Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep009. Embracing the Determination 



「 We just took a bath so won’t it be a waste if you go to sleep in that room? So don’t hold back, come in. If you stay there you’ll get cold 」

「 S-Sure, okay 」

I already know that it’s useless to refuse Marie’s suggestion.

Marie’s calm and yet weirdly pushy. Speaking of which, I feel that I was the one who had to negotiate with the other members of the party when we were adventuring because Marie doesn’t want to change her opinion.

Anyway, I followed her logic and I stepped into a woman’s room for the first time in my life.

Her bedroom is so small that there’s no point comparing it to other rooms. It’s surprising.

Just a simple bed, a writing desk, and a wall hanger. The ceiling’s low and the space is about two tatami mats at most. It’s built like a cheap wooden inn. She’s dressed in tasteless clothing that you don’t feel any sexiness, but the faint sweet smell tickled my nostrils. It smells like Marie.

「 Disillusioned? Do you think a girl’s room would be more glamorous? 」

「 This is indeed surprising. The other rooms were so far removed from your image that this one seems to be more of the Marie I know 」

「 Really, which part? The small-minded personality? 」

「 The efficient minimalism. I bring a lot of tools with me on any job but Marie on the other hand tries to keep it as light as possible 」

「 That’s true. Oh well, I’ll forgive you this time 」

Marie laughed lightly.

Seriously. To think that she smiles this much.

「 Don’t just stand up there and let’s go to sleep. The night is short 」

「 Yeah, let’s 」

「 Wait, you’re not planning to sleep on the floor, are you? 」

「 That’s my plan 」

「 It’s not like we’re camping in the middle of an adventure so go sleep in a proper bed! If you sleep on the floor you’ll end up ruining it! Do you really think I invited you to my room for nothing? Or do you think that I’m a mean evil bitch? 」

「 N-No, that wasn’t my intention 」

Marie’s red in fury and she pulled my arm forcefully.

It’s miserable to say but she and I have a huge gap between our levels.

I couldn’t resist at all, her slender arms pulled me lightly and she pushed me to the bed. I’m sandwiched between Marie and the wall so I had nowhere to escape.

「 Haa, haa, haa, you never changed 」

「 R-Really 」

Marie looks at me from above while holding my wrist and straddling on me.

Her pure face reveals irritation and displeasure.

That change from her friendly atmosphere in the bathroom made me shiver. Wondering if I stepped on a landmine. Even if I put all my strength trying to get off, I can’t escape from her as she forcefully pushes me back on the bed with much more strength.

I had no idea why Marie was pushing me down.

Marie speaks up as if she sensed my anxiety.

「 Was it true? What Hagen-san said earlier 」

「 A-About what? 」

「 That you’re a man. It’s about that, right? 」

「 Ugh 」

Marie wiggles her hips.

I can’t help but let out a small groan as the taught little ass is pressed against my rod Marie’s rubbing my dick with her pussy through the cloth. The heat that’s smoking from earlier has been reclaimed in no time. No matter how much I try to calm myself, the boiling magma deep inside me has no signs of stopping its rise.

It doesn’t help that she’s straddling on me, the hardness and the angle just continue.

I’m sure that Marie is feeling that heat and stiffness. I’m about to boil over with shame.

「 Wow, it’s really so hard 」

Marie makes a small noise with her throat, undresses, revealing her lustrous skin. I can’t take my eyes off the two round like full moon fruits thrown in front of me.

「 Hey, will you have sex with me? 」

A provocative invitation melted my brain.

The sweet numbness from her hips seared my lower body and my brain.

Why? Why is Marie suddenly being this silly? I can’t find the answer. My instincts are telling me that I shouldn’t get aroused in front of my precious friend as if I do something, it would be irreversible.

I reached out with my unrestrained hand and grabbed her breasts, which were exposed in all their glory. It’s heavy, it’s getting pulled by the gravity. I rub it slowly to make it feel cool even though she just finished taking a bath. My fingers sink into her flesh. It overflows between my fingers and twisted to a shape.

「 Zaryu 」

Marie calls my name. It’s exuding sadness and lust.

Her moist eyes and quivering lips burned bright red.

As I see her face getting closer and closer. I think to myself “I can still turn this down, right?”

After al. I… When I graduated from my virginity…

I leveled up.

I’ve never been popular in my life.

Not in my previous one, nor in this life.

Marie’s a popular girl.

Her level is also quite high, and she has quite the status of an adventurer.

She’s worlds away from me.

「 Marie 」

You can’t. Marie. I’m a no-good guy.

A useless man. I can’t be with you.

Say that it’s a joke, that a prank.

It’s going to be sad, but we can laugh it off. Please.

I stare at Marie’s eyes, begging.

It shows an ugly man with his nostrils flaring in excitement, thinking with his lower half. No woman would love to embrace such a man. The ugly face that even I think so is exposed.

Yet, I can see an unyielding resolve in her eyes.

Her eyes peek into my face and smile.

「 It’s my first time doing this so be gentle with me 」

It started with a gentle touch on our mouths, and it slowly and gradually pressed on me with force.

She opens her lips and uses her tongue to caress me gently. She urges me with the tip of her tongue. I open my lips thinly to respond. Her warm tongue entered cautiously and entwined with mine. Her gestures are somewhat strange and made me feel calmer as if she’s hesitant to touch me, even though she’s doing an aggressive approach.

I take her tongue gently and then we intertwine with each other.

It reminded me of the first time I had a party with her a long time ago.

At that time, she’s as aggressive as she is now, frequently talking to me to attempt to absorb the know-how as an adventurer. To respond to her, I shared my knowledge and experience with her, acting as her senior adventurer. The feeling of nostalgia and love fills my heart. I liked her as a respected colleague.

But now, I can’t look at her with respect and reverence as a former companion.

As a man, I want to embrace this woman in front of me with all the passion I can muster.

I want to be a man who embraced Marie. I want to stain her womb and impregnate her irresponsibly.

I’m determined to become the worst person so I could follow my desires.