Half elves fall in love chapter 452

Chapter 452: Welcome Benefactor 7 [Cathy and others]



Cathy-dono, who came up to the bed after Leslie-dono, looked down at Leslie, who seemed completely satisfied, with a slightly stunned look on her face.

“Isn’t it too easy to get fucked……?”
“Hya……b, because……♪”
“Isn’t there a law that says you shouldn’t have fun? Besides, there are a lot of them, so it’s just right that they can enjoy themselves without any technique”
“Uh……b, but there’s something about being a professional here that takes pride in it”

Cathy-dono sighed as she threw away the last piece of her loincloth. However, Leslie-dono, who had been sleeping in a dazed state, straightened her disheveled hair with a hand-comb and got up, giving up her place and laughing cheerfully.

“……I’m acting big. Huhu, young young♪”
“If you’re talking about professionalism, you have to make sure that the customer doesn’t notice that kind of thrust. Wouldn’t it feel bad if the other person showed more leeway than necessary during sex?”
“What, were you acting?”
“I admit that I was caught off guard, but I agree with older brother’s opinion. It looks more fun that way♪”

I know that blunder may be lip service, but it still feels better than being assured that it was an act. Leslie, as one would expect from a woman who ridicules other top prostitutes for being young, is quite cunning.

“I’m going to do it my way. Well, I won’t let you shoot in vain”

Cathy-dono straddles my waist. Unlike Leslie, Cathy is relatively tall (not taller than a man, but tall enough to look good) and her breasts and buttocks are very voluptuous, which is exactly the kind of body shape that men like. The hair of most dark elves is either black or silver, but Cathy has beautiful blond hair with loose waves, which is also a fresh exoticism. By the way, Leslie-dono’s hair is a little darker silver.

“Please be gentle with me”
“I’ll go easy on you, but I won’t cut corners. If you’re not careful, you might get a ton of feelings even if your penis is fine……♪”

Either she’s in combat mode or she’s trying to charm me with a really atmospheric smile. I hope so. Embrace each other as if entwined, I stroke her brown yet fine skin and she lets me enjoy her big breasts and buttocks. Perhaps she is very confident in kissing, Cathy-dono entrusts herself to my hands, entangles my tongue with kisses and concentrates on licking me around. A truly bewitching tongue technique that, had I experienced this when I was a virgin, I might have ejaculated before my cock entered her vagina. But I had kissed many dragons with tongues longer and more dexterous than a human’s, so I managed to resist falling for the trick. As we continued kissing, I placed my cock, which had not yet dried up from Leslie’s vaginal juices against Cathy’s vulva. When I traced her hairless labia with my bell-mouth as if urging her on, she parted her lips and looked a little discontented.

“You’re surprisingly calm……when most young humans are boned by this tongue”
“I’m trained by a good kisser”
“Hee……I got the vibe that you were messing with the master’s younger sister, is that her?”
“N, No. Hilda would probably be great if she was serious about it”
“H, Hilda……emm, you mean doctor Hilda? Is that her?”
“……And Dianne-san and Nord-san”
“Three people……even the jewel butterfly Nord? Master is also angry. I wonder how you got his wife’s side”
“Well, you know, in a variety of ways……no, I don’t mean in a erotic way”

While enjoying Cathy-dono’s vaginal opening with a subtle thrust of my penis, I talk about such things. I know she’s trying to hurry me along, but I can tell that she’s getting more and more excited. The opening of her labia, the subtle changes in her eyes, the amount of her love juices and the sound of her voice. If it’s all calculated and all staged, that makes me want to be fooled, that’s what this is. And as I listened to the conversation, I could hear the rustling of the prostitutes waiting their turn. It seems that Hilda’s name was significant, after all. ……Well, she’s a very good one and I’m sure she likes to treat girls’ skin and their sexual relations. I’m sure there were many prostitutes who were under her care.

“I’m going to get a taste of your pussy……now, Cathy-san”
“N, mou……it cant be helped, wanee……♪”

I can’t help but put my fingers into her buttocks and maybe she’s been waiting for my explicit request and Cathy-san finally lowers her waist. The feeling of being swallowed by warm soft meat. The first time I saw her, I was so excited.

“Nu……I, I’m sure……it’s quite good, maybe it’s warped……♪”
“I don’t think it’s that warped……”

It shouldn’t be that it’s definitely a weird shape from what I’ve seen. Come to think of it, Dianne-san and Laila were a little excited about that story before. There are various types of women’s vaginas and there must be an exquisite angle that fits some women very well.

