritating to the human cock. It’s a bit of a pain, even on normal skin.

“That’s where my magic comes in. Lick your hands”
“……Ah, it’s not rough……?”
All three of them looked surprised. Apparently, Hilda had unknowingly developed a magic that softens the tongue of a beastman to the same feel as a human. Or maybe she knew about it in the first place.

“So this is what a human tongue feels like……”
“Nro, nero……nunununuu”
“So, Hilda……perhaps, with this……?”
“Yes. The three of them should serve you☆”
The three of them nodded at each other. I can feel each of their eyes on my cock.

“What are you going to do, Hilda-san?”
“Hmm, Andy-kun, do you want to do something?”
Hilda is on her knees, wiggling her hips next to my face. Beautiful brown skin and a feminine bulging body fuel my lust.

“Let me touch your vagina”
“Huhuu. Ecchi☆”
“You’re my female slave, aren’t you?”

Hilda straddled my sleeping face with her ass on top of my face and showed me her crotch. As soon as I put my hands on her smelly cunt, I felt three tongues start to wash my cock.

“As expected, cat beasts……you’re really good at licking……♪”
“Hilda-san’s pussy is also very clean even though she uses it a lot”
“Don’t say I’m using it all the time. ……I haven’t even given birth to a child yet”
“You have a lot of experience”
“I’m a doctor who also works in the field of cosmetics, so I’m very careful……kku, n……so, Andy-kun, you’re a real pervert when it comes to licking……♪”
I don’t think I’m very good at foreplay myself, but I’m fascinated by Hilda’s hips and how responsive her cunt is. And the tongue service of the three cat beasts began to show the appearance of scramble for a place to lick and I ejaculated without patience in the intense stroke of their tongues.


I shuddered. I must have shot a good amount, but their tongues never wavered and I shivered. Then I take my face away from Hilda´s crotch.

“Hi, Hilda-sann……that……”
“Huhu. All three are good at licking with dear expressions, but I’ve never done it……dashed with male juice and bath in pheromones☆”
Forcibly move Hilda’s crotch and raise my neck.

“N……N, nhuu……”
“Nnn, hamuu……churuu, euu……”
“Aha……♪ Delicious……nero, neruu……♪”
The three cat beasts have their faces covered in juice and their eyes are a little blurry, but they do not stop their enthusiastic tongue service.

“Hi, Hilda-san, you didn’t do anything to them, right?”
“I didn’t. ……They’ve been completely turned on by this. I wonder if the direct juice dash is the cause”
“E, Emm, I feel like their tongues are getting more and more erotic……”
“Kusuu. At this time, why don’t you keep ejaculating onto their faces to the limit☆”

The tongue service tournament by three cat girls, which was supposed to be foreplay, continued until all three ejaculated seven times and their faces and chests became sticky and Azel and Rizel were saturated by that alone. I was too tight. You can grasp the pace if the other party also feels pleasure, but it is hard to squid earnestly.


When I go out of the forest, the stinging cold air brings back the sense of the season. The climate in the forest is so mild that I can understand the feelings of the elves who do not want to go out.

“It’s cold……”
“Andy-san, make sure your cloak fits”
“Please do your best today too”
With the encouragement of Apple and Selenium, who came out with me, I headed off to work again today.

I assembled Sharon’s armor on the wooden mold.

“The weight balance seems a little off……”
“Oh. You noticed that, Bocchan?”
“What, Jackie-san, did you know?”
“I was going to tell you if you didn’t notice it until the end. You’re right, it will make you hunch over if you wear it for a while”
“Do you want to counter-weight the back?”
“That’s good, but I think if you change the pull a little bit, it will make it taller”
“……I wonder if I paid too much attention to Sharon’s body shape”
“There is no such thing as too much care. You just have to remember to pay a lot more attention to it”
Jackie-san’s depth and breadth as a blacksmith really doesn’t seem to have been just trained by my father.

“……Is Jackie-san really only taught by my father?”
“What is……only? Master Smithson was a really good blacksmith, you know?”
“No, even if you did that, you would have trained in practice in such a countryside……I feel like you’re really comparable to a blacksmith in the royal capital”
“I’m grateful to hear you say that, though. I’m still happy with it. Bocchan’s talent is dazzling to me. You can make such a great product in spare time while being a soldier”
The words are regretful, but the way he says it is satisfying. Jackie-san looks at the armor that is being completed on the wooden mold and says so sincerely. ……I’m embarrassed. But I guess it’s this humility and desire to improve that has made Jackie-san so good at what he does. I think he’s a lot more amazing than everyone else in town thinks he is.

As I was heading back into the forest for lunch, I spotted Apple standing in the snowfield. Unusual.

