Half elves fall in love chapter 33

Chapter 33: Anzeros´s choice 【Anzeros】



As the name implies, Trot Kingdom is a traditional feudal nation which governs the whole country with the king as an absolute monarch and the aristocrats who rule their lands. Although the basic framework has not changed as a result of losing to Celesta, the aristocracy, which has only too poor governance ability, has been forcibly stripped of their ranks and lands after an investigation by a special intelligence brigade The agency rule is given to restore to the commercial capacity commensurate with the land. There seems to have been a lot of rotten parts unexpectedly. A female enters one-third of the whole country, and it became a situation that the head was replaced. Wealthy farmers and merchants succeeded in the positions of the aristocrats. As for the achievement of Celesta, it seems to be a complete gospel and a charitable work for Trot, but the people from Celesta didn’t want to live in Trot when they heard only this. The consciousness rooted in this land is not the one that can be changed. Trot which is country with mostly human citizens is full of racial discrimination, unlike Celesta which is a land of many races. It is meaningless to put in a brutal rule of governance but to tie a relationship with them. It wasn’t a part of the country but a temporary property, and it was an excellent industrial power that the people wanted to obtain until fighting.

In the midst of the reforms, Marquis Randall has been ranked in the top ranks for his province management capabilities. He is a peaceful noble with Celesta´s endorsement. Besides, in the last 50 years, 18 people who are sword saints, have been removed as they are a part of distinguished families.

“I can’t think of the reason why Randall and I will be married”

Anzeros said with a disappointed expression.

“Sylpheed company is a great company, isn’t it?”
“But it’s just a merchant. It is a basic in Trot to have only one woman, so I shouldn’t be someone the eldest son of nobility wants”

When Anzeros said so, Erik scratched his head in a blurred manner.

“It sounds like a complicated story, but I wasn’t willing to marry a woman who I never even saw before”
“Well then, you and I are irrelevant”
“Wait a moment, I didn’t think that you are such a beautiful person”

Anzeros glances at him with cold eyes. ……Even though she was praised by him, she is extremely cold to him.

“Anzeros, isn’t it better for you to go to check the facts properly”
“Because your bag was pretty big, didn’t you bother to make it to Celesta and make your dreams come true, yet it’s strange to let you go without saying important things about marriage”

Anzeros thinks. And after a while, she nodded with a hard face and looked at me.

“Will you go with me?”
“Of course”

I nod and used my crutch to walk out. Erik hurriedly followed.

“Well, I will go, too”

Anzeros ignored him. ……Erik is pitiful.


Anzeros´s home is in the residential area that was off the main street leading from the royal castle.

“Well, in the middle of this royal capital, it perfectly conceals the half-elves servants”
“I see”

The garden is large enough for the cavalry to march. The building is like a castle……at least as the house of commoners, it’s unreasonable even if you exaggerate. I guess it has enough place to let a 100-man corps stay here.

“Well, is it okay to come here so suddenly?”
“Even if it was said that you should leave and not come back, I think it’s fine like that”
“Hey, who are you”

A young gatekeeper who looked at the ears of Anzeros makes a dubious face, but before he could say anything else, an elderly gatekeeper popped out quickly.

“Ah, Ange-sama!”
“Khan, it has been a long time”
“It, It has been a long time, I’m glad that you returned safely”

As far as the gatekeeper speaks, he hurriedly opens the gate.

“…… Servants and close friends who know me since I was a baby have called me so”
“You´re a person with many different names. Angelina, Ange, Anzeros, Beheading Sword”
“It doesn’t matter”

Talking about that, the gate is opened and the gatekeepers let us pass through with an upright stand.

“Let’s go, Andy”

To be honest, I am a little nervous, but I can’t leave with Anzeros who holds my hem tightly. Well, to it.


I don’t feel like to let go of Anzeros any longer.


“……Ange! Ange is it you!”
“Mother, it’s been a long time”
“It’s you! I told you to send letters once in a while”
“Sorry sorry, I was busy. ……As I said, I became an Ace knight”
“My goodness! We have to have a party”

Linda Neumann, Chairman of Sylpheed Company and Anzeros´s mother. She is an energetic woman about fifty years old. It doesn’t mean that she is fat, but there are a presence and the drawing room which was an impression that it was wide felt with the color at a breather in her appearance.

“Besides, state minister Randall’s son? You’re impatient”
“Hahaha, yeah, I met your daughter by chance”

Erik greets Linda-san with a gentle smile. Are they acquaintances?

“… … So, what about him?”

Linda asked Anzeros to introduce me, leaving behind the sociable smile of Erik.

“He……is Andy Smithson, my colleague……”
“Isn’t it Master?”

