Half elves fall in love chapter 364

Chapter 364: Acrobatic Miril [Miril, Irina]



The steamed buns at Keel’s house were not very big, but even so, they were not big enough for an ordinary girl to eat three or four of them during a tea break. I could have eaten them all myself or donated them to Neia, but since I was going to go to the trouble, I decided to bring them to Miril, who was the last one left in the greeting pilgrimage.

As I went through the back roads to old man Digo’s inn, I heard the sound of chopping wood. I thought to myself, if I meet up with old man Digo, I’ll offer him a steamed bun to fool him into thinking I’m there…….

“Huu……yoi, shoo”

Miril gets a very gentle impression because her illness is ill, but the handling of the long-handled ax is not dangerous.

With a single spirited effort, she chopped the firewood cleanly with a crack.


Miril looked at me with her black hair tossed.

“M, Master! How long have you been here?”
“I just peeked in. Tired, Miril”

Take a bun out of the bag and give it to Mirlil.

“Th, That’s a waste”
“It’s not such a waste……it’s not something to be dreadful about. It is a bun that is usually sold in Lindon’s for two or three gold coins”

Lindon is the official trade name of the steamed bun shop. It is the family name of Keel’s family. ……It’s easier to understand than a fancy name in such a rural area, though.

“I can’t believe Master bought sweets for me……”
“……I have a feeling there’s some kind of weird misunderstanding”

The first thing to remember is that 「Master」 is a word for the female slaves. The cat beast girls are not originally in such a relationship. Just a 「Seeder」 and a 「Pregnancy Seeker」. The momentum of seeding so many cat beasts may cause them to be arrogant, but there is no hierarchical relationship between them. I feel good about being fucked and the cat beasts want to get pregnant, so it’s a relationship of mutual interest.

“I’m not that kind of a downer to you guys. I’m just a guy who’s been told by Grandma Donna to have all the sex I want”
“B, But……I owe you more than I can ever repay……”
“I’m not the one who cured your illness or injury, but the miraculous spring. I knew that anyone who came to me could be cured, so I only introduced you to more people to have sex with, you know?”
“That……you don’t have to be so modest”
“No No”

The hand that is holding out the bun is getting tired.

“It’s nice that the name 『Master』has become established and I feel like it. It’s okay if I bring a bun and I’m afraid that I’m afraid. It’s just an ulterior motive to be friends outside of sex”
“……I don’t think that kind of ulterior motive is something that should be said in such an open manner”
“It’s because Miril was weirdly refrained. ……My hand becomes tired, so I’d like you to receive it soon”
“I, I’m sorry”

Miril hurriedly throws out her ax that she was carrying and receives the bun. The ax flies lightly through the air and pierces the ground. ……It’s a size that even I, a man, can’t handle lightly. After all, a beastman has higher specs than humans.

“Then……I’ll have it”

When I was looking at the buns in my mouth with satisfaction, I found an old man, Digo, who wasn’t a dwarf. And when he finds me, he opens his eyes, instantly turns his face red and swings his cane up.

“K, Koriyaa!”
“Uwa, wa, wait a minute, old man Digo! I’m just”
“I’m not going to let you touch my little girl without my permission!”

The cane is thrown at me. I shielded my face. The buns in the bag were flying around in the air. The man’s eyes were blown away.


Miril stopped the flying stick with a light kick, bouncing it right above her. The next three buns that flew through the air were caught with a single wave of the hand. ……Hey, Miril. Are you really a frail child who has been bedridden until recently?

“Grandpa! No violence! He’s our great benefactor!”
“Mugu……Miril, don’t be that guy……”
“We are grateful to you, too, Grandfather, but……Master has helped us without receiving anything and it’s terrible to treat him that way”
“He’s been hitting on every single one of the cat beast girls!”
“We need it!”

Generally speaking, old man Digo’s view is more correct. In fact, I have no room to argue with him, since I am only devouring women’s bodies with pleasure when I am told that I can fuck them.

“I hate you for being mean to Master!”

However, as she heard the noise, even the sisters helped me, Old Man Digo began to cry. ……I feel sorry for the old man.

“No, don’t bully me. I’m not saying anything bad about him”
“Hey, kid! You’re trying to make me feel sorry for you!”
“No, why are you biting me right there!?”

I’ve just defended you. You’re a hard man to deal with.

I gave the buns to Azel and Rizel and quickly left so as not to be a bully to the old man. On my way out, Miril whispered softly in my ear.

“I’ll be back around the eleventh bell”

I try to ask back, but I am sent away by Miril, who smiles and waves her hand, as if she is worried about old man Digo’s gaze.