“Then, I’d like you to show me how to use your hips like a pro”

I leaned my back against the bed, folded my hands behind my head and arrogantly demanded that Cathy-dono show me her skills. ……I’m sure she would be tempted to do it in a situation like this, wouldn’t she? It’s this kind of 「For goodness sake」 thing. I’m sure most of the girls will be happy to do their best even if I make a request to the female slaves. But basically, this kind of 「Let’s see what you can do」 is not the context in which I would do it to my female slaves.

“I told you……I’m going to show you sex skills that no human woman can match”
“Hee, how long have you been doing this?”
“Huhu, I’ve been doing it for so long that some people would shrivel up if I taught it to a human……♪”

Cathy-dono says so and she slowly begins to use her hips. Guchuu, Guchuruu, Guchuchuguchu and so on, the vaginal sound that seems to be rhythmic but is somewhat out of rhythm.

“O, Oo……this is certainly something to brag about……!”

Her vagina gives my cock a complex, delicate, bold and varied stimulation that would be impossible for any other female slave to achieve. However, when Hilda-san does it seriously, it is not as good as that, because you can no longer recognize pleasure as pleasure, or you are in an unintelligible state, like you are ejaculating at the same time as a momentary dense shock that you do not understand. Of course, even if I could do that. Now, there’s no reason to do it to me, who wants to have normal fun with sex and maybe technically I could do it. But for now, it’s a bit 「Weaker than Irina’s pussy」. On the other hand, I watch Cathy-dono dancing irregularly on my body with a strange admiration, thinking that Irina, who feels so good even though she is not particularly skilled at all, is amazing. There are some people who think that it is disgusting……to think about other women during sex, but it is difficult to think about a whore you just met today. But, well, even though I am a stranger, or rather, because I am a stranger, there is something strangely tantalizing about having such a beautiful, well-stylized woman passionately wiggling her hips for me. I should call it 「The luxury of kings」, so to speak. It is a situation that makes a man’s self-esteem soar, to have a woman he has just met perform for him. I was a little surprised and self-conscious that I had such selfish desires inside me and I focused my attention on ejaculating as I was being heightened by Cathy-dono’s vaginal services.

“It’s about time……you’re starting to want to go out, aren’t you……? I can tell by the state of your penis……♪”
“Ah, don’t hesitate……let me take it out, Cathy-san……!!”

I shot my ejaculation into the somewhat triumphant Cathy-dono without hesitation.

“Hiuaa……au, this, great……♪”

The semen rushes out into her vagina, shaking my cock as it rolls out of my urethra. The amount that was regrettably shown during the time of Leslie-dono swelled the dark elf’s lower abdomen this time as well, and then leaked out.

“Ha, aa……this is certainly……amazing, maybe……♪”

Cathy-dono squints her eyes and soaks in the shock of my ejaculation. Leslie-dono, who had completely recovered, agreed cutely.

“Now, Cathy-san”
“Ah, huaa……wait a minute, I’ll move out of the way in a little while……”
“No, don’t get out of the way. I’m going to have another fight and next I’m going to attack you”
“……Eh, but that’s it……!?”
“It’s okay, okay, I think everyone has two laps and still have plenty of time”

I rolled Cathy-dono to the side and showed her a smile as we switched positions. A change of offense and defense. I still wasn’t satisfied.

“I didn’t tell you that I have twenty or so female slaves and I brought half of them with me here. The girls who were with Nord-san and Hilda-san earlier, they are the ones I have sex with on a daily basis”
“Eh, wha……eh?”
“That’s why. The reason why Carlos-san doesn’t like it is not because I’m a human or because I’m messing around with his favorite younger sisters, but because I have too many women around me. That’s why 30 rounds is true. Depending on my condition, I can give close to 40 rounds”

Well, actually, I don’t think the 「Human」 part or the 「I’m messing with his favorite younger sisters」part is light.

“Naa……e, that, that, eh, it’s a lie……!?”
“You can count on it overnight”

I winked at Leslie-dono as I said that and began to fuck Cathy-dono. ……I knew I was in better shape to fuck her than to let her fuck me. The next morning. When I left the guest room for breakfast, the female slaves (including Dianne, Naris and Neia, of course) were waiting outside.

“Ho. I see you had a good time”
“Thanks to you. I have to thank Carlos-san”
“Did you have a good time?”
“I could taste a lot of erotic techniques, as I expected”

I answered lightly to the two dragons. The two dragons were all smiling, but Luna and Naris seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood.

