No Man Lives 2.5

In the year 2554, on the planet Ley-Lar within the Deus Systems, the atmosphere is thick with smoke.The outskirts of the city, the weight of the air makes it a struggle to breathe, a condition exacerbated by the explosive warfare and harsh weather. The battle for Ley-Lar is relentless, with casualties surpassing 5 million. Owl City has been destroyed which leaves the Capital of Ley-Lar, Leeo

Currently I’m on a Valkyrie Transport, making my way to the defense of Leeo, My Platoon in tremors. Morale is heavily low, all of us has families , we never wanted to fight, I’ve been in this war for 15 years, I’ve survived hell and back. Hopefully after this I can go back home to Ai, my beautiful. 

“ATTENTION!” He yells to grab our attention 

 “Defenders of Leeo, tonight, we stand at the precipice of a battle that will be etched into the annals of history. I look before me, and I see more than soldiers. I see guardians. Guardians of our homes, our families, our very way of life.

The onslaught we face is formidable. Our enemy believes that by dawn, Leeo will be theirs. But what they fail to understand is the indomitable spirit of every man and woman gathered here. They do not know the lengths we will go to, the sacrifices we will make, to ensure our world remains free.

I’ve heard whispers in the ranks, questions about whether this fight is worth the cost. And to that, I say – every child that sleeps soundly tonight, every elder that recounts tales of a free Leeo, every partner that hopes to see their loved one return – they are the reason we hold the line. We defend Leeo so that the laughter, dreams, and hopes of our people may continue to flourish.

In five hours, as the suns rise, we will be tested. But remember this: when our descendants speak of this day, they won’t talk about the might of our foes or the ferocity of the battle. They will talk about the undying courage of the defenders of Leeo. They will talk about you.

So, strap on your armor, grip your weapons, and stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters. Let’s show our enemies what happens when they threaten our home.

For our families, for our future, for Leeo”


Everyone around me erupted in cheers, the heavy atmosphere momentarily lightening. But for me, that joy felt distant. All I wanted was to be home. I just wanted to go ho-

Before I could even finish my thought, a rocket slammed into the Valkyrie. A deafening blast echoed, my ears ringing painfully. The once cheerful faces were now obscured by smoke and chaos. I couldn’t tell who was still alive.

“HOLD ON!” someone shouted over the din, their voice strained with urgency. “WE’RE GOING DOWN! BRACE FOR IMPACT!”

Gripping the handles beside my seat with all my might, I braced myself for the inevitable.

I jolted awake minutes later, disoriented but driven. Instinctively, I grabbed my rifle and made my way to the front, all while explosions rumbled and gunfire whizzed past me. With each step, I encountered the chilling sight of fallen comrades.

“My leg!! MY DAMN LEG!!” someone screamed in agony.

Distraught voices called out for mothers and medics, painting a heart-wrenching picture of the battlefield’s brutality.

Reaching the front, I spotted my commanding officer, looking as harried as I felt.

“Lieutenant! WHAT HAPPENED!?” I shouted, nearly drowned out by the deafening roar of the explosions.

“They ambushed us, caught us off-guard,” he yelled back, the panic evident in his voice. “They’ve severed our transport links, isolating Leeo from reinforcements. We’ve lost all communication with the city!”

“We need to regroup and establish a new line of defense,” I suggested, trying to make sense of the chaos around us.

“Right. Form a perimeter here and hold the line!” he commanded.

Nodding in agreement, I rallied a group of soldiers around me, taking strategic positions to fend off the enemy onslaught.

“Maestro, use your launcher! Target that Sentinel Ship. Now!” I ordered.

“On it, sir!” With precision, Maestro aimed and fired, and moments later, the Sentinel Ship was engulfed in flames.

“Defensive positions around the transports!” I called out. “Secure the wounded and prepare for defense!”

As we moved into formation around the transports, my heart sank as I saw Connors caught in a grenade explosion.

I turned back immediately, racing to reach Connors. But just steps away, a deafening explosion rocked the ground beneath me. The force threw me off my feet, and my head slammed into the hard earth.

A ringing echoed in my ears, muffling the sounds of the ongoing battle. My vision blurred, dark shadows looming at the edges. Slowly, painfully, I tried to push myself up, my senses fighting to regain clarity.

Through the foggy veil of my consciousness, I discerned the shapes of robotic soldiers decimating our defense line. My vision ebbed and surged, and each time it sharpened, more of them became apparent, far outnumbering a full platoon. They moved past, exterminating any who dared resist.

Though my sight faltered, my hearing remained eerily intact. The cries of Rebel forces pierced the air, a juxtaposition to the robotic reports that soon followed.

“Status report on Objective C: Execution Complete. All Rebel reinforcements terminated. Provide status update on remaining objectives.”

“Current Status: Objective A – Execution Complete. City of Leeo terminated. Objective B – Execution Complete. Rebel towns and outposts terminated. Overall results for Planet Ley-Lar indicate Rebel resistance suppressed. Proceeding to Phase 3: Execute Command Order L-112.”

I felt trapped within my own body, an overwhelming urge to move yet paralyzed by whatever had befallen me. My thoughts raced, desperate to reach my wife. I have to find Ai. I need to move. Come on!

“Initiating life scan. Identifying incapacitated soldiers.”

Panic set in. They’re scanning for survivors. I need to move. NOW!

“Scan results: 232 soldiers, status – alive. Eliminating those with critical injuries. 19 soldiers, status – alive and viable. Command: Retrieve all 19 soldiers for testing.”

The weight of realization pressed down on me. Testing? Before I could process further, I heard the unmistakable mechanical whirr of one of them approaching. Every fiber of my being screamed to move, to resist. Yet, my body refused to obey.

It scanned me, it’s cold metallic grip closing around me. Powerless to fight back, I succumbed to the bleak unknown awaiting me.

I’m so sorry, Ai. I’ll find my way back to you…

Staff Sergeant Julio Leon, Age 26: Status – M.I.A

Sakura ~ I’m Still alive and writing more chapters, Enjoy this small chapter, explaining a bit of the backstory of the world.

A warrior who is prepared to fight must also prepare to die

~Sun Tzu