Half elves fall in love chapter 451

Chapter 451: Welcome Benefactor 6 [Leslie]



I found myself drinking from kapakapa. I had to be careful because I have a tendency to misjudge my own tolerance. I was afraid to drink, but the beautiful dark elves were all over me to make me the star of the show, so I had to be very careful. Moreover, the alcohol that Carlos-san had prepared for me was so exquisite that even the beautiful women who had fought many battles were surprised and I could understand their words that it would be a waste if I didn’t taste it. As a result, I was soaked to the skin in less than two hours after the feast began,

“Are you okay, older brother?”
“Ahahaha, no, I’m probably fine, I’m in a good mood”

The world was spinning a bit, but Cathy, the organizer of the party, was there to support me. I’m not going to doze off at an outdoor party.

“Hey kid, bring me a jug of water. Who made all this dessert amber……”
“Ahaha, I’m sorry, I just happened to be with another girl”
“Onyx is taking all the money tonight, so if you make too much, you’ll have to take it down. It’s a shame to waste cocktails and ruin your clientele so easily”
“I’m sorry. By the way, I can actually use magic to get rid of alcohol. What do you want me to do?”
“……You are surprisingly skilled, aren’t you?”
“I’m actually using it for myself”

I was suddenly awakened from my intoxication by the magic of Leslie-dono, who was very appealing to the customers.

“O, Ooo?”
“Good morning. Here you go”

Leslie-dono immediately offers me another drink.

“What are you doing, after you’ve sobered me up so much?”
“No, this magic has a few flaws”
“It completely drains you of your liquor without leaving any residual effects. It makes it easier to bounce back, so it’s easier to get slightly drunk again while you still have a little bit of energy”
“……I see”

Miss Cathy sighs. I’m the one who’s being treated to this, but she seems to be having a hard time. At first, she appealed to her, but from the middle she started to pay attention to the recklessness around her. Nonetheless, thanks to the fact that she naturally shares her duties in such a way, I don’t feel uncomfortable even in a unique group that would otherwise be overwhelmed. There are more than a dozen sexy, confident and beautiful women in the group, which would make any average man feel uncomfortable even if only one of them was there. If it had been a one-way pushy situation, I would have run away. I was reminded once again that professionals are very good at hospitality. Carlos-san approached me with a big smile on his face.

“Hey, are you having a good time, Andy-kun?”
“Y, Yeah, I am”
“They are professionals of the night. They specialize in all the things you like to do, not to mention pouring you a drink. Of course, I pay for all the services, so you can do whatever you want”
“……I didn’t expect Carlos-san to be so forthcoming”
“Hahaha, well, usually. The motto of my Onyx company is steady, sincere business and it’s not my nature to show off and appeal to sex appeal. But it is the largest trading company in Talc. It’s not a stiff organization by any means. If you want to do a hundred slayings, we’re strong enough in that area to get you a partner tonight”
“……It’s kind of creepy when they suddenly start pushing that kind of thing”

Carlos-san ruffled his hair. It’s beautiful, so it’s going to be like that.

“If you think that your hands might get on my Nancy, there’s nothing wrong with this……no, on the contrary, it might trigger your perfect obsession and wake up my cute little sisters. If it’s not possible, I’d rather pay for prostitutes for the rest of my life. Anyway, humans will die in about 70 years, and if you’re addicted to sex, you’ll probably die at about 50”

Carlos started to say something disturbing with a mumbling, hollow-eyed laugh, but Nancy came up to him and dropped him with a chop on the back of the head.

“……Excuse me. Well, Carlos has encouraged you to go ahead and have fun as he says. Hilda says Dianne and the others seem to agree”

Nancy grabs him by the collar and drags Carlos along. ……What a terrible way to treat him.


And what should be done about the air that flows in this place? The first time the sponsor appeared, it became quiet and when the party and even the fun afterwards was mentioned by others, it was a little delicate to continue drinking in a bland manner, but to suddenly go to sex from here is also…….

“Well, now that you have given permission from the master, are you ready to go have fun?”

……No, such an atmosphere was not a fart for a battle-hardened professional. Prompted by Leslie-domo’s bright declaration that put her hand on her pon, the presence of the beauties clearly changed. They went from being like children who had been calling me 「Uncle, uncle」, to carnivorous beasts. The 「Professionals are amazing」 they had been saying was just for fun, but now it was time to get down to business and they were clearly ready for battle.

“Are you confident in your physical strength, older brother?”

Cathy whispered softly into my ear. Her voice was tinged with a tingling eroticism. The other dark elf beauties followed suit.

“Anything you’re doing here for a ridiculous price. I’m sure with this number of people, you’ll be done before you get to me, but if you’ve got the energy, I’ll be your partner for as long as you want”
“I’ve been the top nominee for 20 years in a row and since our store is completely consensual, we rarely offer cum inside, but tonight is special because the Grand Master of Onyx requested it……♪”
“If you play this big game without any connections, you’ll be out of business in one night. If you don’t get a taste of my body, you’ll regret it for a long time.
“I really specialize in dancing, but I do charge extra for it……♪”

The girls led me slowly to the guest room that Carlos-san had designated for me.

“First of all, let’s go……eii”

Leslie hugged me from behind and she gently ran her hand from my chest to my lower abdomen as if she was caressing……O noticed that all the buttons and belts on my clothes had been removed.


It’s a mysterious and exquisite technique.

“You wouldn’t be so tactless as to stand in front of a whore in the bedroom without your cock out, would you……?”
“O, Of course not”
“Huhu, if we were in a store, the first thing everyone there would do would be to show their submission with their mouths to the cock♪”

As I fell onto the bed with Leslie-dono entwined with me, out of the corner of my eye I saw beautiful women begin to undress one by one.

