Kama-Sutra Chapter 5

This chapter is quite experimental. I had to write, scrap and rewrite it several times. That was why it got delayed. I wanted to see how far I could take the concept of ‘sex is a battle’. I hope I wasn’t too graphic and turned you off. Tell me in the comments below.


I had managed to wrestle the lust-crazed Lin down onto the bed and pressed her under my body. My discovery of my Qi had revived my Excalibur and it demanded to be sheathed in its Avalon.

Just as I was about to satisfy its demands, with a sharp ‘CRACK’, the thick stone door to the cave split into two halves and fell on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

My ponder about my relationship with doors and those that wanted to kick them down came to a screeching halt as, lowering the slender foot with which she had kicked the door open, a woman strode into the room.

Her ebony skin gleamed in the torchlight. Her modest breasts strained against her one-size-too-small midnight-blue top that bared her toned midriff and arms. Her wide hips curved into a luscious posterior that more than made up for her slight deficiency in the bust department. It was wrapped in a short tube-like skirt.

She was a tall woman with bone-white hair cropped close to her skull, except for a long tail of hair that hung down from the nape of her neck to the small of her back and swayed with her every step.

Her amber eyes, set within her small, oval face, seemed to glow as they fell upon us. Her full lips curved downwards. A frown marred her brows.

Then her form blurred.

And I felt pain.

Pain was a red and black flower that bloomed as her fist crushed my nose into my skull. Pain was the grating of bone against bone as the back of my skull hit the stone wall and cracked. It was the copper tang of blood and the rending feeling of sharp pieces of my shattered teeth slicing into my gums.

Pain was the liquid fire that ran through my nerves and informed my dizzied brain that I was hurt, badly. That I was going to die.

My soul throbbed like another heart, flaring with an unprecedented brightness even as I swam in and out of consciousness.

Then I watched myself slide down the wall behind the bed, leaving a crimson trail from my bleeding head and collapsing bonelessly to the bed.

It was like I was floating outside my body, an observer to my plight. No pain. No thoughts. No emotions. No sound. Only numbness.

Dispassionately, I gazed upon the mangled mess that used to be my – Liu Yang’s – face.

Apathetically, I watched Lin tackle the woman, barely even making her stagger. I watched her wrap her arms around the woman’s waist, desperately trying to hold her back from me. I saw her crying, pleading for my life.

I saw the woman backhand her across her face, sending her flying off the bed and tumbling on the ground.

I saw the woman reach for me.

Her fingers clamped down upon my broken nose and pulled.

My soul slammed back into my body, my strange state broken by the extreme agony. As my cartilage made creaking noises that I felt rather than heard, my head went white. I screamed, the sound coming out more like a choking gurgle as the blood from my torn gums filled my mouth.

I scratched and tore with my nails against the arm that held my nose.

Her Qi reinforced skin was like steel against my frail nails. In the end, all I managed was breaking two nails and uprooting one. Little white flowers of agony blooming in my mind.

She brought her face close to mine. “So, tell me… what’s a member of the Yang Demon Sect doing in my humble abode? Or else…”

My mind was miles away from coherence, drowning as it was in the sea of hurt. I only knew that I wanted the pain to stop. I wanted to survive.

For that, I’d do anything she asked. Answering her questions was the least I could do.

Eager for the pain to stop, I opened my mouth, forgetting that it was filled with blood. Instead of words, blood splashed upon her face, dyeing it red.

She let go of my nose and I fell back against the wall. Straightening up, she wiped her face with her palm, only managing to smear the blood on her face.

She flicked her palm, leaving a line of spattered blood on the floor.

Swimming in and out of consciousness, I saw her blood masked face as she turned her glowing amber eyes on me.

“So,” she said, her too-white teeth flashing through her bloody lips, “Death over submission, is it?”

Her eyes left mine and travelled downwards. Her lips quirked upwards in a cruel smile.

“Suits me.”

Panic-stricken, I wanted to explain that I wasn’t being defiant. To tell her that I’d answer any questions she wanted if she’d spare my life.

But she didn’t give me the time.

Her fist slammed into my solar plexus and I coughed up blood and any air that remained in my lungs.

