Half elves fall in love chapter 6

Chapter 6: The truth about the girl from the past 【Selenium】



“Who are you?”

The tough voice of Anzeros was absorbed into the forest and the water surface. Selenium´s eyes were changing as if she saw an enemy. Until a couple of seconds ago, her naked body that looked sensuous and unpleasant became like the muscles of a Felidae which now accumulated power to attack soon.

“What are you planning to do?”
“I am Smithson´s friend. If necessary, I will pull out my sword. That’s it.”
The sense of urgency increased. When this tension exceeds one point, either one will be injured. The premonition rose with sharpness.

Anzeros is strong. She is an Ace Knight who has the fighting power of more than 25 human soldiers. The most vicious part is her outstanding offensive power and if she gets serious, then Selenium will be torn apart in a moment. Even if Selenium has the power to counter her, I don’t want to see her and Anzeros die a horrible death. Nausea came up to my imagination of their death and I touched the tree beside me with my hands,

The slight tremor of the tree was felt by Selenium, causing a momentary gap for the impatient Anzeros.

Selenium quickly bent her body and touched the water with both hands. No, she will be slashed. However, from under her hands, a sheet of spray rose up visibly.

Anzeros´s reaction was delayed for a moment. While stepping down, the sheet of spray filled the view and produced a kind of smoke screen.


Anzeros danced and breaked the void with her short sword while rotating her body compactly. The trajectory of that sword laid in the momentum and spread. It tore the space filled with the smoke in a flash. It was the same technique as Anzeros´s water column skill to create some confusion. The Ace Knight’s sword pressure literally tricks the void and allows her to trick the enemy. And in the sight that was swayed by the sword……there was no Selenium anymore. Of course. Naturally. It is difficult to defeat Anzeros by thinking normally. Even if you defeat her, the position gets worse and it makes no sense at all. Then you have to run away. But how did she run away? Where is she going? What to do next?

“Anzeros. Sorry.”
“No, I was a little hasty. I should have been calm and asked a little more.”
Anzeros looked really sorry. She seemed to be calm from the beginning of the unwavering questioning, but was there a little more gentle motivation, too?

“……Let’s search for her. This means nothing.”
“Yes. I will go to the corps building.”
“Be careful. Why don’t we look for her together?”
“Then it will get worse. And I believe in Selenium.”
“Why? ……I understand.”
I separated from Anzeros and ran through the forest. It may have been good to mind the little lonely Anzeros, but for the time being, my head is full of Selenium.

What does that mean? What’s going on? I……I wonder if there is still nothing. In fact, the memories of her are fake and her existence is also a fake, so I wonder if the truth is that I am a lonely odd person without a foothold. When I thought so, I couldn’t help my chest from itching.

Enduring the itchy feeling in my chest, I ran for a while in the forest. The secret bathing area of Anzeros was about 20 minutes away from the corps building. Running through an animal path in the forest and passing through the wide-ranged shooting ground from the cliff……I found Selenium in the middle of a field. Bathed in the moonlight, she is only wearing only a thin piece of cloth from her shoulders. Water droplets were dripping down from her beautiful hair. A transparent thin cloth. Whether it was from the mist, only her surroundings are loose and light in the grassy plain with no moisture. It seemed that she was wearing light instead of clothes, which totally fits Selenium´s current atmosphere.

Blowing in the wind. The robe of light shook. Selenium’s eyes seem to be gently smiling as usual, yet they look expressionless and I don’t know if she cried because of her wet cheeks. I was wondering a bit about what I could say and I ended up saying stupid words.

“You will catch a cold..”
“……You’re gentle.”
“I know you are cold.”
Silence. There was neither a compromise nor escape and the two of us spent a few minutes staring at each other. I was trying to put together a lot of words, but I can’t do it, as I don’t know what to say. When I tried to say something, I felt that the bond with Selenium would expire. That was very scary. It turns out now that I have been relying on only the fact that she was the half-elf who has waited 15 years for me. If everything was denied, I think that there might be the power to shatter all that time, I just could not spin the next words. Selenium slowly said something.

