Half elves fall in love chapter 507

Chapter 507: Fort Life 6 [Asti]

Before lunch, we sneaked over the wall and down to the river outside to wash ourselves. In the end, the girls’ suggestion of a 「Raped space at the end of the corridor」 was a wait-and-see situation and it took until almost noon to make three rounds. I heard that someone had set up audio barrier, but I think Keiron and the others probably noticed it from the smell.

“It’s not safe to go outside the fort alone. Maia is watching you, but it could happen suddenly”

As I was washing my body, shrinking in the cold water, Maia’s mother, Asti, suddenly appeared. Maia jumps anywhere, but her soft appearance with little visual impact is typical of her gentle nature. No, she is completely naked. However, she is not the only one, but the impeccable proportions of the dragon lady, with her magnificent skin and shiny hair, make her naked wanderings seem more mysterious and holy than 「Perverted」. If I met her in the woods without knowing anything about her, I would probably think she was a spirit or something, I thought idly as I replied.

“It would be awkward to be in the bathing area inside the fort”

“People wouldn’t be chilling there, would they?”

“Well, I guess they wouldn’t”

The naked beauty sits on a rock, dipping her feet in the water, smiling softly.

“I’m sorry that I can’t heat the water like the fire dragon species

“Is that kind of thing difficult to do?”

“You mean to reproduce it with magic? The characteristics that allow us dragons to manipulate cold and heat are derived from our bodily functions, so if the reverse race were to try to do the same thing……it would be a little bit of a big deal. We can’t hope to have the same firepower or cooling power and even a minor application would require reworking the spell from scratch.

“That’s not how it works……”

To those who cannot use magic, magic users often appear to be omnipotent. Especially if it becomes a dragon that other races envy. In reality, however, this is not true. Even with a dragon’s magic abilities, it is nonsense to directly defeat an enemy with magic alone and it is not so easy to restore another person’s lost limbs or regain strength instantly. Of course, the power is still something that will not attract hundreds and thousands of demons, but it is also something that you should not get carried away just because you have it behind you…….

“By the way, Asti”


“Can I rub your tits?”

“Oh, dear. You were having so much fun just now”

“Can I?”

“Of course, I dont mind, but……you really like them”

“I love your beautiful tits!”

I forcefully push out her chest and at the same time, my dick also arches. No, since Asti was also mixed in with the lewdness from earlier, I got a proper taste of her breasts.

“Would you like me to rub them while mingling, or……”

“That’s going to be tough in this cold river……rub it with your hands”

I approach Asti from the front and lift her breasts from under her with my overhand hand and massage them. The body temperature is low but it’s a nice rub. Then Asti responds to my request and rubs my cock with a reverse grip. I ask myself, is it okay to use a forward grip if I use the glans as a handle buttocks?

“Are you going to dump your sperm into the river like this……? It’s a waste, the sperm is only good when it pollutes the inside of a woman……♪”

“Don’t be too provocative, don’t you think it’s going to make me feel better……?”

“Only at the last moment can you insert it into my vagina……♪”

“Why is it that dragons are so hot for cock?”

“There are humans and dragons who have different values. However, the joy of sex is something we can share……♪”

Asti has a completely female face and while rubbing my dick, she subtly points it at her lower abdomen. While massaging her heavy breasts, I accepted Asti’s invitation and ended up rubbing my dick against her waist……following the guidance of Asti’s hands, I was invited into her body.

“Na, nn……♪”

Those eyes are definitely lewd. However, even if that’s the case, the holiness that covers her whole body doesn’t feel unclean. I thought that dragons were really cunning, but I was able to use Asti’s vagina without hesitation while she was soaked up to her knees in the murmuring water and the handjob and whispers she gave me made me excited, so I was quite impressed. Immediately, I start ejaculating into her vagina. Even though I started ejaculating from her vaginal opening in this awkward position, her vagina immediately filled with semen and the semen was eaten and spilled out.

“Haaaa……ag, ain……♪”

“……Huhaa……it felt so good”

“Lousy. ……Shall I clean the dirt with my mouth?”

“You dont need to do that. I originally came here to wash my body for a meal……”

“Oh, that’s too bad……huhu, Maia’s staring at me, so I guess I’d better leave it at that”

“S, Staring?”

I couldn’t help but look at the watchtower jutting out from inside the fort. I could barely see Maia at the top, but I couldn’t make out what she looked like.

“Please start loving her someday. She’s the kind of girl who will only get worked up if you fuck her♪”

“That’s not what a mother would say……”

Well, I think it’s true, too. Lunch was yesterday’s beast meat. I asked them to refrain from grilling the liver and due to the availability of the grill, I had a barbecue with Keiron and other men and the former crossbow squad, including Anzeros Aurora.

“Well, it would be nice if there were more girls, and the fort would become more lively”

Keiron looks around at everyone around him as he slowly cooks a steak-sized piece of meat with a pair of fire scissors. The grill, heated by charcoal, is surrounded by small groups of people, all chattering animatedly.

