Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep001. Isekai Virginity Graduation



I died. I was thirty-three years old.

The average life expectancy is eighty years, and it’s not uncommon for people to die over a hundred years old.

The cause of death was an accident, no, it was murder.

My internal organs were injured badly by the murderer’s weapon and so I passed away before even reaching the hospital.

I can’t even get a girlfriend, my life ended as a virgin.

Yeah, it was a pitiful life.

「 Why don’t you stop reminiscing and just pick a place to get reincarnated instead? 」

「 Oh yeah, sorry 」

A grumpy voice criticized me and I apologized honestly. He’s God.

Not a symbol of particular religion like Buddha or Christ, but a deity that’s beyond human understanding.

He says that the souls of the dead reincarnate in other worlds.

He didn’t tell me the details of how it works but if God tells me that’s how the world works, I could only think “well, that’s how it is, isn’t it?” It’s strangely satisfying to think that common sense and systems of society are just like that for an individual.

Well then, there are three cards in front of me.

My reincarnation will be determined by this card.

I’m baffled by the fact that there’s a heavy choice put in front of me so easy, but I can’t get an answer if I hesitate. So, I flipped the first one with my finger.

「 Okay, is that it? Good luck, don’t die so quick on your next life 」

My consciousness quickly dissolves into a torrent of light after hearing a rough-edged yell.


Well, with that said, that’s how I reincarnated.

With memories from my previous life, I think that’s a bit mysterious, weird, and frightening, but I’ve recently come to think that maybe it’s a parting gift from God who felt sorry for me in my previous life where I ended up in regret.

I recently remember that exchange clearly, but I guess the fact that I’m able to read, write, calculate, and converse with adults on equal footing as a child was due to the knowledge I had in my previous life. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to survive to this day.

This life is very different from the civilized previous life, where there’s peace, and human rights were respected to some extent.

This is a rough world where it’s blood and violence, you can call it warring times. This is bad.

I’m a modern Japanese person who’s been immersed in love and peace from head to toe.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, I’m a fatherless child born from a prostitute mother who passed away from an illness, and I got tossed out of the brothel, my birthplace, so I’m alone in this world.

Isekai Reincarnation. I was dreaming of being born in a noble family and living a leisurely harem life, but well, I’m reminded that life isn’t that easy.

「 Well, gotta enjoy life while I’m still alive 」

And so I’m here. The most expensive brothel in the area.

I’m ready to spend all my money I’ve been saving up and throw away my virginity, which had been 50 years, if you count my previous life, so it’s already antique. Today’s the day I’m tossing it out and I’m motivated enough. The store is filled with a sweet aroma and a faint sound of charming voices can be heard in the faint light, the mood is perfect.

I chose a girl who looked good and paid for her while holding back my impatience.

I’m spending everything I own, money is important, but I’m not going to be frugal in this.

The room I’m shown is even more magnificent than I imagined.

The bedding is soft, and the sheets are clean. The rooms are elaborately decorated, carpeted, and warm. There’s enough wood in the fireplace to make it glow and warm up.

I’ve never seen such a fine room in my life.

In most of the inns, the wind always blows in and out, and beds are made of bare wood with sheets. You can’t fireplace, obviously, and more often than not, there are no lights. I couldn’t help but think if this is really the same world.

I almost forgot that this is a brothel in the slums.

「 Dear adventurer. Why don’t we take off your clothes first? 」

I hear a gentle voice caressing my ear. I feel my spine shiver.

I chose a woman with an ethnic impression for me. Her skin is shiny brown, her black hair is like a raven feather, and her narrow slit-eyes give the impression that she’s a cat. Her breasts are huge. She’s about G-cup I think. Her ass is also plump, despite her slender impression. In my previous life, she would’ve been a successful gravure idol, no doubt.

That kind of woman I’ll never get involved with is in front of me.

「 Yeah, let’s do that 」

I swallowed my saliva and followed her.

I want to grope those tits right now. I steel myself and suppress my urges.

Calm down, calm down me. You’ve been a virgin for fifty years if you count your past life. You shouldn’t mind holding out for a bit longer. It’s miserable, but I’ve been able to suppress my libido completely as I’ve been a virgin for a long time (mind)

I took off my belt, armor, and underwear, and handed them to her without folding them.

「 Ufufu, seems like our dear adventurer has some composure compared to others, right? Most of them can’t endure it when they get in the room and start undressing all over the place 」

「 I-I see. Somehow, I feel embarrassed when it’s about myself 」

「 Then, they suck on our bodies like animals. That’s why I was prepared for dear adventurer to treat me like that, but I’m relieved to see that you’re the kind one 」

No, no, I’m also like that. I’m just a beast, like them.

