Half elves fall in love chapter 455

Chapter 455: Talc Holiday 3



Talc has many famous landmarks. Even if the history of Talc is not as long as that of the Northern Forest or the capital of Arcas (6,000 to 7,000 years if both are believed seriously), it is natural that there are more historical sites and cultural heritage sites in Talc. And naturally, the tourist guidance was left to Hilda, who has lived in Talc for a long time.

“This is the castle ruins of Geothird, one of the famous Georoad ruins. This is one of the castles of the Geo family, which seems to have flourished about 1,800 years ago. Yes, who knows about the Geo family there?”

The three who raised their hands were Neia, Tetes and Sharon.

“Don’t you know about it, Laila?”
“Ho. I am not familiar with human history. I don’t know if it was after my birth, but more than a thousand years ago”
“Almeida seems to know about it, too
“……I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been interested in it”

It seemed that these two knew only what they were interested in.

“So, Neia-chan, let’s take a look at the outline”
“E, Emm……it’s information from Kalwin’s archives, so it may not be the same as the current theory”
“But that’s fine. That’s the story”
“It was a prominent family in the Renian Kingdom of the Southern Great Plains, which claimed supremacy over the continent between about 1,800 and 1,700 years ago. After winning the political battle for the Renian Kingdom, they took the throne and renamed it the Geo Kingdom, which led to an explosive expansion of their power, forming more than 20 Geo Kingdoms in all. The speed of their invasion, which was frightening for humans, was so great that later studies suggest that they used dragons or flying dragons as their means of transportation on a large scale”
“Yes, well done. The Geo Kingdoms were connected to each other and to all parts of the continent, so it was called 『Georoad』 the path of the Geo family that traversed the continent. So there was a time when Talc was part of it”
“……I’m not sure what you mean by the Geo Kingdom over 20”

When I gently raise my hand and say, Hilda adds with a laugh.

“In later times, each of them was given a different name, but at the time, each of the 20-plus kingdoms claimed to be part of the 『Geo Kingdom』. The older countries claimed legitimacy by virtue of their indigence and the later countries were all muddling along, claiming that they were the mainline, the innovative, true Geo Kingdom”

What a……stumbling block.

“The King of Central Geo, Lamboldt Geo Rio, who held the area around the central lake of the continent, famously said, 『Choose to be the inn of Geo or the road of Geo』. Anyway, the invincible Geo family suddenly became suspicious around the 50th year of the founding of the country, when the first generation of the Geo family died one after another. Either the next generation failed to inherit the bullshit control that the first generation had, or the oppressive backlash came as they turned their attention to internal strife……in any case, the era of the Georoad suddenly became muddy in the second half of the war and eventually they became anathema to those around them and disappeared. Extinguished. Most traces of the Geo family were torn apart by the people. The area around Talc was once an abandoned city too”
“Hee……even though there is such an oasis here”
“They say there was not much need to stick to this place since there was a lot of greenery around it at that time. Or so my father was told by my grandfather”

For the dark elves, 1,800 years is the number of years that they can reach the place by hearing about it over and over again.

“Talc was created by appropriating the city plans of the Geothird Kingdom hundreds of years later, when the anger against the Geo family had subsided. In a sense, the Geo family is the creator of Talc”
“So that’s how it came to be, here……”

I thought the streets were much better organized than naturally occurring villages and towns. The streets of Polka and the cat beast colony are quite wobbly and winding irregularly.

“And there is the Geo Cake Bakery, which recreates the taste favored by the Geo family back then. It’s been in business for 200 years”
“……Two hundred years for a flavor that was a favorite of people 1,800 years ago”
“Eh, but it’s delicious. Let’s eat it”
“And if it’s been 200 years, it was the same restaurant when I was born and Dianne was born. And since it has been around for so long, you can expect great things from it”
“I’d like to try it, too”
“It’s good, but……”

There is no reason to push back if Laila and Neia are pressed. But how did they know what the people of 1800 years ago really liked? By the way, the cake itself was really delicious. And one of Talc’s specialties is a rickshaw. Of course, it is pulled by an ogre. It is almost the same size as a horse-drawn rickshaw and two people can pull a rickshaw and all 12 people can ride on it. The pullers were a pair of horned men with shaved heads.

“Hey, where are the guests from? There are a lot of elves, but you don’t look like to be from the forest territory”
“Well, from various places. Please go to Oud Mountain”
“Hot springs, huh? We’ll take a bath too, won’t we, buddy?”
“I prefer water, though”

I don’t think ogres take baths very often. As expected, they were allowed to join the military group life, but I saw several soldiers who almost didn’t join the colony in their hometowns, just like the dwarves. I wonder if they don’t mind the smell or……well, I guess too many Polka girls go in there.

