Half elves fall in love chapter 365

Chapter 365: Morning Shot [Christie, Jeanne, Laurier, Marone etc]



The next day. As I was sleeping with Irina and Miril in my arms, the door was rattled open and I felt someone enter the room.


I think vaguely that it might be old man Dan. I wonder if it would be a problem if he saw me, but I conclude that it would not be a problem if it was Grandpa Dan, who is supposed to know all the details of the situation. It is still cold in the morning in Polka, so both of them are wearing a jacket over their shoulders.

“Good morning, Smithson-san”
“I’m up”

But it was Christie and Jeanne who came in. There seemed to be a few people in the hallway as well.

“Oh……wh, what are you two up to in the morning?”

The fact that people are gathering does not seem to be an atmosphere where you can pretend to be sleeping while holding a girl.

“We should do it in the morning, so we invited each other to join us”

I don’t see what they’re talking about.

“The story you told me yesterday”
“I heard from Selenium. It seems that the female slaves decided to thrust your cock once a day over there, right?”

That’s a rare idea born from Catalina’s very cramped sex situation and the youthfulness of Tetes, who is a little wild.

“Emm……are you really going to do it?”
“You’re not going to do it?”
“I’ve already brought everyone here”

I half-woke up to see the excited-looking cat beasts and elf girls beyond the entrance of the room. I also caught a glimpse of Laila’s tall figure, so Maia is probably there too.

“……Everyone take off your bottoms”

I was a little sleepy, but I scratched my head and cheered when I said that and there was the sound of everyone hurriedly taking off their clothes. Speaking of me, I have a healthy morning erection again today. The other day, Elmo and his friends made an extra bed for me, so there is plenty of room to spare. I slip out from between the two still sleeping girls and sit on the edge of the bed.

“Please decide the order yourself. And I will not do this until I ejaculate. I just thrust it all the way in”
“Is that enough for you?”
“Hilda-san had decided that if it wasn’t enough or if we wanted to have more fun, we could go on to full-blown sex at any time we wanted”

Christie takes off to the top, even though she says it’s okay to just go down, with a bitter smile. …………No, she doesn’t wear underwear, so if I say take it off, it will be like that. The clothes she’s wearing are dresses or robes. Inspired by it, Jeanne who also takes off everything and exposes a small naked body like a child and the subsequent girls who somehow take off the top in the atmosphere.

“If you don’t organize it properly, it will be difficult to wear it”
“I’ll take care of the cat beasts. I’m sorry”

Oregano and Marone are picking up the clothes that have been taken off and scattered around. The line of naked female slaves that was made in this way stretches in front of me in a sitting position with my cock erect.

“Then Christie first. When I’m deep inside you, I’ll pull it out and that’ll be the end of it”
“Yes……then excuse me”

Christie’s cheeks flushed and she lightly patted the only collar she had on before walking out. Gently put her knees next to me and sit down slowly in a face-to-face sitting position.

“Nn……ha, huuu……♪”
“You’re so limp, you pervert”
“……I’ve been expecting it……♪”
“You whore”
“Don’t you like whores……?”
“Of course I love it”

The most in depth sticking timing, lightly embracing and kissing. Her slender body was moderately warm in the morning air and the kiss was the richest and thickest, with her tongue immediately involved. Then Jeanne.

“Ehehe. It’s been a while”
“We haven’t had sex since I came here this time, right?”
“Yes. You can come and have sex with me anytime you want. I’m ready for baby number two”
“It’s hard to believe you’ve had one, isn’t it……this body?”

The body of the exposed Jeanne is small, which is characteristic of the dwarves and is still a young girl at all. Even though it was almost half a year ago, I still feel a little surprised that she conceived and successfully gave birth to a single baby.

“Do you still have boobs?”
“It’s not that easy to get out. Do you want to drink?”
“I’ll have some”
“But first, I’m going to put Andy’s cock in me”
“Wait, wait. It’s hard to keep it in”

Jeanne is so small that when we embrace, her head is below my chin. If I curl up a little, I can kiss her, but it’s a little tough to get my mouth to her nipples.

“I’m stuck here. I’ll finish what I’m doing first. You can drink milk while you’re putting your dick in another girl’s pussy”

Jeanne says this with a wry smile, but then she spreads her labia and puts my cock into her narrow vagina. It was still narrow and tight, but she relentlessly dropped her hips with vigor and after a couple of vigorous thrusts, it reached the back of her vagina.

“Ehehe. ……Do you want to try to go deeper into it?”
“N, No, not any deeper”
“You want me to go in there?”
“You’re going to have to start deep in the morning”

I heard that I can put my dick inside the womb, but if I do that, there might be some girls who will challenge me. No, it won’t be that easy even if I try, but if I try to force it and end up damaging the uterus, there’s no way out of it. And they all have to bear my children.

“I’ll have fun with your pussy some other time”

I stroke little Jeanne’s head, support her sides with my hands, lift her body and pull out my cock. Her innocent appearance and the gaping hole in her crotch are unbalanced, which is why I’m glad and comfortable to be willing to give birth to my children one after another.

Jeanne stood beside me and pressed her modestly swollen breasts against my face. When I sucked on it, I could feel the gentle taste of it in my mouth. The next person to appear in front of us was Laurier. As usual, she was completely naked, wearing only a collar.