“If you have a dragon lady among five guys, you’ll certainly talk less”

“We were doing construction work and crafts, but there was a lot of chatter going on……”

Boyd nodded in agreement with Lantz. Boyd and Goto are close by, but each is using a different fire to roast a whole leg of the beast.

“When you’re all together with crossbow guys, it’s fun to march for months. No matter how safe it is when there aren’t many people, it’s always boring”

Keiron says somberly.

“I’m fine as long as there’s some food on the table”

“Me, too”

Lantz and Goto said emphatically and were stoned by Anzeros.

“I thought Keiron-san had a tolerance for boredom”

“I, I don’t mind having a lot of free time, but it’s not healthy to have nothing but free time”

“……Keiron is talking straight”

I muttered to myself and Keiron gave me a nasty look.

“I may be a slacker, but I’ve got some common sense. More than you”

“Oh, I think I have common sense, too!”

“I think we need to talk about the definition of a sensible person”

“You’re so noisy. You’re a super-fox with a sixth sense”

“Who can beat a guy with common sense who has no money, no connections, and who, in less than two years since he lost his virginity, has had 20 self-proclaimed meat pirates show up on his doorstep and never questioned it?”

“I have common sense. I know the situation is not sensible!”

“Neither do I!”

“Shut up, you two. You’re spitting on my meat!”

Keiron and I both scream in agony as we are both hit in the side by stones thrown by Anzeros with both hands.

“Boyd wins in terms of common sense, I guess”

“Eh, it’s me?”

“Wait, that’s me!?”

“Anzeros-san’s common sense is already……”

Aurora’s eyes are downcast. Anzeros protested with a disapproving look on her face.

“I, I’ve learned to get out of line a little bit, but not to the point where I’m being called out on it!”

“That’s what you’re saying……Andy-san”

“……Oh, don’t shake me”

“Defend yourself!”

Everyone laughs at the half-crying Anzeros. The masturbation brothers and Aurora don’t point at themselves because, well, they’re each aware of what they’re doing. As for Aurora, it’s probably more about her upbringing as an elf and a princess than the ethics part.

“……There’s no such thing as a stupid conversation like this. It gets boring when there aren’t many people around”

Keiron said again, with a deep smile. He must be very happy to see the change in the environment with more people.

“Well, how long do you plan to stay in the military?”

I asked, suddenly curious.

“Hmmm? Well, I’m the third son and I don’t have a job when I go back to my home country. If they let me work at my current rate, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay in the military until I’m 40 or 50”

“You don’t think about settling down somewhere?”

“I wish I could find a place somewhere. I’m only proud of my intuition. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to become a gambler”

“……That’s true”

Even if you say you are a good gambler, in the case of Keiron, luck doesn’t come to you when it comes to yourself and when it comes to the real gambling hall, there are stories that cheating and intimidation are the order of the day. It is also said that it should not be done without skill. I think that the military is the most comfortable after all. ……Its a difficult place.

“I think Keiron is a good choice for a merchant”


Anzeros says calmly as she turns over her own meat.

“Merchants also need to have good instincts. Just because you don’t lose a lot of money, it’s a good thing for a merchant”

“I wonder. I don’t know if it’s really the same in business”

“You should try it. Whether it’s Polka or Renfangas, I’m sure business opportunities will arise in the near future”

“Merchant……merchant, huh?”

Keiron takes up the half-raw meat and bites into it. The beastmen like the texture of the meat raw, but in his case it seems that he is not doing it on purpose, he is just thinking about it and doesn’t realize it.

“How about us, 10-man captain Anzeros?”

“Are you a good merchant?”

The masturbation brothers sneered at me as if to follow me. It is now a well-known fact that Anzeros is the daughter of the Sylpheed chairman and they want her endorsement. But Anzeros shook her head.

“You guys are the type of people who lose a lot of money because they don’t know how to pull back”



“Lanuz is a very good sniper, so he should be a hunter or something. Goto is also very handy, so maybe he’d be better suited to a regular carpentry job”

“That doesn’t sound very surprising”

“Aside from Lantz, isn’t an ogre carpenter too normal?”

“What’s wrong with being ordinary? Isn’t it admirable that you can do it properly?”

Anzeros began to lecture them. I looked at Aurora and we shared a small laugh. Even though she herself works in such a way that she would choose to be my personal maid (which, if you think about it, is like a 「Wife」 and not really a job).

When I returned to the second floor of the dormitory after the meal, I found Neia sitting naked in front of the wall. Instead of chains, she was shackled.

“……What the hell are you doing?”

“Hilda-san paralyzed my arm with magic……”

“What is that woman doing……?”

“Can you help me with it……?”

“Sure, but……let’s see”

Neia sits naked and flat on her back with a pathetic look on her face, bound like a prisoner.


“C, Can I have sex with you just once?”

“Ah……that’s right!”

Her face turned bright red and I thought she might be angry……but Neia looked away from me.

“……I, I’m hungry so I’ll only do it once”

It seemed okay to do it.

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