Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep002. Level Up (Meaningful)



No, nononono, nono?!

Wait, wait a fucking second.

That sudden event threw me off the loop.

L-Level up? What do you mean level up?

Hey now, what’s with this joke-like timing?

「 D-Dear adventurer? W-What’s wrong? Your face suddenly lost color… 」

「 Oh, right, sorry, nothing. Well, actually, I was just worried how do I take responsibility if you got pregnant 」

I tried to say something appropriate but my thoughts are in disarray trying to figure out the supernatural phenomenon.

First, this world has a concept of levels.

The level is the strength of the living being, and as the level increases, their abilities improve.

Physical abilities range from muscular strength and endurance to the strength of bones and skin, and the maximum amount of mana one can handle.

Once your level is high enough, you can knock down a muscular macho pervert with a snap of a finger even if you look like a village girl. Or so I heard.

Then, I’m level one.

Yes. 1. The initial value. The minimum. Meaning, I’m the weakest.

Well, most of the people in this world are level one, but I’m an adventurer. An adventurer job is an occupation that involves a lot of danger, but instead, or perhaps naturally, level tends to grow more easily than other occupations.

In six months of being an adventurer, you’ll reach level 2 Most of them are level three after a year, and if you keep going for three years, veteran adventurers reach double digits. On the flip-side, it’s rarer to be able to be an adventurer for years.

As mentioned earlier, I’m still level 1.

I’ve been an adventurer for surprise surprise, five years! I’ve been an adventurer for five years and yet I’ve never been able to raise my level! I’ve been enduring the ridicule, painful insults, and pitying glances from the people around me for five years of adventuring, accumulating achievements without fail, even on rainy or windy days, even working my way through several parties.

Cheat abilities come with reincarnation to another world. There was a time I thought of that.

I’ve been fooling myself with the experience I had in my social life, but I couldn’t see any signs of awakening, it broke my heart.

That’s why I thought of using all my savings and coming to buy a night of comfort to commemorate my decision to retire as an adventurer.

And yet, why did I just level up now? Why? How?

Was it a level up from graduating from my virginity? That’s annoying!!

「 Pfft, hahahaha, sorry! Pfft, kuku, oh man, you don’t have to say such a primitive thing, well, since you’re a virgin then it can’t be helped 」

Her laugh brought me back to reality.

What does she find funny?

「 How can we do business if our prostitutes get pregnant? This is why prostitutes are given birth control pills by the owners 」

She answers me while wiping the tears from her eyes, showing me a nasty smile she had never shown before.

「 That’s why you don’t have to worry, I won’t get pregnant. You don’t have to take responsibility for anything dear adventurer, you can have sex with me without worries 」

「 R-Right. But, you can still get pregnant even if you use pills, right? 」

I recall the announcement that happened in my brain earlier.

It said that the implantation has been confirmed. I unconsciously rubbed her stomach.

She answers my question while squirming from the tickle.

「 I’ve never been pregnant because we have good medicine, but I hear girls from other stores who have. I hear that sometimes, the brothel takes care of them, and sometimes, they kick them out. You never know who impregnated the woman so nobody can be held responsible, see? 」

She’s denying it in a relaxed manner but you just got fertilized. You got pregnant.

「 Well, just “what if,” if I were to impregnate you, well…would you mind becoming my wife and I’ll take responsibility 」

My head is a mess and I’m letting things that come to my mind out of my mouth.

Hearing that, she shows a face like she’s confused.

After a moment, she let out a deep quiet sigh and spoke.

「 I’m honestly happy that you like me. Thanks. But you see, I can never become your bride. You were a virgin so you thought I’m special because I’m your first woman 」

She sighs after showing a dark gloomy smile.

I choke at a clear refusal of hers.

「 Even if I get pregnant with your seed, we can’t be together. I live in this brothel after all. If you want a wife, why don’t you go out and find someone to get in a relationship, not a brothel you know? 」

「 No, that’s not what I’m talking about 」

I feel like I was being dismissed so I tried to talk, but she took my lips away.

Our tongues entwined, and our breaths and sticky saliva exchanged. She urged me to kiss her passionately and I felt strangely calm. Maybe that’s her technique to calm the excitement.

