Inma no Hado chapter 241

Inma no Hado chapter 241: A wife’s anguish and her husband’s doubts



Two weeks passed since the confrontation between Midou Kenichi and “SHADO”.

The inside of “SHADO” is as normal as if nothing had happened, and it works well as a devil defense organization. No, perhaps the performance may be higher than before. The cause is obvious. Three members who had been missing, Shinomiya Arisa, Muto Masako, Aoyama Noriko returned and have become a major force more than before. Masako returned to the survey team and Arisa was officially assigned to the headquarters of the survey team. Noriko has also been evaluated for her ability and is officially a member of the Hypnotizing Hypnotic Project.

Although they were missing and returned for the first time in a year, no one is upset and big problems aren’t happening. It is supposed to be so, as elaborate hypnotized brainwashing has been given to the members who work for the headquarters excluding the director, Arisawa Reiko and many memories and recognition are added to it. For example, the memories of the disappearance and return of Arisa were tampered with and understood as a long-term trip to London headquarters for special training. In addition, the record of Kenichi Midou who is an intermediate devil king is erased and the memories of the members related to it are also sealed. Of course the confrontation at the hotel in Yokohama was also buried in the dark.

Everything is fine in “SHADO”. Even if it is an illusion made by an Inma, it is a certain daily life if it doesn’t notice.


『Well done, Reiko. Well done』
「Thanks Jim」
『I hope your team can keep going this performance next month as well』
「Yes. We will」

The end of the regular TV conference ended with compliments from director Brown of London headquarters. Reiko disconnects the link and sighs. Despite being praised by the headquarters, the exhaling breath is damp as if the complex feelings behind her chest was reflected.

(Although it is certainly best if they see only the grade, but…)

Devil hosts are revitalizing and becoming ferocious due to the increase of negative energy. However, the number that they were able to capture and erase in the past week is over 10, and it is going well compared to any time in the past. Supporting that is the quick discovery by Arisa and Masako’s investigative team and the assault by Nagato Yuusuke fighting group. Noriko who supports them on the side can’t miss the activity of the support force.

Although they temporarily faced a crisis, at last “SHADO” original function recovered and they were able to eliminate devil hosts who are the enemies of mankind. Cooperation with each department of the Tokyo Police Department has also been strengthened and it can be said that it is more smooth than ever.

(But…but nothing has been solved for the crucial matter…)

A black lump that remains in the back of her chest. Apart from Arisa, Masako and Noriko, in “SHADO”, only Reiko knows about the fearsome secret that can’t be told to anyone.

The fact that them who are supposed to be fighting all devils have an evil existence behind them that absolutely cannot be exposed. And according to the viewpoint, “SHADO” now belongs to that man, a organisation under the control of an devil. Every activity done by them is for the benefit according to that man’s intentions.

(If such a thing is known by someone…. Aa…)

Usually, “Devil hosts” confined by “SHADO” are sent to the detention center where the wave canceling machine is used. Then the devil whose force was sealed will use the magical power that it has stored to try to antagonize and in most cases it will run out in a few days and eventually disappear. In rare cases there are individuals with strong devils or the wave canceling machine isn’t effective, in that case they are confined to a special facility rather than a normal detention place. Either way the devil hosts will be unable to replenish the bioenergy when the contact with the outside world is interrupted and there will be a long time but eventually disappears. It is a routine course and there is no exception.

However, the female Inmas called succubus that they captured three days ago were erased from the records in the department and sent to the secret place of that man. Of course, that fact has not been reported to London´s headquarter either.

A 25-year-old half model with an well-ordered beautiful appearance and outstanding style was almost unknown without a topic to be discussed about six months ago. It was recently that she increased the exposure of the media and began to sell, but behind it seems that she had sex with important men every evening. Perhaps she fused with a female Inma at that time.

(It is…to bring devil hosts…to another devil host…)

And the captured half model was brought by Arisa to somewhere. Reiko knows the destination without asking. That half model was dedicated as a sacrifice to dissipate that man’s desire. A female Inma who fascinates ordinary men with its magic becomes prey of the worst Inma in history just like other beautiful girls this time.

