Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep010. Caressing Marie, then Sixty-Nine



I grope her breasts without hesitation as I kiss her deeply.

Her body jumps a little when I pick on the light-colored fruit at the tip and crush it with my thumb She’s probably becoming more sensitive to the stimulation but it still felt like her when she doesn’t interrupt the deep kiss she sought for.

She has no hesitation when she decides to do something.

I guess none of those have changed since she was an adventurer.

We devoured each other’s lips for a while, but my breath was getting hard, so I gently pushed her up with my hand that’s holding her breasts. She seems to have caught my intention and raised her upper body too.

「Hmm, haa, haa. Kissing is quite surprisingly deep. I feel like I’m getting addicted to it」

A string of saliva stretches out from her small tongue sticking out.

Marie’s breath is a little disheveled too. I don’t know if it’s the lack of oxygen or her arousal.

I admire her gestures, which remind me of a carnivore.

「I feel like a horned rabbit like now」

「Ufufu, the hell? The rabbit here has a horn on the wrong place, must be a pervert, right?」

Marie laughs and grinds her hips forward and backward.

I can feel her soft flesh, grinding on me, forcing me down on my weak spot.

「I didn’t mean it that way you know?」

The stimulation of the fabric rubbing against me, and the thought that Marie’s sensitive spot is just millimeters away sends a numbing tingle on my tailbone and spine. The nerves short-circuit from the sweet premonition. It’s too weak to be called pleasure, but it can’t be ignored.

My lower half, which had just gone ape from the taste of a woman, was screaming intensely for me to hurry up and do it.

「I didn’t understand it until I saw it up close and personal like this.」 You’re quite tempered aren’t you?」

Marie touches my chest with her thin white fingers. She gently traces my ribs and abdominal muscles as if she’s examining every muscle fiber. Now it feels like I’m a rabbit that she’s about to skin. In fact, she’s about to eat me up so it’s not a mistake.

Marie suddenly approached my chest and crawled her red tongue on it. My body reacts more sensitively than when she played using her fingers. I tried to hide my reaction as much as possible but my breath naturally spilled out.

「Amu, chu, reru, fufu, even boys feel good when their nipples get teased, right?」

Marie seem to like my reaction since she asked me while rubbing her cheeks against my drool-soaked chest.

Perhaps she took my silence as an affirmation so she began to lick my nipples even more intently.


「Chupa! Chupa! You’re not being honest so..hamu, chu, I’m doing whatever I want.」

「Ugu, I get it. I get it already! I get aroused when Marie’s licking my body.」

「So, which part do you feel the most when licked? Do you feel more pleasure from your cute little nipples or your well-trained abs or ribs?」

Marie began to bite my nipples with her soft lips.

The stimulation was so weak it’s hard to say I’m getting any pleasure from it. It’s a little ticklish.

But, Marie’s lewd expression as she clings to me as hard as she could make me feel strangely uplifted, as her body heat and heartbeat overlaps with mine.

However. If possible.

「I want you to lick my dick」

I spill out my thoughts. My heartbeat goes so fast that I hear my ears ringing.


Marie froze on my stomach, her shoulders twitched.

Seems like my murmur went to her ears.

「S-Sure, I’ll do it」

After a moment of silence, she agreed with a thin and trembling voice. Her ears are red.


I think a gong just got hit right next to my ear. My own pulse is roaring in excitement as I think of that.

「 I know that you’ve been holding back for a long already」

Marie, who had been staring at me all this time, finally averted her gaze and turned bright red. Marie got down on her knees. She looked up at me.

Her breasts maintained their firm shape while being pulled by gravity. I let go of my hand reluctantly

Marie has no intention of releasing me from my restraints.

She held my hands down and carefully changed position. Her hands and feet swapped so she could keep holding my wrist down with her knees. Basically, it’s sixty-nine.

Inevitably, I’m presented with her everything right in front of me.

No matter how many times we’ve seen each other naked during our adventures, this is naturally the first time I’ve seen her like this. Her anus, which squeezes tightly due to tension, and her tightly closed slit are all in full view. It’s a superb scene.

The only regret is that I can’t see her face through the two giant stars peeking out from behind her legs.

She did say that it’s her first time before we started the act.

I don’t doubt that.

But I know instinctively, that even though I just graduated from virginity, these things in front of me don’t belong to anyone yet. I want to violate this pussy sooner, sooner, sooner! So whispers the demon inside me.


To throw cold water on such arousal, a sharp, striking, and numbing sensation hit me by surprise.

Marie’s kissing my glans.

「It’s my first time so forgive me if I can’t do it well」

She says then she puts my rod in her mouth in one go.

I know from kissing that her mouth is small. It should be hard to put my dick inside her mouth.

「Fuu, nfuu, hamo, fuu, nn, chuu」

Marie’s slowly sucked on my cock and slowly pulled her face back, squeezing my glans with her tongue. The pace is slow and deliberate as if she’s holding a broken object.

There’s the comfort of being wrapped in something warm and soft, but it’s too loose as a stimulus. However, her earnest and polite gestures fully convey her thoughts.

I want to respond to her feelings.

The next thing I knew I was frantically stretching my neck and tracing her crack with my tongue. The truth is, I want to kiss it gently, but I could hardly move since I was bound so that’s what I did.

Marie’s body trembled in surprise and she tried to get her hips away from me.

But that was just for a moment.

Soon her hips came down and she dropped it deeper this time, bringing it closer to my mouth.

I didn’t hesitate and slurped on Marie’s slit.

Her ass trembled and her anus reacts.

「Hmm, fuaa, aah, da,,, chupa! Hmmmm」

Occasionally, Marie’s service would stop and she’d shake her hips wildly.

I’m not sure if that’s a signal that she’s cumming or not.

But each time she shakes herself, the service becomes more intense. She’s heating up. I also return the favor.

I wonder how much we can elevate ourselves?

I was starting to have these fantasies but the end has come.

It was me who’s reaching the limit.

I couldn’t resist the sudden sensation of ejaculation so I let Marie suck me off as I unleash my desire inside of her.

「Mugogo?! Geho, geho! Bufoo, ooee, gaha!!」

Marie coughs violently.

「Zee! Haa, !! Eho, keho! It stinks! S-Semen is quite unique, and smelly」

I hear her tearful voice. I can’t see Marine’s face but I can hear her confused voice.

「Sorry, Marie. It just went out so suddenly. Are you okay?」

「I’m okay. It’s just that I’m surprised with the smell and it sticks more than I expected」

Hearing her calm voice made me feel relieved.

「Still, I’m glad」

Marie gently grasps my rod.

「I know that I made you feel good. I’m relieved」

Hearing her say something so admirable.

I feel like I’m about to lose my mind.

「M-Marie! I-I’m!」


My heart nearly stopped at the sharp stillness of her voice.

「I don’t want you to look at my face right now, I look horrible. I got to clean up the semen that spilled all over, so give me a bit of time and them I’m going to…well…go through it to the end, right?」

I’m dumbfounded as she’s the one who took the initiative, yet she’s asking worriedly this time.

Combined with the fact that I ejaculated once, my mind was calm.

「I want to take Marie’s first time. I want to be Marie’s first man」

I spin the words with a graceful and open heart.

「I want to have sex with Marie」

「Okay, I’ll give my first time to Zaryu」

The clouds have disappeared. The moonlight streamed through the skylight.

It’s a full moon tonight. The moon is beautiful.

The bright moonlight enters the room.

Then, the pillar of light created a star-like twinkle with Marie’s sweat on her back, decorating her divinely.

And it’s the first time in my life I ever worshipped such a divine ass.