“Andy-san, how well do you remember the girl that said that she didn’t want to be separated from you 15 years ago?”
“……We did lewd things at the hot spring. Although we met at the hunting house and touched each other´s body every day, I cut her ears and made a collar……”
“Yes, that’s all true. I know this too.”
One beat.

“Do you remember the name of that girl?”
“You don’t remember.”
How. I wonder why she said such a thing. How did she know what I had forgotten? What was the meaning of the fact that I could not remember the answer to her question?

“Its, Selenium……isn’t it?”
Selenium makes a silent smile. In the clouds of moonlight and light, she showed a very sad smile.

“I was told that you didn’t ask for her name until the end.”
In this case, I implicitly admitted. But what does it mean?

“The name of the half-elf loved by you is called Apple.”
“You’re not her?”
Hesitating, Selenium continued with her talk. She finally squeezed it out while adding new tears to her cheeks.

“I am different. Both this ear wound and this collar are imitations to play the role of Apple from that time.”
Even if the flow of the talk was read somehow, these words were bad for my heart. My past had never been denied. That’s good, I’m sure. But I don’t want to believe that the girl in front of me was waiting for me and walking with me all the time, that the girl I believed in was irrelevant. It was a terrible joke that the girl who believed in the promise and loved me for a long time was a misunderstanding in reality.


Somehow, I had no strength left and fell down on the grassland. Should I abuse her? Should I run away? Even if I try to think about it, I get confused and can’t do anything.

“……I mean……were you mocking me? I, you, what was that?”
She was whining. Not that I wanted an answer, but it just a leaked out. Selenium approached me who was trembling on the grassland and brought her face near me. She gently removed the collar that was wrapped around her neck and put it on the ground.

“……I’m really sorry that I lied to you. But, But, I……”

Tears overflowed again. The overflowing tears disturbed her words.

“Even so, I’m useless if you aren’t here!!!”

She jumped at me, pushed me down and started crying and repeatedly made an oath of apology and slavery.

Selenium spoke about herself selfishly.

The name of the half-elf who I gave the collar at that time was Apple, my true female slave. The true identity of Selenium was the sick half-elf who traveled with Apple.

“……Well then”
“Hikku……so……I, Andy-san, helped me, who did not meet Andy-san face to face……!”
“Because, Apple said, to Andy-san, ……that we will become your slaves.”
“But you that……I don’t remember it.”
“……For my entire life, I want to help you……”
And yet.

“Besides, without Apple……I am really alone……so Apple said we would become slaves together……!”
“Because we will never be alone……we will love you who is lovely and kind together for the rest of our lives……”
The characteristics of the lonely half-elf seemed to be really serious. But what if.

“What’s the matter with Apple?”
“……She is sleeping.”
“……Two years ago, in Polka……she has been shot in her heart by an elf….”
“Kku……but she is still alive. Alive, but……she won’t wake up.”

Apple and Selenium seem to have lived quietly between Polka and the forest. Dreaming of when I’ll be back in Polka. They looked forward to the day when they live happily as female slaves together. ……the context is terrible, but it does not help because she really said so. After Celesta made Trot their subordinate, they were able to interact with the townspeople gradually, which made their lives easier. Selenium was able to use some magic and cultivate the forest honey and rare medicinal herbs that were hard for the town people to get. Thanks to the high-selling, it wasn’t hard to procure food and gold coins also began to accumulate. It was said that they were enthusiastic that they would be moneymakers by the time I returned and we would build a slave hut which was much more comfortable than the hunter hut. The incident happened on that occasion. Celesta’s appeasement policy had backfired. As a result of the so desired of the people of the Northern Forest, they sought a trade, and the young elves who were angry shot some of the townspeople as a threat. At once, the Elf council had to crush them, but a sacrifice happened…..at that time, it was Apple who lived closest to the forest near Polka.

