Half elves fall in love chapter 276

Chapter 276: Lined up buttocks and rehabilitation [Anzeros Irina etc]



“I’ve done a quick magic examination and combined with that child´s complaint, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly lung-related”
Hilda-san reports to me.

“It’s a chronic condition, so it must be putting a lot of strain on other organs, but I’m curious to see how well the benefits of the miraculous spring will work on this type of 『No harm no foul』 disease. If you have a problem with the improvement situation, I can start treatment with magic and medication”
“Ah, I don’t know much about difficult things, so please do as you wish, Hilda-san. In the end, she should be able to give birth to a healthy child”
As a doctor, Hilda-san is a very reliable person. The new cat beast seems to have given up on her own weakness and wants to force herself to have a child, but it is difficult to enjoy eroticism with such a tragically determined girl. Sex should be a fun and attractive activity. At least I want it to be as much so as possible. And Hilda-san is not the one to argue with me on that point.

“So, I’m hoping that Hilda-sensei will join us soon”
“In this state?”

Dianne, Apple, Laila, Anzeros and Irina. They were lined up on the edge of the residence, holding hands and lining up their asses to be seeded in turn.

“This kind of alignment is just like a female slave……♪”
“Hoho. It’s an expression of Owner’s shallow possessiveness”
“It’s a little boring to wait around with your ass sticking out after you’ve been pumped, but……it’s not so bad if you think that’s what Andy wants”

Apple, Laila and Dianne, who have already put semen in their vagina, have such a conversation. And Anzeros, who I´m just having sex with right now and Irina, who is holding my finger in her ass hole and vagina next to her, are still panting.

“Nha, a, aaa……stronger, Andy´s dick……is too energetic……♪”
“I, I’m not going to do that with my hips……th, this luxurious man is a man who mixes his body in a pile……”
I think it would be better to repartition and then re-enter, but Hilda posed next to Irina and stuck her hips out.

“Because Sensei is also a female slave♪”
“……Ah……after Irina. It will take some time”
I was careful while ejaculating in the back of Anzeros’s vagina. My hips quivered. I felt the power of her hips thrusting and pressing against me, making me love her and making my cock wriggle as I ejaculated.

“It’s a lot of fun to be a slave, isn’t it♪”
“That’s right”
Hilda-san shows off with Apple over several people. Recently, I often like that kind of unreasonable sex, probably because I don’t deny it even if I call myself a female slave.

“Irina. Then spread your own pussy”
“You pervert……♪”
They lined up on the porch under the warm sunshine. Large and small white buttocks that continue to be exposed between the black nudes on the left and right. I enjoy the end of the day while committing them in sequence.

The next day, I sat down with Azel and Rizel (Luna was also participating), who had woken me up by licking my cock as if they were competing with Maia and told them my mission.

“Azel, Rizel. ……Would you like to work in Polka?”
“Where? We’re just kids, we don’t know anything about Trot, we can’t do anything difficult, can we?”
“It’s okay because you can understand the language. ……You’ll help out at the inn. You’ll re-lay the sheets and clean them”
I’m sure the twins were a little surprised by my suggestion, but they nodded their heads. It’s childish, but it’s cute.

“A store you know?”
“No, I know most Polka people. ……But it seems that beastmen are easier to get to work than elves”
There are a few beastmen living in Trot, too. It is undeniable that the elves were jumpy and hostile in comparison……but the beastmen, with whom they had a peaceful relationship, had less emotional friction. And if their part-time jobs are successful.

“If you guys feel like you can work well, it will be easier to bring more of you from the cat colony and even those who are a little reluctant to be indiscriminately seed by me can move to Polka to work, live and hopefully even get married”
“……Emm, Emm?”
The two of them twisted their heads to opposite sides again. Apparently they couldn’t organize it because I said it all at once to the conclusion.

“A, Anyway, if you work part-time and make the Polka people happy, you might even get everyone in the colony”
“……Hmm, I don’t know, but I’ll do it if you’ll seed me properly”
……I think they’re still upset that I haven’t ejaculated in their vaginas since they got here. A chop falls on their heads.

“Don’t blame it on Andy, you two. I’m sure you’re not the only one”
“B, But”
Luna takes a new posture of chopping with both hands. The nude cat girls run away with a meow.

“What do you think of this idea, Luna?”
“……Surely, everyone in the colony doesn’t get out of the colony because there’s no way to go outside with just women”
Hilda-san, who was listening nearby, folded her arms and mixed in with the story.