「 We still have plenty of time until dawn, right? I’ll teach you how to handle a woman step by step 」

She declares, and we switched positions.

I don’t think going for a cowgirl position is the right way to teach me how to handle women.

Sensing my confusion, she smiles teasingly.

「 Nfufu, time to punish this dear adventurer who said something cheeky! 」

「 Ngu! 」

I groaned from the surprise as he grabs my ballsack.

Her vagina began to wriggle and squirm, I can’t believe it’s the same place I’d been thrusting earlier. Even though I just ejaculated from the intense stimulation and pleasure, my core begins to heat up again.

A rhythmic slamming and up-down motion. Her voluptuous breasts bounce right in front of my eyes. I froze as I gaze into the scene.

「 Fuu, haa! Hmm, haa, it’s so hot, hard, and big. You have an amazing penis. I can’t believe that you’re a virgin until today with a cock like this 」

「 I-I really was a virgin 」

「 Damn, you don’t have to get so worked up about it 」

She looks at me and her mouth grins.

It makes me wonder if that sadistic look of hers is her true form.

「 If you’re so energetic then you can support my breasts with your hands, like this 」

She grabs my hand and guides it to support her bouncing breasts from below.

The soft and heavyweight on my palms, and the way she sways it every time she moves her hips makes me even more aroused.

「 My breasts are surprisingly heavy, aren’t they? 」

「 I-It’s this feeling! 」

「 You can fondle them all you want but be gentle, hmm, yes, that, like that. You can be a bit stronger than that 」

「 Like this? 」

「 Hmm, that’s good enough 」

I’m soaking in the breathtaking sight of the flesh my fingers are digging in and my palm feels the weight.

Gradually, the stimulation I feel on my dick becomes sharper and sharper and I could feel my ejaculation rising to its limit.

「 Aaah, cumming again! 」

「 You can’t ejaculate yet! 」

She grips my ball sack.

That pain from the side pressured my ejaculation back.

She’s cruel. I guess that’s my punishment. I feel like I’m being unreasonable but I’ll let her violate me as much as she wants.

「 I-I want you to feel good with me! I want you to cum while I’m cumming! 」

「 Oh, guh, o-okay 」

I’m trying to hold it as best as I can but she demands me to try harder.

I’m supposed to endure her hips swaying back and forth, her vagina swallowing me as it changes shape and pressure, and her dancing figure shows no mercy. It’s like she’s torturing me.

But, seeing her cheeks blush, her eyes getting moist, pleading to me, it makes me want to try to hold out for a how long until the little next while.

「 Ahaa, you’re making such a dignified manly face! 」

Then, we concentrated on the act, not saying a word to each other.

Her sweat showered on me, her love nectar overflowing from the connection, raining on me.

Before I knew it, the room’s become humid as a sauna with heat rising in the air.

「 C-Cumming! Together!!! 」

The moment she hits me with her biggest stroke, I couldn’t help but let out my desire.

「 Ah, nhaaaaaa!! 」

Her vagina pressures and squeezes all the semen as her hips move from side to side.

Before I realized it, my hips were floating, and gravity pulled me down to bed after I finished ejaculating. At that moment, my hips, buried deep, feel a sharp pleasure that’s not ejaculation and my spine shivered. I wonder if it’s because I held back to the limit before ejaculating. My balls hurt.

「 Haa, haa 」

I took a deep breath to fix my rough breathing.

She’s been arching her back, then she fell exhausted on my chest.

The soft feeling of her breast smashing, and the smell of her sweat, even the way her small shoulders move up and down, they’re all so adorable. She’s resting her cheek on my chest and I held her head and pat her. Her hair, well-groomed and smooth to touch spills between my fingers.

Then, I pinched her nipples lightly.

「 That’s foul play. Why don’t you do it with her, not just me? 」

「 Huh, sure 」

I don’t know what’s foul play but I just nodded.

Still, I have no intentions of stopping from patting her hair. It’s my first time touching a girl’s hair but I’m impressed by how pleasant it is to touch. How do I say this, it might become a habit. Speaking of which, shampoo commercials often caught my attention in my previous life. I’m strangely caught up with the catchphrase “I like beautiful ladies”

Speaking of which there’s no weird announcement this time.