“Master. You should be aware of the taste of my cunt, too”
“I, I know”
“Of course you’re going to pay attention to the cock”
“Mmm. Jeanne, I’m getting a funny feeling……”

Laurier straddled me but was burning a sense of opposition to Jeanne. I mean, they’re getting along well enough to say that.

The elven girls were inserted smoothly and then it was the turn of the cat beasts. Waiting for me were Marone, Cute, Azel and Rizel.

“……Neither Azel nor Rizel are female slaves”
“Shouldn’t I have asked them out?”

Marone looks apologetic while folding her hands in front of her well-shaped boobs.

“No, it’s not bad……”

There are various problems with words that repel a girl who took them off and waited, so the wording naturally weakens. So, Irina, who woke up with a miffed look on her face, joined in.

“It has nothing to do with seeding, it’s a ceremony to make you aware of your status as a female slave. It’s not possible to get a offspring, and it would be unreasonable to get involved with expectations”
“Th, That’s what I mean”

I’m going to ride on her ass. The fact is, just sticking your dick in is really not very meaningful from the girl’s point of view and if it is, it’s only psychological. Irina was right.

“Marone and others are fine, but not us……?”

Azel and Rizel look disappointed. I’m not saying no, its not good.

I’m only going to put my dick in you. You’re going to get a little frustrated, so we’re just going to do it with the slaves……”
“Female slave, nice……”
“Sounds fun”

You guys are a little too light.

“I, I’ll put it in today, but it’s a hassle to come to this kind of thing every day. When I do, I want to do it properly”

They didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Emm, why don’t you add them to the list of female slaves……”
“Marone. What is a female slave? Basically, you’re only going to live for my dick from now on, right?”

They shouldn’t become a female slave like that.

“Oh yeah. You have to do as Master says for the rest of your life”

Cute also admonishes Azel and Rizel in a slightly pompous manner. ……You’re the same age, aren’t you, you guys?

“Ummm……not good?”
“No, its normal!”

The direction of distress is different. I mean, I’m a little curious about how they were educated.

“We’re here to get master’s children……”
“I wonder why……”

……It may be a little too late when I have no doubts about such circumstances.

However, I will put it in only today, so I will make Marone and others sit down respectively. When.

“……Marone, what’s this?”
“Eh……ah, is this it?”

The familiar numbers on the inner thighs, 005, written in a dark brown, almost branding pigment, are the same as those written on the four elf girls at dawn yesterday.

“Oregano-san told me about it yesterday, so……Cute says she heard about it from Savory and since we’re here, we’re both in each other’s company”
“……Oregano, Savory”

The two who were still naked and watching the show looked away from each other with a half-smile.

“I told them not to let that kind of ad hoc game go viral! You’re making me doubt my character more and more!”
“E, Emm……but it was fun……wasn’t it?”

I protested firmly, though Savory said it as if it were an excuse.

“It was fun, but! If that kind of stuff gets out to Phaser, I’m going to be a real snob! I’m sure he’ll say I’m training you and trying to sell you out!
“Ah……that guy”

Savory is convinced. I’m sure she’s a real snob. I’m about to be famous. Fennel looks annoyed as she puts on her clothes.

“Should we do something about him……?”
“No, you don’t have to do anything”

If I reimpose sanctions, it’s going to look like I’m trying to cover up what I’m doing in earnest. ……And he’s the one who has devoted his whole life to Maia, so there’s something to sympathize with. He’s still young as an elf.

“But I’m glad that this kind of mark feels like a little master’s thing”

Marone and Cute each pat each other on the inner thighs and smile at each other.

“The collars aren’t enough……”
“The collars can be removed if you want to……”
“I feel like I can’t go back anymore with tattoos and branding irons”
“That’s right♪”

They just became female slaves from themselves and I wonder if these two have such a strong desire for M.

“But I like girls with beautiful skin, so don’t put in the wrong tattoo or brand”

Marone kisses me naughtily and buries my cock in herself. Azel and Rizel were standing side by side and staring at each other. It’s strange how quiet they are.


Later, after taking a break, I showed up at the bar, which was open for lunch and found that 100-man commander Becker, General Kingfisher, Boyd and Lucia-san were sitting around a table having lunch.

“Yo, Smithson”
“100-man commander. How’s your arm?”
“Still sore, but I can hold my hand now. It’s amazing, this place. I didn’t realize it until I was injured myself”

He seemed to have regained all his strength.

Hetsu. I’m not going to let you get away with that much. That’s why you’ll always be an ace knight”
“You’re the one who was bleating, Kingfisher. I heard it all from Boyd”
“Ah!? You gonna do it!?”
“Oh, please don’t do it, you two. If 100-man commander Dianne finds out about this, she’s gonna break you”

The two wounded warriors lose momentum as Boyd intervenes. Boyd knows how to handle them.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it. I’ve only heard rumors about it, but I didn’t know……it had such miraculous healing powers. If they advertised it in Valerie, I’m sure lots of people would come”

Lucia-san didn’t pay any attention to the struggle between the two middle-aged people and expressed her surprise to me with a twinkle in her eyes. In a way, she has great nerve.

“Isn’t it impossible because it’s far from Valerie? I mean, they don’t trust us at all, even within the country”
“Becker, you’re stinking up Lucia-sensei’s idea!?”
“Please stop”

What a good balance of conversation for a group of four people.

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