Half elves fall in love chapter 454

Chapter 454: Talc Holiday 2



Dark elves are more social than elves. No, it’s not so much that the dark elves are conspicuously unsociable, but rather that the elves are too unsociable. The dark elves feel uncomfortable in the forests where the elves are based, but not the other way around, apparently.

“W, When it comes to Celesta cuisine, it’s all about meat! This is powerful and juicy! I think there is soul in common people’s food as well as in sumptuous, fine cuisine”
“Hee, that’s unusual, are you from a different tribe than the elves in the forest territory?”
“That’s right. No, I don’t know exactly which clan it is because it was a hundred years ago, but my name is Naris from somewhere in the Southern Great Plains”
“Hahaa, I see. Welcome to Celesta. Here, even demons are our customers as long as they pay us money”
“I like that kind of thing. At least give me a plate of something tasty”

Naris is having the dark elf butcher shave the pork for the hanging roast at the open-air diner. Her carefree touristy attitude is not at all like that of an elf.

“The history of conflict is so long that I, for example, am always put off by it”

Hilda shrugs her shoulders at Sharon’s wry smile.

“The dark elves are not interested in the conflict at all. They don’t come to get involved in the first place. The reality is that they are rarely aware of the elves”

Aurora laughed.

“Our clan should be much more open than those in the north”
“Well, the nine northern clans wouldn’t want to let any other race in, even as concubines……”

Aurora nodded shyly at Anzeros’ words.

“Regarding that matter, I admit that my father’s aides were also quite boiled”

That incident that was the starting point of Dianne’s journey and her encounter with Aurora? The story goes that Aurora’s father’s favoritism for dark elves was preventing him from procreating and his aides were getting impatient and kidnapped young girls from dark elves, ogres and beastmen and threw them into the back palace to meet their quota for the number of children they wanted to have. Since Dianne intervened, they must have had a discussion about the return of the girls afterwards, but I wonder what happened to them.

“So what about Almeida? You can’t walk around the city if you’re a dark elf?”

I asked Almeida, who had been quietly following me in the position of Sharon’s second-in-command.

“I don’t hear of them coming into the country in the first place. At least I don’t remember seeing them in Rennes Dukedom”
“Did they come in and out of the country because of business with Celesta or something?
“Because the imperial territory is the point of contact for such transactions……and the area where Afilm is in contact is probably not the territory of the dark elves, but the fox beast territory”
“So even if they were to trade in and out, they would have to be of that race?”
“Yeah. The fox beasts have connections with the Branbakus duchy”

There are many opportunities to see them in Celesta and for the Trot people, they were the frontrunners of the war, so for some reason the dark elves feel closer to me, but if I think about it, the dark elves may be a relatively valuable existence.

“The good thing about dark elves is that they are flexible in many ways. If it were humans or elves, they would never think of developing magic for the lower half of their bodies. I mean, it usually takes years to develop magic, so it’s only natural”
“What? If it’s useful magic, even if it takes years to develop it……”

When I pounced on what Tetes was saying, Tetes raised her finger.

“Anyway, elves are human, for example, it takes around 30 years old to become proficient enough to develop magic……no, even with this assumption, they should be pretty good, but anyway, even if you start doing one magic. Let’s say you start at around that age and it takes you about three years to complete a single magic spell. So you would only be able to develop 14 or 15 of them by the end of your average lifespan”
“One person’s lifetime of work is only fifteen and when there are a few things mixed in that you can’t talk about openly……it’s a shame, don’t you think?”
“……Ah, indeed”

If I could only make 15 pieces of my own work, for example, would I be able to mix in a sword with a handle like a dick among them, saying, 「It might be useful for female swordsmen」……yeah, it’s a little tough. At least it’s not something the short-lived human race would want to deal with.

“The elves have plenty of time, so this would be on the order of 200 or 300, but there is a part of elves that is not passionate about 『Making』 in the first place”
“Dark elves are aggressive in such areas”

It is vulgar, but it is not something that should be neglected. There are diseases that can be transmitted through sex and the impact that having confidence in one’s crotch can have on one’s life is significant. I think. The contraceptive magic allows prostitutes to live a safe life, which is a considerable advantage.