(Although it was a half-devil, they are easy to prey and subjugate other devils…. It’s more evident that they are getting more power…)

A devil eats the devil, it was something that couldn’t be imagined as common sense of “SHADO” until now. It was common for devil hosts to keep distance from each other and penetrate invasion. Now that man got six succubuses and reigns over them with overwhelming power. The sexual energy gathered from that man who gathered is enormous and it is not comparable with the amount of ordinary women. So it is easy to imagine that that man will become increasingly powerful in the future.

(As it is…as it is…but…aaaa…)

Even though they are supposed to get rid of devils, they are growing the worst devil king in history. Reiko feels frustrated that the mind is tightened by the fact and fear that her feet have become a bottomless swamp. But she can’t do anything to it. Just as she knows the fact, she only have to move like a puppet to the thought of that man

At that time, a light electronic sound rang on the desk.


Her body reacts shallowly to common electronic sound informing of an incoming mail. Like Pavlov’s dog, just by hearing the sound, her back pains.


Reiko trembles with her body. She knows too much what the light sound means. Who send the mail? And what does the man intend to do with her? When Reiko looked at the clock, it was nine o’clock at night.

(From now on…until morning…)

A sudden call by email as a whim, that man will play with her body as desired. An pervert who has sex with her in various ways and he won’t let go for 5 or 6 hours. Meanwhile, Reiko will tasted a crazy-like pleasure because she is fucked by an huge penis that is almost impossible to exist.

(Only for today, I told him I would leave early…)

Reiko remembers the promise to her husband when she left this morning. She and her husband who is an associate professor at a university work often till late at night, so it is hard to eat dinner together. That’s why she thought that she should go home as soon as possible when she has the time like today. But for the first time in a week a call from that man came and her dry body reacts shallowly.

(Sorry, dear, sorry. I…I am a bad woman…)

Reiko apologizes to her beloved husband in her heart, taking up the smartphone and thinking of an excuse text. It is a betrayal act that she has done countless times, but the feeling of guilt that crushes her chest never disappears.

(But…only you…I love you only…. Please forgive me…I am sorry…dear…)

Confirming the love for her husband that remains in herself like an indulgence. While doing so, she sends e-mails as short as possible with natural sentences, telling her husband that she cant return home today because of work. It is not always so, but sometimes she actually stays up all night at work, so her husband will believe her as usual. But she is betraying that trust and her spine usually gets chilly and cold.

The text of the mail from that man is as usual. Only the hotel room number and time are written. Tonight, screams, sweat and body fluids are scattered in that room with other beautiful girls tonight.

(Aaa…today…with anyone today…)

The sex slaves ranging from students to married women varying in age and occupation, but all were beautiful women who are eye-catching. Some even know Reiko’s name, there were super popular idols and news casters as well. Reiko will compete with those shining young people for the love of Kenichi from now on. To do that, she has to wear make-up according to the taste of that man. It is that man’s favorite to receive a blowjob with red lipstick lips.

(Ah, this, this too…)

Removing the pouch to fix makeup from the second drawer and reach for the paper bag underneath. The lingerie which is an unbelievable design, which cant be shown to her husband, is absolutely included in it. A 40 – year – old married woman ‘s victory underwear secretly brought to the liking of that man. If she wears such a sexy underwear, that guy is pleased and will love her more than any other woman.

(I’d better go after changing clothes here…)

Anyhow the panty she is wearing right now are getting soaked with expectations of the future. Reiko walks to the washroom in a gaudy way through the corridor, while crossing her long legs wrapped in flashy patterned stockings and with a surprisingly short tight skirt. And a red aura is rising from her whole body.



Looking at the message that appeared on the screen of his smartphone, Michio Arisawa stopped moving for a moment. After that, when he operated his smartphone immediately, he launched the desired application. It is an application that notifies the current position of the smartphone of his wife. His wife should not have noticed that such an application has recently been put in her smartphone by her husband.

(Is she still at work?)

He confirmed it with a little relieved expression but still his heart pulsates a little. Short and concise communication of his wife serious personality as usual, there is no suspicious point in the text itself. But still Michio was anxiety.

(Till this is…what am I doing…)

However, he feels a sense of incongruity from his wife recently.

