Half elves fall in love chapter 279

Chapter 279: Preparation for inspection trip



Since Dianne has expressed her intention to resume troop operations, the surrounding area is hurriedly moving to make preparations.

“Do Fennel and the others remain in this barrier?”
“We have a house that we’re renting and we’re going to go back there until Master comes back”
“They say that a house gets damaged if it’s not lived in”
Fennel and Oregano replied. It is true that they have no need to stay in this barrier prison if I am not there.

“I’ve been going to clean it from time to time, so I don’t think it’s as bad as they say”

Laurier insists. I’m a little surprised that she was doing that……well, I would have been free in the daytime and it wouldn’t take long if I didn’t work so hard.

“I and Jeanne-chan will return to the Baron’s mansion”
Selenium and Jeanne were not staying at a crowded inn, so they could easily return. In fact, it would have been more convenient for the two of them to stay at the baron’s mansion all the time.

“I and Christie too. ……I will not be accompanying you this time. I’m going to stay quietly at the Baron’s mansion”
“Is that so?”
“I’m neglecting my duties……Christie has preached me enough”
Well, Irina is also an elf with a position, so I’d like to agree that she should move a little more calmly. ……It’s a shame to keep her away from me as a partner for sex.

The three cat beasts can rent a room at old man Digo’s inn.

“I’ve come all this way to have sex with you and I haven’t done it yet……”
“I hope you come back soon”
“That……like my sisters, I was hoping you could get me pregnant quickly”
The three of them waited, their ears perked up. I’m glad they’re looking forward to having sex with me that much. I’m not going to say anything about it if they’re a little more careful with their words and actions.

The other members of the group seem to be following along for the most part. The four Renfangas in particular seem to be homesick for some reason.

“I’ve never spent this much time in a foreign country before. It’s time to regain my knight’s awareness and be crisp, or I’m going to be a useless person”
In the inn’s dining room, the four Gauntlet members were all talking about it.

“Rennesto, huh? It’s not like I have much use for it, to be honest, since I don’t even have a place to sleep anymore”
“Naris. If you put it that way, you really have no other resting place but beside Smithson-san, don’t you”
Naris froze at Sharon’s point. Naris, a rootless grass, wonders where she will certainly settle down if she loses her home consciousness in Rennesto. Almeida, who was looking beside her, smiled bitterly.

“……Well, I’m originally based in Folklore, so I don’t have much attachment there”
“Where did you stay in Folklore?”
“I rented a regular room. ……Even though it was, I was an elf and an enemy. It wasn’t a very comfortable place, but……”
Almeida is not very good at using illusions. Did she decide she couldn’t cheat, or did she just think of the act of lying? Anyway, she was being honest.

“With Rennesto, that’s not the case, so Al-chan should buy a house too”
“I don’t intend to work there for very long. If I put off the deal with Duke Gardner too much, I’m likely to be overwhelmed by the life of the other party. ……So, I don’t need a house”
“If you’re on Red Arm’s payroll, you can live in an inn for the rest of your life and still have plenty of change……”
I’m a little jealous of your economic good news.


“This time it’s really a wait-and-see. I’m not planning on staying there for many days either. I’m not going to blame you if you don’t follow me and I’m not going to collect Boyd just to check on his safety”
Dianne smiled at the flurry of activity around her.

“But I can’t say I’m not going”
“Ah……that’s right. Maia is worried without you”
It seems that Laila also moved due to the fall civil war, so it doesn’t mean she can’t move with Renfangas at all……after all, the 「Elf Territory Blue Dragon」 is better. When Maia moves, she doesn’t listen to anything other than my orders, so I can’t help but go.

“Ho. When it comes to crossing the snake mountains in winter, I’m not sure I’ll be able to give you a comfortable flight. It’s dangerous if its not Maia”
“Ah……that’s one way of looking at it”

In bad weather, the Blue Dragon can fly better. It seems. Laila won’t drop, but it’s true that Maia is more suitable. ……Besides, I feel sorry for Apple, who is scared when it shakes too much.


Based on Dianne’s remarks, the result of various troubles was that they would not go.

