Half elves fall in love chapter 379

Chapter 379: Emergency Luna [Luna]



When I returned home with Luna, Dianne and Maia, Anzeros and Aurora had dinner lined up.

“Oh, Dianne-san……?”
“Are you here?”
“I just had Airi bring me here. Luna was insisting that she wanted to see Andy”
“I’m not kidding……”
“It’s no different than a spoiled child sitting in a triangle in the middle of the day, mumbling and begging to see Andy”

What are you doing, Luna?

“Because……Hilda didn’t give me any medicine……and even though it’s been a full moon lately, I’ve always given it to other kids or the colony……”
“Hilda used to mix it for me before the full moon. I can take it and feel better and sleep better”

……Sounds like something useful. I turned my gaze to Dianne thinking that and Dianne started commenting with the preface, 「It’s a speculation because there is no actual item」.

“Probably some kind of mood-relieving drug or a sleeping drug. Maybe a combination of both”
“You could make a lot of it and give it to the cat beast colony”
“Many of those medicinal herbs are addictive. If the dosage is slightly wrong, it can be detrimental to the health of the cat beast colony, so even my sister had to carefully adjust the dosage each time she made it”
“I see……”

That sort of thing doesn’t lead to a quick solution.

“I mean, there’s no point in handing out something like that……it’s not just our colony that everyone is going to have sex and the need for children is different from getting excited. We’re just outside. I was just drinking so as not to cause trouble”
“……Is that so”

That’s right. For the beastmen, it’s just a time for love. Destroying it won’t do anything.

“For now, let’s go look for my sister. No, Maia would know?
“Hilda is at the inn, but if you just want to bring her here, I’ll go”

Maia was about to go outside. But, Luna grabbed her sleeve and stopped her.

“It doesn’t matter if Andy is there……Andy is all I need……”

Just when I thought she said that with her head down, she suddenly jumped on my waist again……tightened me up again! I was frightened for a moment, but Luna still sniffed her nose in my pants and smelled.

“Nn……Andy’s smell……♪”

She mutters happily and she sobs so hard that she begins to shake.

“……Andy, do you want some food……for now?”
“Luna-san……it might be safer to let her have sex like this. And I feel like she’s losing her mind”

Anzeros and Aurora say so in trouble while removing their aprons. No, no.

“I’m going to start with Luna after I manage to get her to eat as well……”
“I don’t think she’ll be able to do it if she’s this crazy about Andy”
‘She’s a beastman, isn’t she? Don’t worry about it, start with Luna. I’ll serve you with Anzeros-san”

The two of them began to put together the food in a way that made it easier to feed the guests.

“Luna……no, I may have made you a little frustrated, that’s for sure”
“Yeah, frustrating……”
“I feel sorry for old man Dan because he can’t go back to his room, so we’ll just have to put up with that. Na?”

I grabbed and stopped Luna’s hand when she started to undress and when I pointed at the entrance, old man Dan, who had just returned from the bar, was standing there with a vague look. ……You can’t enter the guest room without passing through the dining room.

“You can go through there on your own”

Luna ignored me and took off her clothes.

“I’m gonna have another drink”
“Old man Dan, wait! I’ll make her stop! I’ll let you through!”

I’m not going to inconvenience a valued customer for pornographic reasons. I thought so……but Luna took off her clothes and Grandpa Dan went away.

“Give it up, Andy. I’ll make arrangements for you to stay at the inn”
“I’ll come out too. If Luna is like this, I’m sure the other cat beasts are also……”

Dianne and Maia left to follow old man Dan. Looking at it sideways, Luna completely takes off her clothes in front of me, pushes her butt high and waits.

“Andy……put it in……fill it with the smell of semen……♪ I don’t think it will fit in unless you move my uterus around……”
“……Absolutely. If you come back to your senses, you’ll be punished, you nasty female slave”

I laugh and grab her ass. Anzeros holds up a glass of wine and Aurora tries to force me to eat and have sex with a fork of crispy sausage. ……These two somehow seem to like this way of feeding. I sipped my wine lightly, took a bite of the sausage and pushed my cock into Luna’s vagina. I heard a very watery sound.


Luna squealed as if she had been moved to the brink. Even though I haven’t even touched it, the pussy juice has accumulated so far and the vaginal hole in a loose and sloppy state is unique to cat beasts. She lightly comes just by being put in and still presenting her lustful genitals. Luna was pleading with me to thrust deep and hard with her gestures. I take another bite of Aurora’s sausage, chewing it and enjoying Luna’s hot vagina. I pull back to enjoy the folds and then I thrust my cock deep inside with a bubbling sound.


Luna convulses again from the shock of being knocked out of her uterus and I feel the glans slamming hard two or three more times……and also slowly being licked by the vaginal folds. Luna is at the mercy of the fall. No, the waiting cock alone is too much for her, but the unpredictable movement has her completely melting down. The cat beast’s rut is voracious and high-spirited, but of course, she is also easily sensed and her emotions are running high, so it is not so difficult just to make her cum. This is probably one of the reasons why many beastmen marry other species in spite of the intensity of their rut. A range that can be overcome with love. The fact that there is a shortage of men on the scale of that colony, though……it is understandable that there are not so many men who can provide for the needs of the colony.

“Come on, Luna, you can cum as much as you want”
“Nyaa, ……a, huaaah……♪”

I gouge Luna’s vagina vertically and horizontally, pierce it and lick it with the glans as I admire it. Thoroughly my penis enjoys the libido of this somewhat dangerous cat beast girl. Luna is a splendid captive of carnal desire and a splendid female slave from any point of view. As I tease her womb over and over, my heart is filled with an indescribable sense of conquest that in time she will be able to bear my child here…….

“Luna……Luna, I’m about to get in ……!”
“Haa, haa, haaa……nia, niaaaaa……♪”

Luna pushed her hips harder and harder instead of replying. I spat out a large amount of semen into her vagina.

“Nia, ……a, aah……♪”

Luna sighs with hazel eyes.

“Thank you, Andy”
“Let’s calm down and continue eating while we’re at it……”

The two ace knights recommend more food and drink to me as I continue to vomit and spew. ……I’m a little busy.

Around the time I pulled my dick out of Luna, Dianne and Maia returned.

“Ah……well, you know. Andy”
“I knew it was hard on everyone”

Behind the awkward looking Dianne and indifferent Maia, the three Maple sisters, Marone and Cute are each looking at Luna, who collapses to the floor with blazing eyes. I smile affectionately as I continue eating.

“Ah, haha……you guys want to have sex too?”

……This is what I call a foolish question, I think so as I’m jumped by a breathless Miril and Cute.

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