Half elves fall in love chapter 508

Chapter 508: Fort Life 7 [Neia]

Neia shows no particular resistance. Perhaps she wanted the job done quickly, or perhaps it was because of the paralysis in her arms caused by Hilda’s training that prevented her from being strong. The wooden manacles are crude and could be broken by anyone with arm strength above that of an ace knight by giving them a good hard twist. Even such a thing is inescapable for Neia now and it could be said that she is in a pseudo state like a 「Female captive who can be made to do whatever she wants」.

“Since it’s one time, I’d like to take my time with it”

“U……th, that doesn’t make any sense, but……it’s only because I want to have my dinner as soon as possible”

Neia is perplexed as she sits on the hard wooden floor, unclothed and the chains that extend from the wall to her shackles jingle.

“So you want it hard then?”

“……If it’s more intense, it’ll end faster”

“Then you’re begging for it”


Ugh. Neia looks as if she has put something bad in her mouth. She’s getting more and more obedient when it comes to erotic, but that doesn’t mean she has to get in the way of too much of it. However, as if enjoying Neia’s skin, I lean in from her back and soothe her by caressing her hips and buttocks, as well as her breasts, which are leaning forward and hanging slightly.

“You tell me to fuck you hard. ……No, use your pussy with all my strength and please fuck you deep inside with plenty of the markings that made you feel so good, would you like that?”

“……I can say it because we are alone, but isn’t it embarrassing for you to think of such lines with a straight face?”

“I don’t mean it like that”

Although it was a quiet voice, she said things in a surprisingly harsh way.

“Anyway, say something like that. If you don’t say it, you’ll be stuck here forever petting”

“……That’s a subtle way of threatening me”

She even sighed. Then, she hesitated for a while while enduring my playing with her breasts and ass and then, as if she had made up her mind, she stiffened her back slightly.

“I, I’ll say it……yo?”


“……I want you to use my pussy as hard as you can and give me plenty of tokens of how good it feels in the pit of my stomach……”

For some reason, Neia was very polite. After she finished speaking, she hung her head in disappointment, as if she had lost something, then regained her composure and looked at me again.

“I, I told you……you have to do it quickly and then let me go!”

“……I, If you don’t want to do anything else, can I just let you go, right?”

At first, it sounded like an exchange condition, but if Neia really didn’t like it, it might be okay to not have sex. Well, I did a lot of work in the morning. ……However, when Neia said that, she became a little displeased.

“I’m not sure if you want to do it or not!”

“Eh, a, am I the one who’s going to be angry at you? At this timing”

“I’m not angry! I just want you to clarify!”

“I, I want to do what I want to do, but……”

“Then, why don’t you do it? I’m not arguing with your wishes”

Neia, using her manacles as a support, pushes her ass up into the air with a hard thrust. Then, without turning her face toward me.

“……I’ve been letting you do that for a long time, and then you’re going to take off the ladder?”


Ah. Something like this……it’s nice, she’s cute, I suddenly feel love for her. I’m not trying to reject Neia. It’s not that I feel uncomfortable about wanting to hold Neia. It’s just that I’m not willing to give up so many things that I’d be shoulder-deep in it. It was her own choice to allow me to be in her body in the first place.

“Well, I guess so. Come back here after you eat and let me continue”

“……I, I’ll think about it”

I was on top of Neia’s hips as she said this and I inserted my cock into her crotch and flicked it against the surface of her cunt with just the movement of the pre-cum.

“……Wh, What are you doing?”

“Haha. I know, you want me to hurry up and use your pussy”

“……It’s just what I was told”

“Eh, you don’t really want me to use it?”

“I don’t really care what it means! I’m just saying I didn’t mean to say such an ungraceful thing!”

I teased Neia and in this way I traced my cock on her buttocks, thighs, clitoris, anus and all the other disgusting parts of her crotch area. At first I had no idea that we would have this kind of relationship. I never thought we would have a relationship where Neia would get fucked hard, have dinner and then nod her head when I told her to come back and get fucked again……. Enjoying this feeling, I parted Neia’s labia and inserted my cock into her. I let myself enter into the 「Woman’s temperature」, which is fundamentally different in quality from the body temperature of our skin touching each other.

“Nu……ku, huu”

Some love juice must have been secreted while being irritated by me. Feeling of soft vaginal folds. Expectations for full-fledged sexual intercourse become stronger as I go deeper. Desire. A woman’s instinct to desire semen. I feel that such special feelings, different from those in the mouth or in the asshole, are transmitted to my cock from the vaginal hole. It may be an illusion. As I move slowly inside Neia, I gain confidence in the theory that I have derived from my senses. Then I read that it is 「Inside」 Neia and use my hips with the intention of carefully nurturing it. I hope that it will be stronger than Neia’s sense of mission, stronger than her gentle emptiness……and as if by a spell, I use my hips to twirl her love juices, occasionally fondling her buttocks and breasts and increasing my own pleasure.

“Neia……see, you can hear it, can’t you? That’s the sound of your girl parts burning”

“D, Don’t say that……thing”

I provoke Neia with a gurgling sound of water. The slickness of the water was even better and eventually, as Neia had first declared, it led to a violent and pleasurable sex.

“……Coming, out……!!”

In a dimly lit corner of the hallway, I spit a generous amount of semen into Neia.

“Hiuu……ku, aa……ha, ann♪”

Neia’s vagina swells instantly at that and while I spill it into her womb, she uses her supple legs and feet to accept it deeply and gulp it down.

Sexual odors and raspy breath. Then Hilda, who had come out of the room before she knew it, laughs and removes the shackles without a word.

“……Don’t worry about your hands, they should be numb by now. I’m sure you’ll have a hard time with the chattering for a few more minutes☆”


While nodding to Hilda-san with her eyes, Neia turns to me. Then, her eyes wandered for a while as if she was lost and then she looked straight at me again.

“Smithson-san, you are……so evil when it comes to your body, aren’t you?”

Fake evil. Well, what, she wants to say I’m forcing myself to be badass?

“I mean, I’m not falsely evil……well, maybe I’m getting a little out of character”

The pseudo sadist mindset that was nurtured by Laila and others has somehow begun to take root in me. I nodded, thinking that was what she was talking about and Neia shook her head, a pale white puddle forming between her legs.

“You always say……that you want to devour and fuck my body”

“I rather mean it”


Sinking her slightly raspy breath and stroking her lower abdomen, Neia shook her head again.

“You are really kind. ……You’re having sex with me because you care about me and want to save me, while……your mouth wants me to be your sexual outlet without questioning it”

“……N, No”

“I kind of miss knowing that”

Neia said, sounding really sad.

“I really wish I was your sexual outlet. Right. I think that if you had wanted me as a female and thought of nothing else……maybe you would have been happy.”


“No, I’m being selfish. I’m sorry. Forget it”

When Neia said that, she stood up, feeling dizzy. Then she goes back to her room to put on her clothes.

I suddenly felt uneasy, as if my feet were crumbling under me. It’s that feeling you get when you’re standing at the top of a sand hill in the desert. ……Am I making a mistake?

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