Half elves fall in love chapter 506

Chapter 506: Fort Life 5 [Apple, Sharon]

The next morning. I step out into the courtyard of the fort, where the morning mist still hangs in the air, biting back the afterglow of the fun I had yesterday. Biting back a sigh of relief, I take a deep breath of fresh air. The air is cold. Well, that’s what a spring morning in the north is like. Unlike in Polka, it is much quieter. The only sound is the sound of water running down the gutter. The fortress is surrounded by solid stone walls, which by themselves block out most of the sounds from outside, so you have to listen very carefully to hear the rustling of the forest and the sounds of animals that should be all around you. Of course, there is no one in the fort making noise early in the morning……unless they need to train or something, but for now, there is nothing to break the silence.

“Maybe I should wash my face……no, maybe I should wash my whole body since I hustled quite a bit”

There is a bathing facility closer than Polka’s house. The water will be cold, but it will help me stay awake and in any case, the lewd smell on my body will turn sour over time. Suppressing my reluctance at the thought of stimulation, I shoved my way through the morning mist to the bathing area.

When I arrived at the bathing area, there were three people in front of me. Dianne, Laila and Almeida.

“Oh, Dianne……”

What was particularly surprising was Dianne. Laila, by nature, needs very little sleep, so she would probably stay up all night. Almeida is extremely serious, so I have the impression that she would be dousing herself with cold water as part of her morning mental exercise. I wonder if she stayed here yesterday and stayed up late with Laila.

“Is it surprising that I’m an early riser?”

“No, not really, but”

I reply to Dianne, who asks me in a relaxed manner, not caring about men’s eyes and take off my clothes. I wonder whose work is the vine braided basket that is provided. Boyd, I guess. He’s so dexterous.

“There’s me and that guy too

“My name is not 『That guy』, it’s Almeida”

“Ho. You’re such a troublesome woman

“What is it about me that you dragons don’t like? You dragons are so reluctant to call me by name, while the war god and Naris call me by my name”

“Hoho. Dianne is one of the few women I recognize as my equal. Naris is an interesting woman and I have no other name for her, so I can’t help but remember her”

“Am I not worth remembering……”

Almeida looks disapprovingly as she sinks into the hot water that is Laila’s feet. Dianne laughs.

“I’m not one to poke at every bit of dragon bullshit. We’re not in the army and if we know what to call them, that’s all that matters”

“I, I guess it’s the military. I always have that in mind”

“That was a bad way to say it. Laila is not a soldier. She’s outside the category of being bound by discipline. If she were in the military, she’d be worth a lot more than a few words for disrespect, but that’s not where her relationship with Laila and Maia comes in, is it?”


Almeida still seems to be dissatisfied, but at least she seems to be convinced, and she shuts up. Well, it’s not that Laila and the others are hostile to Almeida, but that she’s become a female slave in a straight line, so it’s just that her sense of distance and position don’t match. I approached Almeida and put my hands around her from behind and rubbed her breasts, thinking that time should solve the problem.

“H, Here, all of a sudden……”

“No good?”

“……It, Its no good……isnt it?”

Almeida feels her throat collar with her chin and reaffirms her position, even though she seems to be angry for a moment. As evidenced by that attitude of her own, the change was still too sudden. Well, leaving that aside, I’m sure that I, who barged into the girls’ bathhouse in the morning and suddenly put my hands on her boobs with lust, am now living pretty much at my lowest as a person and at my highest as a man.

“How dare you not do me a service after I labored over Goto´s group last night and piqued their interest in me?”

Dianne says something formally sultry. I can tell by her expression that she doesn’t really care. But.

“Did you work hard?”

I wonder what she did. I wondered if she had done anything more than show off her nude body. Dianne-san looked at me with a wry smile as I made Almeida say  「Nuu」 in a sexy voice, perhaps reflecting it in my hand movements.

