My Hero Academia – Hole in One Ch.1

This is just a fanfiction chapter I decided to toss out for fun. I didn’t know where to put it and it felt like it would work on this site better than my own, so here you go. If this is popular, I might write some more. They’d all be like this. 99% dialogue, just each girl getting hers. The things I do when I watch too much anime. Sigh…

“H-how?” Toru Hagakure’s voice echoed out as she found her arms and legs chained to a table.

The last thing she would have remembered was walking into a room, and then… that’s right, there was a gas! However, she shouldn’t have had to worry about such a thing. She was invisible!

“You’re not so difficult to find.” A puff of smoke came out of the darkness, running across Toru’s bare skin and temporarily outlining her body.

“Aiii!” She cried out, trying to cover herself, but finding herself unable to with the chains.

“I always wondered… since your clothing can be seen, then the times you’re truly invisible, you must truly be naked.”

“Th-that’s not true! I have a superhero outfit that will turn invisible when it’s on me!” Hagakure tried to deny such a thing.

“Oh? I suppose such a thing may be possible, but it’s clear by those stiff nipples that you’re naked at the moment. I imagine a girl like you prefers to take it all off and run around naked.”

“D-don’t look! Wh-what kind of girl do you take me for!”

“Heh… I’ve seen up your skirt. Do you know what I see? Nothing. That means that you typically run around without panties. I know just what kind of pervert you are!”

“Y-you… who are you?” She demanded.

“I’m just a guy who has it out for your academy. They denied me entrance some years ago, and I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to finally pay them back.”

“So, you’re going to kidnap their students? That makes you a villain! The school was right to reject you!”

“Did you hero types ever think for a moment that your over-the-top demands and ridiculous antics create more villains that they get rid of. So many false heroes trying to be idolized just for what should be their jobs.”

“That sounds like Hero Hunter talk!”

“Eh? That guy? Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t care about him whatsoever. I don’t feel the need to kill you, and that ultimately isn’t my goal.”

“What is your goal then? Huh?” Hagakure has been told that she needed to keep the villain talking, so she was trying to do just that, all while trying to think of a way to escape.

“You’re probably trying to think of a way to escape… or maybe you think your friends will come and save you.”

“They will! Class rep… Bakugo… Midori… they will definitely save me!”

“To do that, they’d have to know where you are. That’s the thing about being invisible… it’s so easy to get lost.”


“I guess that’s why I picked you first. Of all the quirks, yours was the easiest to deal with. A girl with no face, I wonder if anyone has even realized you’re gone yet.”

“They have!”

“No matter, by that time, it will be too late. I will have what I want from you, and you will help me from then on.”

“I would never help a villain like you!”

“Hey… that’s only because you haven’t tasted my power yet. Well, it took me a long time to even realize what my power was. I thought I was quirkless for the longest time. Finding out definitely left me shocked. One of the boys you just mentioned, Midoriya… he supposedly was quirkless until it started up just in time for highschool. Sadly, my quirk appeared a bit late. It’s left me wondering though. Maybe there is no such thing as quirk and quirkless. Maybe those that don’t have quirks are just those that have a quirk so obscure that no one even realizes what it is yet.”

“What are you saying? You’re just talking nonsense!”

“I’m just talking about the fairness of this world. With the right quirk, you could be the most powerful being on the planet. Just what kind of fairness is that? Well, my quirk is extremely unique. It’s simple really. The quirk is called Hole in One.”

“H-hole in one?”

“Mm… it’s really simple. If I deflower a virgin girl, then I gain mastery over her power. Isn’t that strange?”


“Yeah, you can imagine why I never found out about the ability before high school. The person I first used it on was a total accident. She had the quirk Love Struck. In essence, any man who tasted her pussy juices would fall completely in love with her.”


“Not every villain acts on the streets, murdering and killing, you know. Some villains do their horrible deeds behind closed doors. Ever since quirks became a thing, these people do unmistakable evil. Mind control. Theft. Rape. I was one of her targets. I wasn’t particularly special. She just liked that I had a big dick, not that she was interested in using it. She was a collector. She collected men. Had a massive harem of guys. She would masturbate into vials, and trick them into drinking them.”

“I’m… sorry that happened to you…”

“I didn’t get to the best part! I was the youngest guy she had ever made her love slave. I guess she didn’t predict what a hormonal teenager would do when driven insane with love! That’s why I raped her. Turned out I was her first. As many guys as she had, and she never touched a one of them. She even begged me to stop as I gave it to her. Of course, once I acquired her quirk, her power somehow was negated. Well, and now, here we are.”

“Here… we… are…” Hagakure echoed, and then cried out. “Wait! Here we are> What are you doing pulling that thing out? It’s so large!”

“Hehe… don’t act coy. I’ve researched every girl at U.A. of all of them, you’re the one who has been begging for it the most.”

“That’s not true!”

“You desperately want a guy to notice you. You’ve been desperate to be seen, to be touched… that’s why you go around without underwear. That’s why you walk around naked when you could have a superhero outfit on.”

“Th-this isn’t happening!”

“You don’t have to worry. I won’t be stealing your power. I just copy it. Plus, after you’ve had a taste of me, you won’t mind whatever I do to you. You’ll be a love-struck girl. Very happy.”

“No… please… stop!”

