Half elves fall in love chapter 88

Chapter 88: Weekend hot spring trip [Jeanne ・ Apple ・ Selenium ・ Maia]



I plunge through the clouds. As I climb over the serpent mountain range with snow on my head, the blue dragon’s wings point downward as the wind blows down. It is said that it is easier to fly to the terrain than to fly too high, but even without it, the view on the plain where the green carpet spreads is beautiful and it was fun to see.

“It’s coming soon”
“……Coming soon, normally it will take three days with a carriage from the Serpent Mountain Range to Polka”

I felt a little embarrassment to myself who got used to moving with a dragon while giving a bitter smile to the smiling Selenium. It has become a luxury.

“I hope Laila was obedient”

A little worried……or perhaps I should say, Dianne folded her arms seductively.

“She is not a useless or a foolish guy either”
“I’m not worried about her going wild. I think she is going to recommend wine to Jeanne as well”
“Ah, that’s okay, isn’t it?”

Hilda opens her medical book dexterously next to Dianne.

“……Yes, I think it’s safe for dwarf pregnant women. It says that there has never been a problem with drinking so far”
“……The book will blow elder sister away”
“It’s alrigh……tee, aaa”

Hilda is blown away by the wind from the side as she said that. She loses her balance trying to hold the medical book. And this on Maia’s back. Once you’re mossy, it’s a big pinch. ……But.

“I caught you!”

Apple who was immediately behind caught Hilda’s hand tightly. Sorry……but I would like to say.

“……Don’t overdo it, Apple”
“I, I’m not scared!”

Apple fixed her body to Maia’s back thorn with a rope. The rope amount is unusual. About eight ropes are tied to her body and she can only be counted as a package. It’s a kind of self-judgment that is almost nothing about punishment. In other words, she caught Hilda as her body was not moving at all.

“If older sister is about to fall, I will do something. However I’m not responsible for the book”
“Manage your belongings by yourself”

Dianne has a strong sense of balance with her natural balance, so she may be on the back of a dragon while being calm. I cant imitate it a little.

“But I didn’t think that Dianne would come with us”
“What, do you wonder if I will see Laila or Jeanne?”
“Well……I thought you prioritize the management of the corps”
“If it is our corps, it’ll be fine. As Anzeros and Isaac are there”

……Are they matchless people for the next 100-man commander candidates? Certainly, if you put those two people……well, they will make it somehow as long as they don’t just put their corps into war. In a word, I´m a little jealousy of those two who are trusted in their commanding ability. No, I’m sure, the lower handrail is the one who quits with the next formation.

“Moreover……Laila is a good friend”

A stupid voice comes out. Just a little more……I thought I would look like a teacher looking at a problem child.

“It’s not strange”
“Is, Is th……at so?”
“She has a sense of responsibility to say what she is, and she can put in credibility. I’m close to her age, so I can talk to her”

I can’t imagine for a while that two-hundred-year-olds “talk together”……. But, indeed, both Laila and Dianne are ridiculous forces and if they are safe they are certainly close. ……Unexpectedly, hardship is similar at one go. They have both big tits. They have an exposure madness. ……No, just because they don’t care about exposure, is it rude? Unexpectedly, there are many common points.

“Andy-sama, we arrived at Polka”

As Chibi Maia appeared on my shoulder and reported, when I leaned out a bit, I could see the familiar terrain.


It’s been a week but it isn’t a long time. The guards welcomed us who came to the outside of the town.

“Oh, well you come, Andy, Selenium-chan”
“Hilda-sensei and 100-man commander Dianne are also welcome”

Both Johnny and Kiel lean against the Rubato gate and they both feel the city’s peace with the appearance of having lunch.

“Seriously you guards……”
“Eh, even if you come from the south, we can see the horses 10 minutes away from the front”
“It’s pretty easy nowadays because sometimes the elves are hunting for monsters themselves”
“If you don’t want to wear an armor, I cant think of you as a guard, especially when you have lunch in front of the gate”

I want to ask for tension because it is just a little.