“Well, there’s a part of me that’s developed because elves don’t do it. And dark elves, if I do say so myself, are the kind of people you want to fuck, aren’t they……?”

Hilda puts her hand to her lips and smiles mischievously.

“They have the same good looks as the elves and their bodies are well-developed. And they’ve been tight for hundreds of years. It’s natural for humans and beastmen alike to want to have sex with dark elves. It is said that in order to live and interact with them without being holed up like elves, they naturally had to develop magic to take care of their sexuality as well, or so they say”
“I see……”
“Rather than being a flexible race, I guess it’s because they were often forced to do so”
“I don’t know. Conversely, it’s precisely because of the development of magic and medicine that the dark elves are able to be unrestrained in their sexuality……if you interpret it vulgarly, it might be that they wanted to have sex with so many different races and couldn’t help it☆”

Hilda jokes, but I see, if you also consider social position and species characteristics, it all seems inevitable. From my erotica-loving point of view, they are a race where everything is a man’s dream, but I guess it is a culture that has developed according to their own logic. They place a high value on commerce, relationships and the sex industry. I had a vague image of them, but when I realized that they have a proper framework, my view of them changed a little.

“If I may defend myself, I interpret that the elves were required by the forest to 『Not Change』……Tetes”

Sharon joins the conversation again.

“If everything becomes convenient, the forest and the elves will not be able to harmonize……the elves have chosen to live within the bounds of the forest’s bounty by focusing on the old ways of doing things. It is this philosophy that keeps them from creating too much magic. The forest and the elves are one and the same and we must never be those who only use the forest like slaves”

Aurora shrugs at Sharon’s words.

“I’m not saying that the philosophy itself is wrong, but the times don’t always agree with the breath of the elves. We must always be thinking”
“……I agree”
“The fire dragon war has brought the forest of Claves to a standstill and the forest of Naris has been burned to the ground. We must learn from the attitude of the dark elves, who are always looking for new ways to make peace with each other in order to protect the forest and keep it in harmony……”
“Arcas has lost a lot of its forest. They are satisfied with their own attitude, ridicule the appearance of others as vulgar and wear the word tradition as a cover”

……Well, they are both princesses who could be the leaders of their respective homelands, depending on what happens to them.

“I don’t like it when people talk too highly of me”

Despite the elves’ remorse, Luna and Maia pick and eat meat from Naris’ plate. ……You guys are probably the leaders of the next generation in your own place.

“Don’t eat from my plate, Luna-chan and Maia-chan! Order over there!!”
“I was told it would take a while to cook”
“I’m hungry”

Relentless cool girls.

“Oh, dear. Why don’t you eat something else? Here, Owner”

Laila comes back from somewhere and offers me a plate of meat, which she seems to have bought along with her own.

“Oh, thank you……what is this?”
“It’s grilled pork liver. The one on the right is camel liver. There is also ostrich liver sashimi over here”
“Don’t go out of your way to pinpoint it, it’s all about the liver!?”

I’m starting to be recognized as someone who needs to eat liver, aren’t I?

“If you won’t eat it, may I try it?”

For some reason, Neia seems to be very interested and her eyes light up when she sees the liver.

“……I, I didn’t say I wouldn’t eat it……but half”

I finally compromise, as she looks very disappointed with the first half of the line, her ears drooping.

“Come on, Neia, open your mouth”
“Y, Yes. Ah……”

As I was throwing the ostrich liver into Neia’s mouth, I noticed that the girls around me were staring at me.

“……Wh, What”
“Andy. ……Aah”

Anzeros said so and snatched the skewer from me and tried to throw grilled liver into my mouth. Another face that starts to move as soon as possible. Neia alone.

“Anzeros-san, I’m next”
“Andy, give me a piece too”
“Master, me too, me too”
“Andy-kun, I’m getting a liver stick right on my tits”
“Your female slaves ate my whole plate, so I think you owe me a slice!”
“You guys should take that kind of thing somewhere more relaxing!”

The gaze of the older brother butcher who is whistling hurts.

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