Half elves fall in love chapter 31

Chapter 31: Old castle rape 【Aurora · Dianne】



After leaving the desert with several break landings, we arrive at the city of Schrantz in the southern part of Trot by the time the day is leaning. Schrantz is the third city of Trot Kingdom besides the royal capital Trot and Folklore in the west and is one of the oldest capitals in the history of this kingdom. I myself have never come here, but it is known for historical sites such as the old architectural church, the beautiful castle, and the fort. It is said that the blacksmith technology of the kingdom comes from Schrantz and it not only produced swords and spears, they also made hammers, axes, mails and combat weapons favorite by dwarves and ogres.

“A very old-fashioned city”
“Municipal enforcement, surely it was 600 years ago? I got into a workshop after a while and I feel that rumors related to such festival have flowed”
“It was 12 years ago from now when I came here with my mother who was on the search of a business opportunity”

On a hill overlooking the city, we wait for Laila to turn back into her human form and then release her illusion. There are only abandoned fortresses near here and the opposite side of the hill is a broad wheat field and orchard. It is also confirmed that farmers aren’t nearby. Perhaps if we hide in the shade of trees and put on a simple illusion, we won’t be troubled by being accused of seeing a flying horse carriage.

“So what do we do Dianne? Do you want to stay in an inn?”
“That’s right. Just from the information that we got from Celesta, we don’t know the state of this city. Andy……is impossible, Anzeros……and Jeanne. Look at the state of the city and please check if there are vacant rooms in an inn”

Indeed it is only a matter of sleeping in the horse-drawn carriage when the inns are full, but once you get down to the city, it will be hard to get back. So I thought it would be okay if I just get down to the town, but apparently, it seems to me that disguise illusion shielding makes it more uncomfortable for people around me. When they get too close, it seems there is a possibility that Laila’s gigantic body will be seen just by consciousness concentrating on the intelligent person. I hope there is a wider uninhabited area, but Schrantz has no rich acquaintance, so it doesn’t go that way.

“Well, traveling incognito is troublesome”

Laila sighs. Anzeros wearing a large hat and Jeanne with noisy metal armor and a hammer, Dianne nodded.

“It’s nice to have Becker-san at such time. There is no worry of battle ability and he is familiar anywhere because he is a human. He is also fast, can hide and can gather information”
“I see”

100-man special duty commander Becker is a human who can be relied on in any situation.

“Anzeros, take this with you”

Dianne removes the stock from her crossbow which was in the baggage of the carriage and throws it to Anzeros. The stock is carved with a crest which makes Dianne´s magic very effective. And there is also the ability to deliver owns voice directly to Dianne.

“Talk to it, if you can get an inn. I can’t answer, but I hear it immediately and come to your side”

Anzeros carefully put it away.

“See you”
“Leave it to me”

The ancient city of Schrantz, I don’t know what racial discrimination remains even though they succumbed to Celesta. But Anzeros who know the selfishness of Trot hides her ears so that she looks like a usual pretty girl and Jeanne doesn’t need to do it as there is a relatively large number of dwarves in this country. It would be much safer to precede than a high-ranking elf like Aurora, the dark elves sisters Dianne and Hilda and a dangerous Laila in many ways. All of them are so strong.

“I also got have gone”

Selenium seems to be dissatisfied a little.

“Well it’s not good to go by a large number of people and Selenium is originally a foreigner”
“Yes. But I walked around looking for Andy-san and I got accustomed to the raging waves of the public than Anzeros-san”

Little knowledge of the local people vs a genius traveler who is familiar with racial discrimination. Dianne´s judgment isn’t good either, but it is difficult to let two half-elves go out than one half-elf and a dwarf.


By the time the two contacted us, Selenium and Laila concealed the carriage. Hilda-san casts a spell on my leg again by humming. Dianne and Aurora try to accompany me because I want to see the ruins of the fort.

