Half elves fall in love chapter 284

Chapter 284: Enchanted cat parent and child 1 [Anise]



At night, Laila was free, so Maia and Laila prepared to leave for the cat beast colony. We didn’t bring anything special with us, though. We simply need to do a final check of the two carriages to make sure that there is no luggage left behind by other members and catch up with Hilda and Luna.

“I don’t have to go with you?”
“You must be tired after going to the royal capital”
“Yes. You’ll have a good time at Basson”
“I was supposed to go with you, according to the pre-planned plan……”
Dianne makes a bitter face. It’s also true that there’s nothing special for Dianne to do when she goes to the colony this time. It’s not a place where you need a corps leader to lead you. Dianne had a little forced march to the unplanned royal capital, so she has to take a day off.

“Hoho. Well, with me and Maia, it wouldnt be something special”
Laila said something similar to Dianne’s words in the morning. Well, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about either.

Then we took off on a moonlit night.

“Half-moon today, a little big”
“It’s not time to go into heat yet……”
“Since we’re retrieving sick and injured girls, I think its better they´re not in heat”
“Yes, but”
It was just Luna, Hilda and I in the carriage. The carriage was a bit large for the three of us to ride in.

Laila grabbed the empty carriage and flew next to Maia (hard to see because of the illusion) as we jumped over the wasteland Officlade from the hills near Basson and entered the desert. By midnight, we arrived at our destination, the cat beast colony.

“There was no welcome, as expected”
“Everyone’s asleep”
“Not really, though. Some of them seemed to have noticed us”

The three of us disembarked from the carriage and Laila and Maia both changed into their human forms. Shortly after, some cat beasts arrive at the rocky mountain, which is the landing point.

“……I knew it!”
Lina and Yuna jumped at me and Luna, and Luna aside, I was blown away and had Laila support me.

“Ugu……i, it’s been a while”
“Did you come to have sex again?”
“What’s going on with Miril and her sisters?”
“Miril and her sisters are living over there now. They haven’t been seeded yet”
“Eh, why?”
“Everyone was jealous when they heard that they had sex with older brother over there”
I smiled at Lina and Yuna, who looked at me strangely. Then, from the top of a nearby rock, came a whispering voice.

“It always comes suddenly, Laila. And Luna, what’s the deal with that young guy over there?”
“Ho, Donna. You’re doing well”
“Thanks to you”
Donna, who had been in a position where it was hard to believe she was using a cane, jumped down from a height where it was hard to believe she was using a cane and turned her grim face to us.

“I thought you had done the Maple sisters a while ago, how could you not have seeded them?”
“The oldest, Miril, has a disease that I think I can cure……so I thought I’d let Miril heal and then have a baby”
“I thought that was a very difficult disease to cure”
Old lady Donna pinched her chin.

“Did you include her in the year-end orgy even though she has a difficult illness?”
“She said she wanted to do it. It’s a life-threatening woman to have a child anyway. It’s worth it. The Maple family, with its history of easy childbirth, might be able to successfully deliver a baby even with an illness. ……If you can really cure the disease, I’m all for it”
“I’m sure it can be cured”
Hilda said without hesitation. Grandma Donna raised one eyebrow.

“Well, it’s a bit doubtful if it’s just me, but there is a miraculous spring in the town Andy-kun lives that cures all diseases”
“I’ve always thought it sounded fishy. However it’s worth it to her just to have hope”
“Correction. She will be cured. As a magician, I’ll give you my seal of approval. It’s a real miracle power that can cure anything except death and destiny”
“If you say so much, I’ll have to hope for the best”
The strange tension between Grandma Donna and Hilda is broken.

“……And about that”
Luna took a step forward.

“Children in the colony who can’t be seen because of old wounds or illness……I think Hilda can cure that, so we decided to bring them to Polka for a while”
Grandma Donna squinted her eyes.

At Grandma Donna’s house, she shows me a parchment colony map (which also serves as a family register management book).

“It is true that there are at least five people in our colony who are very ill and seventeen girls who are too badly injured to go out in public”
“……There are many injuries”
“We also grow fruits and vegetables nearby, but cat beasts are carnivorous by nature. Most of the food depends on hunting in the labyrinth. ……It’s not always safe to fight monsters. Especially in this colony where there are no males”

“I didn’t know because I didn’t see it at all”
“The truth is, they want kids too and they come into heat. There’s a lot of men who can’t be bothered to mate with a badly wounded or limbless female. I think it’s a good idea if the part you’re using is safe”
……Well, it’s hard when you’re physically handicapped, isn’t it?

