LLLS Chapter 1 – Wet Nurse(Unlocked)

Still, in an unconscious trance, I explain to Lefy,“So I have to gain points to live on, these fucking missions are bullshit what the fuck, NTR’ing someone, Having sex with a nurse or teacher and beating up a male student- those are all crazy and which I will never do. Well, the last one I have someone in mind to do it to, and what is this ability [Irresistible Aura] like what the fuck I don’t want it!” 


~Missions cannot be changed until leveling up, I am sorry master I cannot do anything, and about your ability and system, I don’t know where the ability came from but it just came along as an accessory with your system. Plus abilities cannot be removed once bought.~


“You know if you told me more about the system’s missions I would have said no! How am I going to keep it a secret from Livia! FUCK me man, ughh fuck it, I can’t turn back now I gotta find a way to remove this, let us continue.”


~Wize decision master, at the moment you have {1000pts} will you spend it or save it?~


 “Let’s see” I groan.


I start to ramble around about the skills. Having {1000pts} I choose [CQC lvl1], [Body Cleanser] and the temporary [Rapid Recovery]

Choosing [body cleanser] is just a way for me to test it out and [CQC] well it seems cool to be honest. I’m not a fighter but it’ll be nice if I know how to fight.


~Alright, Master your purchase has been processed- and oh, don’t forget to use your free power-ups. You can choose any power-ups under the ‘powers’ section and if you want to do the lottery spin, you can receive a ‘(perm.) Ability’ or maybe points~


“Okay, let me get [Body Growth] and hmm… ah, what the fuck [Semen Volume]. Oh! And do that damn lottery spin.”


To be very honest, I didn’t even know why I chose these skills, Was I insecure? Afraid of what? I don’t know were in high school am I supposed to say?!


~Purchase processed….. Spinning wheel~


~Congratulations you have gotten the ability [Lucky Pervert]~


“Don’t congratulate me on getting a skill that will increase the chances of cheating! This system is getting on my nerves, I think I already know but what does [Lucky Pervert] do?”


“~you will be faced with many perverted situations, once on it cannot be turned off for 24 hours~


“I damn fucking knew it, turn it off, please”


~Uhh, Master I accidentally turned it on, Tehe~


“Stop acting dumb, I’m going to choke the fuck out of you!”


While attempting to murder Lefy,I found out that she is untouchable in this state. Which very much aggravated me. After being pissed for a while, I asked her how long have I’d been unconscious and what current state I’m in.


~You are barely alive and time is moving at a slow pace for you so I do advise you to use [Rapid Recovery] to recover quicker if not, I can 100% predict you will be in more excruciating pain-oh however when you wake up you will have a slightly (extremely) painful headache if used.~


“So I’m barely Alive!! And wait no more fucking pain is there any way to avoid the pai-”


~Oops, I accidentally activated your [Rapid Recovery], Well I’ll see you when you awake, Master, please enjoy your long nap~


“Fuck y-”


Somehow passing out in an Unconscious conscious state, I wake up to Liva and my sisters crying. They tell me what happened that night two days ago, when the doctors said that a miracle just happened, I asked him what miracle?. He told me that I was supposed to be in a coma, paralyzed. Going through many emotions and checkups, I was beyond exhausted. Livia and My sisters wanted to stay but they had school so somehow, my charisma persuaded them to leave.


Asking Lefy how much “Life Time” I have left, she told me [158:45:02] which was strange since my time should be lesser, Lefy comes and saves me from going too deep in thought by saying that while I was unconscious my time wasn’t “frozen” but instead it was just slowed down exponentially. Still laying down on the hospital bed. Watching 360p on a shitty television that looks like it was from the 80’s. I decided to activate [Body Cleanser], soon after I passed out.


Waking up 3 hours later, I felt a wet sensation on my lower half, looking around while feeling sticky around my skin on my upper half, glancing down I see a girl with brown hair tied up in a ponytail bobbing up and down.


Grunting every time she is down, this blissful feeling, maybe I’m having a wet dream again, Mmm she looks like Livia.


Knowing that I can’t have sex with Livia yet, i have frequent erotic dreams and this is one of them.


She sucks like a vacuum, I take advantage of this dream.


Chupo Chupo Chupo 

The loud sounds coming from her mouth, as if enjoying a lovely meal from a Chinese noodle shop. Enjoying more I take a lustful gaze at her sexy body. Arousing me more. The wet sensation making my cock harder and hotter.




Ooh this feels sooo good

She removes her warm hand from my sword. Licking the tip of my glans. The dream feels too surreal. I pull her meaty ass towards my face, seeing here soaking area being blocked by her stockings and panties, I rip the stockings and pull the black laced panties towards the side. Gripping onto her two meaty buns, I start to lick her soaking wet vagina, making her leak moans my tongue starts to intertwine with her insides. Her inside felt so warm that my tongue felt like being wrapped around with a soft and warm blanket.

“Mmm pucho….pucho …pucho….”



“Hey, let’s move on to the next part”


She moves downwards and her pussy aims for my stiff cock that is radiating an unbelievable amount of warmth. My sword starts to penetrate her vagina, then my glans gets swallowed by her tight pussy lips, lastly, my cock gets plunged into her tight hole.getying a clearer view of her bush.


Knowing her insides, I can tell she is experienced and mature. Her pussy clamps onto my penis every sway.


“Ahn~ Oh my god this feels so good mmm~”


Her Juicy nectar starts to overflow onto my stomach mixed with white blubs. Seeing this I can tell she had came already being mixed with a bit of my pre-come.


Soo warm and tight ahh~ fuck I’m gonna cum soon, hold it little buddy




Not stopping, she falls onto my chest and my cock plops out of her with cum overflowing from her pussy. Looking at her I kiss her vigorously, tongues intertwining the taste of her slimy saliva. Hearing her joyful sounds, I continue to kiss her uncontrollably.


“Seems like your buddy down there is still stiff let me give you more help ♡~”


She reverses slowly and erotically and plops my glans into her mouth, she starts to go up and down very quickly as if wanting more. Staring at her as she sucks my still-hot-cock, her nicely formed breast with a bright pink nipples jumping up following her movements, unable to take it I grab her soft breasts and start to play with her tits as she flinches in pure muffled moans being blocked by my cock plugging her mouth. 


Removing one of my hands from her breast I grasp on to her ponytail and push her head straight down and released. 



Damn I’m still coming guhhh, her tongue It feels nothing like her.


“That was tasty, better than my boyfriends’ ”


Did she say boyfriend?


Before I was going to ask her, she interrupts me by saying


“You’re still going hard and strong let’s go for another round, this time you get on top of me~”


She opens her arms wildly as she lay on her back


Am I getting to greedy? Wait no,no,no, this is a dream. right?

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