“What, I just washed their backs. Just like we used to do in Basson sometimes”


Ahead of Diane’s line of sight was a brush with a handle for floor polishing. She would scrub an ogre’s back with that thing. New recruits are sometimes forced to do things by their boss, the ogres, but in Basson’s crossbow barracks, Dianne-san sometimes does the work for them and that’s partly why the ogres’ bathing rate has increased. Sometimes, human and beastmen soldiers would also volunteer for the job, but if she tried to wash a human with that brush, they would get scratches on their backs. Or rather, the skin would peel off with that brush. It is a very picturesque sight to see beautiful naked women generously scrubbing men’s backs, though.

“Now, I’ve warmed up nicely. Let’s get going”

“Ho. Already?”

“Yeah. ……So, Andy, you’re in charge of keeping an eye on things”


I thought she was going to go back to her room, but I was puzzled when she suddenly asked me if I was going to stay at home.

“Are you going somewhere?”

“I’m going to share information with Catalina and Rennesto. Or should I say, well, there is no information we can give, so I’d better call it information gathering”


“I’m curious about the movements of 10-man captain Wrigley and the Sword Saints and there may be requests from the Gold Arms. The wings of Laila can go around in a day. Everyone has just arrived, so it would be good to get a feel for the living conditions at the fort while we’re there”

“You mean like a vacation?”

“Don’t get in over your head, okay? Well, I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t leave the fort, because you’re always up to no good when Iand Laila are not around, you know”

“U, Understood”

In the fading morning mist, Dianne wipes the drops of water off her beautiful brown naked body. And, a little further away, on top of the hut, lying on the roof and peeking at us, is 100-man special duty commander Becker. What is he doing here so early in the morning?


I had an unexpected……day off, not so much a day off as a day off. Keiron is the most senior officer in the unit, but this time I’ve been nominated, so I’m the temporary commander and as the sun rises, I announce it to everyone who has woken up.

“……So there were no specific duties today. I’m going to fix my mobility blur, train on my own, modify my living environment, or even take a nap, and then we’ll disband”

Since the content of the meeting was the content of the meeting, there was no particular salute and everyone simply went on to breakfast and washing their faces. By the way, breakfast consisted of thinly sliced dried meat, pickles and tea.

“Boyd, let’s do morning practice for the first time in a while. Let’s see how well you’re doing”

“Ah, yesss. I’m not skipping it, in case you’re wondering……”

Anzeros washed her face, tied her hair up in a ponytail and seemed ready to practice with Boyd.

“Then I’ll go back to sleep”

“Naris-chan, you slept so much”

“That’s okay, a great man from the past also said that it’s a warrior’s job to rest when he can!”

Naris confidently went back to sleep. What will Tetes do?

“And I’m going to sleep!”

“Yes, yes”

“No reaction?”

“I don’t even have to ask……”

Keiron looked as if he wanted something to be said, but let it slide for now. For today, that was a guaranteed right.

“We are!”

“We are!”

“Alright, shut up”

I even silenced the masturbation brothers, who paused and tried to make some kind of declaration.

“At least listen to us!”

“You’re masturbating anyway”

“Yes, but I don’t want you to think it’s just masturbation……”

“I mean I don’t particularly want that kind of explanation!”

I mean, the tension between these two is getting too high due to the fact that it’s been a while since there have been so many people here.

“What are you going to do 10-man captain Smithson? Are you going to be lewd again, you bastard!?2

“We want you to keep doing it!”

“Seriously, shut up!”

I’m going to lose the day if I keep up with these guys. So I kicked their asses and chased them away and returned to the second floor of the dormitory.

I see a blonde haired person in the hallway and call out to her.

“Oh, Apple!”


“Are you okay? I worked a little hard yesterday……”


When I saw the face looking back at me, I stopped. I thought it was Apple, but it was Sharon with her hair down.

“I, I’m sorry”

“Is it hard to tell through my back?”

“Ah……yeah, a little. It was dark in the morning”

It was morning, but the room was not well-lit. It is difficult to see the details and the subtle shades of color without taking a few moments to calm down. But then again, it’s really difficult to see. She may be slightly taller than Apple, but only a little posture changes that. Not to mention the ears, which are hard to tell apart on a normal human and the size of her boobs and buttocks are not at all inferior to Apple’s……. I feel like Apple’s limbs are a little weaker as Sharon fights. The face, of course, is very different. I was looking at her with a wistful look.