I felt my ribs creak from the force of the blow.

She held my left shoulder in a vice grip, pinning it to the wall. With her other hand, she grabbed my crotch, painfully.

Her hand on my balls felt icy and a frigid current of air soon entered my organ. I felt blood flow from the rest of my body to my member and I was unnaturally erect.

I didn’t know what she had done but the veins on my dick bulged and it had turned faintly purple as it reached the hardest and the most engorged state it had ever been in.

Her smiling face was like a devil in my vision as she straddled me while pulling aside her skirt.

Her amber eyes transfixed my gaze like a snake staring down a mouse. My heart beat a mile a minute as her loins slowly engulfed my dick.

All confidence I had of conquering the sect crashed down around me as the shadow of death crept closer and closer still.

“This is the second time we find ourselves in this situation, boy. Survive again and I might just keep you as my pet. Sooner or later, you’ll lick my foot and tell me how you hid your cultivation the first time… and if you die… Try not to. It’ll be more fun that way.”

Her voice was like venom seeping into my ears trickling down to the deepest corners of my mind and unlocking memories I – Liu Yang – never wished to remember.


The sharp stones digging into my back as I was pressed down onto the ground by a hand on my throat.

The sun beating down upon me, throwing the shadow of the ebony-skinned woman who had pushed me down.

The screams of the other men and women in the carriage as they were dragged out and the demonesses of the Yin Demon Sect had their way with them.


So, it was her.

The girl who had raped and killed me once.

And she was going to do it again.

She moaned as she ground her hips into mine. Her undulating folds clamped down onto my magically engorged member. Her pussy was wet from the excitement of dominating me.

Her eyes gleamed as her Yin Spirit manifested and she lost herself in her lust.

Pressing me up against the wall by her hands on both my shoulders, she swung her hips with reckless abandon as she threw her head back and arched her back in pleasure.

For me, it was pure torture.

Her superhuman strength caused my bones to creak under her grasp.

Her dark magic that had erected my penis caused me to feel no pleasure from the contact of our flesh, only discomfort.

That was her mistake.

She expected my Spirit to be weak. Much weaker than hers, given her cultivation that far outstripped either Lin’s or mine.

But, she didn’t know about the specialty of my soul. She didn’t know that I wasn’t as affected by her Yin Qi as she was by my Yang.

Even then, the density of her Yin nearly caused me to cum before her. If not for the pain she was inflicting on me, I would have.

As it was, I barely held on as her movements grew more and more frenetic and her breath rougher and rougher.

Finally, with a yell, she climaxed and a torrent of energy flowed into me.

This time, the amount was nearly ten times that provided by Lin.

I could feel her sag as the energy escaped her and flowed into me.

The stream of icy energy immediately turned warm as it occupied my body, shattering whatever technique she had used on my dick.

The Qi scurried about my body as if it had a mind of its own and concentrated specifically on my injuries.

I felt my bones healing, my flesh knitting together and the pain subsiding like the sea level at ebb-tide.

My thoughts grew sober even as the fissures on my shoulder bones was knitted over by new bone.

I could see the woman shivering as she slowly recovered from her climax. I had to act before she could sober fully and take stock of her situation.

Her grip on me had grown lax and I took the opportunity to grab her wrists and free myself.

In a burst of motion, I pushed her off me, spun her around and pushed her onto the bed face first. Now, her ass was sticking up into the air.

Flipping up her skirt, I wasted no time in driving myself into her.

She groaned as I bottomed out inside her, my balls slapping against her clit. In this position, I could go far deeper than I had before even though my dick wasn’t magically engorged anymore. My glans scratched the back of her pussy walls rather than her front due to my erection pointing upwards.

It was a totally different feeling.

I think she regained a bit of clarity briefly because she tried to struggle up but she lost it again when I began to piston hard and fast as I held her down with a hand on her back.

Her cheek was flat against the cold stone of the bed and every thrust drove it into the bed.

As much as I wanted to hurt her for hurting me, I knew that unless I gave her pleasure and made her orgasm, she would be able to turn the tables on me just like I had.

Whatever her flaws, her insides were first class, her convulsing folds of flesh making it feel like I was being given a tongue bath by a hundred tongues.

