Half elves fall in love chapter 460

Chapter 460: On the Giant Bed 3 [Naris Nord]



Stirring the vagina of Naris that had just been entered with my fingers, I taste Nord-san’s womb with long strokes. I pull out at a slightly slower speed until I’m on the verge of pulling out and then I slam it in forcefully from there to the cervix. Slurp, slurp, slurp, while gripping her magnificent brown ass unreservedly, again and again, with my cock, which is entangled with Naris’s love juices. The wide bed is surrounded by the entranced faces of my female slaves as if it were a spectacle around such a tangle between me and the two women, sweetly drifting with their unstoppable carnal desires. On a spring night with a hint of liquor in the air, the lust of these beautiful women is pleasant to me to no end.

“Ha, aaa……y, younger brother……don’t get impatient like that……go deeper greedily……♪”
“F, Fingers……I don’t mind if you add another finger……♪”

The two of them want to have an intense affair. But does Nord-san like to condemn her lust. That’s a good reference.

“Nord-chan, you’re a portio type, aren’t you☆”
“I also prefer to be penetrated deeply……I’m happy that Andy is penetrating me so deeply……
“I wonder if many people like it shallow”
“Ah, I like shallow places. My butt is like a meat urinal! I feel excited”
“I……whether shallow or deep, umm……either way, if he gets serious, he won’t have much……”

The gallery of the female slaves begin to get excited talking about the depths they feel. It’s fun to look sideways at Neia, who’s acting suspiciously as to whether she should join the circle or not, but it’s not the time for me to be distracted either. Just blaming both of them at the same time is pretty distracting. While increasing the number of fingers that return to gripping inside Naris’s vagina, I also use my hips to blame Nord-san as deeply and as short and fast as I wish.

“Yes, thats……a, huaaa……good……come♪”

Nord is enthusiastic and pushes her hips against me. However, when she measurably measures the rhythm and aligns the reciprocating motions so that they produce maximum stimulation, it feels like a real dancer. On the other hand, Naris seems to feel exquisite pleasure from my fingers vibrating slightly under the influence of my own swaying and she is making pleasant noises even when I do not move my fingers with the intention of making her entwine with my fingers. I was getting into a good pace. The tightness of Nord-san’s vagina is also comfortable and I slam the glans violently into the cervix at the back of her vagina as if to spur her on. I make my future sister-in-law, a popular dancer, crawl and beg for my seed under the same treatment as a slave. My sniveling desire for conquest is satisfied by this fact and the physical stimulation is at its peak as I begin to drain her womb while thrusting my fingers to spread Naris’s vagina.

“Ha, aaaaa……a, kuuuuu……♪”

Byuruu, byururuu. The sensation is almost solid and the cum is rampant inside the womb of my sister-in-law, planning to be fertilized. The feeling of discharge, which even I feel is a little too long, or perhaps a sense of pleasure and accomplishment, spreads down my spine and around the base of my ear. I squint my eyes, feeling comfortable as the warm white fluid pushes through the folds of her vagina and leaks out, bouncing off my ball sack. The illusion of my own color spreading inside the beautiful woman in front of me. I feel a sense of selfish domination as I allow myself to take in all of myself, even if it is only for a moment. I enjoy the lingering sensation as I slowly pull out my cock.

“Nnn……hi, uu……wa, wait, me too…… please don’t forget……!!?”

Naris protests as well, almost unconsciously wriggling my fingers and blaming me. Come to think of it, I only put a little cock in for the first time to cheer her up.

“Do you want me to put my cock in you, Naris?”
“……You sound so nasty……”
“How is it?”
“You’re going to make me say please, I’ll do anything, or impregnate me……”

She saw that I was on a bit of a roll and got ahead of me.

“……No good?”
“……I’m fine if it’s just a little, but if you’re trying to brainwash me, I’m going to put up a fight”
“No No”

But being mean to Naris and making her follow strange things is like slave training, if you ask me. Let’s reflect on that.

“Try to be as cute as possible and say, 『Let’s make a baby♪』”
“Didn’t you just say a little? What kind of acting instruction do you give me?”
“Eh, I intended to make it as mild as possible”
“It would be much easier to have me spread my pussy and say, please give me your cock juice, I can’t stand it!?”

I see. Almeida gently moved up next to Naris, spread her legs and slowly said.

“Please give me your cock juice……I cant stand it”

Saying that, she startled me, Naris and Luna, who was dumbfounded. Furthermore, I get up from there and make a child.

“Making a child……shi……ku, uu!!”

It was alright until she showed a flattering smile, but she was frustrated when she said the lines.

“It’s my loss……!”
“What are you doing?”

I turned around to see Tetes making a V sign.

“Because Al-chan said, 『Naris is obsessed with something weird』. So I told her to try both”

Almeida, who had done so without question, was probably an idiot.

“Almeida-chan, it’s surprisingly easy to be submissive when you know what you’re doing. But to show off like a girl, you need both feelings and experience☆”
“I, I’ll practice”

Almeida, you can maintain yourself a little. You are not suited for it.

“You seem to be good at that, Anzeros-san”
“I……no, I don’t think I’m too pretty……”
“Hoho, look at yourself in the mirror when you’re being smitten by Owner”
“Wh, What”
“N-e-i-a-san, will you give it a try?”
“I, I can’t do that much!?”
“Master, will you hear my plea……♪?”
“Wait, Knight Chief, it’s my turn!?”
“Oh, Naris, are you begging?”
“I’m not saying I won’t do it! E, Emm, ……let’s make a baby♪”
“You laughed? Shouldn’t you be pretending to like me there without laughing, even if you mean to, 10-man captain Smithson!”

In the end, while continuing to have sex, it became a begging competition and Hilda-san was decided to be the best begging. ……After all, she is the best at making a sexual atmosphere drift from the whole body. Anzeros and Maia did their best, but the other female slaves who were judged were no match for Hilda-san. ……By the way, Laila and Neia even showed their willingness to participate, but in the end they were unsuccessful because they couldn’t appeal. Laila was surprisingly not discarded, either. The next day, I was hugging Maia and Sharon was hugging me from behind and my lower body was entangled with Nord-san and Tetes and I was still in a futon-like state when the door suddenly opened without knocking and Dianne came in.

“Wake up! All of you, get your battle gear on and get ready to go!”

Everyone jumps up. Dianne-san, without changing her color even when she saw the perfectly skin-colored bed, declared decisively.

“We’re going back to Sahul. Apparently, due to a miscommunication, the missing girl’s information went directly to him”
“If we are not careful, the whole town will be on fire”

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