“…….Ah. I thought of something good”

Sharon gives a mischievous smile.

And then. At the end of the hallway, in the space where cleaning equipment, carpentry tools and other common items are supposed to be stored. Apple and Sharon tied their hair together and faced each other in the space that is not really a room, but just a cul-de-sac. They had both taken off all their clothes in the room. Naris was making some kind of noise, but that was okay.

“Please keep your eyes closed, Master”

“I’m about to go around……”

In front of me, Apple and Sharon put their hands together and spun around like a ballroom dancer before splitting off to the left and right. The point is to ask, 「Which is it?」 I was not able to tell from the back view. I told them that it would be even harder to tell the difference if they were naked behind my back. The two of them were covering their eyes with a improvised eye masks made from scraps of cloth. Even with such masks, it is surprisingly difficult to distinguish their faces and if they did not speak, it would be extremely difficult to tell them apart. Then their footsteps stop and I gently open my eyes. Two naked elves with blonde ponytails and big tits sticking out their butts against the wall at the end of a dimly lit corridor. I have to tell who is who by their bodies alone, not by their faces. It’s not like I’m being punished…….

“Now, is this ass over here Apple´s……?”

“……N, n……”

When I pushed one of the buttocks apart with my thumb and middle and ring fingers, the nasal sound that came from that side was faint and not conclusive enough to make a decision. The chrysanthemum seat deep in the buttock flesh, and the feeling of the petals of the woman’s pubic region. But I don’t remember their pussies being outstandingly distinctive, so I can’t be sure, even as I stroke them, counting the wrinkles of their holes.

“Or is it……this one?”

I can’t suppress a grin and the other buttock also puckered open. The place at the end of the dimly lit corridor has a strange sense of decadence. The mismatch of the location of the fort. Keiron and the others are on the floor below us. But above all, the fact that these women came up with the idea of playing in a place like this and are enjoying it, is really quite delightful. I can’t stop grinning as I rub the hips animalistically to indicate that it’s time to put my cock in one of them, comparing their asses and then their sagging tits. Oh, what can I say? I’m probably looking like one of those vile dirty old men you see around town, I thought to myself.

“Nnn……I don’t know, let’s just go by the feel of the vagina”



I inserted myself into one of them. The first time I touched it, it tickled my pleasure center and I went into the crucible of the mucous membrane. They tolerate my antics. Rather, they expect me to play with them and while hiding their identities behind their hot breaths, they tempt me with their asses and waving breasts that cannot help but invite me in.

“……O, Oo……a, and I still have to compare them……let’s try this one’s pussy too”

Whispering in a low voice, I switch to the next ass and insert myself. The bare flesh awaits the arrival of semen and it is welcomed with open arms. Again and again and again. The two asses move back and forth, tasting each other, losing sight of the purpose of distinguishing the two asses.

“K……Ku, hu, aa, put it out……!!”

Sometimes, ejaculation. And even though I hear her sigh of pleasure, I dare to ignore it and devour the pleasure again with the next buttocks. Continuing to pretend that I didn’t understand, I kept staining the vaginas of the plump blonde elves with semen over and over again.



I poured it about four times evenly and just as Apple (who was on my right) started to laugh at her knees, I suddenly noticed someone watching us from behind. When I thought about it, it were naked women like the two of them. Hilda and Tetes, Asti and Luna. And Almeida.

“It looks like you’re having a good time, Andy-kun♪”

“Is that the erotic place from today?”

“I don’t care where you are, but I can wait for you here, right?”

“……You can chain it to the hook that hangs cleaning tools over there

“I, I’ll go look”

“N, No, wait a minute, this is a one-time thing……”

Somehow, due to some kind of 「We’re the only two people in the room」 pressure, they chained themselves to a hook on the wall in this dimly lit logjam and waited on a collar so that they could get fucked by me. I’m sure Naris is going to be very angry when she finds out about it after…….

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