“……You mean you’re going to come to my house if I’m going to disturb you……?”

Eleven bells……ten o’clock at night?


After that, I greeted Isaac´s group who are preparing to withdraw and the blue clan´s Elmo who is starting to build the next house and while hooking a drink at the bar, I patted Irina’s ass that appeared and patted Williams’ drop kick. The night goes on while I’m bathing.

“I think it’s about time……ah, the bell”
“What, a prior engagement?”
“I’m not sure. Is Irina coming?”
“Is that all right?”
“Well, isn’t it okay?”

As long as I’m in Polka, it wouldn’t be possible for me to be completely alone with my target child unless it was a surprise attack.

I went back to my house through the flurries of snow. There, waiting for me was Miril, dressed in warm clothes.

“Ah, master!”
“Did I keep you waiting?”
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Come inside for now”
“Y, Yes”

I invited Miril in. Irina came in with her, grinning.

“Old man Dan is still in the bar and I wonder if……any of the blue dragons are there”

I tell her to check in the dining room and soon Michela appears from the back.

“It’s just me. Airi has already flown over the mountain”
“Oh. I missed saying hello”

Juline should be at the fort now. Is Asti at the……palace?

“Asti’s not here?”
“I thought she brought the Lord’s mother a few days ago……but come to think of it, I wonder if she’s back yet”
“Is she in some kind of trouble?”
“I don’t know. Maybe your mother is keeping her from coming back……”
“I don’t know if she’s keeping her, Mother”
“She seems to have been very kind to the woman who had something to do with the Lord”

Umm. Well, it’s my mother that made friends with Almeida and it wouldn’t be strange to make friends to the extent that it would be entertaining to the dragon Asti.

“If you’re worried, I’ll send someone from my family to her. There are several male dragons besides father, so we can avoid putting a hole in the circulating mail”
“No, it’s hard to imagine anything out of the ordinary on Trot, so we’ll just have to wait and see”

After all, it is a dragon. No matter how much Folklore is a city where various people gather, there can be no one who can manage Asti so easily. Moreover, she doesn’t fight anything, she just carries my mother. Timing-wise, Asti probably had not been informed of the start of the circular flight and it would not be surprising if she decided to take a slow detour for some reason. It would not feel good to rush a long-lived species that is so laid-back in that area.

“I understand. ……Thanks for staying. I’ll take good care of her today”
“Oh, no. I don’t think she’s wearing a collar”
“Some of them want to have my baby even if they don’t”

When I grinned while hugging Miril, Miril brushed off her hood and said, 「N, Nice to meet you」, in an out-of-place manner, and greeted Michela.

“Kukuku, You are a lovely, naive girl. It’s a pity to make her a meat urinal of Smithson-dono”
“Th, That! I’m rather flattered……”
“So don’t get your knickers in a twist, Irina”

Three people board the room assigned as my bedroom at the back of the first floor.

“Wouldn’t it be better to bring my sisters too? I was the only one thinking that many people were waiting in line……”
“What’s happening? Smithson-dono was spinning around from early on. I don’t suppose there are any girls here today who would force their way in at night?”
“I’m impressed”

Miril takes off her coat in admiration. ……No, it’s only here, the hot springs and Selenium´s room that I said I went around, right? It’s not like I’ve turned around so much……emm, is it usually a good thing if you’ve fucked a total of ten people in three different places?

“I didn’t mean to go that hard……but by most people’s standards, that would still be considered a rampage, wouldn’t it?”
“I think it could be a little more violent, don’t you?”
“I, I’m sure Master would have people going out with him even for a whole day!”
“No, well……yes, I think it’s okay to be more violent, but I don’t want to be a sex monster. I realized I’m becoming a bit of a sex monster myself”

Mainly because of Hilda and others. ……No, I think it’s a lot better than running out of ammunition when there are so many girls waiting to be fucked.

“A monster. ……E, Emm……”
“Don’t force your praise on him, okay? He likes it”
“Well, that’s right. Irina, lick it”

Suddenly I thrust my penis at Irina who has just taken off her cloak.

“Ah……wh, what should I do……”

Miril is puzzled. ……But I can’t let a cat beast do it by licking my penis. It’s scraped with her tongue.

“Chu……n, chu……let’s decide, take it off and instigate Smithson-dono. It’s not going to get us anywhere if he just comes to visit us without any creative ideas. You have to make him want to fuck you, or he won’t love you”

Irina lectures Miril while sucking my dick.

