Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep020. Sitting Position with Marie



Marie stood up and turned her back to me, probably to deal with the semen sticking to her breasts. I seized the opportunity and embraced her.

Marie reveals her surprise with a big jolt on her shoulders. However, she doesn’t resist. She just lets me hug her chest.

I can feel her trembling from her back. Marie’s short and faint sighs overlap with her heartbeat, making it clear that she’s obvious

「 Marie, I want to embrace you 」

I’m already hugging her, but Marie’s not that dumb to not understand what I meant by that. Who knows where she learned it, but I’m sure she learned how to please a man.

I’ve been at her mercy for a long time she’s puzzled by the fact that I turned around and gone on the offensive. I can feel that vibe from her now. She may have the knowledge, but she’s not accustomed to the tactics. She’s not sure whether she’ll accept my offer or not.

That’s what I’ll take advantage of.

I tighten my hug just a little bit.

Then, I whispered closely to her ear.

「 I want to make love with you 」

「 Ah…okay 」

Her whole body trembles. Then, she nods.

It’s the same as yesterday. After squeezing one out, we got down to the act. We’re just following the process. That’s why I’m confident that she won’t turn down the offer.

However, unlike yesterday, I’m in control now.

Of course, I’d take advantage of that

「 It’s touching my butt. You just came and yet it’s still so hard. Hmm, you want to put it in right away? Okay, let’s do it from behind 」

Marie squirms in my arms and rubs her ass against me.

It’s tempting to surrender to such sweet seduction, but if I accept that, I’m giving up the initiative that I just took from her. There won’t be a repeat of yesterday.

「 Marie, I want to see your face while doing it 」

「 !! 」

I stiffen my crotch with determination and rub back her ass and whisper at a distance I could kiss her ears. The reaction was exciting. She’s been leaning against me so far, but now she resists a bit.

But, she’s not resisting for real.

「 N-no, I don’t want that 」

She panics, that her tone is chilled.

Marie’s reaction almost breaks my heart, but I borrow the heat from my dick to fuel my desire

「 Marie, please? 」

I tighten up my embrace as I say that. Telling her that I won’t let go until she says yes.

「 W-Why do you want to see my face? It’s just the same thing 」

「 It’s not 」

「 I-It is 」

「 It’s totally different 」

I press Marie forcibly that I can’t even believe it.

I kiss her on the cheeks on the spur of the moment to soften her attitude.

I thought that this was the right time to attack so I released her from my embrace.

「 Huh? Kya! 」

She was startled by the sudden action and tried to turn around, but I quickly dropped, and scooped her up, holding her waist and knees. It’s a bridal carry.

Marie’s innocent expression was so adorable, her mouth is wide open in shock, and she can’t catch up with what was happening to her. Her voluptuous breasts are right after me, but I pull away from my eyes from it with all the strength I had. Then, I looked her in the eye.

She’s slowly catching up.

Marie’s expression crumbles, her lips are fumbling. Marie’s there, smelling sexy, having a face of a lustful female. I instantly see why she’s so stubborn. Marie doesn’t want me to see her embarrassing appearance. I feel that too.

But, I’m more joyful than sorry.

Marie’s so conscious of showing me her good side that she doesn’t want to show me anything embarrassing. I’m happy she thinks of me that way, that she cares and is strongly aware of me.

That makes me feel alive.

I’m alive. I’m here in this world.

My whole body is filled with an invisible impulse from gratitude.

I drop a kiss on her forehead as my emotions take over.

「 Fuaa?! W-Why? 」

I put Marie down on the bed, whose face is frozen, and steam coming out of her face, and then her body loosened up, losing her strength. I grab her ankles and pull her legs to a V shape. Her thinly opened slit is already wet enough, so I carefully place the tip of my dick against it, to the place that’s overflowing with love nectar.

「 Ah, yaa 」

Marie’s just letting me do what I want with her.

Her gaze is fixed between our contact points.

It’s a different scene from yesterday. I pinned her down, forcing her to have sex with me.

「 I’m putting it in, Marie 」

I thrust my desires raging to the limit.

「 Ah, aaaah?! I-It’s coming in! Y-Your big thing….Uguu…Haa,…i-it’s so thick…and hot…haa, haa, haa…How? It’s much bigger than yesterday….Gusu, it won’t go in anymore! Ah, guu…it hurts…h-hey, i-is that all in, right? 」

「 That’s just half of it 」

「 N-No way! You can’t go further than that! Aah! 」

「 Look, there we go 」

Her trembling makes her look like a virgin who never had sex, and also a poor damsel who’s forcibly raped by a scum. Strangely, I don’t feel guilt or regret violating Marie here. Rather, I feel excited and uplifted, thinking about what I’m about to do to her.

The pleasure of subduing a strong woman and doing her as I will numb the brain.

I’m fascinated by the endlessly growing violent desire and what it brings.

「 Zaryu! 」

Marie’s impatient call strikes my ear.

My consciousness becomes clear. My cloudy vision is gone.

I see Marie calling out to me, in tears.

A cold sweat breaks out, and a sense of regret and guilt overwhelms me.

Just what was I doing?

「 Zaryu 」

I hear her call me again.

Marie stretched her hands towards me, and opened her legs, calling me wistfully with her moist eyes and flushed cheeks. Her voice isn’t blaming but seeking.

I realized.

I guessed her intention and hugged her.

Then, the two of us hugged each other.

Strong, intense, and firm. Our bodies have entwined.

We keep our position, and we went to a sitting position.

「 Zaryu…hmm, chu, haa. hmm, haa, Zaryu…chu…ahn! Haa, Zaryuu!! Ah, there!! Hmm 」

「 Marie! Marie! 」

The sound of our meats slamming echoes.

Only now Marie’s breasts are a little distracting as they shake violently each time her hips move. The distance between them feels a little bit more distant. Marie keeps seeking me, kissing my chest, shoulders, and neck. I respond to her by moving my hips up and down in her arms and we both ascend to pleasure.

「 Ah, haa, amazing! I’m feeling good 」

「 Marie, I’m about to…anytime 」

「 Just a bit more, go a bit harder 」

「 Yeah! I get it 」

Marie’s pussy is steadily increasing in pressure. Her tightness is so strong that I feel that it might crush me. Not to be outdone by her passionate embrace, I put my strength to one point and swing my hips without a care in the world.

「 C-Cumming! Don’t look at me 」

「 I can’t do that!! 」

I grab her chin as she tries to run away and face away.

「 Baka~! Let go! Aaah, hmmmmmmmm!!! 」

Our lips entwine, her eyebrows furrow, her eyelids close, and she bounces as she clings to me with her back arched wide. I can feel her vagina twitching and her climax approaching.

I hold her flailing body in my arms and I thrust to the deepest part to pour everything I have. After a long and deep ejaculation that sucked the life out of me, I breathed on my shoulders.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, 」

I look at Marie in my arms who’s in a dazed state due to the lack of oxygen.

「 Haa, haaa, haa, haa, idiot…you’re an idiot… 」

Unable to hide her melting expression as she cries and complains while I hug her, she’s still hugging me, which is lovely.