“I thought it was useless, but her life was saved by the power of the fountain in Polka. I put her inside the hot spring with the arrow and then I removed the arrow……and the wound was gone somehow. However, she won’t wake up as it is.”
I felt resentment, but I can’t do anything. When the first incident happened, I couldn’t go back to Trot or Polka, so I enrolled in Celesta´s army. There is no reason to be useful.

“She is still sleeping in the hospital in Polka. It was a scandal during the negotiation and both sides took care of her. But I was all alone……”

……Finally, all the mysteries were solved.

“Therefore, you borrowed the collar from Apple?”
Selenium nods. Burying her face into my chest.

“I expected to come back to Polka with Andy-san someday and have planned to let you meet Apple, but the lie that I first thought of being remembered is no longer a lie……since I was hugged, my feelings haven’t stopped, I don’t want to be thrown away……I’m sorry……!”
She looked at the moon shining brightly and told me so with a whisper. Half to Selenium. Half to myself. I learned today. ……She has no hometown and no job to return to. She was lonelier than I thought and being able to laugh it off with a bright face was a favor to me because she and her friend waited for me. If she loves me, then she has nothing. There is nothing more scary than loneliness. That’s why I’m sure Selenium and Dianne are similar. But she can’t get the warmth. Even doubting is scary. There will surely be a person who will use a weak point to destroy the relationship between them and me. Even so, we can’t let go or abandon each other.

“But, I’m a cheater. Actually, I’m trying to be erotic with 100-man commander Dianne-san.”
“I know, but Apple will probably forgive you. Maybe.”
“I said so because I’m a pervert and you will have enough of me.”
“I always feel lustful to Andy-san.”
“I am thinking that I want to impregnate you even though I am awfully underpaid.”
“When we return to Polka I can raise one or two children. As for Andy, you can just do horny things at home. I will support Andy-san and Apple.”
“……Your imagination is really too strong.”
Such a straightforward affection is dazzling. I love her, I’m happy. ……There is no reason to let her go.

“N……chu, u”
“……Muhuu. ……You, we will be seen if we are in a place like this.”
“It’s okay to show off to everyone, I’m Andy-san’s slave and I will do anything for Andy-san.”
“Anzeros may be coming by seriously this time.”
“Watching is bad or rather, that girl is unusually a lecher with a quiet exterior!”
“……Is, Is that so?”
“Yes, there is no mistake!”
Somehow I thought that Selenium’s voice grew strangely on the way, but I heard a distinctive 「Crunching」 sound. ……Really?

“……daringly no comment.”
It is scary after that strong character is bullied too much. I hugged Selenium, who I am afraid of, without knowing it in the middle of this soft grassland and caressed her over the thin cloth she was wearing.

“Huh, nn……ah, Andy-san, there…….”
Selenium leaked a pleasant voice when I poke her butt hole. There was a noise in the distance again. ……I wonder where it was. I’m really sure it’s the sullen Anzeros.

“N……n, nn……ehehe, you know, I´m relieved that Andy-san´s knows everything about me. To tell you the truth……from time to time……I feel good……!”
“……I can tell so, from your face which is tempting when you feel it”
“Is that so? I’m happy……”

Selenium, who was still wearing little foggy clothes, glowed with glitter. I realized that such a beautiful, nasty and strong girl is not reluctant to love me by betting her own lonely existence and I am really excited about that fact.

“Ehehe……please give me a child……you can come anytime……no matter what you do, I will bear Andy-san´s child……”
It seems by the fact that this thin waist wants my semen.

“……M, Mou, Andy-san is overrunning too much……n, chuu……”
Selenium crawled her hands around my dick and after holding it strongly, she put it in her mouth without hesitation.

“I may reach my limit soon.”
“I don’t mind if you cum inside.”
“……Okay, are you prepared for it?”
I lifted Selenium´s waist up. Selenium reached out her hands and determines the position of my penis. And then, swallowed it at once.

And I ejaculated.

Dokun, Dokun, Dokunn……!

“Not yet!”
Although I declared earlier, I am slightly amazed by my own premature ejaculation. In order to cover it, I start to extract without leaving time for comments. In proportion to the degree of excitement, the stiffness of my penis is kept to the MAX and I continue to release semen into Selenium´s womb.