I want to taste every inch of this exotic and erotic body of yours.

It’s just that I don’t know how to handle it since I’m a virgin.

「 I’m just a virgin so I don’t know how to handle it? 」

「 My, my, my, really? Nfufu, to think that you’re a virgin! 」1

「 Ugh, did I blurt that out?! 」

The girl smiles and laughs but I’m red and sweating all over.

I’m about to die from embarrassment.

Perhaps she sensed that I want to get away so she took my hand and led it to her ample breasts.

「 So soft 」

「 And warm, isn’t it? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Can you feel the heartbeat in your palm? 」

「 Oh yeah. Are you nervous too? 」

「 Of course, even I get nervous like this when I have sex with someone on their first time you know 」

She smiled softly and approached my face.

Our noses touched.

「 Do you want to give your first to me? 」

Our lips overlapped, tongues entwined. My first French Kiss.

But, I don’t feel discomfort nor anxiousness. We naturally hugged each other around the waist.

I pulled her and pushed her down the bed.

Like tentacles, her legs slid and entwined with mine.

Her whole body’s caressed by her limbs.

「 ham, chuu, kuchu. Reru 」

As we continue to kiss each other with our moist breaths, I savor the feel of her skin that seems to be sucking in my body.

The slimy texture wasn’t her sweat but some kind of fragrant oil applied to her body beforehand.

The strong floral scent and the beast-like smell mixes in and it drives me to an irresistible lewd mood.

「 Hmm, haaa, haaa, hey, are you really a virgin? You’re good at using your tongue 」

「 Flattery will get you nowhere 」

「 You’re lying. You’re so intense in this that I want you to cum inside me 」

She whispers in a coaxing voice while stimulating my lower body.

I’m amazed how hard it’s risen, and it’s already coated in mucous from her slit while we’re hugging and kissing, it’s ready to go.

She slips her fingers and grabs my little guy.

I feel the tip of her hand pressed against her slit. I pushed aside the folds and touched the hotter part. I could feel my heart beating so hard that I thought it’s going to explode.

「 Aha! Don’t look at me with such wistful eyes, my heart is getting tight if you do that 」

She smiles as she looks up at me, and says in a whispering voice as she leads me deeper and deeper.

「 Aaah, amazing, your hard, thick, and hot virgin cock is swelling up inside my vagina. You don’t have to hold back you know? If you want to cum then you can pour it all in my pussy okay? 」

「 Ugh, guh 」

I gave in to the temptation of the obscene words coming from this beauty’s mouth and ended up unable to shake my hips.

After multiple waves of pleasure, shame and regret came crashing in.

「 Don’t feel like you failed. It’s normal to ejaculate from the pleasure you know 」

She’s probably guessing my thoughts. She gently embraced my head and gently stroke it as she persuades me.

「 It feels good to be one with me, right? You came a lot because you like me and it feels good, right? Look, dear adventurer’s dick is still hard 」

Her vagina shut and clamped my cock tight.

She’s right, I let it out so fast, but there’s no sign of fading at all.

I moved my hips timidly.

「 Ahn, good! Take it slow and gradually turn it up 」

I listen to her advice and gradually sped up my piston.

I hear the sound of pummeling flesh against flesh echoing in the room.

It must be because I came already once. A shiver runs down my spine with each thrust but I know that the end is still far away. Thanks to that, I can now watch her gestures.

She wriggles her hips in time with my thrusts. Each thrust feels different, probably because she’s getting me at different angles. Her brown skin is covered in beads of sweat, but her breathing isn’t too rough. Her gaze is watching my emotions change closely.

I know that she’s a skilled prostitute, and she’s using her skills and experience to entertain me, an amateur and a virgin to the best of her ability.

「 Ugh, I’m already… 」

「 Hmm, haa, haa, yes, go on! Creampie me and feel good 」

「 Haa, haa, I’m cumming!! 」

She hugs me tightly as I feel sensitive to the moment of ejaculation.

It’s the “I-love-you-hug” I’ve seen in my dreams.

I unleashed my desires into her deepest part where we are connected.

「 Dear adventurer, your dripping and hot liquid are pouring inside me… Ufufu, maybe you’ll get me pregnant if you pour in such a thick load 」

She says while sticking out her tongue, giving off a somewhat provocative vibe.

It makes me happy even though she’s just giving me a sales talk to stimulate my manly desire.

She’s a beauty too so it’s even better.

「 Congratulations on your graduation from virginity 」

「 Thanks 」

Feeling embarrassed, I kissed her.

《 Implantation confirmed 》

A light electronic ping sounded in my brain and a synthetic-like voice announced.

《 Level Up! 》



  1. Yes, she just went “Ara? Araara, ararara?”