Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep004. Real Feeling



I stepped into the Adventurer’s Guild.

I thought I’d never step in again until yesterday.

There’s a tavern attached to this building so it’s overflowing in the mornings and night, but it’s off-peak at this time of the day and the crowd is sparse.

I made a beeline to the open counter and showed my license.

The Adventurer’s Guild license is a dog tag, a simple metal plate with the adventurer’s information imprinted on it. It’s not subjected to some kind of magic or something familiar to the isekai templates from my previous life. Even the simplest of the magic tools are valuable so it’s not cost-effective to give them out to adventurers when there’s an overflowing amount of them.

「I want to renew my license」

The receptionist checked my license and pulled out a thick ledger to cross-check the information.

「Ah, you can’t since you don’t meet the criteria」

「When’s the next one?」

「Two months for the regular, three appropriate difficulty requests」

「Three, huh…」

I folded my arms and groaned.

The easy part would be to wait for the renewal of the license, which would come in two months on a six-month cycle. But, I’m broke. Also, it won’t be good for my mental health to leave questions unanswered for two months.

I’m not the kind of person who can take it easy on a matter that would affect the rest of my life.

However, three requests of the right difficulty level are also troublesome.

The amount of effort and time it takes to achieve the goal differs depending on what kind of request I receive.

The problem is that I’m not at a party at the moment so I have to look for one. It’s quite the challenge to find good-natured people who are willing to take me in with open arms.

I thanked the staff and checked the guild’s bulletin board set up in the building.

Various papers are posted on the bulletin board. You can find requests, party recruitment, bartering for materials, and others…The adventurers can also use it if they ask the staff so pretty much anything is posted.

I took a quick look but I didn’t find any openings that fit my requirements.

「Oh, would you look at that, isn’t that the seedless Zalmen?」

Just thinking that I would come back today, I hear a nasty voice.

Turning around, there’s a big red-face bald-head man with a freaky smirk on his face.

It’s Danio, the warrior I was at a party with before. He’s a muscle idiot as you can see.

「Oh hey Danio. You smell drunk already and it’s not even night」

「Gegege, and you’re still all talk as usual」

「If you have no business with me then I’m leaving」

「Now you wait a second there. You came right as I was telling the newcomers about my saga, and you, my former comrade can tell them about my great exploits」

Again, I’m fed up with this.

Danio’s a mid-level adventurer in the guild. He’s a veteran with over three years of experience in the field.

However, he has a bad drinking habit as you can see, and when he gets drunk, he often tells exaggerated stories of his own heroics to disgust the new adventurers he finds.

「Sorry but I’m not in the mood for that. I’m busy as you can see」

「Someone staring at the bulletin board is busy? Gegege, good joke!」

His loud voice attracts the attention of the people around him.

Stop. You’re making the two of us stand out in a bad way.

Unaware of my thoughts, Danio continued to make vulgar noises.

「Hey, newcomers! You see this seedless Zalmen? He’s been an adventurer for five years and he’s the most experienced of them all. Don’t you think that’s impressive for a guy who looks so dull」

The newcomers who he’s talking to had a surprised look on his face.

They looked at me with a mix of envy and respect, and I feel sick from discomfort.

「But you see, there’s a catch. The truth is, he’s been an adventurer for five years, but he’s still level one! Aren’t you surprised?! His talents as an adventurer never blossomed and he’s still accepting low-ranked requests even after five years! That’s why he’s called seedless Zalmen! Isn’t that miserable?」

I glared at Danio who’s laughing but he doesn’t care. No, he doesn’t even look at me. Danio’s gaze is fixed on the newcomers. Amused at their expressions changing from surprise, disdain, contempt, and sympathy to me, after hearing Danio’s story.

「On that note, I’ve been fighting on the frontlines as a warrior! I’ve survived for three years on my own strength and talent! Isn’t that amazing?!」

Some of the newcomers have praised Danio.

Danio’s smile just grows weirder. He sure is a bad drunk.

「Done already? I’m going now」

「Hey hey hey! You haven’t told these guys my exploits yet, haven’t you?」

He grabs my shoulder.

Danio’s level 9. He has that personality but he survived three years.

Once he grabs me like that, I won’t be able to move from the spot as if I’m held in a vise. As a result, I’m forced to keep Danio company on his drinking sprees even though I don’t want to.

That’s been the pattern for the past year.

But, strangely enough, I don’t feel the usual pressure.

I don’t feel the oppressive feeling of the sheer cliff looming in front of me.

Maybe it’s the effect of leveling up? I put pressure on my stomach and tried to get rid of Danio’s hand.


Danio raised his voice in surprise.

I tried to test it out and I surprisingly took off his hand.

「I won’t tell you to stop drinking but keep it in moderation. See you later」

Feeling calm, I left the place in a hurry.

Some of the newcomers seem to be insulting me but I didn’t pay them any attention.

I’m already tired of hearing all degrees of insults.

Instead, I’m more interested in the fact that I was getting a solid response to my level up.

I thought that I can’t compete even if the heavens and earth are turned upside down. The absolute power difference between levels has been overturned.

「I really leveled up」

I felt the long-forgotten rush through my body.

I clenched my fist tightly without realizing it.