Half elves fall in love chapter 378

Chapter 378: The hallway, the apron and me [Fennel]



When a house is as large as the baron’s mansion, there will inevitably be spaces that no one will go near in everyday life, but that cannot be left uncleaned for aesthetic reasons. A seasonal dressing room, a balcony in winter and so on. Fennel designated such an out-of-the-way, inconspicuous corner of the hallway.

“Did you fantasize about being seeded in a place like this?”
“……Y, Yes……”

I whisper spitefully to Fennel as I grab her shoulders to keep her from running away. No, it’s unlikely that she can actually escape, but this is the atmosphere.

“I’m not sure if you’ve ever imagined being in a place like this, where you don’t know who’s going to find you, with your bare ass exposed, your cunt juice all over the place and your womb poked and prodded with my cock”
“……Th, That’s right……♪”

Fennel dares to accept my tasteless words and is intoxicated while shrinking back in embarrassment. Even though she’s the tallest among those four, she’s still small and slender to me as a man……there is something.

“But it’s also boring to give away my dick for free”

I whispered, feeling like a total villain.

“Take it off, Fennel. ……Take off every single piece of clothing you have and shake your ass like a little bitch and invite me to come over. If anyone sees you, you’ll be a fucking wanker in no time”
“No, you can leave a little……apron and headband”

It’s nothing, just a naked apron style and I’m going to make her feel ashamed. If this were my mansion, she would do it without any resistance. But.

“I, I’m not sure I’m ready to do it when……the baron and other servants are there……”

Fennel hesitates. But there’s something in her voice that shows her anticipation for a more daring act than she fears.

“If they see you, the whole mansion will know what a dirty pussy you are. The baron’s sons will beg you to let them put their cocks in you. And when you walk around town, people will point at you and say that’s the slutty elf in the muffler and apron who was begging to be fucked everywhere”

Fennel clears her throat.

“But don’t worry. You are my pussy slave. I won’t let anyone use it. When people find out you’re such an embarrassment, I’ll go around bragging about it. I’ll go around bragging that such a beautiful woman has fallen so far for my cock. I’ll bring you to the hot springs as a hand towel and wash myself with your tits while chatting with the old men of the town and at the bars I’ll chain you to a collar and bring you under the table to suck on my cock while drinking. I will show off your erotic body as a cock slave in every possible place”
“……Haa, aa……”

Fennel lets out an excited sigh and begins to undress with trembling hands.

“You seem rather eager to be a pervert”
“……Yes, I want to be……♪”
“You won’t be able to go back to the woods or anywhere else. People will be too shy to go near you”
“……Yes, it’s okay……ever since I decided to be your slave……”

Fennel took off her dress, removed her underwear and slid down her panties. Her underwear was threadbare.

“I’ve been thinking that one day I’m going to be such a slave to you……♪”
“You’re as dirty as Oregano”
“Huhuu……of course, I can’t say I want to be a female slave if I don’t think my life of having my master’s cum poured down my throat is sweet……♪”

Then slowly……Fennel puts on the apron as if rather sparingly hiding her naked body again. An outfit that is more embarrassing than nudity and only invites men to wear it. It is completed before my eyes. Even though the heating system is everywhere and the whole house is warm, it is still chilly in one corner of the corridor and Fennel’s skin is slightly goosebumpy. Even so, she is still anticipating my hand, my fingers and as she falls into my arms, she lays her lips on my lips, ladylike and lewd. I stroke and rub her back and buttocks, which have nothing to hide and insert four fingers between her soft, warm buttocks.

“Nn……n, hahu……♪”

Fennel shows her pleasure as she lays her lips on mine. Now, if her back is seen from somewhere, she really has nothing to hide. The clothes that have been taken off and the sight of Fennel passionately embracing me will only be seen as a rutting slut. Feeling comfortable with the risk to my body, I stimulate Fennel’s core from the ass side.

“Nhu, a, haa……Master, sama……do you want to rape Fennel……? Would you like to have your cock, here……in this hole……♪”

Fennel grabs my hand from above, which is digging into her vagina and asks the opposite question while stroking and rubbing it.

“Ah, you want it nice and bad……Fennel, turn your ass around……”
“I’m going to suck you into my mouth just like that……♪”
“O, Ooo?”

Fennel dexterously opens my pants with one hand, locates my fully hardened cock and while standing a little taller, tries to suck it in from the front.

“Wh, What’s with the aggressive……?”
“Huhu……Master, I´m sorry……I tell you how embarrassing a woman I am myself……♪ How much I’m going to show you how ashamed I am of myself”

Fennel smiled glamorously as she lowered her hips slightly and welcomed the cock deep into her vagina.

“Rather than me being raped by Master, I’m sure that I’m entwined with Master like this……I’m sure it’s disgusting and if someone sees me like that……♪”

Apparently, she is trying to say that a situation where there is no excuse is more combustible. The maid, in a corridor where no one knows who will pass, in a bare apron, clinging to a man herself and shaking her hips. It’s certainly the most disgusting and naughty scene ever.