When we enter Polka, we notice that the town is lively. I thought it would be sad because all the crossbow corps members left. What about that figure?

“Oh, hello animal trainer”
“Hello, I think I must correct the various misunderstandings, emm”
“My name is Christie”

Christie of the cherry blossoms clan. An elf that has been taken care of us before like Gorkus and Irina. Certainly not a clan chief, but she should be a main character. Christie was leading a crowd and spreading the city to the square. Unusual handcrafts, horns of one-horned horses and fruits. They sell variously.

“……What are you doing?”
“This time I am going to send foreign students from the cherry blossoms clan to earn foreign currency etc.”
“……Well Polka has foreign currency”

Certainly a horse horn, I feel that at Celesta it was worth a couple of houses. Will the baron buy one……?

“What is this, the horn of an one-horned horse is a hundred gold coins!”

Selenium’s voice is overturned. ……I can drink Aunt Lindsay’s specially made miraculous spring water with one gold coin. If it is a cafeteria there, it is a meal with 10 sheets. Of course, even if it is a hundred pieces, it is a little suspicious even if it is a house or even a single sword.

“Is it too expensive?”

Christie is confused.

“……You´d better have the price repaired by Irina´s silver company”

I thought that it was possible to get it by the ignorance of only a little and to be able to make a profit.


Laila and Jeanne were waving in front of the gate when we reached the baron’s mansion.

“10-man cap…….Andy, are you fine!?”
“That’s the serif”
“No, Jeanne-chan, waving your hand will push your limit”
“Th, That’s bad”

I think dwarves are a race that are difficult to mislead, so they think that it is probably okay.

“There is never a time when you change, Laila”
“Lo, Look and you will see”

Laila smiles broadly. Certainly they both look healthy and above all.

“Yes Yes, so then Laila-chan and Jeanne-chan enter the room”

Hilda urges the two. At first they will be examined. Jeanne raises a voice that seems dissatisfied in the flow of time to rejoice again.

“……Or do you diagnose outside? I will take my clothes off”
“U, Uwa, suddenly a maniac!”
“Hoho, nothing other than my owner´s preference”
“My fault!? Or rather, Laila dont undress!”

Suddenly, they were two no good people.


While Laila and Jeanne are examined by Hilda-sensei, we greeted the baron and everyone entered the hot spring. Of course, its Laila´s partitioned space. All of us except for Anzeros and Aurora, who remained in Basson and Dianne, who decided to drink tea with Irina, are in the hot spring.

“Jeanne-chan is doing well. Laila is completely cured by the time we come next time”

I cant hear Hilda-san’s examination result, as a useless dragon and useless pregnant woman cling to me.

“Hoho, you’ve been gone for a long time. Did you feel lonely?”
“Andy’s penis is handsome as usual♪”

Laila starts to lick my son with her long tongue and Jeanne was about to slip her body on my crotch. But there is a stop from Hilda.

“Jeanne-chan is not allowed to have the penis inserted for a while. You’ll be stable after another two months, so you need to endure till then!”
“E, Eee……”

Jeanne is downhearted.

“Somewhat I need patience when I’m pregnant……”
“It can’t be helped, it’s because of the baby”

I gently stroke Jeanne’s hair. I want to enjoy Jeanne´s cute body as much as I can in the mountains. Recently, the unique color incense has begun to drift in the thin and tiny space, and it is only because a hug has actually come out.

“Th, Then, is a dummy not good?”

Jeanne looked at Hilda with an pleading expression. Hilda put her hand on her cheek and smiled as she drew her big tits closer.

“Hmm, if its a blowjob……it’s not so intense, but you move your head up and down”
“I do it!”

I wonder what she really thinks.

“……You mean?”
“I will do it!”

Jeanne was also quite common. However, some people rebelled against the fellatio permission.

“No, Not good, Jeanne-chan!”
“We also want to get pregnant……”

Selenium and Apple. The pressure from Maia who sits behind me silently is also high.

“If you want to waste baby juice with a blowjob, please pour it into us!”
“Ye, Yeah……”

Wasting it. ……No matter how much waste it is.