“There is a high possibility that it will be cured. At least scars can be cleaned up”
“How about limbs and eyeballs?”
“Umm. I managed to fix Andy-kun, so I might be able to fix the ones that are connected but not moving. It’s hard to say for sure because I haven’t healed the ones that are cut off”
“……Well, I guess we can still improve most of it. How about illness?”
“There is a precedent that has completely recovered from the curse that almost turns into a tree”
“……What kind of disease is it? Well, it’s worth taking them for now. All that’s left is the consent of the person……”
Grandma Donna pops out a box of chess pieces and puts them in various places on the map.

“The adjustments will be tomorrow, so today……sleep in the house here. Laila aside, that little girl and the dark elf will be sleepy”
“I´m also dragon. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep”
“Andy-kun, I think you’re having a hard time. You’ve been shaking your cock at Anze-chan and the others all day”
“Ah, frankly, keep quiet today. I’m sleepy”
Donna-san’s annoyed voice made us retreat to the house. Laila seemed to be the only one who was going to stay at Donna-san’s house and enjoy the conversation and the nightcap.

So. I was kidnapped by Luna, Lina and Yuna. Or rather.

“If we’re going to have a night of mischief, let Sensei join in”
“No. Hilda seems to have monopolized Andy yesterday and Hilda´s entry will bring Andy down, so he wont turn to another child”
Hilda-san and Maia were left behind after negotiations and I was forced to deal with Luna at Lina and Yuna’s house.

“Older brother, it would be great if you could come once a month or so”
“Ecchi, Ecchi”
As they walked down the alleyway, they were in a state of calm. It’s not that they´re in heat. Luna is standing next to them, acting like a older sister and keeping her distance, but her tail is moving unsteadily and she looks a little unhappy.

“Well, I give priority to female slaves, so it depends on the circumstances, but I’m sorry”
As I walked, I pulled Luna’s hand and held her close, squeezing her breasts.

“Ah, it’s hard to walk”

Luna glances at me sideways as if troubled.

“I want to rub your tits”
“……I havent replied”
“I’ll rephrase. I don’t care, I want to walk around rubbing your tits”
“……Th, Then it cant be helped”
“Luna-neechan, that’s unfair”
“I want to be fondled too”
The twins clung to me. I’m in a good mood. ……Then I heard the wooden window of a house I was passing open with a thud. I´m able to see glowing eyes in the darkness. It’s a little scary.

“……Ah, Anise”
When Luna whispered to me with her boobs rubbed from behind, Anise hurriedly closed the wooden window.

“Andy, didn’t you get naughty when you came before?”

Oh, right. I remember there was a cute cat beast mother and daughter pair. ……When I remembered that, Lina and Yuna smiled with a mischievous laugh.

It was pitch black in the room, but after waiting for a while, there was a slamming sound and then a pop and a candle went on. Standing by the candle with Lina was Anise. She was still a very young cat girl. She was wearing only a very oversized shirt, perhaps a nightgown.

“Th, That……the other day, thank you……”
I don’t know if it’s because she’s not in heat, but she doesn’t seem as cheerful and aggressive as last time. But when Lina whispered something into her cat ears, she turned red and looked up at me.

“R, Really……?”
“She said that if I helped you have sex with my mother……I also again……will have sex”
“Ehehe. You want to fuck her mom again, don’t you?”
In spite of the very unpleasant words, Anise-chan wagged her tail a little shyly. I want to supplement when Yuna whispers into my ear.

“Anise, she’s been talking about older brother since then……♪ She was very happy with her mom and she wondered if you would stay at her house again. Will you give it to her?”
……That’s right, again. A young girl in front of me, who still looks as young as Irina, happily talks about that. Just imagining it made me pretty excited.