“This time, Lantz, Goto and Keiron are off. Becker and Neia are on board”
Keiron chose to take consecutive days off, despite the stares of others. Lantz and Goto also peeked at Dianne’s words……no, they seemed to choose to heal the tiredness of the march with Isaac.

“It’s okay for Anzeros and the others to rest as well. It’s not official and we’re not going to do anything too dangerous”
“No, I’ll take care of Andy”
“Me too”
It seems that Anzeros and the others are worried about me, who tends to get into a pinch by taking a momentary gap. ……I’m very grateful to them.

“I’m going to visit Boyd and Mikagami and the others in Basson, make contact with Kingfisher and the others in Renfangas, check on the hut I put together before winter……that’s it, we’ll be back soon”
Dianne smiles bitterly.

“Is it okay to just say hello?”
“Yeah. If things are going well, Kingfisher and the others should be expanding their search in the direction I have in mind. I want to know how much progress they’ve made in cross-checking the old map. The rest is just socializing”
“……Without change, what would you like to help?”
“In winter, the Renfangas side can’t move so much. It’s unlikely that they’ll be forced into anything”
It’s just a bit of sightseeing, Dianne said.

“Hey, Dianne”
Luna, who was listening to the conversation, raised her hand.

“For the time being, during the talk as an army, you’ll call me 100-man commander, Luna”
“I’m sorry. ……If it’s a casual trip, you’ll take me to my colony, right?”
“I don’t mind, but will you let Andy seed you? I think it’s difficult to keep Tetes and Becker away”
“There’s that too, though. ……I think there were a lot of kids with illnesses and old injuries, so……I thought I’d have Laila carry those again”
“Ah, there you go”
The cat beast colony also seems to be healthy and if you look for it, it seems that some are not.

“Ho. In that case, I think Luna and I should go separately to collect them”
“I’ll have to have Irina and the others arrange for the reception as well”
This is a difficult thing to do on the spur of the moment, but Laila and Dianne continue to do the math as a matter of course.

“If we were to incorporate that into our travel plans……we’d have to leave the others at Basson and take Andy to the desert……”
“I’m sure everyone will be happy to just be seeded four or five of them while Grandma gets them ready”
“Is it okay to leave the explanation and leadership to you as I carry the girls to Polka, Luna?”
“I want Hilda to see them for the time being”
“My older sister seems to want to do some shopping at Celesta this time, so it’s difficult to coordinate……”
“You know, you don’t have to cut your stay in Basson short. We don’t have to worry about lodging because the corps building is vacant……you can ask Hilda-san to spend the day shopping and doing other things in Basson, and then join the flow there”
“That’s also true. Anzeros, can you take care of the rest of the team in the meantime?”

I left Dianne and the others who were making adjustments and headed for the shoe store. During this trip, I’ll have to leave some of the armor parts to Jackie-san. I really want to do it all by myself, but I don’t have unlimited time. Anyway, I was curious about the quality of Neia’s shoes that I had asked old man Harry to make. I wondered if they would be okay.

“……Is this old man´s work?”
“Work. It’s a work of art, call it 『Work』 if you like”
“Ah, yes……that’s magnificent”
At first glance, you can tell that it is an elaborate and massive 「Work」. His shoes have such an aura. This is good stuff. Even I, an outsider, can understand it. His skills are real.

“You’d better go get that titty girl. Even when the actual thing is ready, it still needs to be adjusted”
“Y, Yes……I mean, how can such a good pair of shoes cost that much?”
I had been quoted a price, and while it was high for 「Just shoes」, it was far lower than the price I would have paid for something like this.

The old man looked at me with deep eyes and said slowly,

“Those are good feet. To be able to match a good pair of shoes to a good pair of feet is worth more than money to a craftsman”
“……Old man”
“I’m sure you’d like to match good tits with good clothes, or rather, with clothes and armor that make them shine. Do you want to raise the price just because you did it well?”
“……Old man!”
I nodded deeply at old man Harry and shook his aged but strong hand. I’m going to respect him as much as I respect my father and Jackie-san.

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