“Trot´s fortress is a small aisle”
“I heard that Trot doesn’t use ogres soldiers much. Even if they were used, they can’t be promoted too much as they are engineers, hammer-wielding personnel, etc”
“But still, they are strong. They became the ruler of the Northwest Plains, with their Sword Brigade. For better or worse, it is a country of a proud tradition”
“The population is easy to increase as the lifetime is short, and the cycle to unconventional due to technical research and new winds is also fast, so if you limit races in this way, it is easy to transfer technology and it is possible to handle the facilities which are difficult for ogres to move which is the maximum breakthrough power here. Is it that it isn’t a necessarily mistake to dwell on a race?”
“There is a benefit to anything that is done in this world. That’s it. We have our way, too. ……But it isn’t to turn our eyes off, so you can learn where you can learn”
“I understand”

Dianne and Aurora are talking about the military seriously. I don’t see the big picture, so I’m going to exercises my mind by listening to it. ……In fact, Aurora is still a young person with a good lineage and is attracting attention from everyone. She would eventually become a master knight and a vessel that would lead an army. Dianne is a real war hero. ……I’m out of place in this situation. I’m a little disappointed with regret. I remember Anzeros´s love talk from last night as she seduced me mischievously.

『If you want to do it……anytime, anywhere, I will remove my clothes as you wish……without trying to get the consent of someone and suddenly pushing in, I´m sure no one will hate it』

…………..I’ve been awfully excited. I attacked Dianne from behind and pressed her against the tattered stone wall. Lifting up her skirt, I pulled down her hips and pushed my dick inside from the side of her panty. Ignoring Dianne´s restraining voice, I attached myself to her womb and ejaculated. And then Aurora who is stunned as it is is also thrown down…….


Dianne looked at me who had a super scruffy face with a suspicious face.

“What’s the matter, Andy?”
“……Ah, n, no, nothing”
“Is that so? It looks like you had a strangely lonely face”

Dianne intently said that to me. I tighten my face a bit. ……However, it is Dianne that would allow it after all though it is possible to do here and my face is embarrassed. On the other hand, how about Aurora? If I suddenly rape her here, it seems she will resist strongly. Even Dianne would stop if I attack Aurora suddenly. ……That’s why I feel like I want to try something very much. As Anzeros said, are our words on par? Or is it just a raving of excitement? I want to try Aurora with the lowest degree of familiarity. Such an impulse rises sharply from the bottom of my belly though I think that it is the lowest. And, leaving a moment’s hesitation, it overflowed.

……Let’s do it.


“But Dianne-sama, I don’t understand it by all means. Why……eh”

I grab Aurora´s buttocks who is arguing with Dianne. If it was a stranger, he would definitely lose his head here.

“Ah, Andy……san?”

But Aurora just looks back with a strange face. ……Good. Let’s do it. I’ll do my best. My resolution becomes large and the clothes that Aurora wore suddenly is gripped from the side and it is torn off in front of Dianne who is a little stunned.

“Kya, aa!!?”

Holding two halves of clothes, I throw them away. I made the fine clothes that match this young lady useless and Aurora only was in her underwear now.

“Ah, Andy-san!? Th, This!?”

Aurora looks at me with an embarrassing face that can’t believe what is happening. I put my hands without mercy on her panty, pull them down before I pulled Aurora´s body closer to me.

“……You said you want to be a semen toilet thoroughly”
“I’ll do it now……!!”

I attached my son against Aurora´s secret garden that is no longer wearing any clothes and suddenly thrust inside.

“Ah, it hurts……!!”

Her vagina which is almost not wet is pierced by me and only the glans entered. If I try to force more than that, it hurts. Therefore, I removed my son for a moment, before I thrust a little bit deeper into her vagina. Literally, I just stripped this pretty elven princess off her clothes and rape her in this ruins.

“Ah, Andy-san, ya……that, like that……!?”