I wouldn’t be able to hold out long. Not in this inexperienced body.

Grabbing her tail of hair, I pulled her head back until her back arched.

Continuing my piston, I reached around with my free hand and massaged her clit eliciting moans as her eyes dimmed further.

Letting go of her hair, I tore off her top and grabbed her breast. I had thought that she wasn’t so well endowed from a distance. But, that was only compared to Lin.

Her mounds were just perfectly sized to fit within the palm of my hand. They were firm and elastic to the touch. I rubbed her nipple with the thumb of one hand and her clit with the other, even as I continued pounding her pussy, her eyes began to lose focus.

Then with a shudder that wracked her being, she collapsed back onto my chest, her chest fluctuating with her laboured breathing.

I felt another surge of energy flow through my being.

Now that my injuries were healed, I felt the strands of Qi seep into every inch of my flesh bone and organs.

I felt strong. I felt healthy. I felt like I could climb Mt. Everest without any equipment.

The surge of power was intoxicating.

I felt the warm body in my grasp. I felt the power that still remained within her. I licked my newly formed teeth. I tasted the blood on them. A feral grin twisted my lips.

I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Hugging her tightly to me from the back, I resumed my motion.

Grabbing her throat with one hand, I slowly squeezed. Just as she had done the first time she had raped me.

Her eyes widened as she fought for breath. Her pussy clamped down harder as her lungs struggled to draw in air. The increased tightness drew me closer to my own climax.

I attacked her clit again and her eyes began to roll back into her head as the lack of oxygen to her brain combined with the stimulation drove her into a trance.

Just as she was about to pass out, I let go of her throat and she gasped deeply.

The sudden release drove her over the brink and she screamed her climax, squirting her juices all over the stone bed.

Her orgasmic convulsions drove me past the edge simultaneously and with a low roar, I released into her depths. Exhausted, I let go of her and she fell forward onto the bed, landing on her hands.

She panted for breath with her head lowered as her body shivered on all fours with my member still buried to its hilt inside her.

The familiar stream of Qi poured into me and seeped into my muscles, driving away all exhaustion.

I felt totally rejuvenated. No, I felt reborn.

I watched my body with wonder. Every muscle felt defined, every inch of flesh thrumming with power. When I looked closely, I could see a golden sheen of energy covering me.

Was this the result of Cultivation?

Yet, I felt that I had tapped into barely half the well of power in the body of the girl in front of me.

What if I had all of it.

Then what of the power contained within the entire Sect.

They were all evil anyway. Stripping them of their cultivation would be doing the world a favour.

I turned my eyes to the woman in front of me. I should start with her.

Just as I was about to continue, a soft body crashed into me from the back. Two slender arms surrounded my waist and tried to pull me off her. It was Lin. But, I barely budged. My strength had exceeded her. When pulling failed, she came to my front and tried to push me off.

“Stop. Please. Don’t kill Senior Sister.” She pleaded when she realized that her strength wasn’t enough to stop me.

Her cheek was swollen from her sister’s blow and her eyes red from her tears.

In her watery eyes, I saw my face mirrored. Caked with drying blood and twisted into a feral grimace, I was a scary sight.

Suddenly, a feeling transmitted from my dick which was still buried within the woman.

She had started moving on her own.

Her hips ground against mine, seeking pleasure instinctively.

Her eyes were unfocused and her lips parted as her body moved to the tune of her lust.

I realized then, the fearfulness of the technique of Dual Cultivation. Once you lost the battle of sex, unless the partner showed mercy, you would continue seeking pleasure until you emitted the last drop of your Essence and died.

So, unless I called a halt, Lin’s senior sister would literally fuck herself to death on me.

I observed the entreaty in Lin’s eyes.

I had a decision to make.

[1] Kill the senior sister.

[2] Spare her.

I decided to make this a reader interactive. You can decide where the story goes by commenting the number corresponding to the choice.

As this is the first choice, I’ll give you a bit of a hint as to how this works out.

Choice 1. Improved cultivation. Reduced favour with Lin.

Choice 2. Increased favour with Lin. Have to think of how to deal with her Senior sister.

I’ll tally the votes before I sit down to type the next chapter.

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