Half elves fall in love chapter 505

Chapter 505: Fort Life 4 【Neia, etc.】

“How about we also serve as a technique improvement course for Andy-kun☆”

Hilda used Apple’s naked body as a specimen and I used Neia in her underwear as a practice subject, with the half-elves’ naked bodies being used as playthings on the beds next to each other, one meter apart.


“Ah, Apple-chan, are you starting to catch your breath yet?”

“B, Because Hilda-san, you’ve been massaging me in a strange way……”

“Uhuhu, so Andy-kun, Sensei is already demonstrating how to play with a girl to get her attention☆ It’s a loss if you don’t steal it, right?”

“Eh, it’s already started!?”

I was expecting to be taught Hilda’s fingerwork in great detail and I was flustered by the sudden start. However, it is an ironclad rule that craftsmen should learn by watching and imitating rather than by logic. It is a delicate skill, so it is more important to demonstrate than to talk about it. While keeping an eye on how Hilda was working on Apple and how she was moving her hands, I gently groped Neia’s body.

“Nn……e, emm, Smithson-san……?”

“How’s it feel, does it burn?”

“No, it’s just, you know, it’s kind of……emm, I’m sorry to be so extravagant, but……it’s a little ridiculous”


Neia made a mirror copy of the same pose as Apple in order to imitate Hilda’s hand movements. I also turned my hand the same way as Hilda’s and as I saw, followed Hilda’s hand movements exactly as I had seen them. And when I objectively look at my appearance of imitating the other person’s movements in front of me while glancing at them with a straight face……no matter how much it is to make me feel good, it is certainly a bit unemotional. 

“T, The other thing is, I think that……your skin is different from that of Apple-san’s……”

“Nhuhu. Yes, Andy-kun, you’re right. You have to think about what you’re looking at and what you’re stealing☆”

“Nua, aa……ahuuu♪”

Hilda-san lifts Apple’s chest and strokes the line from her thigh to the side of her waist with smooth, mysterious hands that resemble the legs of a centipede. I mimic her movements several times, but Neia doesn’t moan like Apple and only makes tickling noises.


I involuntarily compare my hand with Hilda’s. I don’t think it’s easy to steal something just by looking at it and copying it, but I also suspect that the difference in tools…in this case, the difference in hands between men and women may be what makes the difference in effectiveness. I don’t think it’s possible that she’s intentionally touching a point that is completely ineffective for some people while saying, try stealing it…….

“S, Should I take your place? Neia doesn’t have much experience, so it might be hard for her to feel that way”

“I’m always at your service”

Anzeros and Aurora offered to take over. It’s great that all the girls come here to be groped.

“No way. You won’t learn anything by getting carried away by an easy opponent, right?”

Hilda nailed me. Especially Anzeros, who has the perverse ability to turn anything I do to her into pleasure if she feels like it. That is not a bad thing, but it is a confirmation of Anzeros’ aptitude, not a technical training for me. But that means that Hilda herself thinks there is certainly something to be learned from Hilda’s moves. I think I can make Neia feel more comfortable if I make full use of it.

“It’s like this……I guess. No, it’s like this……”

“Oh, it’s a toy……this”

Neia was troubled by my trial-and-error. In the dim magical light, in front of Apple, who has been completely violated by Hilda and is beginning to pant in earnest, Neia’s underwear is now clearly the star of the lasciviousness show, both top and bottom, away from her bureau. I often stop to check Hilda’s handiwork, feeling frustrated that I can’t produce enough of it. Apple´s face is flushed, she is sweating profusely and her crotch is clearly overflowing with lewd fluid. While holding her in her arms, Hilda smiled at me and said.

“Anyd-kun. ……Sex is not a one-person dance, okay?”


She says it like a hint and I huff after a moment’s delay. Hilda’s hands were indeed vivid and nettlesome and truly full of lewdness……but she’s not saying that’s what she wants me to imitate. In other words. I rubbed and gripped……Neia’s breasts and varied the way I moved my fingers. Watch for that 「Reaction」 and determine the point at which you can get as intense a reaction as possible. As a model, Hilda showed us the movements to find out. It is not to blame the same place with the same moves. It is to say, explore, find and exploit it.

“KKu……n, aa……”

If I hold her breasts as if I was milking a cow, I will find Neia’s pressure points. Neia likes to have my hands crawl over her like this and drive her nipples. She feels more honestly when her inner thighs are in front of her hips and when her thighs are traced in an expectant way rather than when her labia are touched directly. I play Neia like Hilda, watching the light of lewdness in the back of her eyes grow stronger at an accelerated rate. I get the feeling of being played.