I’m immersed in the rape of Aurora without the courage to face her and I´m a little conscious of Dianne who is silent so far and does nothing. Honestly, the liver is cold. I started with momentum, but when I think that I might lose everything, regret tries to occupy my brain. But I can’t stop because I have come this far. It doesn’t really make sense if I stop. I rape Aurora´s vagina violently that became wet with the liquid I released out of excitement and the love juice that is secreted as a defense instinct.

“A, aa, auu……n, ku, uu, haaa!!!”

Aurora, who is held down and doesn’t resist, starts to shake her hips well and doesn’t emit meaningful words, leaving herself to be violated by me as it is. When it is over I will surely receive a slap on my cheek, but right now I will taste the delicious young vagina of Aurora.

“U, a, auu……haaa, aaaa……naa”
“Huhuhu……y, you, when you are fucked you have a very erotic face……?”

While shaking my hips, I look into Aurora´s expression from behind and lick my tongue. It is a mode when I’m called a villain or I’m dealing with Laila, but in reality, it is really because I really thought that it can’t be helped. Normally the bullish princess shakes her body with a really sad face. But.

“……Is, Is that so……?”

Aurora looks at me with a troubled and painful expression and makes a burst of troublesome laughter.

“If you do, please do it anytime……please do it freely♪”

……After all, Aurora is a great one. Still thinking positively, she welcomes it even though she has been violated without any clothes at this ruins by me selfishly. What I always said is nothing but a lie. Even the most unfamiliar Aurora was waiting for me to suddenly rape her. And if so.

“……Andy, I wonder if you will hold me violently like that?”

Needless to say, Dianne. I looked at her face for the first time and I understood. Dianne, who stares at us with an enchanted look caress her own chest from the top of her clothes. Probably from the beginning I started to ravish Aurora.

“Don’t embrace me. ……No, don’t hold me. It’s rape”

Dianne shakes her shoulders. Aurora who is currently fucked also contracts her shoulders closes her eyes and sighs.

“……Mouu……really tricky one, really tricky……♪”
“If you fuck someone suddenly in the middle of a story other than us……I will get angry♪”
“I, I know! This lewd woman!!”

I regret that I was taken a pace easily and the courageous pervert act of a lifetime with great pains. But I remain in the villain mode.

“Huhuu…… you are not a lewd woman?”
“I said that earlier, Andy”

Dianne looked away as she was waiting for me to hold her tightly as I put Aurora down.

“Sperm toilet……”
“Th, This here”

I exceed my limits of patience. First ejaculation. Push the semen directly into the bottom of Aurora’s vagina.

“Next, is this toilet bowl!”

As Aurora trembled and culminated, I pulled my dick out and I pulled Dianne’s clothes off and made her kneel down.


While being violently stripped off like that, Dianne smiles happily and doesn’t seem to mind it.

“Andy, quickly, quickly rape me……♪”

Pushing down Dianne with the momentum, I insert my penis that was muddy with semen and love juice into Dianne´s sweet honey pot.

“Ha, aaaa!!”

Dianne accepts it while embracing my head. ……I think that there is no one who would embrace the criminal who rapes you.

“Waiting for it while being soaking wet, you´re a horny toilet!”
“Uhh……when I think that I will be raped by Andy, I couldn’t stop it anymore……♪”
“How far of a pervert are you, take this……this!”

Inside this very slimy vagina, I truly want to shake my waist willingly and fuck Dianne wildly to the fullest. Dianne is just pleased with herself, but it is a nuisance.

“In this ruin……being naked at daytime and seeded thoroughly……a pervert dark elf toilet that is pleased to be called a meat toilet!!”
“Uhh……true, I, am a pervert……Andy, Andy……likes this perverted woman……!”
“I love you, damn it!!”
“I know♪”

Oh no. Dianne understands me very well. I can’t dislike this person and can’t do it in this degree to her. Even though she knows everything, I wasted her clothes. Such a fool.

