Half elves fall in love chapter 278

Chapter 278: Secret Curse Propagation 2 [Laila Cristie Breakcore]



Breakcore thinks for a moment as she tries to get me into bed.

“……It doesn’t make much sense to do it normally”
“I have to do what you always do in that village……”
“……Go around fucking people up in the open?”
I’m sure Breakcore will let me do it without a second thought. It’s more likely that it’s me who is uncomfortable. There is no problem if we hide ourselves with an illusion, but then it is only a 「Normal」 intercourse with Breakcore.

“Ho. By the way, you probably haven’t eaten yet”
“……Ah, yes”
As Laila pointed out, I ran out just as we were about to have dinner, so I hadn’t eaten yet. It’s not that I’m extremely hungry, so I didn’t say anything about it, but if I don’t eat until the morning, I might be a little strained.

“Then that’s a good idea. Seed while eating♪”
“Is that what you’re doing?”
Breakcore, who was more impressed than disappointed, tried to leave the hut naked, saying that she had to prepare a meal for the time being.

“H, Hey, clothes!”
If she does that, the elves outside will know exactly what we’re doing. I’m not sure if any of the elves would object to that, but I’d still like to keep up appearances.

“Ah, that’s fine”
Clothes appear instantly on Breakcore´s skin……no, it’s like an illusion.

“It’s not something to wear sideways”
“You’re not very convincing, Laila, when you tend to be lazy about what you wear”
But this one might burn. Take a walk in the city with a girl wearing only an illusion that I don’t know when it will be broken. ……No, it’s me who’s in danger of being found out, below.

Breakcore brought food from the Labyrinth Village. Even so, it’s hard bread, soup pot and lumps of bacon.

“I’m sorry it’s so simple”
“No, it’s no problem”
Both here and in Polka, food supplies are as scarce as ever. I don’t want to be extravagant. I was about to put some soup in a deep dish, when Laila took the initiative and took the ladle away.

“What are you doing?”
“Ho, that’s my line. What are you trying to eat as usual?”
That’s right.

“It’s a story of eating while seeding……but what do you do, black dragon?”
“Hoho. First of all, you’re in charge of being impregnated♪”
Laila makes Breakcore stick out her hips in front of me.

“Admiringly, let’s put it in”
“Nn……ku, huu……♪”
My cock invades Breakcore’s pussy as I stroke her round ass. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Laila takes the soup plate and spoon, while Christie cuts the bacon with a knife.

“Here, take a mouthful of this, too♪”
“I think you should cut the bacon a little smaller”
I’ve been eating the food that they offer me while I’m gently fucking Breakcore and picking at Laila and Christie’s tits. This is a usual scene in the barrier prison. However, Breakcore squinted happily while looking back at such a dining scene.

“Indeed……I’m greedy for a woman like you”
“Ngu……i, if you don’t like it, I’ll just focus on the sex”
“No……this is good. I mean……it’s not a bad thing that sex is a part of everyday life”
“……Normally you’d say you want me to concentrate a little more”
“I value spending time with you fulfilling each other more than pleasure……spending time with you responding to your desires in such a natural way may be close to ideal……♪”
Breakcore said and began to rock her hips boldly. I also shake and start failing to pick up food and suck up soup, but Christie and Laila smile and switch to serving by mouth.

“Mazdar, hereee……♪”
While mating with Breakcore on the waist, I alternately hug Laila and Christie on the upper body, stroking the skin and grabbing the buttocks while swallowing food. Opponents are a dragon, an elf leader and a holy beast. All of them are looking at each other, slowly satisfying their sexual desires and appetites, a truly punishing and happy act.

“Breakcore, I’m coming……I want to come inside……!”
“N, huaa……of course, inside……my womb……!”
I felt the near-solid jelly run up my urethra. And then I spit it out all over the holy beast’s lewd flesh.

Breakcore feels it at the moment of ejaculation and pushes her hips at once to receive the cum in her cervix. And then she shudders. It’s not that she’s coming, but she’s shaking with joy.

I take a breath. Laila’s lips cover my mouth. The fragrant aroma of onion soup.

“……Nguu……ju, just a little, let me breathe”
“Hoho. ……Holy Beast, would you like to take over the feeding role?”
“Yes……by all means♪”
Breakcore takes the place of Laila, pulling out my penis.

“This also looks fun here”
“Ho. You can do it any time, Owner”
“You’ll have to wait for me to catch my breath!”
“That’s right, Laila-san. In this case, it’s your mouth……”
“You can suck my cock, but don’t give me mouth-to-mouth again……”
“Oh……that’s not going to work”
Were you motivated, Christie.

By the time I had circled the three of them, I was completely stuffed. After the first round, we moved to the bed and straddled Breakcore on top of me, gently rocking our hips together without moving too hard.

“As for the magic you mentioned earlier……that would come in handy, at least for me”
“If you have a contract with a simplified version of the medical light technique instead of the medical light technique, you can take on the negative instead of the positive, so there is no chance of abnormalities due to overhealing. It would make the treatment of the injured much safer”
“That’s right. ……B, But I’m here to explore the applications”
“Yeah. Let me think about it for a while, I’ll try some spell modification. There are a lot of monster and adventurer’s eggs here, so there’s no shortage of test subjects”
Breakcore is a scary thing to say, even as she gyrates her hips. A test subject.

“It’s a magic that seems to have a lot of potential for development from what I’ve heard……, but it’s not something I’d be able to apply without a vessel the size of a holy beast, so it’s out of my hands”
Christie also looked a little disappointed as she hugged my arm. That seems to be the way it is.

“Come back here often. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to improve it……nkuu♪ I don’t mind if we just mate like this”
“Ho. Are you talking to me or to Owner?”
“……Haaa. Both. It’s too far for Andy to walk here”
Breakcore smiled as she deeply received the ejaculation that began during the conversation.

“I’m probably more……lonely than you think”
She looked like a good adult, but for some reason I hugged Breakcore, who looked like a child.

“I’m going to ejaculate once more”
I switched positions and began to shake my hips. Laila and Christie were looking at me with a bitter smile.

“Being struck”
“Isn’t it okay? ……It’s 『Like』”

Before dawn, we flew out of the labyrinth and back to the barrier prison. I wanted to relax, but I couldn’t say that. Winter has long since passed the halfway point and spring is gradually approaching.

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