Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1151. Approaching the Night / Contract



「 Kou-chan, you don’t have to be that unsociable, right? I feel sorry that you’re bullying Erica-chan 」

Kaan Momoko-neechan tells me.

「 No, no, Yo-chan’s doing an inspection right now, this is an important step 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Inspection? 」

「 Yes. He’s doing his first inspection on whether Erica-san is worthy of joining us or not 」

Erica-san looked at me, afraid.

「 We don’t allow anyone in our family unless Onii-sama accepts them 」

Ruriko says while recommending the cookie in the confectionery can to Momoko-neechan.

「 Hmm, so, how is it Kou-chan? 」

Momoko-neechan took one cookie and asks me while splitting it and eating.

「 Well, I understood a lot of things after meeting her mother, father, and her late Grandfather’s lawyer. 」

I looked away from Erica-san then to Ruriko.

「 Ruriko, the reason you brought Erica-san to our home is.. 」

Yes, Erica-san is…

「 Erica-san’s home’s, sees the previous head, her Grandfather as someone really great, right? He’s so thorough that he watches every little detail of everyone around him, and so he was in complete control of everything 」

I speak my impressions.

「 It’s already ten years since he died, and yet, Erica-san’s Father, Mother, and even the lawyer, still can’t leave the Grandfather’s control. They still follow her Grandfather’s will, or should I say, the intentions he left behind 」

「 Right, it sure has the impression that they’re still imprisoned in the previous generation’s will 」

Momoko-neechan agrees with me.

「 His charisma to lead is too strong, his practical planning skill is too high, that he was a perfect superman that will make things happen! 」

Nei laughed.

「 That’s my impression too. He’s that kind of boss, and so the people around him rely on the boss unconsciously 」

I said.

「 That’s why they all ignore their will and just follow their predecessor’s will. They think that it’s natural, that they have to. That even when he’s already dead for ten years, they’re still imprisoned in that thought 」

Erica-san’s listening to our conversation with a straight face.

「 That condition is a little similar I believe 」

「 With what, Kou-chan? 」

Momoko-neechan asks. I looked at Ruriko.

「 With the Kouzuki house 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Jii-chan has such a mighty charisma that everyone thinks it’s natural to follow Jii-chan’s will, meaning, they’re dependent on him. No, sure, Jii-chan has incredible creativity and decisiveness, so he can make plans and make use of his subordinates to do something. Therefore, everyone trusts Jii-chan, and they keep on nodding on Jii-chan’s orders 」

However, that’s…

「 But, that’s worrying 」

「 Worrying? 」

「 Yeah, you see Momoko-neechan, Jii-chan won’t live forever. Well, since it’s Jii-chan, he probably has a plan ready for ten or twenty years past his death 」

「 The people who are completely dependent on their boss will be in trouble if their boss is gone. It’s like the heart of the organization is suddenly gone 」

Nei said.

「 Oh, it’s like a company whose founder was so great that it’s hard to venture out as a company because they’ve been trapped in the founder’s philosophy for so long 」

Momoko-neechan smiled wryly.

「 The founder’s biography and speeches are included in the pamphlets handed out to the company employees. The times have changed since the founder created the company, and so, his ideology might not be timely anymore, so it has to be used as a reference, but… 」

「 Furthermore, they turn the late founder into a saint. That’s because they only focus on the successes, not the failures 」

「 That’s true 」

Nei said. Momoko-neechan agreed.

「 In the end, the next generation of employees need to have a strong will to overcome the great founder and stand on their own 」

However, Ruriko.

「 Ideally, that would be true, but it’s hard for someone who spent a lot of time near a “great Master,” to live with their own will that easily 」

「 But, if you don’t overcome it, you’ll be unable to leave the influence of the predecessor 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 When you think about it, you’re already under the influence of the predecessor! 」

「 Yes, Nei-oneesama’s right. Misuzu-oneesama and I have been under Grandfather’s control since our birth, so we can’t get out. If it was me before, then I would be imprisoned in the thought of “What would Grandfather think I’ll do,” before thinking of “What I want to do” Then, I live as Grandfather wills it, even if it bends my wishes. I think that if I remained like that, even after Grandfather dies, I’ll continue to imagine what Grandfather wished for me, asking “What would Grandfather tell me to do in this situation?” And act accordingly to that 」

That’s how strong Jii-chan’s influence on Ruriko.

「 What about now? 」

Momoko-neechan asks Ruriko.

「 Now, all of me belongs to Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said with her cheeks blushing.

「 Although, it’s different compared to Grandfather. With Grandfather, when I face a problem, he’ll immediately give me a solution, and before I know it, he’s already implemented the solution plan. Grandfather always moves forward before me 」

Yeah, Jii-chan’s always ahead.

