Half elves fall in love chapter 459

Chapter 459: On the Giant Bed 2 [Luna Naris Nord]



Luna aggressively presses her lower abdomen against me. She was begging me to go faster and faster. I gently stroke Luna’s hair and kiss her repeatedly and when the urgency reaches its peak, I gently hold her down on the bed and slide my cock into her.

“Hua, a……♪ It’s coming in……♪”
“Luna……don’t look so happy with my cock inside you, it’s going to come out”
“Just let it out……and keep stirring it up, Andy’s semen will be all over my pussy……♪”
“I’ll do that later”

I can’t control the sweet throbbing at the endlessly lewd appeal of the cute female slave cat beast. I started moving my hips as if my instincts pushed me. Luna takes my cock into her lower mouth, which she has been craving and twists her legs around my waist with eyes that could be described as excited or intoxicated. She is not ashamed of having intercourse while being watched by so many of her friends, but rather, as if to show off, she aggressively bounces her hips and lets out a charming sound.

“Haau, ah, nyaaaa……aa, haaaaa, Andy, make it harder, more…you can take it out right away, you can rape me while you take it out……use my pussy until it’s worn out……♪”
“Whether or not it gets worn out, give me plenty of satisfaction……!!”

As a matter of fact, even if I had sex as often as I really wanted, it wouldn’t put a strain on the girl’s vagina. There are always a few of them, so even if I’m having a great time, it’s rarely going to go to one of them. And the fact that I can enjoy sex with many different girls and at many different tensions is something I will never get tired of. If this were a noble family’s duty to create an heir, the same thing would be repeated no matter how many people there were and I would probably get bored with sex itself……but I and my female slaves enjoy each other’s company with our hearts through sex. The pleasure of the body and the pleasure of the mind become one and the same and I never think of sex as something bothersome. I am truly blessed. I am enjoying this kingdom of lust in the best way imaginable and the girls don’t have to suffer from my unrestrained sexuality.

“Luna……fine, I’m going to let it out……plenty, I’m going to let it out……!!”
“Yes……I want you to let it out,make it sticky……♪ Pour it in so much that I’ll get impregnated even if I’m on birth control……♪”

Luna wriggles her hips violently in time with me, expressing her love for me straight and fiercely. Clumsy, a little selfish, sometimes I don’t know what she’s thinking, but she’s very cute. Because she is clumsy and selfish, when push comes to shove, she expresses her love for me more fervently than anyone else, and that’s the kind of cat beast she is. I hold Luna in my arms as if to make sure she’s okay and I spew my lust inside her vagina to the fullest.

“Huaaaa……a, haaaaa……ah, tsuii……♪”
“Don’t get impregnated yet, Luna. I’m still here for your pussy”
“……Pr, Pregnant……you can pull it out all the time……”
“You can’t do it☆ If you don’t abstain for a while after growing up, Andy-kun’s kitten will die, you know?”

Hilda-san admonished her from a distance and Luna looked a little dissatisfied.

“I’m fine. If Luna can’t do it, I’ll be Andy-sama’s meatbag instead”

Maia asserted strongly. But there were boos from all over the place.

“I, I’m here! I mean, Andy doesn’t have to have children for a while if he wants……”
“It’s hard to conceive an elf. Many of Andy-san’s slaves are elves and I don’t think there’s ever going to be a lack of sexual desire treatment. Including me……♪”
“I’m sure you’re right, ice dragon. Generally, is, is that man satisfied by himself……”
“Eh, is little brother chronically inadequate with just one partner?”
“Ho, he’s not the kind of guy who’s going to fuck all the women he can get his hands on and then say that it’s not enough”
“If you want to enjoy various things, I think anal is good. You won’t get pregnant♪”
“Tetes-chan is the one who will almost certainly have the most children if you do it with a blank slate, isn’t it? And you always say welcome whenever it’s convenient for your mission, right? Regardless of whether or not you get pregnant with your buttocks. Are you using both holes?”
“It depends on what Master thinks. It might be fun to specialize for a while as an ass slave”
“I knew it was not the way a girl of 16 or so thinks!? Or rather, it’s not something a girl who was a virgin until a while ago should say!?”

Even while Maia was expressionlessly listening to it, I started to move again in Luna’s vagina. Luna said she wanted to focus and I was sorry to do it just once. That said, I wouldn’t fuck Luna until she was worn out and the other girls wouldn’t be happy either.

“Nyaaaaa……Andy, Andy……nichyanichya……Andy’s sperm, smeared into every corner of my folds……♪”
“Of course”

I rub Luna’s tits with both hands, which she expresses her erotic hopes in a guttural voice, while I signal the beginning of the road to her next climax with big, slow strokes. After about four strokes in a row, Luna starts to get horny and the pressure from the others starts to get to be too much, so we move on to the orgy.

“I think I’ll have Nariy and……Nord-san, who did a great job with the blowjob, sticking their asses out for me”
“Ugh, this person is in a bad mood……I want to refuse, but it’s a loss to be drunk……”
“You’re such a pompous little brother to treat me like a side dish……♪”

Naris, who seemed unconvinced and Nord-san, who seemed somewhat happy, crawled side by side on the bed and raised their buttocks. Perhaps because they have more physiques than Dianne-san and Hilda-san, they are toned and voluminous enough and on top of that, Nord-san, who exposes a splendid brown buttocks with no stains and Naris, who is smaller than that and soft and comfortable to caress, has white buttocks. Naris lined up her buttocks. Both were hairless and there were no obstacles to hide the elasticity of their assholes or their wet labia, which were beginning to open.

“Which one shall I fuck first?”

Neither of them is my female slave and neither of them has completely forgiven me, but they still wander into this insane bedroom of mine and have a lewd relationship in which they expect to be fucked inside. This feeling of humiliating these half-distant girlfriends side by side is also very appealing. ……If I get too addicted to it, I might be criticized as a bad husband for not feeding the fish I catch.

“I, If you’re unsure, can I start with you?”
“The honey over here is good……♪”
“I’m going to compare them and use the wetter one first”
“Wait……don’t be such a prude……hanyawaa!”
“Hey, that’s the first one. Younger brother´s fault”

Although I thrust it in Naris first, of course I’m also putting my hand into Nord-san’s crotch. I was allowed to take my time to enjoy the inside of Naris while inserting two fingers into Nord-san’s vaginal hole and inspect how aroused she was by the pacifier and Luna’s spectacle. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Neia looking at the two on all fours with a red face and a sideways glance. I feel a strong sense of mischief at how much red those drooping ears can do and without any particular warning, I forcefully pull out of Naris and switch to Nord-san and resume my movements.

“Hugyuu……ha, how to start and stop suddenly……oh, what do you think about a woman’s crotch!”
“Huaa, a, haaa……a, aahh……♪ After all, amazing……♪”
“Hey Naris, calm down for a second. I’ll stick my finger in you”
“What’s that, you’re trying to soothe me……I’ll get angry if you don’t do it politely!”

Naris once stood up and protested, but when I waved my hand, she quietly pushed her butt up again. ……I’m not sure what to say, but she’s getting less and less heteronormative as she goes along. And Neia out of the corner of my eye is getting redder and redder, as expected. I can’t wait to see when it gets to the point where she’s so blatantly wetting herself imagining it.

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