Impregnation Reincarnation Adventurer ep008. Baths are for washing one’s Life



In the end, Marie and I struggled with the storage room until nightfall, we’re covered in soot and dust, but there was no contest. This room wasn’t used for more than ten years so it’s no wonder.

When we were done, we decided to end the cleaning for the day.

「 The bath is prepared, so go in first 」

「 Huh? You had a bath? 」

「 I don’t want you wandering around the house looking so dirty 」

It’s rare for a common house to have a bath.

I followed her half-in-doubt as she leads the way.

It’s a room surrounded by bricks.

The walls lined up with the shelves and various books and equipment lined up. The room has a huge fireplace and on top of it is a huge pot that could almost be a giant cauldron of witches that’s on fire. The rising steam gets sucked into the chimney on top of the pot.

This is definitely the way it’s supposed to be used.

I searched for the right words to say but I can’t do it.

「 Now strip. I’ll wash your dirty clothes 」

「 Huh? I think that’s embarrassing for me 」

「 I’m already tired of seeing you naked when we were adventuring together. What are you talking about now? You’re being too nosy 」

「 We were on an adventure so you can dismiss that as an emergency, but seeing the opposite sex in daily life is embarrassing! If I was a stranger, then I can dismiss the shame, but for someone familiar to see me… 」

「 Isn’t that a bit too late? You’ve seen my naked body too so many times, right? 」

Marie’s gaze is piercing me.

It feels like I’m the only one saying that it’s weird.

Seeing the situation, she’s prepared this bath just for me.

「 Well, okay. I get it 」

It’s rude to refuse her kindness. I readied myself and took off my clothes.

It didn’t take much time since I already removed my equipment before cleaning up.

Marie’s holding the clothes I took off.

「 Okay, take your time 」

Marie took care of my clothes and left the room with a calm attitude.

「 I feel like an idiot for getting tensed up 」

Somehow, it doesn’t satisfy me.

How do I say this, what if Marie made the opposite reaction, blushing and getting flustered? It seems wrong, or rather, I don’t want her to react that way either. To me, Marie’s a calm and collected adventurer, sometimes cracking a joke with a straight face, an elusive, but capable adventurer whom I relied on the most times where I’m in need.

Even in such a short time I had with her today, I can tell the impression that she made back then wasn’t all she was. Surprisingly, she’s got a lot of expressions. The distance between us was so close that it’s hard to deal that we’re dealing with the opposite sex, well, we’re old friends so I guess she’s allowing that.

That said, I never expected that I had to strip right in front of her.

I scoop some hot water from the pot with a ladle and pour it down the drain, washing thoroughly from head to toe.

After washing away the soot, dust, and sweat, I ascended the steps and took a bath.

The pot is quite huge and wide that I can spread my legs and hands and still have room.

「 I’m glad that even though we haven’t seen each other in three years, you’re still treating me the same way you did back then 」

I think Marie’s adjusted the temperature just right. The warmth just penetrates my body.

I feel that it’s warming up my heart, not just my body.

「 I’ve been worried all this time. I was worried that Marie would despise or deceive me like the others 」

The uneasy feeling in my chest comes off.

Danio’s still okay. Many people try to betray me by bringing up an old friendship to catch us off guard. Sadly, this world lives in the survival of the fittest. I’m still alive, but I’ve almost died once or twice. Not one nearly killed as an adventurer, but nearly killed by human deception.

This is also because of my experience as an orphan living strong in the slums.

「 Even so, I don’t think there’s anything with feeling special about your friends 」

A monologue nobody can hear. Well, I might just be telling myself this.

So that next time I form a new adventuring party, I won’t have to deal with the trauma of being betrayed.

Even in my previous life, I got into a lot of trouble because I trusted others.

Foolishness will never be fixed, even with death.

「 I feel like all those bad feelings are melting away in the hot water when I take a long soak like this 」

「 Glad to see that you’re relaxing 」

I was so relaxed that when I heard a cool voice in my ear, I turned around in surprise.

「 Woah, Marie?! W-When did you… wait, w-why are you naked? 」

Marie replied with “What’s the problem?” and tilted her head.

Ignoring me, she also washes off her sweat with the ladle.

Then, she sat next to me in the bath.

The two round mounds floating in the warm water, the nape of her neck peeking out of the gap of her tied up hair, and the slight growth of pubic hair suited the impression of her being somewhat young.

I gaze at Marie as if I’m gobbling up her unguarded figure, with her luscious curves generously exposed. I realized what I was doing after a while and my body was on fire from shame and guilt.

It’s pathetic since my eyes are still glued to her figure.

Even if I want to leave the place quickly, I can’t take the risk of exposing my junior ready to go. At least I still had my reason. Above all, Marie looks like she’s okay with it. If I make a fuss, she’ll only argue with me with a dumbfounded look on her face. I had to keep my composure until my arousal calms down.

「 It’s been a while since I had a relaxing bath like this. I’ve been working day and night on research and experiments for the past six months and it’s been a while since I talked to anyone. Fufu, I was really nervous 」

I’m on an ongoing tension so I’m not laughing at anything.

However, Marie seems to be relaxed, stretching out her arms and legs and then slacking her body into the bathtub.

If you look closely, you can indeed see the dark circles under her eyes. Her hair is dull and the room wasn’t clean. It’s probably because of the research she’s been absorbed in.

「 I don’t know what you’re studying but don’t put too much time into it. If you don’t take a break, you’ll screw up at the critical moment you know? 」

「 Cheeky preaching for a silver class 」

「 Oh, hey! It’s not fair to bring up your adventurer rank at this moment 」

「 Hmm, fufufu, I was joking. Don’t worry about it too much 」

「 Well, I can’t just ignore you. That’s exactly why Marie and I broke up from the party, right? We were doing adventures together but I was the only one who didn’t make it out of the silver rank, and that’s a trauma to me 」

「 Right, uhm, sorry. I guess I went too far 」

「 No, don’t feel that bad. It’s my personal problem so I know that Marie didn’t have any ill will 」

「 Easy 」

「 H-Huh?! Who and what proof do you have? 」

She giggled and laughed, and I played the clown.

I feel a bit nostalgic and comfortable as if the conversation and atmosphere took me back to the past.

「 You know, you’re too good-natured for your own good. If you continue, you’ll be deceived by the wrong people you know? 」

「 Guh?! I can’t deny that, since it’s too familiar to me 」

「 Speaking of, that did happen, right? If I recall correctly it was- 」

Marie and I were soaking in the bathtub and had a reminiscent talk of our adventuring days.

I’m surprised at how easy I can recall the memories from my head. I’m amazed at the precision on which I remember the stories from the past which I don’t usually reflect on.

Somewhere along the line, I forgot about my shame and ulterior motives and surrendered to the comfort of talking with an old friend for the moment.

We almost had a hot flash that we couldn’t stand up.

At some point, we can talk about this as a funny story of the past. I once separated from Marie, but I knew that we’d continue to have such a good relationship.