A few weeks ago, his wife suddenly got stuck. Even if he talked to her, she didn’t feel well and she seemed somewhat depressed. He can’t hear the details talking about confidentiality, but since it does not seem like a normal depression, Michio easily understood that there was big trouble at work.

He thinks that she suddenly returned to original, recently Reiko was so strange and full of tension. She acts brightly and occasionally comes into contact with a sticky and strangely gentle taste. This couple have been good for a long time but it isn’t like the past. It is his intuition that something changed recently.

(Am I thinking too much of her…? No, but I really do not mind…. Reiko’s hiding something from me…)

Michio used to hire a detective as he suspected his wife cheating before, but it wasn’t so at that time. But from that time on, precisely when he saw the panty in the bathroom undressing basket, small black thorns were penetrating through his heart. A lot of semen was attached to his wife’s panty, which turned yellow a little.

(Is it really overtime work? …It was so in the meantime…)

Michio who thinks is sitting in the living room at home. Because the children are at the house of his father-in-law because it is weekdays, there is no one. He has relaxed by drinking beer while waiting for Reiko to come home from work.

(Recently she has been strange. Clothes, makeup and reaction have changed…)

His serious and hard working wife liked plain clothes since university. She used makeup at the minimum and although she has a well-formed face, she was accompanied by a sober image due to it. Even when they got married and got children she hasn’t change and when she went to work she was always wearing a dark colored suit. Even so, recently, her clothes are gaudy and her makeup is also much darker. The skirt has a lot of flashy colors such as pink and red, so it is said that the person is easy to move, but the length is also short, too short for a 40 years old married woman. The color of eye shadow and lipstick also becomes dark and vivid and when looking at her she became a completely new person. Her underwear is also an adult color and has changed to a sexy lace design.

And the most remarkable change was the night life. Recently, Michio has been stimulated by his sexy wife and they had sex once a week, but her reaction is intensely and obscene compared to before. In the past she was a wife who had a feeling of shame, but recently when she enters, she is patient at first, but soon she raises her voice and actively shakes her hips on her own. It is as if someone develops sexuality and fears to realize it, but as if drowning in it.

Extreme is the change of her body. Originally her rich breasts should be saggy with age, but they protrude forward and resist gravity. Lifting up the blouse, those two melons are caught in a bra. As it is inversely proportional to it, her waist is slim and there is no slack in the lower abdomen like a woman of her age. Her hips face upwards like Westerners.

Furthermore, the inside of the body has also changed, as the womb’s inside which was narrow from the beginning is recently a nasty pleasure organ that brings out terrible pleasure. When Michio puts his penis inside, it is as if his son is swallowed by an carnivorous beast without teeth. Originally Michio wasn’t someone who could endure long, but it was instant kill now. The myriad meat folds that intertwine in the interior and the ring of meat that tightens the root intensely are unreasonably complicated and greedy compared to before.

His wife transformed beautifully. If this is a natural progression there is nothing wrong. On the contrary, he would welcome her change. But while being married for a long time, such a thing cant happen suddenly.

(Maybe…after all…. Reiko is with another man…)

Because they got married directly as virgins, both should know each other. But in the shadow of his recent wife’s change, must be another man flickering. While surprisingly thinking that it was bad, Michio took Reiko´s smartphone, but there were no suspicious emails or photos. And he came up with the idea to install a application that informs him of the current position of his wife.


Michio drinks his glass of beer. At that time, the smartphone made a small noise. It is a notification that the target began moving. When he launched the application screen in a hurry, Reiko probably went on a taxi, the yellow dot slowly moved.

(A, after all…. No, but…)

He repeats his own question without meaning many times. Just being in the Tokyo Police Department is not overtime. Even though it is night, there may be something that Reiko needs to move to the scene. But the time is about to be 10 o’clock. Where is his wife going this late? Either way Michio can only stay here until the dot stops moving.

For Michio, it was time to burn with anger, but after 10 minutes in fact the yellow spot stopped moving as quickly as possible.

(Where…where! Where is she stopping! Where is she?)

He enlarges the screen to see where the points show. At the same time as the explanation written there comes into his mind, a force comes out of the whole body while sitting on the sofa.

“Wh, why…why is she in…”

Michio makes a squealing voice. The point that the application showed was a super luxury hotel in the immediate vicinity of the Tokyo Tower.

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