Anzeros makes a stiff face. I also don’t know what to do. Erik also hardened with an amiable smile. Linda-san smiled just with her mouth, her eyes reveal a light that would shoot through me.

“This morning, a letter has arrived from Reynolds of Schrantz by express mail”

Schrantz. ……For example, a former servant of the Neuman family?

“Ange, I suppose I always have said that you shouldn’t become a slave in your entire life. You´re a half-elf, who doesn’t need to succumb to a human only because you´re a woman”
“Or are you doing it without knowing? The collar with the name of someone is a sign of slavery in some countries. Are you walking with him like that?”

Linda-san’s eyes narrow a little. ……She expresses terrible intimidation. But.


I deny ahead of Anzeros.

“All in consent, it’s my hobby”

Linda-san looked as if she had been poisoned.

“Ah, Andy……”

Anzeros massage her temples. It’s a typical Dianne gesture. It is as if an elder sister tells her stupid brother what to do. Yup. But I haven’t said anything wrong. What is the difference between what we did and that Anzeros wanted it herself? ……I have learned that I don’t get a bearish face here.

“I don’t want to say that Anzeros is a slave. But she’s definitely my girl. It is a collar to assert that. ……The purpose that we came to this house was to make sure of the facts about the marriage”
“……Haa, how many years has it been since a youngster talked so proudly to me Linda Neumann, chairman of Sylpheed Company?”

Linda-san laughed fearlessly and turned around.

“Follow me, Ange and Randall’s little boy”


We walk through the large mansion for a while and enter another drawing room. That was wider than the room where we were first passed through, and it was a luxurious room. An old man is sitting on a sofa in it. ……It was an old man who I know from somewhere.

“I kept you waiting”
“……No, not that much. Today the sun is comfortable”

On the glass-side window side unique to Trot´s glass industry which is thriving, the old man was totally happy and relaxed. Looking at that face, Anzeros and I were struck by something and Erik……


He kneeled quickly and lowered his head. The old man tells Erik with his smile to stand up, before turning his eyes on Anzeros.

“This child is Ange. Linda also has a bad personality to hide such a good child, which was also sent to Celesta”
“It was thanks to the members of Celesta who made it possible for half-elves to keep their ears closed and it was, in the end, they who allowed the female Ange to receive the Sword Saint exam”
“If she became a Sword Saint then at that time, living in the war of Celesta, she may have come back”
“Any council member would have never thought of giving a half-elf or a woman the chance to be a Sword Saint”
“My ears hurt, which means that I couldn’t even change such a thing unless I was pressed by Celesta, after all, it would be difficult for a doctor to forgive a scalp if it didn’t hurt at all”

The old man smiled took Anzeros´s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Angelina Neumann. My name is Ulysses Ernest Alley Claude. Now I´m the most useless old man in this country”

Anzeros opens her eyes. I was about to jump. ……Ulysses III. He is the current King of Trot.


“Since the Celesta war, I had nothing to do but show my face at the ceremony. There are no days in a month where I’m called. The people from Celesta are doing everything”
” It’s easy, but I wonder if it’s going to come to a merchant’s house to play chess”
“Chess. ……I guess you understand”

Linda-san shrugs her shoulders. ……The position difference with a royal aristocrat is obvious though she is a large merchant. Anyway, if this is Celesta which has no class system in the public, it is true that Linda a person from Trot can be in this attitude honestly. Even if it is said that it is good, it can’t be done easily.

“My daughter is here today, so just say it. Depending on the young people’s reaction, it might be a good idea”

King Yurisys strokes his pure white beard with his fingers and confirms us with a glance. With his nose, he made a big sigh and turned to Linda-san.

“Will you receive the rank as a count? …… No, I want you to receive it by all means”
“……As I thought”

Anzeros and I look at each other’s face.

Former aristocrats who were judged failure in the management of the province ability were forced to fall to commoners. A wealthy farmer and wealthy merchants are put on the vacant seats and politics is begun to move with new aristocrats. ……It seems that it is a story of making the count territory strong again by finding a new count, in other words, an autonomous state to the Neumann family.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Sylpheed is the best company in the country, even if the Marquis territory is empty no one will complain”
“If it is a reward, I’m telling you that it is not a good idea for me being a generation aristocrat”

The generation aristocrat is an honorary title. You can line up the royal aristocrats at the court, but the territory cannot be sealed.

“It isn’t the purpose of adding Linda to the court order. ……I hope Linda has excellent power to lead Trot kingdom to rebuild the national strength and make it stronger”

Well, if you expect it to be in the field, there may not be someone more qualified than the chairman of the Sylpheed company.

“You heard it, I´m the best of the aristocracy”

Linda-san points at Anzeros.