“I hope you don’t mind, I prefer a girl I can see. I’ll be wearing these thermal goggles. Ah… there you are…”

“I don’t want this!”

“You say that, but I can see your heat. Aren’t you getting real hot in your nether regions just thinking about it?”


“Oh, wow, you’re wet too…”

“Don’t touch down there!”

“I’m not an unfair guy. Since I’m going to make you taste me, I’ll taste down there first. We can reciprocate!”

“Don’t taste! Ahhhn… y-you’re tongue.”

“Oh? So, that’s what an invisible girl tastes like. It’s salty and sweaty…”

“D-don’t lick…” she gasped.

“How could I not? You taste wonderful, Hagakure! And you’re definitely a virgin. That was the only part of this plan I guessed on. If you had let some guy inside you, that would have put a damper on my plans.”

“I’d never!”

“Hehe… so you were saving yourself for me? How kind.”

“That’s not it! Ahhhn… stop… your tongue, it’s making me feel dizzy.”

“I bet… cunnilingus is one thing I’m very confident in. That woman I took Love Struck from? She made me practice constantly. She may have never tasted a dick, but she loved a man’s head between her legs. It was a wonder none of the other guys shoved it in her before then. Although, now that’s making me wonder what you feel like.”

“No! Please… don’t stick it in me.”

“But you’re so wet. How about if it’s just the tip!”

“Ahhhhn! It’s stretching! It’s too much!”

“I’ll be gentle, I’m slowly sliding it in.”

“Ahhh, I’m being ripped apart! It hurts!”

“Just bear with it, I’m almost in!”

“Too much! Ahh… ahhh!”

“Ah, damn, it’s all the way in. Your wet little pussy really did want it all.”

“N-no way…”

“Ah… shit… I can still see my dick too. I thought maybe it’d disappear when it was in you, but I guess not. Man, now I’m curious. If I cum inside you, will I see it? What about a baby? If you got pregnant, would the baby be visible as it grows? That’d be kind of sick.”

“Stop! I can’t get pregnant! Don’t make me pregnant!”

“Relax! I’m not ready for a baby just yet. I’m just wondering out loud. But damn… you’re so tight I might bust my load.”

“Not inside!”

“Not inside? That means you really want to taste it, huh?”

“That’s… no…”

“I got to admit though, it’s really cool, I can see my cock being squeezed by your vaginal muscles. I can see how tight you are. I’m going to start moving my hips then.”

“Wait… not yet! Ahhh… no… this… if you keep going, I’m gonna… I’m gonna lose it!”

“Hehe… it looks like you already did. You’re dripping on the floor. I can totally see that.”


“Ahhh… damn… this is too much! I’m cumming!”

“Pull it out!”

“Too late! Shiiiiiit!”

“Ahhhn! I can feel it! That warm stuff is shooting into my womb.”

“Damn… your invisible pussy is just too good. I came. I can even see it inside you. Nasty…”

“I can’t believe it, you really did it inside.”

“Maybe you will get pregnant… oh, it’s disappearing. I guess once it mixes with your own fluids, it becomes invisible. So inconsistent.”

“Are you done now? You can’t make me taste it since you already lost it!”

“Is that what you were hoping for? Too bad for you, I’m ready for another round!”


“Hey, Hagakure… you’re actually really pretty.”

“Wh-what are you saying?”

“Haven’t you been listening? I’ve gained your quirk now. Invisibility. No, I’m not like you, always invisible. I can choose to turn the quirks I steal on or off at will. However, it seems that now that I have your quirk, it no longer works for me. I can see you.”

“See… me… naked!” She gasped.

“Haha… well, that’s why I’m hard. Your body is really alluring chained to this table.”

“I really can’t believe it… I’ve been invisible for so long… you can’t see me!”

“I do though… your hair is a little frumpy, and you don’t have makeup, but you are very cute.”

“Mm!” She pulls away. “D-don’t kiss me like that… it makes me…”

“What? It makes you feel good?”

“That’s not…”

“Well, if you don’t want me to kiss your lips, then I’ll put them to work anyway.”

“Huh! Ahh, no, that’s been up there, it’s dirty!”

“Say ahhh!”

“Wait, Mmmm! Mmmmmnnnghghhllmmm…”

“Ah, damn, your mouth feels as good as your pussy. Don’t stop, start sucking… yeah… like that… fuck…”

“Gllmmnn… Glll…”

“Damn… you’re going to town now. I guess I had some cum still on my cock and you tasted it, huh? Well, then work hard for me!”

“Glllmmm… Mmmm…”

“Ahh… damn… you’re amazing Hakakure. I’m going to cum again. Make sure to swallow every drop.”


“Shit. Shit. Yes…. Fuuuuuuck.”

“Glub… Glub…”

“Yeah, that’s a girl, suck it all down. That’s great.”

“Mmmnaa… you taste so gooood.”

“Hehe… I guess Love Struck is in full effect now, huh?”

“No, not at all. I just love…. Um… what was your name again?”

“Hehe… just call me Rory. You don’t need to worry either. I won’t throw you away. You’ll be my girl from now on.”

“Yes! I love you so much! I’ll do anything for you!”

“Will you help me claim all of the other girls at UA? Your friends? Your classmates?”

“If that is what my Rory wants, then that is what my Rory will have!”

“Perfect… then, this is the start…”

Oh, by the way, this is the story of how I become the strongest hero, one heroine at a time.