“All right……Fennel, I’m going to seed you like this”
“Yes……♪ Please pour it in……punish the slutty maid generously……♪”

The two of us started shaking our hips as we held each other. Fennel dexterously shakes her hips with one leg wrapped around my waist. I just respond to it. Fennel’s colleague or the baron’s family member. Maybe it’s my mother. I devour Fennel’s hole with excitement, not knowing who will find us and I make a giggling sound. I’m sorry every time to the baron who has been used as a dummy, but the situation of a maid working in someone else’s mansion being carnalized in this way is also wonderfully ghastly and pleasurable.

“Master……Master, Master……♪”
“Good Fennel……it’s time to get out of here……and clean up properly, okay?”
“Yes……I’ll clean up my pussy juice and my master’s seed……and I’ll clean it up……♪”

Fennel muttered in a muffled whisper as she gave her one last thrust. No, it was one more thrust and one more thrust, as the pleasure continued to build. Then the pleasure bursts forth and an explosive ejaculation begins in Fennel’s womb.

“Hua, aau, aa……♪”

Fennel clings to me tightly as she takes it and eventually she rests all of her weight on me.

“T, Toto”
“K, Kukuu……e, emm……”

Fennel, who is out of breath, won’t return the weight she deposited even if she stumbled and I supported her. If you think so,

“I, I’m sorry……my leg is cramping……”
“……That’s a cramp”

She had survived the first round almost entirely on one leg, so it was to be expected.

“I’m in a lot of pain……but just until you finish ejaculating, you can hold me up……”
“No, I don’t care about ejaculation! I’m just going to put you down!?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea for a female slave, so I’m going to make sure you finish it……itataa”
“Don’t forget that you’re already dressed like a female slave! If things get worse, there’s no excuse!”

While talking, the ejaculation was almost finished after all. Semen that does not completely enter from the vaginal hole leaks and runs down the thigh.

I took down Fennel and stretched out my legs, wondering how I was going to get her dressed. I had peeled it off in the groove, but it was tricky to do so.

“I, I’ve got to hurry up or it’s going to be a joke”
“I really don’t mind being the exclusive cock wipe……”
“I’m the one who’s in trouble, so give me a break”
“Huhu. It’s hard to go around with four naked girls……itata”
“……Four naked girls?”
“I’m sure Oregano and the others won’t be happy if I’m the only one treated that way”

Let’s imagine for a moment. Living in Polka while having four naked girls serve you wherever you go. It sounds pleasant, but I imagine they would be very rude to us.

“That’s in our jurisdiction”

Maia appears from around the corner.

“Are you there?”
“Yes. I was just making sure the baron’s children didn’t come over here”

I was a little touched by her faithfulness to support us in the shadows. But if you think about it, Maia´s family is certainly similar. They don’t want to wear too many clothes or anything and they don’t mind talking about sex with me. ……I’m starting to feel like I’m really just going to get in trouble.

“Besides, if they saw me having sex with Master after all this time……they might not care too much”

Fennel chuckles as she stretches with her naked apron dripping with semen.

“The baron and his wife sometimes talk about how 『It would be awkward to stop Andy from starting to work hard with Selenium-kun, Apple-kun and Irina-dono and the others』”
“……I apologize”

It’s true that if they see the scene with Fennel now, they’ll just treat it as 「Again or something like that. ……Let’s reflect on that. Yeah.


A crisp walk through the snowfield at night. Cloudy skies tonight. The snow season is almost over and the late spring will soon arrive. But it’s already spring around Celesta. It may be time to start thinking about how long or short the sleeves should be.

“It’s so dark……I wonder if we can put something here that will give us some light”

It reminds me of a shiny stone I saw in Claves one day. I wonder what kind of engraved crest that was. I’m already familiar with manipulating intensity and deflection, but I haven’t touched the engraved crest to emit light, come to think of it. If I read and study the book, I might be able to put something like that on Polka. It would be useful on moonless nights. Is it a drawback that it will be buried in winter? ……No, if I make it a high pillar, it will be……. As I was thinking about this, someone suddenly bumped into me from behind and my heart leapt.


There was no sign of anything. It was dark, so I couldn’t see behind me, out of reach of my handheld lamp. I was about to panic and crawl to call Laila or Maia, but the person who hit me squeezed my waist and it was very painful, so I couldn’t shout out.

“H, Help……”
“Stop it, Luna”

Suddenly, a nostalgic voice came from the darkness. The soft alto voice is Dianne’s voice. And then, when I heard a thumping sound, the arm that had been tightening me suddenly released…in other words, the assailant was Luna?

“W, Wh, What is it……?”

But I can’t figure out what’s going on, so I look behind me nervously. The lamp is broken and the fire has gone out.

“……It’s me. I just got here a few minutes ago”

Dianne casts a spell of light and a bow of light floats in her hand. I could also see Luna holding her head next to her (seemed to have been hit and hurt), and Maia, who seemed to have jumped from afar and landed.

“Luna got so excited……apparently because she’s been holding back on the full moon lately”

Luna’s teary eyes.

“Haha……what was it, Luna?”

Tonight was cloudy. The moon was not visible, but apparently it doesn’t matter to beastmen.

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