“Apple? What are you doing out here all alone?”
“Ah, Andy-san. I thought I should help Andy-san get into the forest……. Fennel-san is busy at lunch today, so I thought I’d……”
“Why didn’t you just come to the blacksmith shop then?”
“Yeah, but……”
Beyond Apple’s line of sight is the work site of the Crossbow Corps, which carries building materials, builds stone walls and constructs new barracks.

“Every time I walk by, it’s interesting to see how much building work is going on”
“Ah. Indeed”
An ogre’s physique and strength of arms make him the most reliable tool for construction work. Depending on the skill of the master builder, the speed of construction can be several times faster when using ogre workers than when not. The building is steadily taking shape.

……In the midst of all this, some of the younger Ogre workers are not as strong as others and you can see several of them slumped together on the snowfield, breathing heavily. Williams, who was passing by, raised his fist in the air in anger.

“Hey! Don’t you dare slack off! This is the place for you to sleep!”
“It’s hard to say that……”
“Why do we have to do this here? We’re not military engineers”
Williams cleared his throat.

“What are you talking about! If you can’t get wood, get stone, if you can’t get stone, get sand! Do as many things as you can for your friends and your future!”
Hearing this, the soldiers around, except for the young ones who were slacking off, all laughed in unison.

“There it is, the Smithson reference!”
“I’ve always thought that Williams is a terrible applicator”
“You guys!”
Williams turns red and raises his fist at them as well.

“It’s called……Smithson verse”
It’s an imitation of mine, originally from 100-man commander Grants.

“Aaah, I used to say it to encourage new recruits”
“……Is that what Naris-san and Tetes-san call the 『Quotations Maker』?”
“Don’t talk to me like that, it’s embarrassing”
As I’m making my excuses to Apple, Williams spots me and walks over to me.

“Hey, original”
What do you call me?

“Let the recruits hear your sermons. Arrangements are so popular in the troops, they’ve lost their originals”
“If there are no recruits who are crying in the march or training, it will be idle!”
I mean, what’s popular?

“Listen up. Look, everyone’s paying attention. Hey, it’s the rumored Smithson verse himself”
I was dragged out to the scene. The old soldiers were grinning, the new soldiers were curious…..and Apple was staring at me with the same look as the new soldiers.

“100-man commander Isaac and 100-man commander Williams used to say it during the march”
“‘Please, 10-man captain Smithson!”
……Uwaa, you’re making it hard to say no.

“Emm. ……Ah, well, let’s just assume you’re in the mood to cry in pain and agony in front of your enemies, okay?”
I clear my throat, as does Williams. It’s incredibly embarrassing to say in an unrelated situation.

“Stand up! Clench your fists, stand up and confront your opponent! Don’t give up because you don’t have a weapon, don’t give up because the enemy is strong! If you have no weapons, throw stones. If you have no stones, throw sand!”
It was the end of the Celestial War. At the end of the Celestial War, many of the trainees who fought in mock battles with other trainees soon became helpless in the face of the enemy. Of course, this was a time when a mere blacksmith’s apprentice of 17 or 18 had to work hard to imitate a soldier. The rest of the guys were just similar makeshift mobilizers, not professionals who understood warfare.

“The enemy won’t wait for us! Move! Do one more thing than the enemy! Look at your opponent, look for his vitals! If you know what you’re doing, a knife will be enough!”
But still, it is required of a soldier to be able to function as a fighting force, even if only a little, and.

“You want to get home alive, don’t you? You want to get home alive and see your family again! Then!”
He was expected to become a soldier who could return home alive, as soon as possible.

“Think about your next move! You haven’t lost anything yet! ……You haven’t struggled with anything yet!”
Become a soldier who can return alive. You can cry or leak. Be alive and become a soldier who is still afraid of the enemy. These words of 100-man commander Grants were filled with the hope that I would be able to return to my parents again. Over the years, I became a manager and a parent. The prayers contained in these words are becoming even more understandable.

The applause started out of nowhere. Before I knew it, I was overwhelmed by the feelings of 100-man commander Grants of those days.

“It’s so different. 100-man commander Williams, doesn’t have the same feeling”
“Hey, hey……well, I can’t speak this passionately, but”
“That’s hot, 10-man captain Smithson!”
……I suddenly feel embarrassed, so I raise my hand and run back to the path to the forest.

“Ah, Apple……”
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you look so cool”
“……Do, Don’t make fun of me”
“No, I´m not. ……After all, I knew my eyes were right before I lost my memory”
Apple hugging my arm. However, it’s a sale and a free-running speech. If the story is about Apple’s memory, it’s hard to tease. Various and complicated.

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