“……Ku, uooo……!!”
“N……aaa!! Come, I’m coming……!”

I ejaculate deep into Dianne´s vagina. My knee aches while I’m ejaculating and I fall down on Dianne. ……The magic ran out.

“……Huhu, it’s nice to be like this once in a while. Whose suggestion was it?”
“It was wonderful……♪”
“Do……Do you understand that you are completely stripped up to your panties……?”
“Come to think of it, you’re right”
“No, I still have my most reliable clothes left”

Aurora points to her collar.

“……As long as this is there, I am not merely an exposure madman, but an exposed slave who is trained exclusively for Andy-san♪”

Saying something like that can a person like me be serious?

“……I’m sorry, I’ll get dressed, so please wait”

……The two are really good to me.


Pushing a walking stick, we returned to the carriage while having a hard time, the illusion is loosened (Laila and Selenium sneaked a peek at us at the same time) when we returned, we decided to dress Aurora who didn’t wear any clothes. Dianne came close to my ear.

“Did Anzeros contact you?”
“… No, the stock is still in Anzeros´s bosom”

Indeed, when she plans to report to us, she will take it out of her pocket. Has she really not contacted us yet?

“… It seems that it has become troublesome somehow.”

While giving clothes to Aurora, I wait for Dianne’s next word.

“……Someone was caught”
“Got caught!?”
“I heard there was a quarrel. ……Damn, it’s hard to hear, it’s a little troublesome, do you want to go there?”


Led by Dianne, the stay behind team also get off the hill. Indeed in the city, half-elves, dark elves, and elves have drawn the eyes of everyone, but it doesn’t mean it is difficult for us and I’m relieved. Well, there will be no difficulties with Laila and Dianne around. And when we found Anzeros, she was just taking out the stock in front of the inn.

“Oh, everyone, I’ve found an inn”
“Anzeros, are you alright?”
“A, Ah……why shouldn’t I be safe?”

Anzeros is blatant. ……I noticed that there was no hat.

“Dianne knew that someone might be caught. …… Was your hat taken away?”
“A, ah, that’s what I wanted to say… It was taken, I have to complain”

To be stripped of the hat in Trot was Anzeros treated like an outcast. That’s a major incident. Yet Anzeros is a tired wind, as she doesn’t care too much and gets a little impressive impression.

“……What happened?”

When Dianne listens quietly, Anzeros sighs.

“… … It’s not a big deal”
“……I was just called out by a servant who was at home when I came to visit after a long time. When I tried to pass by my hat fell down by mistake”
“Did he attack you?”
“……No, but he found out who I am and he will transmit it to my mother……that I returned to Trot……which will be annoying……”

Anzeros sighs again. Everyone topples their faces. …… Well, it is only me and Selenium who know about Anzeros´s past.

“Well, my parents home……are you a little familiar with Trot, then you should know the Silpheed company, right?”
“If you say Silpheed do you mean the biggest food distribution and foreign trade company”
“Yes. …..It may be a bit confusing as I didn’t tell you why I came to Celesta”
“A confusing situation?”
“I don’t want to say it, but my mother is really overprotective……”


────To the chairman. It has been a while.

There was an important report, so I took a brush.

Today, I saw the young lady on Schrantz’s Main Street.

Her appearance was very beautiful as in the past. I was also impressed.

It had been concealed that it was the young lady for a while and I must admit that I found out when her ears pointed out.

I couldn’t stop my tears from falling down as I saw her as a professional of Celesta.

However, there is something anxious I need to tell.

The young lady should have been a swordsman in Celesta.

However, she was wearing something that is unbelievable.

It was a collar like slaves wear.

The name which was carved in it wasn’t the name of the young lady though it was thought that it was a fashionable accessory over there.

I read the name, Andy Smithson.

Celesta is a land of sincerity without bleeding or tears of fascination.

I wonder if the young lady is involved in something.

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