“You rarely elaborate on your own ideas”
“I don’t care. I’m fine. The charm of this vagina is enough to drive Smithson-dono crazy, isn’t it?”

The clan leader continues to lick with a smirk. ……The fact is, I’m a little frustrated because I’m feeling a little bit of a magical attraction to Irina’s vagina.

“I, I understand……I’ll do my best”

Miril, who was very enthusiastic, took off her clothes. A town girl outfit that you can get by Trot under her trousers that she would have brought from the desert. Is her layered clothes a sign of cold? Simple underwear when you take them off.

“Smithson-dono is particularly lustful for the butt of a woman who takes off her pants? Let’s take our time and get them off”
“Ye, Yes!”

I know it’s true, but I feel like a very bad person when Irina explains it to me. But I really like the way she sits there, trying to figure out the best angle to show Miril how to take off her pants, wondering if it’s too much to show her ass in front of me, but also wondering if it’s too much……to not show her ass.

“You’re getting hard”
“What are you talking about? It’s nice and fresh, isn’t it?”
“Kuku. New products are good, but it can’t beat this mouth♪”

Irina started to get serious about giving me a blowjob. My cock was sucked, licked, and swallowed by the young mouth. Beside being given such pleasure, Miril finally pulls down her underwear. Sururi……and slowly reveals the roundness of her ass and her genitals behind it, perhaps because Irina told her to be careful, or perhaps she is simply embarrassed. The pleasure in her vagina is directly imaginable because of the intense sucking by Irina and the fact that her womb wants my baby makes me dizzy and I maximize my lust for Miril.

“Irina, let me go. ……I’m going to fuck over there”
“N, mu……why don’t you let me take one in the straw before you do it?”
“I prefer to pour it into the womb”
“Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean by that. I prefer it to the mouth”

Irina let go of her mouth as if she was satisfied. The traces of the intense oral lasciviousness are evident in the stringy saliva. I then grab Miril’s exposed ass and thrust my slimy cock into her vagina as deeply as I can.

“Huaa……a, haa……♪ M, Master´s……♪”
“Isn’t it painful?”
“Y, Yes……thank you……cock, I’m so happy……♪”

I don’t know. I still feel like I’m being worshiped in a strange way.

“I’m going to do my best……I’m going to be a good slave……♪ I want Master to come and ejaculate whenever he wants……♪”
“I’m not so much……”
“No, that……♪ I want to do that……♪ I want to serve Master more and more and even if I´m swelled, I´m fucked……♪ I’m going to give birth to a baby while being fucked……♪ I’m going to give the first milk, penis milk, to the newborn baby……♪”

Well, let’s see. It was more of a hobby than a……misunderstanding, apparently. Well, the young cat beast is really naughty at the full moon and her head is full and she can’t stop. In the case of Miril, the hurdles for having a child were much higher than those of other children, so she may have run into a hard delusion.

“Thats why……master, more, more……I……become a woman only for sex……♪”
“Miril. ……Even if you get pregnant, of course I won’t hesitate to fuck you”

I whispered in a low voice into Miril’s big black cat ears.

“Please fall to your heart anyway. Let me put my cock in Miril’s belly while whispering sweet things. Let me make a vaginal cum shot while counting the scheduled dates. ……Na?”
“……T, Tsu……♪”

I thrust and kneaded Miril’s trembling cervix. And then ejaculate.

“Huaaa……a, aaaa……♪”
“Be conceived Miril……if you get pregnant, I’ll fuck you. If you don’t conceive, I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck you until you conceive. I’ll fuck you even if you conceive. Right?”
“A, hua……aaa……♪”

While ejaculating to the extent that it overflows with a weak Miril, hold her and put her to sleep.

“Oh dear. I’ll continue to persuade you cowardly”
“I, Is that so? I don’t want to shoot my baby in the face, so I’m going to ask you to go a little milder”
“I can’t disobey you if you whisper to me like that while reminding me exactly what your dick tastes like……♪”

Irina is entranced. Miril, who breathes happily while letting my semen overflow, doesn’t look like acting, thinking that it’s because we have a special compatibility.

“Then Irina. Let’s convince you too”
“……Convince me to do what?”
“……Kukuku, try to convince me♪”

Irina puts down her underwear to show her on all fours. Well, it’s actually impossible because contraceptive magic has been applied.

“Nku……n, huuu……hey, this uterus, you can’t respond to it with a little softness♪”
“I’m good. I’ll persuade you until you’re full of semen and overflowing sloppily”
“Good resolution……hua, aaa♪”

……A child with Irina? I was looking forward to seeing what kind of cheeky half elf would be born.

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