“My only child is Ange. Only this half-elf child, I gave birth to. And there’s no way a half-elf can rule an autonomous state of Trot with a pin. It’s a problem before the ability”

Even if she is excellent, Anzeros is an elf with a strong tendency to discrimination especially in Trot, so question marks attach neatly.

“Certainly, a half-elf alone isn’t optimal. ……So that’s where Randall comes in.”
“In other words, this old man says we should engage Ange and Randall´s boy over there”
“Now that the tradition has been broken, there will be no opposition, even if a noble family like Randall is a back shield. If the child of the chairman of the Sylpheed company and a noble boy bring the nation forward, it will be very reliable”
“……Did you hear that, Ange and collar boy”

Nothing, harassment or monetary greed such a story is moving. I know that much for me. King Yurisis is trying to purely move the future of Trot in a good direction. ……Individual color love is ignored among them.

“Well, that the point. ……Randall as well, if it had been told that there might be such a way, Ange, you caught on a strange man, and then you came back, what’s that”
“……That’s selfish”

Anzeros steps down with a stubborn look. Erik has a slightly hurt face. Even though he felt somehow a friendly atmosphere with me, even though he was told that I was Anzeros´s lover, the attitude of Anzeros, who said she wouldn’t marry him, isn’t comfortable for Erik. However, King Yurisys slowly catches up with Anzeros who is trying to reject.

“This is a problem that affects the future of the kingdom itself. ……If you say that you will reject it absolutely, you have to think about stopping commercial bills, judging that there is no place for Sylpheed in the nation”

Once the commercial bills stop, Sylpheed can no longer do business in the country. Since Sylpheed isn’t a domestic only company, it will be possible to continue the business by relocating the base somewhere. But in that case, they will dismiss many people in this city and Linda-san will leave the Kingdom forever. Right now, Anzeros´s need to decide between her romance or the lives of many.

“……Your Majesty, do you threaten me?”
“Umm. As the king of this country”

Anzeros´s ears face downward little by little. Proofing that she is sinking deeper into trouble.

“… Please let me think”

Anzeros said so as to squeeze it out and leave the room alone.

“Erik Randall. ……I’m sorry to have brought you along with this grandiose picture”
“No, that……Ah, because Angelina is attractive”

Erik replied with upright immobility. After a while, it is still awkward, as he kneels arbitrarily. King Yurisys´s finger point to me.

“Youth. ……You’re Ange´s lover?”
“Yes I am”

I wanted to kneel down but I´m on my crutch. While standing badly, I answered quietly to King´s Ulysses.

“Do you hate this old man?”
“Not much”
“Do you believe in love”

I wonder. Anzeros certainly fell in love with me. But, besides me, she only saw that fool Lucas in the forest territory, but now a strong, gentle, cool and good-looking man appeared. I really doubt that I have a reason to be able to be together with Anzeros. Still.

“I will bear a grudge when Anzeros is taken away”

I doubt myself many times, and I’ve been angered many times. That’s why I pretend to be confident.

“At least now she’s mine”


At night, we gathered in one of the hotels in the capital. To be exact, it is the place which the Celesta army is borrowing as a lodging house, and it is said to be used for special intelligence brigade members and messengers.

“Is that so. That……”
“Anzeros-san, what do you do?”
“If it’s a problem with parents and hometown……to be honest, I don’t know, I’m making everyone unhappy with my selfishness”

Everyone cares about Anzeros who shut herself up in one of the rented rooms.

“By the way what to do with this issue?”
“Do you want to be a part of the Trot Corps command? It would be splendid if Laila could do a pretty good performance”
“Ho. I will just threaten them with my dragon form”

In poor condition. The arranged soldiers would be scared of a dragon that comes out in their dreams. ……When.


The door opens only a little and Anzeros calls me with a loud voice. She saw everyone else and waited for everyone to leave before she entered the room.

“……Honestly, I am at a loss for good”

Anzeros suddenly has a grudge in her eyes.

“I wanted you to say “Don’t waver” ”
“……I also would waver myself if I knew that everyone in my hometown and my father become unemployed just from saying one word”
“Is that so. ……Yeah. That’s right”

Sitting on the bed and shaking her legs, Anzeros looks lonely.

“Which reminds me, Anzeros´s father is an elf, right now what is he doing?”
“It seems that this water doesn’t match and he sometimes come to see my mother and me secretly, but he usually lives in the northern forest”
“What would your dad say?”
“……I don’t know. Because he is a person who hardly understands human society in the first place. If you think that the mind of that person is good with me and my mother, he would only say that’s enough for him”

I think that the world is different.

For a while, Anzeros keeps shaking her legs. Before she talks to me again.

“I want you to tell me not to waver”
“I want you to tell me that I´m yours, I want you to say that you won’t let me go and won’t hand me over to other men”
“I have no idea”
“Please say”

Her ears are hanging down with her head. Extreme spirit of depression.

