Half elves fall in love chapter 275

Chapter 275: Knight’s Shame [Savory Almeida]



It was a calm morning in the village of the barrier prison. After breakfast, I was making out with Savory in a face-to-face sitting position and letting Azel and Rizel, who seemed to be bored, lick the mixture of semen and love juice that leaked out (or rather, they came to lick it before I knew it), when suddenly, Naris and Almeida appeared from the air.

“……Look, Naris. Is this okay?”
“Ah, thanks……”
She thanked Almeida, who began to take off her clothes with a practiced hand and looked at the doorway of the residence where we were enjoying ourselves. Looking around a bit.

Naris rubs her temples, taking plenty of pauses.

“Why are there more! And there are four of them!!”
She screamed.

“I come in here out of nowhere and you’re a bushwhacker. And you’re naked in here”
“Yes……n, uu……Almeida-san, take a lesson from me……ahuu, sudden vaginal ejaculation is a foul……♪”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. The cat beasts are licking me”
“Haaa……its okay, but please don’t pull out just yet……♪”
Enjoy sloppy sex while frequently exchanging kisses. Azel and Rizel drink with their tongue the juice that flutters from Savory´s hole with a happy nasal voice.

“Haa……as usual”
“What’s wrong with you this early? You’ll be going out in a little while”
“I’m not planning on going out today, so I thought I’d stay up until nightfall for a change. ……W, Who are those two people, anyway? And who are those two!”
Almeida pointed to Asti and Julin, who were combing Maia’s hair and putting flowers in her hair in the nearby sunshine, and to the Maple sisters, who were sticking their faces under Savory’s buttocks.

“That’s Maia’s family. And those two were brought from Luna’s colony”
“So all four of them are here to do naughty things?”
I didn’t exactly bring either of them here, but they do the same thing. They are all naked according to the nakedness rule and I don’t feel the need to make excuses for them, so I shake Savory gently and affirm it honestly.

“Are you that hungry……?”
“I’m always up for a little eroticism! And since it’s my own personal erotic paradise, the more lively the better”
“……Really, if the face isn’t special, it’s going to be difficult, isn’t it?”
Naris tells me as she grumbles while taking off her underwear.

“That’s right, Master is a great person……n, aa……♪”
Savory shook her hips and said so in a euphoric voice. ……But, well, what Naris says is also true. If I was enthusiastic about a human girl and did something like this, I feel like I was stuck with a double-digit knife by this time.

At the moment, the village in the barrier prison has turned into a nude breeding paradise for me. I’ve been having sex with one after another every day as my sexual appetite and luck would have it, but with over 20 people, I can’t have sex with all of them in one day unless I push myself. Fortunately, Selenium, who has a lot of travel experience and skills, is there to talk to everyone, Hilda-san gives medical checkups and lectures on medical magic and erotic tricks, Oregano and Fennel, who have become the cooks, teach everyone how to cook silverware, relax in the outdoor baths and wreath making is popular……it’s a good thing that life seems to be fun in its own way and there’s no atmosphere of pressure. It’s fun to have sex with Savory from behind while everyone else is living peacefully. So, in such a situation, while I and everyone’s sex deepens my affection, the friendship of all female slaves, centered on Selenium and Hilda, is steadily deepening. Or rather, my respect for the two of them, who have so much to offer, is growing by the day. In the beginning, I had thought that the newcomers might become awkward and atrophied, especially with the two dragons and Dianne, who have a lot of fighting power. However, the fact that we had to live in the nude didn’t create an atmosphere where we had to compare our abilities (we’d look dumb practicing in the nude). I didn’t aim for this, but I guess my dirty guts balanced out the situation.

“Well, I’m going to relax in the hot spring”
“I’m busy during the day, so I might not be able to do anything erotic, but I’ll have sex with you at night”
“……Yes Yes”
Talking to her openly, Naris turns her face red and waving her fluttering hands, waving her ass as she is going to the hot spring. I managed to tolerate her nakedness, but she seemed to be embarrassed by the open announcement of sex.