“A, ya, haa……iii, ki, it feels good……good, yoo……a, haaa, aaa……!”
“Y, you can’t say it out loud……”

Her voice might be able to reach the corps building and it’s scary even if it is praised too much honestly here. Just a little scared. Selenium whispered to me while putting out her tongue.

“……You know, I was scared a little while ago……”
“If she went serious, I would have died and you……”
It seems that she had a grudge against Anzeros.

“So, I will show off……and my master will be proud……huhu, I guess it is frustrating……!”
“… Well, moderately.”
Whether or not to carry the way of Selenium really, it is certainly exciting to play a bit. Thus, Selenium´s panting echoed high and her hips continued to bounce better than a dog.

“N, ha, aaa……Andy-san, Andy-san, I……our master……!!”
Selenium was very good. Her vagina felt like it was only made to please me. It was doubled by the element such as outdoor, the gaze of Anzeros and the intense waist movement, attacking my dick. The semen that I put out first was scattered and she accelerated.

“Selenium……al, already, again……”
“Huhuu……actually I too……”
Again, my testicle began preparing arrows to shoot to the uterus of Selenium. Selenium also lowered her uterus and waited for it. The more excited I am, the more I breathe. At the moment of each other’s climax came, we had a synergistic effect and we felt each other’s climax, therefore Selenium and I exchanged idiotic smiles. We didn’t talk and only our panting and the colliding sound of our bodies were heard.

“Haaa……haaa……C, Cum……”
“A, Aa, yaaaa……aaaaaaaaa!!!”
Dokun, Dokun, Dokun……. Rich concentrated semen was poured into Selenium´s vagina.

“Ha, a, a, ……amazing……co, comfortable……I won’t let you go……I want to do……”
“……Ah, great……”
We two went crazy till the climax. By exposing the throat, my body remained trembling in the afterglow of the climax and I´m immersed in the feeling of the world while still being connected.

After a while, we returned to ourselves.

“Yes. It was pleasant.”
Embracing and praising each other’s affinity, we touched each other’s back with our fingers.

“……Next time when it’s time to organize the army, I will take a half-year vacation.”
“And then, Apple…… I will bring her here as the medical system is more advanced in Celesta. If we go to the south we can find a way to wake up Apple, surely.”
“……Yes, that’s right!”
By the way, if it comes to a half-year vacation, it can not be taken unless you´re treated as a reserve. But from Basson to Polka it will take two months each way. I can not get on an early carriage because there is no money and it may cost more. If that happens, I need to pay my annual payment. If I return, I would like to talk with my father well, even if I´m not welcomed. Perhaps he did not make an unpleasant face unexpectedly and might say that I should succeed the blacksmith. But I will first wake up Apple and I can not stop being in the Celesta army until I have a relationship with 100-man commander Dianne. …..It is perhaps wonderful that Dianne-san would like to think the same at least if it goes as it is, it will be so. ……I wonder if I can go on. I wonder if that is okay.

“……I’ve been filled with thoughts.”
“Huhu. ……That’s all right. I’m always by your side.”
“Yes. I’m very glad.”
The moon was shining. It illuminated us with just the slightest brightness that we can not keep pace with the world.

Well after we had sex, it is better to take a bath.

“……Ah, Anzeros.”
When we returned to the bathing area, Anzeros was washing her underwear for some reason. Naked.

“Yo, You, you guys are here!?”
“N, no that, we wanted to take a bath.”
“I have become dirty a little……well we both, ee.”
“………………!!! Th, Th, this……”
Anzeros picked up a branch from the side. It was dangerous for a moment.

“Let’s run away.”
“Ah, wait a minute, my clothes are all here.”
“Don’t worry about that!”
I pulled Selenium. I calculated the speed at which Anzeros’s gauge accumulated somehow and turned around……which was a bit late.

Anzeros’ shockwave cracked the pond. It was a fresh experience to fly a little.

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