“Ah, when you leave I need to endure a week! You guys are together allday!”
“That’s right, but……”

It seems that two cant understand it. However, I don’t think that Jeanne will be satisfied either.

“Ho. Then the story is easy”

Laila nods composed.

“What’s easy?”
“Jeanne doesn’t need sperm anymore, but she want to do a blowjob. Selenium doesn’t want to waste the seed. Do you think that there is no contradiction?”

I slowly bring my dick close to Jeanne´s mouth. I always think that it is a bit unreasonable with her small mouth, but still Jeanne can swallow till the base. And Jeanne begins to move her head after entangling her tongue around my son.

“N……ngu, nnn……bu, nnu, nnnn……n, magoo……♪

Jeanne works hard while devising the tip of the glans on the back of her cheek, putting it on the upper jaw and swallowing it in the back of her throat so as to knead the mouth. I indulge in the pleasures of the flesh which is gently given while looking at her thin shoulder and flat chest line, as well as the delicate nape. As soon as I start and my waist begins to shake unconsciously, Jeanne sucks me and takes control of my movement. From the obscene movement that seeks me for a while, she is ready to wait for the ejaculation according to my hip movement obediently. However, if she waits in this way, eventually I must support Jeanne’s head and I have to act to shake my back toward her mouth. Uh, I look into Hilda´s eyes. However, even if she stops us, it is decided to indulge to the masturbation by using Jeanne’s mouth.

“N, nnn……nmu, nnn……nkuuu……n, nn♪”

I´m careful not to raise the speed so that I don’t force Jeanne, while still seeking my own pleasure. I shake my hips. A vulgar noise can be heard from Jeanne’s mouth. And where the slight pleasures have risen,

“Jeanne……cum, take it out, its cumming……!!”
“Buhuuu……au, hehuu……”

I pulled out my penis from Jeanne’s mouth and pierced rudely into Apple´s vagina who had been waiting for it, in the middle.


And, while I taste the inside of the vagina with joy and poke the inside a couple of times, I ejaculate in the depth as it is.


Apple squeezes my son happily by pressing her butt together and receiving the semen in her uterus and comes into close contact. I spit enough sperm into her uterus and just pulled out of her vagina just when it was done again and returned to Jeanne’s mouth again. As Jeanne was waiting, she started to serve my little brother again.

“……You’re fine with this……”

When it comes to so much work, she has a little bitter face from hearing my question.

“It, It is good, but not what I wanted……♪”

Happily, while holding her breath, Apple smiles with a lingering taste. In response, Selenium pushed out her butt.

“But the sperm swims in the womb of a girl♪”

Next to Selenium, Maia also nods and presents her pussy.

“I use Jeanne’s mouth to energize myself and work hard to cum inside everyone´s womb”
“……Is that so? I would also welcome such a random seeding!”
“Don’t say it on the basis of a pervert that is going to urinate into your womb!”
“Ho. So you think so too?”
“That’s why……”

Three of my female slaves, which are Selenium, Apple, and Maia, have expressions of anticipation, rather than expressions of disgust, particularly.

“I, I am……is it okay?”
“Well, better than wasting the semen……”
“……I, I’m a slave dedicated to this penis. It doesnt matter in any way”

I keep the fellatio with Jeanne and cum into Selenium´s and Maia´s vagina.

“So, Somewhat……”
“Ho, what do you rest. You have a womb that you haven’t used yet?”
“Ehehe. Here is one too☆”

Let’s do it normally, everyone.


“……Now, Dianne. The main subject is”
“When I think, you´re strangely obedient,,,… you’re still having troubles. Good grief, you´re a woman”
“I’m not strange. ……Only this time”
“……Wh, What is it?”
“We haven’t done it yet. It’s uncertain. A state was discovered in the interior of the demon territory”
“We just can’t do it alone. I don’t know what will happen, but……in some cases history will move”

(TL note: This is a talk between Dianne and Irina at the same time as Andy´s bath time fun)

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