“I should leave too”
Almeida, who had just come in with Naris, started to get dressed again from the changing basket.

“Is there something outside? If so, you don’t have to undress”
“You made the decision, didn’t you? Rules are rules”
When Almeida, who was strangely serious, was about to lift her panties, I slipped my hand up her ass and was caught in her panties.

“Ah, don’t play”
I show a frivolous smile to Almeida who turns a little red. A cute girl who doesn’t have to think so seriously.


In the morning, I made some minor adjustments to Sharon´s armor. I had Sharon try it on later when she woke up and came out of the forest and I had her try it on and move around some and give me some feedback.

“No, you don’t have to go completely naked. This is just normal armor”
“Oh……you’re right♪”
Sharon tried to put on the armor by taking it off each time. Jackie-san turns to the back in a hurry. I sigh and help her put on her armor. The naughty mischief didn’t go through my mind a little, but I can’t help but bother Jackie-san. Do it normally.

“What do you think? I’ve tried to make it easy to move around”
“You’re doing a great job. ……But, it’s a little too armpit-less”
“The design is based on that of the Trot Army. It’s supposed to be a long-distance march, so it’s less armored so that it’s easy to carry on your back”
“I see……because Berga and my older brother had all the luggage other than the sword, so I rarely carried that kind of thing”
“……You really have a good brother and mentor”
I’m not being sarcastic, but I think they love her.

“What should I do? You can ignore it and use more armor”
“No, I think it’s better to keep it……as it is, because it makes it easier to move around”
“I see”
I’m going to take it off again with a click. Now that the adjustments are done, it’s time to paint.

“Do you have a favorite color? If not, I’m thinking of painting it mainly white”
“Ah, then I want a color closer to beige……if it’s too pure white, it’ll look too light”
“I see. I understand”
It’s true that many cultures associate 「Beginners」with the simplicity of 「White」, although the Sword Saints of Trot, Temple Blaze and Valerie’s League of Holy Warriors tend to favor the use of white, perhaps with the intention of purity and innocence. Sharon’s appearance can hardly be described as strong and there is certainly a danger that she will give that impression. Let’s try to adjust the color around ivory. I’m grateful that her black gauntlets don’t look out of place in almost any color.

After finishing the morning’s work, I walked out of the smithy.

“Would you like to go back to the forest together?”
“No, I’ll check on Peter and Isaac before I go”
“Okay. Well then……”
I split up with Sharon and headed to the Baron’s mansion for now. ……But, on the way, I came across an unexpected partner.

“I, I’ve been waiting for you”
It was Almeida who came out of the alley. As usual, she was carrying her iron staff, but there was a hint of steam rising from her, as if she had just been in a hot spring.

“What’s going on?”
Almeida’s gaze wandered a bit.

“This way”
She invited me to start walking.

She’s not very talkative by nature, so I figured I’d just go and see what I could find and it was the dressing room behind the bar.

“I borrowed the key from Savory”
I wondered if she was going to report me as a waiter or something. I was thinking about that……, but Almeida chuckled and locked the door when we both entered.


“‘……I, I want you to hold me, right here”

We can do as much as we want after returning to the barrier prison. I thought.

“……It’s hard to concentrate in the forest when there are so many women waiting for their turn……”
“……You were worried about everyone’s eyes”
“You’re crazy if you don’t care!”
I thought I had blown it, but apparently not. The old female slaves have a lot of experience in orgies and Laurier and her friends have had more sex alone than they can count. I’m sure they don’t mind, but Almeida is certainly not ready to get used to it.

“Besides……I can’t help but notice you holding me while you ransack the next woman with a sideways glance. You should at least……me, properly……”
“I’m sorry”
I kissed Almeida and undressed her. It’s not that she’s resisting, but her eyes are moist and she obeys obediently. It’s cute.

“I care about how cute you´re, even though I always talk about seeding”
“……Is it bad?”
A sulky face. ……The kiss loosens her up. Frightened by her hugging hands, I stroke her as much as I think of her slowly releasing her tension like a kitten.