“Huhu, yes. Okay, then……let’s get down to business☆”

Hilda-san crushes Apple’s clitoris with her finger as a tome.

“Hia, aaaaaaaa……♪”

She makes Apple climax. And then, while supporting Apple, who is relaxing, I instruct Neia, who is beginning to become aroused in my arms, to move only lightly with facial movements. I pull away so as not to disturb her, as it was also a signal to me and Apple and Neia both lie comfortably on the bed. The two half-elves look at each other, breathing hard, as they remove Neia’s underwear, which had been entangled in hers. I snuggled close to Neia, clinging to her back. My cock asserted itself between Neia’s buttocks.

“When you go in… put pressure on this area. Don’t tighten it with random force. Tighten it more on the inside”

“Ha, Haa……is, is it this area……?”

“If you’re as aware of your own body as Neia-chan is, it should be easy☆ When you pull out with her, tighten it closer to the entrance. Once you get used to it, you can not only do that, but also stimulate it by waving your penis with her vagina while it’s still inside. I can also give you one”

“Y, You can do……such dexterous things while being made to feel so good……!?”

“It, It’s a little difficult for someone other than an ogre to do it♪”

As Hilda explains while tracing Apple’s stomach, Neia unconsciously moves her hips as she lies down. I’m also hit by Apple’s sex appeal as she half-heartedly soaks in the afterglow of her climax and I no longer want to be wrapped up in the woman’s flirtatious flesh.

“Neia……then, it’s time to put it into practice!”

“Eh, wait……n, auuuu……!!”

Dick, forcefully. From the side-lying position, pull my hips closer and push them into the cleavage between the skin of her buttocks. Having gotten used to it a lot, the insertion was smoother than usual……Neia tried to protest against the sudden insertion, but she still tried to greet the invading penis with the techniques she had just learned. It was so lovely that I grinned with joy as I enjoyed the new taste of Neia’s vagina. I’m sure my current face has the kind of disgusting look that could be used as a sample in an erotic picture scroll.

“……Ha, come in……”

“Ah, that feels so good, Neia”

“……I, I……feel so……good!”

Neia grabbed the hat that had rolled onto the pillow when she lay down, hugged it tightly and screamed in a small voice as if she was trying to squeeze it.

“……I, I can’t……I,I have a penis in me……I’m so happy, how can I use my pussy like that……!”

Considering her usual resistance to eroticism, she is unintentional, naked and straightforward. The words of Neia, Anzeros, Aurora and Luna, who were watching, were speechless for a moment, but then laughed.

“……Ah, well……I understand”

“I’d like to return the pleasure to you……it’s hard to think of such a generous thing when you’re really coming at it, Andy-san”

“Yeah. I’m really happy just to be able to hold on to you……right?”

I’m not sure what to expect from my female slaves.

“This is Hilda-san’s course, so don’t say all that worthless stuff and let’s do our best!”

Nyupu, nyupu, nyupu. Thanks to the position, I can’t do it as hard as I can, but I slowly move back and forth inside Neia’s vagina and send a blast to everyone. No, I have no complaints as it is now. But Hilda-san also took the trouble to teach me about it.

“Hau, n, nu, a, huauu……♪”

With each thrust, Neia’s gasp of excitement leaks out from behind her little head. The actual 「I’m so happy」 confession from the cock may have made it uncontrollable and while listening to her voice, which is fifty percent cuter than usual, I’m getting more and more excited inside her vagina. I was able to freely violate Neia’s vagina for a long time. And then.

“……Neia, let’s go……I’m going to inseminate you again today……!!!”

“……Ku, huuu……y, yes……put, put it out, inside……aaaaaa♪”

Ejaculation. Even though I say it’s practical, I still haven’t put the vaginal technique to practical use yet, but that’s okay. I ejaculate a lot into Neia’s vagina, and I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of the semen overflowing from Neia’s vagina, making a squeaky sound.

“Andy-kun☆ You still have one job left over here☆”

“Yes……e, eeei!?”

Then, when I opened my eyes, for some reason, Anzeros was also entangled with Hilda-san and was breathing like a bug.

“Since it’s a great opportunity, let’s go with all the half-elves☆”

“Since we’re going to the trouble!?”

“Are we going to be left out?”

“Andy. You can still go, right?”

Erotic girls who are turned on by the smell of sex and semen. I slowly pull my dick out of Neia and sit up. Well, this is not an unexpected development either. ……I’m in the middle of the demon territory and I’m having too much fun, wondering if it’s okay, as the spring night draws on.

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