Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep005. Reunion with an Old Friend



I hurriedly left the guild.

There’s no point in staying there, and even though I’m already used to it, I don’t want to be looked down on. I don’t care about the seasoned adventurer Danio, but if he influences the newcomers to insult me, I can’t help but feel angry as an adventurer.

The key to staying in the rough-and-tumble business like an adventurer for a long time is to not grow seeds of trouble.

Don’t get involved in unnecessary matters and if you feel that a dispute is about to break, end it early.

If you continue to slack off and do it half-heartedly, by the time it gets out of control, it’ll turn into a huge problem.

Adventurers, to put it bluntly, are people who rely on violence to survive.

There’s only one way to go if you want to solve things. And, the person with the higher level wins, regardless of personality or achievement. Even if you’re right as a person, you’re out. With my knowledge from my previous life, I sometimes find the logic of this world and adventurers unbearable.

I’ve always been at the bottom of the level so if they want to settle, I’m always the ‘guilty’.

The only way to avoid losing was to avoid fighting.

Seedless Zalmen.

It’s an insulting name, but it hits the mark.

I’m a coward, a fool, an effeminate bastard as I keep on running away from fights. Maybe I’ve been like that since my past life.

Maybe, I’m getting the chance to get out of this life.

It hadn’t budged until now but I was finally able to level up. Maybe, I can aim higher. It lifts up my spirits.

「 Still, I wonder what I should do 」

Suddenly, an opportunity arise. I also got the realization that it’s real.

That said, I wasn’t prepared for what was happening and I couldn’t handle it. The spirit of safe play I learned over the years is holding this restless feeling firmly to the ground.

The fact that until yesterday, all I could think about was retiring, and what I’m doing is the exact opposite right now is also affecting me.

If I were a normal person, then I wouldn’t be taking a vacation between jobs leisurely but it would be busy running around the town for the next request.

I’m surprised at how much time I have on my hands. Thinking about it, I realized from the time when I was born in this world until now, I’ve been so desperate in surviving that I never had a single hobby.

I didn’t drink, gamble, or play with women.

「 I wonder if being a corporate slave in my former life seeped into the marrow of my soul? 」

I wonder if the saying “the soul of a child is three” is true.

It’s probably a historic achievement for me to have done it with a woman.

「 If only I had money, I’d do it with her again 」

I remember the woman who helped me graduate.

Her soft and fragrant money, which was the complete opposite of this adventurer self, was extremely comfortable to hold, even just touching her made me feel hot inside. Her vagina was also superb, although I can’t compare it to anyone else since that was my first time. I’m sure that it’s one of those great pussies.

I don’t know anything about women so she stayed with me until morning to teach me. She’s a good woman.

The desire to embrace her again rises up. I know the result but I looked into my purse. Only a few coins left. I’m poor.

「 Money money money. As expected, you need money 」

I exhaled a heavy breath I built up on my chest.

「 Stop slacking in front of our place! You’re driving away from our customers! 」

I turned around, hearing the sound of a familiar voice, and found myself in a familiar second-hand shop. I was wandering aimlessly while thinking and it seems my feet followed their holiday routine.

The man yelling at me is a dazzling hold man with a sun-kissed head, his trademark

「 I haven’t seen you around for a while now. Here I was, wondering if you finally passed away. 」

「 You say that, yet there are plenty of low-ranked adventurers out there, it won’t make much of a difference if I’m gone

「 Idiot, if I don’t get enough sales from you, I’ll lose my drinking money! A steady customer like Zaryu who buys regularly is a treasure for us businessmen 」

The old man with a big bald head said with a frown.

Hmm, thick as usual. Combined with the little mustache under his nose, the impact is too much.

This dirty second-hand shop owner is Hagen He’s a former adventurer by title.

After retiring, he set up an adventurer’s tool store here, where he gives advice to newcomers and takes care of them in any way he can. He has old scars all over his arms and face from his days as an adventurer so he has a fierce look. Because of that, the female adventurers and honest ones keep their distance, and he’s sad about it. I’d say that I don’t want to get attached, but I can’t fault him since he’s done so much for me since I was a newbie.

「 Still, I feel like your atmosphere changed 」

「 Really? 」

「 Oh, I get it. It’s a woman! 」

「 Pfft! 」

I was wondering what he’d say but to think that he’s on the mark, I can’t help but choke.

Hagen shows me a disgusting smile.

He puts his arm on my shoulder and nods. Oh shut it.

「 Zaryu’s finally become a man, your old man’s happy! 」

「 Stop being so weird! 」

「 Don’t get so worked up about it. You just unmasked, haven’t you? This time, I’ll tell you the favorite places and girls I had next time, let’s hang out together! 」

「 Ugh! I told you, no! 」

One of Hagen’s many flaws is that he loves to talk dirty jokes.

He doesn’t realize that this is what makes him less popular with women.

I’m begging you, don’t get me involved. I’ll be clear with my attitude here. I got rid of the arm on my shoulder and moved away. Then Hagen stares at me with a surprised look at his face, as if his jaw is about to come off.

「 You…c-c-c-could it be?! 」

「 Oh, you get it? I finally leveled up it seems 」

Even though he’s retired, he’s still a former adventurer.

Just that exchange made him sense the difference in level between us.

「 Ooh, ooooh, oooooh!! I’m glad! 」

「 Gyaaa! Don’t hug me! You’re sweaty! 」

Hagen’s making a lot of noise while hugging me but I can’t move.

I can’t even imagine the sight of this old man rubbing my head while crying.

I feel uncomfortable with the idea of two men hugging, but there’s a part of me that’s glad that there are people who are more emotionally excited about my growth than I was.

my five-year career as an adventurer was also a journey of separation from my friends.

A bitter experience parting with a close party, being treated like a tool and then discarded, or the feel of familiarity turning to contempt and disdain, I’ve rarely been able to relax with other people.

That’s why it’s a relief to know that he’s congratulating me from the bottom of his heart, albeit a little awkwardly.

「 Thanks, Hagen 」

A little embarrassed, but I said my thanks.

In response, he pats me gently on the head. It’s embarrassing, but it’s not bad.

「 So you two were gay 」

My heart froze at the sudden words thrown at me.

「 T-That’s a misunderstanding!! 」

I shouted with all my soul from within Hagen’s hug which I can’t leave even with all my strength.

Hagen and I are close. But spare me from that talk, even if it’s just made up.