“There are a number of them and each of them is an cock expert and they want their future clients to like it♪ There is no time for wasteful shooting in our mouths……♪”

Leslie-dono rolls around on the bed as if to involve me and faces me. The clothes were also somehow all detached from their fastenings and sashes and a little tugging was all that was needed to peel them off. I was so excited to see her, and she was playing with her fingertips on the part that said, 「If you pull it off, it will come off」 and appealing to me with her streaming eyes.

“……The first creampie partner is Leslie from 『Cosmos Main Shop』”
“Don’t decide on your own, mou”
“I’m sure it’s hard for Cathy and her friends to suddenly go on the air? I’m already so slippery that I’m fine with a quick sex……♪”
“It’s all shrewd, isn’t it?”
“It’s my special skill, hidden masturbation♪”
“……I’m not going to wait until you’re ready to cum. We can’t get enough people to go around”
“That’s up to the customer……♪”

While Miss Cathy and Miss Leslie are having a sideways conversation, I follow Miss Leslie’s guidance and make her undress. Despite her petite size, her dark elf-like selfish breasts protrude and Miss Leslie neither sticks them out nor hides them.

“Older brother, how many times do you have confidence in your ability? It would be sad to run out of ammunition without fully enjoying this dreamy evening, and it would be a waste if you don’t give it some thought……♪”
“Well, I can do it about 30 times”

Miss Leslie, who had always had an alluring and scary smile, was taken aback by my serious face. And then she laughed.

“30 times……huhuhuhuu”
“I can do it for real”
“I, I’m not a child just after sexual intercourse……hukukuu”

One of the prostitutes, who had begun to prepare herself by masturbating, replies to Leslie-dono’s statement.

“The boy born in our whorehouse became well versed about ten years ago and the whole whorehouse tried to see how long he would keep cumming if left alone……but he was still limited to fourteen times in one day”

No, don’t do that. It took the whole whorehouse to do that. I’m worried the boy might have some kind of enlightenment after that. Like a man.

“I, I’m going to give him a little bit of hope. Unlike masturbation, sex uses a lot of physical energy, so I don’t think it’s possible……♪”
“Watch me”

Faced with Miss Leslie, who puts my penis in her vagina, she slowly inserts it. As much as I say it myself, the overflowing love juice was a tremendous amount.

“N……h, haaa……ol, older brother, you have a nice cock……♪”
“Oh, yeah?”
“I put it in and it was warped……hard and it was gurgling against the back of my stomach……♪ Ahaa, I think this is my favorite type of cock……♪”

Leslie rocked her hips slightly, changing the angle inside her vagina to change where my cock hit. Or should I say that it tastes like rolling candy. This kind of small, deft action is new to me, as slaves don’t often do this kind of thing. I was impressed as I squeezed Leslie-dono’s tits.

“Well then, I wonder if I can move soon”
“T, Take it slow……I’m fine, but I don’t want older brother……huaa!?”

I hold the waist of Leslie-dono, who has one leg wrapped around my waist and push it up. Without letting Leslie-dono escape for a moment, I poked her many times. I will taste her hot and moist vagina again. A flashy sound is heard and Leslie-dono’s composure disappears for a moment.

“Aa, Huaaa……th, this might be more brutal than I expected……♪”
“It’s hard to do in this position. Shall we change positions?”

hold Leslie-dono and roll 90 degrees to put her in a woman’s upper position. Then, in the posture of the bridge, start sending my hips. Leslie-dono seemed to understand that I was used to it more than that and finally recovered from that state.

“I, I will do it……but I won’t be defeated by a single cock……♪ Even with this, I’ve been gang-raped by four wolf beasts…hiuaa♪”
“I’m not trying to win or lose, let me entertain you, Leslie-dono”

I enjoy Leslie-dono dancing on my body with room to spare. Sometimes her vagina would try to fight back and make strange movements, but compared to Hilda’s skills and Irina’s condition, I could still afford it. By the way, she has nice tits. They are not so much big as selfish. They are not unbecoming of a petite body, but they are a well-balanced size, with a strong presence and they bounce along with her hips. I enjoy the greedy vagina of Leslie-dono with my bouncing movements while squeezing her tits and I also enjoy her body by plucking her clitoris and tasting it squeak and clench.

“If you can’t lose with just one, I wonder if I’m using it too much”
“E, ah……ya, nhaaaa!?”

When I shoved my finger into her butthole, her reaction visibly decreased and when I wriggled my finger, Leslie-dono’s voice grew higher and higher. I’m close to my limit. With a finger thrusting into the buttocks to the root, I made a move that forcibly moved Leslie-dono’s waist! Do a later spurt.

“Hia, aa, n, no, wait……hiua, a, haaaa♪”

Dokun, dokun, dokun……. I ejaculated into Leslie-dono’s vagina with a generous amount of cum.

“Ah, it’s so hot……eh, what, it’s pushed……ha, aaaa……♪”

As usual, a large amount of semen gushed out and the unexpected pressure caught Leslie-dono by surprise and made her tremble. The prostitutes were stunned for a moment as they watched the once visibly belching cum bubbling back and forth between the cock and the vaginal wall overflowing in great quantities.

“Oh, the amount looks like an ogre’s ejaculate……”
“Are you sure you haven’t been made to cum……?”
“Emm……m, maybe really, not awesome, that older brother?”

I take a breath, then gently lower Leslie-dono, who is entranced and dazed on my chest and beckon the next hooker over.

“It’s Carlos-san’s endorsement, so maybe I’ll have a lot of service”

It’s been a long time. Let’s call it the dark elf version of the elf sweet night.

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