“Fine. Then……I’m going to fuck you and then I’m going to fuck your mother. Okay?”
“I’d love it if you had a baby”
“……I’ll have the baby when I’m ready……♪”
“Good. Let’s have some fun”
In the back of the house, somewhere, the mother, Tanya, is probably asleep. If she gets up, I may be disliked by such an unscrupulous surprise, even during estrus. So I took off Anise’s clothes and carefully slid down her underwear, being careful not to wake her mother up. The sight of Anise waiting for me with her heart pounding was very seductive and immoral, partly due to the thin flame of the candle.

“It’s a small pussy……do you remember when you got my cock in you?”
“……I, I remember how comfortable it was……but I’m not really sure, what it felt like to be penetrated……niuu!?”
When I sucked her clitoris, Anise-chan trembled.

“It’s a lovely crack. I’m so excited to put my son in again”
“……Y, You have so many partners”
“There’s only one pussy from Anise-chan”
To be clear, she should be muttering the worst. It’s hard to believe that a girl who isn’t even in heat wouldn’t be disgusted by this, but to my surprise, Anise seemed very pleased and expressed her shame by wagging her tail.

“I want you to let me ejaculate in your pussy, Anise-chan. And your mother, too”
“Together. You both want……my baby, don’t you?”
“……Yeah. My mother also, my sister……probably wants……”
“Anise-chan, you’re going to have a baby of your own next to her. A mother and child, one man’s child”
I whispered a happy future to her, making her squirm with my fingers and tongue. A child born in this colony isn’t officially treated as my child, but I’m excited about this and I think it’s the worst in many ways. But I can’t turn my back on a girl who wants my child so badly. No, I can’t keep her from getting pregnant. Even if it’s because she doesn’t know any other man, I love the passion of such a girl.

“……Open your legs. Lift one leg”
“Are you going to put……your cock in while you’re standing……?”
“Yes. I’ll show your mother how much cum I have in me”
Don’t scream too loud or you’ll wake your mother up”
“N, Nyuuu……♪”
I pushed my way into Anise-chan’s young vagina. In the vagina of a small cat beast, I put a thick desire. Anise -chan puts her hand on my neck and endures the insertion. Her still-growing vagina still accepts me and wriggles as she sucks me deep into her lower mouth.

“En, Enter inside……this, amazing……my head is burning……♪”
“Anise-chan is a good nasty girl”
“It’s a cute girl who’s naughty and loves cock. To me, that’s the most attractive girl I’ve ever met”
Maybe Tanya is listening too. This assumption makes me speak vile words. I think I can often make such a worst statement, but while being told such a thing, her young daughter is entangled like a snake and is raped and used as an outlet for sexual desire……I can’t help imagining Tanya-san’s feelings. Ah, I’m really the worst.

“Bo, Boobs, even if they´re tiny……have a charm?”
“Yeah, I don’t mind small tits. I like big ones like your mom’s, but I also love modest ones like Anise-chan’s”
“Yes, I’m greedy. I want to make you both feel good”
“……Al, Alright……bec, become……♪”
I hug and shake her small body. Our bodies melt with excitement and love juice and we drown in lust while hugging each other. And while the candles are swaying.

“Anise-chan……I’ll put it out. Get pregnant……!!”
Gopuri, and Anise-chan’s lower body swells. Anise-chan’s voice turns over for a moment. And my ejaculation continues and semen begins to spill out from the gap between her vagina. ……Speaking of which, I still have Sperm Hell. Suddenly the vaginal cum shot may have been painful in the back.

“Li, Like this……♪ St, Stomach, broken……nyaa……♪”
“I, It’s okay. Please take it, Anise-chan”
“Ye, Yeah……I’ll do my best……♪”
Ejaculate to my heart’s content while hugging a small body.

And then.

Suddenly, in the darkness leading to the bedroom in the back of the room, I could see Tanya-san naked and messing around with her crotch. On either side of her, Lina and Yuna were making a V-sign. Luna shrugged her shoulders in disgust. I was lost in thought.

“……I have your daughter again”
I muttered something that sounded like a petty underling. Tanya, after some hesitation.

“Th, That, my daughter is small, so thats not so much……”
She said strangely reluctantly. But I stroked Anise-chan, who was in ecstasy from being impregnated.

“You’re going to have my baby with your mother, aren’t you?
I sucked her lips tightly and shook my hips to send out the final juice.


Tanya is thrilled by the sight as Lina pushes her back and slowly approaches. ……Ah, this situation seems to be a habit.

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