“Sure, you’re right. The next time I do this, I’m going to focus on the other person until I’m done fucking. ……When I´m alone”
“……You’re the one who’s playing with two or three people at once”
I chuckled at the resigned, but slightly accusing tone. But Almeida was right, I was a bit frivolous and that’s something to reflect on. Eroticism is good, but love is important.

“I will not reflect on being greedy”
“I want to tell Marie-dono”
“I’m sorry”
Only that. No, it’s just now. Her eyes come to the figure that the bag is terrified and squeezed.

“……For now, I’ll concentrate on lusting after you”
“Yes, please……u, shii……♪”
I kiss her over and over again, seeing Almeida’s eyes loosen each time.

“What did you say to Savory and borrowed her key?”
I’m sure that Savory, who is working in the new tavern right now, wouldn’t lend a key without questioning it.

“……I, I told her that I wanted to have sex with you outside the forest and she gave me the key……”
“Wasn’t she smirking?”
“She was……”
……I think it’s really good that the female slaves got to know each other and that they didn’t form a pecking order of combat power.

“Fine, open your legs, my cute female slave”
Almeida finally stripped naked and did as she was told. I smile as if Almeida has become quite obedient and sane and read her anxious look from her 「Ears」 look and become even more dear. It’s probably because she’s a female slave, but she rebelled against my wishes and didn’t wait in the forest quietly.

“I like that kind of honesty in you”
“……Wh, What are you talking about?”
“Those girly feelings of yours are not bad”
“Gi, Girly……?”
I keep invading Almeida, who has a slightly embarrassed face. I rub her big boobs and shake my hips to hit her. We immerse ourselves in nasty acts in the hut for changing clothes for others.

“U, n, kuu……hu, aaa……♪”
“That habit, it’s cute to lose yourself in pleasure as soon as you start having sex”
“Wh……What……huaaa…a, aaa♪”
When she was pointed out, Almeida noticed her nasty voice and I felt that her joy juice increased and the tightening became stronger. Almeida’s gap is really cute. The way her hands and feet intertwine, as if she wants to deny it but never wants to leave. The way she accepts the kiss and immediately melts. The feeling of her cervix begging for an ejaculation. She turned straight to me before I knew it and her foolish heart was really dear.

“Almeida……cuming, I’m going to come inside you……! Take it firmly with the intention of getting pregnant!”
“Y, Yes……put it out, put it out……I´ll give birth……I´ll be like Selenium……♪”
Finally, I kiss the side of Almeida’s collar.

“HHa, aaaaaaaaa♪”
Ejaculation. Pour plenty of semen into her womb. Almeida shook her whole body happily, hugging me and continuing to catch the cramps of my dick.


Evening. Laila comes back from Celesta.

“This girl”
“E, Emm……ni, nice to meet you. I’m Miril Maple, the sister of Azel and Rizel……”
Miril resembled Azel and Rizel, but she was more relaxed and had more than adequate breasts and buttocks. She was a reassuring girl in many ways. However, she was greeted in the village in the barrier prison and as expected, she was momentarily taken aback by the sight of everyone naked.

“Older sister, undress properly”
“I can’t get impregnated, can I?”
“Eh……a, yes……”
I cleared my throat. Before I could say anything else, Miril hurriedly took off her clothes and tried to lower her head.

“E, Emm……I, I, that……I’m not very strong……maybe it’s useless, but I want to give birth to a child……”
“Yes, I’ve heard of it. So why don’t you take off your clothes for now?”
Kui, with my thumb I show her the open air bath.

“Soak in there. And follow Hilda-san there”
“……?? That, seeding……”
“No, not yet. I want you to have a healthy baby”
I smiled at Miril, stroking Azel and Rizel´s asses as they’re standing next to her.

“……Nyaa! B, By the way, we haven’t been seeded yet!”
“Nyaa! Th, That’s true!”
The sisters would have noticed it now. Yes. It wasn’t meant to be anything else, it was just that you were crazy about semen licking.

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