“If you’re hunting in the mountains……a family of only female beastmen in Celesta will look like bait to the goons. Young cat beasts are so popular, you never know when they’ll snatch you from your home one by one and sell you off”
As the two looked at each other with a serious look on their faces, I hugged them to my left and right and squeezed each of their breasts. They do not resist.

“It’s not as if there are any dangerous people here and you can rely on Maia and her friends. Illness can be cured soon. The only problems are the cold and the fact that you can’t expect to meet anyone”
“……I see, it’s true that there are few people to meet”
Sometimes I get along with the flow of the hot springs, but basically it’s the most remote area and humans get married quickly, so it may be a little difficult to meet a free man here.

“You’ll let them think about it after you make a proposal. In the worst case scenario, Andy-kun’s lower half can take care of him. I’m sure there are girls who would rather appeal to you here than wait in the colony for the fickle Andy to come back”
“I’m starting to feel like I’m some kind of happy natural phenomenon”
“Penis tornado?”
“It’s an awesome and disgusting natural phenomenon……”
Anyway, a nice labor force for Polka. Should be. I hope they will mesh well.

Sharon’s armor has been painted and is finally finished today.

“Thank you very much. Now I can wear Smithson-san’s work anytime I want♪”
Sharon spun around, looking as excited as a little girl. I’m not sure if you can call her a girl, but she looks like one. My finished product is only a simple breast plate because it is lightly dressed, but she still looks like a warrior.

“You’re doing better than I expected”
“I’m not sure. When Andy started, I thought it wouldn’t be finished before spring”
Jackie-san and Jeanne were deeply impressed and poured the wine into four ceramic cups.

“Sharon, you drink, too”
“Are you sure?”
“It’s an completed party of an amateur blacksmith”
“Don’t be modest, Bocchan. It’s a fine job”
“That’s right. ……I, I don’t think a real armor smith would have time to celebrate every time”
“That’s right”
“Hahaha. Anyway, congratulations for your hard work”
Jackie-san took the lead in raising the cup, followed by Jeanne, me and Sharon.

“Then, congratulations on the completion!”
It’s good to drink alcohol with a sense of accomplishment. ……All that’s left now is Neia’s armor. Let’s go for it.

Evening. I dropped by the inn where I was staying the other night. Since Keiron, 100-man commander Becker, Neia, Tetes, etc. are staying here, consultations related to unit management are still being held at the cafeteria here.

“Hey, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Oh, Lantz and Goto”
Perhaps it was just the right time of day, but Lantz and Goto were also in the cafeteria.

“How long will you guys be in Isaac’s custody?”
“We’ve already been released!”
“If we’re sent back to Basson, it’ll really be spring!”
And before I knew it, we seemed to have returned to our Dianne Special Task Force again.

“After that, if Boyd is here, our group would be complete”
“About Boyd. I bet he’s still doing this and that with Sylvia”
“I’m sure they’re discussing the number of children they plan to have. The end result is that they’re probably kissing each other, saying things like, 『You’re a blessing, so you never know how many you’re going to have』 and, 『Ernie, you might have twice as many as you planned』 and 『I’m not sure if twice is enough』 and 『Me neither』”
You guys are too excited about delusions. ……Dianne was smiling and watching such a situation.

“But it’s time to check the situation……we’ll be back to Celesta and Renfangas soon. It’s not a whole action, but be prepared”
“U, Understood”
“Isn’t it all right to be suddenly dropped far away and come back on your own for training? 100-man commander Isaac is here, so we’re good, right?”
“Uh, the days of the march are over”
Lantz and Goto hugged their shoulders and woke up and cried. ……But what should I do if that happens? Waiting in Polka to make Neia’s armor……I can’t say that. We should go to Renfangas by Maia. What should I do with the erotic paradise of the barrier prison when it comes to it? They can’t just wait naked for days, right? Ugh, it’s annoying.

When I returned to the village of the barrier prison, Naris was drinking in a good mood in the open-air bath.

“Ah, 10-man captain Smithson. Do you want a drink?”
“……You’re having a lot of fun”
“No well, it’s a paradise except that you can’t wear clothes here. The hot spring is nice, the food is delicious, there are no mosquitoes or flies even if you take a nap in the right place and no one is angry”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the inn?”
“Recently, I’m scared of Tetes-chan’s exploring eyes!”
……I feel that it’s okay to leave this place as a naked village.

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