“Hot springs……?”
“There’s a hot spring here too”

Sharon and Neia let out peaceful thoughts. The reason why they don’t feel any ill feelings is because they don’t know that it’s a mixed bath yet.

“Even though it’s called a hot spring, it’s not as amazing as Polka”

Hilda-san refuses at first, just as she did last time. Then, the puller’s ogre sharpens his mouth.

“I don’t know about Polka, but the hot springs of Mount Oud are the pride of the Talc citizens. I won’t keep quiet if you say they aren’t great”
“The hot springs are certainly interesting to look at. But the benefits are only for stiff shoulders and bruises, right?”
“I hear it’s good for skin diseases, back pain and joint pain. My grandfather has a bad back and when he goes to Oud Mountain sometimes, he is in a good mood”
“……There are places in the world where injuries and illnesses really do heal in a matter of a few days”
“Isn’t that magic or something?”
“Even magic doesn’t work that easily. That’s the kind of place that the hot spring of Polka is”
“Again, again. I don’t mean to be a nuisance after lifting up Oud Mountain, but it’s such a dreamy thing to do with just one bath”

The ogre laughs lightly as he pulls the rickshaw. ……Really, Polka is a place like a dream. When I see this kind of reaction, I really feel it. Polka has a proper home, can travel anywhere in a day or so with a dragon and is strangely endeared in various places. I could never have imagined such a situation until about two years ago.

“I’m still blessed……after all this time”
“You mean Polka?”

I hugged Anzeros’ head, who reacted to my muttering and stroked it.

“The other thing is that I’m surrounded by beautiful women”
“……S, Stop doing that with a straight face”
“Isn’t it true? I thought I would never be able to live in such luxury”
“I was a little skeptical about whether Selenium and Apple would actually be waiting for me. I thought maybe I would spend the rest of my life drinking cheap booze on a cheap salary, reading erotic picture scrolls, in a man-centered crossbow corps until I became an old man. From that point of view, even Anzeros alone is a treasure”
“Uh……s, so why are you so quick to say treasure……”

Come to think of it, it might have been a little cheesy.

“Well, do I deserve to be called a treasure?”

Aurora’s ears twitched as she exerted pressure.

“O, Of course. That’s why I call it extravagant, covered with treasures”
“Huhu, I’m sorry I made you say that”
“Master, how about me♪”
“Tetes. We are the newcomers, so don’t be so thick-skinned”
“Th, That’s right. Yes, we are still……”
“……Almeida-san, you’re a little hungry for love……”
“Wh……What are you talking about”
“I think you’re the one who’s hungry for love, Naris-chan”
“I don’t think so!”
“Hoho, Maia, don’t be so hard on Owner. Let’s save it for the killing phrase in the bed someday”
“No, Luna is a treasure, too. Don’t look up at me like that”
“……What is it, is that older brother in the back some kind of wealthy merchant?”
“Huhuu, I, I don’t think there’s a problem with that kind of intention♪”
“This is hard”
“I’ll try not to be rude”

Hilda didn’t dare to clear up the misunderstanding. Well……I wonder if it’s not possible to make people think like that. And then, for the first time in months, we went to the Oud Mountain hot springs.

“……I didn’t dare to mention it because I was afraid I would be the only one making a fuss about it, but this town is basically a mixed bathing culture! Please be prepared for this to continue no matter where you go! By the way, I’ve already given up!”

With a thud, Naris put her hands on her hips and revealed her nakedness. Well, even her ears are red even though she says so. And what about other aspects?

“I’m fine with it, if that’s what you think”
“Nothing to worry about”

Luna and Maia had almost no reaction.

“Master♪ I’m a little embarrassed, so please stay with me♪”
“You seem to be having a lot of fun, don’t you, Tetes……exposure preferences?”
“It seems that you and Sharon-san hit it off well, and that may be the case”

Tetes jump at me and Anzeros and Aurora are a little flabbergasted.

“I would also like you to stay with me……if you can♪
“You wouldn’t be a knight chief who would fall behind an unscrupulous fellow, would you?”

Sharon, who somewhat embarrassedly covered her chest and crotch with her hands and Almeida, who folded her arms and was also red. Then, Hilda-san pushes Neia’s shoulders, who hides her in front of her and happily emerges from the dressing room.

“Get used to mixed bathing☆”
“Even if you say so!?”
“Hoho, Owner will not touch a woman with a body that would be a disgrace to show. You should learn from Naris’s example”
“Yes! And don’t stand in line, Laila! It makes my tits sore!”

The Oud Mountain hot spring is thriving again today. But we still stand out because of our races, because of the beauty of the women, or because of the strange formation in which I am surrounded without hesitation. All of it? Yes, all of it.

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