“I can’t believe you wasted one night of your semen on women who would open their legs to anyone for money……”
“I don’t really care who 10-man captain Smithson swings his dick around to now. I don’t think it’s right to let someone stay in a room like that and then go on a rampage yourself”
“Well, it was fun, it was like a pajama party”
“Isn’t Tetes-chan such a brazen pajama party!? A pajama party where even if ten monsters fall down on you, it will be over in three seconds!?”
“Naris-chan, you sometimes put your status on the shelf, don’t you?”
“I’m not proud of it, but I came in first place in the 『Red Arm that doesn’t look strong』poll!”

Don’t be so proud. I’m sure that in some ways, Tetes looks more powerful because she’s unfathomable. ……And.

“Haa……these people really are female slaves. They’re not afraid to talk about wasting semen and stuff”

Leslie-dono, who came out with me while holding my arm, is impressed. And Hilda-san approached Leslie-dono casually.

“Haai, Cosmos……no, it’s a professional name, what’s it now?”
“Hilda♪ Come by the store later, I’ll serve you a nice drink”
“……Cosmos? Isn’t that the name of the store?”

Leslie-dono smiled shyly.

“Ah, that’s right. It’s been around for about 300 years now, so people who know it’s a long-established business will notice that it’s not the name of the store and will be drawn away by the age of the customer♪”
“Actually, she’s about the same age as me”
“I’m about ten years younger than Hilda”

No, of course, elves sometimes don’t match their appearance. Even though Irina and Laurier are adults, they only look like children. ……Almost the same age as Hilda!?

“The other day, my great-grandson’s great-grandson came to drop my brush without knowing. Well, I pretended not to know and did it for him, but it was hard when he found out later, ahaha”
“D, Dream situation☆”
“I think Hilda is a little crazy to call this a dream♪”

……Now I realize that dark elves are not half bad.

“I’m going to tell you a graphic story in front of our guests……”

Cathy-dono wakes up languidly. The other prostitutes also got up in a hurry, probably because of the loud talking. In the end, they took turns working until dawn.

“Even so, it was amazing, older brother. I’ve had customers who say they´re slow ejaculators and take a lot of trouble, but I never knew you were really this good……♪”

Cathy-dono kissed me lightly on the cheek. The slaves, especially Naris and Luna, look at me with a complicated look on their faces.

“Here’s our address. If you come to the store, I’ll get mad if I take your money, so come here for a private date……♪”

With pon, she pushed a wooden coaster to me. The address was written on the back.

“I’m the owner of the store, so you don’t have to worry about it♪ I’d like to have sex with older brother all night long♪”

Miss Cosmos, aka Leslie, said cheerfully and rubbed her face against me like a cat. Her ears twitched and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

“No, there’s too many of them over here☆”
“Andy, grandma said that if you just pull this kind of thing and put it in the shop, you will get paid”
“Not even 10-man captain Smithson would come all the way to Talc to have sex with the girls, right?”

Ah, I’m a little happy that Naris is jealous, let alone Luna. No, I’m happy for Luna too.

“Hey. Did you say you came from Trot? Well then, I’m going to get pregnant one of these days”
“What’s with that declaration!?”
“I have a policy of keeping a long term relationship with a customer I like. That includes having children♪”
“I can’t imitate that……”

Cathy-dono paused like she had a headache. ……Well, she must have given birth in the middle of her career, because she even has great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren. The ungainly dressed prostitutes grooming themselves on the bed behind her whispered to each other after hearing Mistress Cosmos’ declaration.

“Ah, I also imagined I was a little bit pregnant when he ejaculated inside me……♪”
I know, I know. I was thinking that it would be okay if I got pregnant if it was that overwhelming”
“Well, I don’t think you can do it unless you have patience with it”
“Would you like to come to our store too……I wonder if you will come if you let me move to Leslie-san’s place”

……I’ve got a couple of girls who really like my massive ejaculation.

“You’re very popular, Andy”
“Of course, the girls you enslave come first, don’t they?”

Poof, poof, Anzeros and Aurora tapped me on the shoulder. ……I was a little scared when I remembered that well, these girls were part of that 「Armed pajama party」. The sluts are tolerant of eroticism, but not unlimited, as you might expect. ……Well, they are dark elves and they have a long temperament. I’m sure they’ll sneak in when I forget about them.

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