“……Hey, Anzeros”
“A little while ago, in front of your mother”
“Uh, yes. ……I consciously talked in a men´s language because I left Trot”
“Can you please talk in a women’s language for a while now?”

It isn’t bad to see Anzeros as a colleague, but there are words that are hard to say if the opponent isn’t a girl. No matter if she wears girls clothes and hairstyles, if there is something that is difficult to do unless you make it feel like that.

“Please call me Ange”
“I understand. ……Ange”
“I love you”

Her ears bounced up and Anzeros´s face turned red. The word that I feel like I had said before wasn’t told after all, until now. I think that a cheating bastard like me talks quite cheaply. But I can only say this to Anzeros. I can’t say anything about irrelevantly letting my family and the past abandon, but it is better to marry Ange, even if my mouth is torn. Even though she is wearing my collar and making her my possession, I think that I will do with such a low back, and I say things to force her. Everything, my strength is nothing and walking ability is low, but I can’t resist it if Anzeros thinks to go against it, as I don’t think we need to hold back to ourselves. Still, the only thing I need for Anzeros was the only word I could give her.

“That, that kinda, now……”
“I haven’t said it so far, I don’t remember saying that, so I say, Ange, I love you”

Anzeros turned over to bed and buried her face on the sheet.

“I love you”
“Not a lie”
“……It is a lie”
“Why, do you doubt it”
“I don’t doubt…… I just say there is no action”
“……Ah, if you love me, please love me”

Anzeros lifted her hips for a while keeping herself down on the sheet.

“……Is that the difference in opinion, I mean seriously?”
“I……I, I’m seriously saying it”

She raised her face for a moment, and Anzeros looked at me as tired.

“……My womb is aching after being told the first time”
“I want to feel Andy’s love straight, my body enters such a mode without permission. I want to feel you in the depths of my body, the evidence of your love. I have to say that persistently, my waist is already pushed out ”
“Here, perverted Ange”
“……Yeah, I can’t dispute at all”
“I love you”

I can see Anzeros´s underwear underneath her skirt and it’s completely wet.

“……But, I want you to love me more, so I will not move now”
“……U, Uu……in, in one way or another”

Then, it flashed there.

Stripping off Anzeros’s clothes and throw her down on the bed. I try to bury my nose into her hair as I hug her from behind. Then, with the right half of the body facing down, I brought my waist close. ……The so-called side position. In this case, it will be possible even if my left leg is useless.

“Ahaa……Andy, it’s hard……”
“You make a cute face and invite me to do lewd things”
“It is bad that Andy teases me with his words……”
“Isn’t love to tease you with my words?”

She is an obstinate woman.

“……I will put it in”
“Put it in……since a little while ago when you touched my butt, I wanted to hear that…….!”
“You pervert……!”
“Uhh……n, haaaaa♪”

When I set the position of my dick and pushed it in, Anzeros also sticks out her hips and helps me invade. With the movement of the waist full of the desires of two people, mutually intentionally quickly, the glans penetrated all the way to the back of her vagina at one stroke.

“A, Au……nnn, this…… I like this…… Andy’s penis, I love it so much, umm……!!”
“Even I……I love you so much that I want to fuck you all night from morning till night”
“Uaa……Ba, Bakaaa……♪ Don’t say such a nice thing……♪”

Anzeros rejoices being exposed to my sexuality with tears in her eyes.

“I move……this, this one……”
“Hua……Huaaaa……Andy, Andy……not good, not good……just moving a little, in my head, everything become pink……Bakaaa♪”

Because of the posture which does not take weight from each other, it is not possible to be bullied strongly in the back too much, and it compensates for the estrus and the sensitivity accompanying it to a too abnormal to compensate for it. The love that is trying to be swallowed by each other’s estrus without hesitation at all, does not stop the sex while persistently bumping the waist against each other in a casual way.

“Au……auuuu……no……after all……Andy is nice, I will have Andy’s penis for the rest of my life……Andy says it every day, that you love me which is a wonderful life……♪”
“You pervert! Hentai Ace knight! Pervert Chibi woman! Hentai half-elf! ……I love you extremely, you pervert!! You will become pregnant!”
“Ha, aaaaa♪”

Dokuntsu! Dokuntsu! Dokuntsu!

……I thrust the sperm into Anzeros´s uterus with certainty. Since the effect time of sperm hell magic has already expired, it is an ordinary amount of ejaculation.

“Aaaaa……a, aa……aaa……auu”

Anzeros´s whole body trembles and she was delighted with my ejaculation.


“……I love you, I will never forget what you said”
“With these words, I……I can fight as much as I can”


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