「 But, with Onii-sama, he stays together with us. He faces the problem, thinks together with us, hears our opinions, and when Onii-sama gives his approval, we deal with it together 」

「 No, that’s…Ruriko 」


「 Jii-chan is smart, and he has plenty of experience, and so he can figure out how to deal with problems right away, so he will be ahead of us. But, I’m not that smart. I can’t think of countermeasures in an instant as Jii-chan does 」

「 What are you talking about Yo-chan? That little dullness of yours is the best part 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan won’t do anything foolish, and you don’t decide from appearances either. You always take your time to think, and make sure you see the true nature of the problem 」

「 I won’t understand it unless I take my time. I’m just slow brained 」

I said.

「 Wrong, if people don’t take their time to think like Yo-chan, then they won’t understand. People who decide that “this is that kind of person,” at a glance are irresponsible. People like those trying to show off, saying “ain’t I smart?” and they’re the real idiots 」

「 I see. That’s a possibility 」

Momoko-neechan is admiring Nei’s opinion.

「 Either way, those who are dependent on a grand person nearby can’t escape from that life. Erica-san’s Father and Mother, they’re still imprisoned in the previous generation’s will even ten years after his death 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s why Grandfather changed my dependence towards Onii-sama for now. Thinking of the future past his death


「 I know that I have a distorted nature compared to the ordinary people 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

「 I’m the daughter of the Kouzuki house, and so I have the desire to reign over my subjects, and rule the entire Kouzuki house under my will. However, since I’ve always been under Grandfather’s control ever since a was a child, I desire for someone I respect and love to control me 」

「 If Kouzuki-sama’s always with you, then that will be your nature 」

Momoko-neechan smiles wryly.

「 Yes, therefore, it has to be Onii-sama. Onii-sama guides me, and his control is kind and warm. I have such contradictory desires yet he gently and softly wraps me 」

「 I can see that. I saw you in school half a year ago, but your atmosphere has changed indeed. You used to be so tense and stiff that other students were afraid to approach you, but now you seem much more relaxed 」

Momoko-neechan’s in high-school, and Ruriko’s in middle school, but…

That school for young ladies doesn’t have many students, and so the two of them are in the same place since childhood.

Above all, they’re the daughters of Kaan and Kouzuki house.

She’s always curious about Ruriko.

「 It’s all thanks to Onii-sama’s love…because I’m the young lady of the Kouzuki house, and also Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

By being both a young lady and a slave, Ruriko’s able to solve her internal conflicts by having different purposes inside and outside the house.

「 And I think that it’s the best for Erica-san to join me 」

Ruriko told Erica-san.

「 Erica-san grew up in a house where the entire family is dependent on the will of her deceased grandfather… 」

Ten years ago, when Erica was 4, her grandfather died.

But, his influence still controls Anna house.

「 Right! Erica-san was talking about the old European porno graffiti and such during our first meeting, but… 」

Yeah, Erica-san found her Grandfather’s secret library and read it with pleasure.

「 Aren’t those all stories where the man is in control of the woman, right? 」

Nei said. Erica-san’s body trembled.

「 You were telling the truth when you mentioned that you love those novels, right? Meaning, Erica-san seeks a master who will dominate her. Isn’t that right? 」

Nei smiled at Erica-san.

「 Erica-san’s father and mother are still bound by the will and principle, shapeless words and intention from the late predecessor, but Erica-san; 」

Erica-san trembles as she looks at Nei.

「 You’re not satisfied with that kind of control, are you? You’re a woman, so you want it to be skin-to-skin, your body that’s dominated, right? 」

Nei said.

「 You read your Grandfather’s prized porno that you discovered that there’s that kind of control in this world 」


「 I-It’s obscene. Lewd. Lascivious, I… More than the other girls… 」

She says while blushing in embarrassment.

「 Therefore, I was interested in sex, rape, and training, I’m a weird girl 」

She speaks out the thoughts deep in her heart.

「 Then, after discovering that I’m not Mother and Father’s child, that my real father was my Grandfather, and that my real mother was a prostitute… 」

Erica-san read her Grandfather’s diary.

Erica-san’s born from the former prostitute of the Black Forest, Takahata Youko-san;

「 That’s why I thought that it’s natural that I’m lewd, obscene, indecent, but, such a lewd girl shouldn’t be living together with Father and Mother in the Anna house… 」


「 Okay, as expected, Erica-san also needs to be in our home 」

「 Also? 」

Momoko-neechan looked at me.

「 Our girls are like that. Girls who lost their way, where only the Kuromori family is their place 」

「 It’s not Yo-chan gathering the girl he likes and making a harem out of that! But instead, girls who can’t go on without Yo-chan gathers, Yo-chan accepts them, and we live together 」

Nei explained.

「 In Erica-san’s case, it’s her feelings of guilt that she’s not a real daughter of her mother and father, and yet, she lived together with them for so far. She desires to be punished, physically and mentally, and then her interest in slightly perverted sex mixed up in her mind. Yo-chan is the only one in the whole world who can take all such messed up emotions of a girl and accept it. So she has no place to go but Yo-chan 」

Then, Ruriko took out some kind of paper.

「 Here, Erica-san, I wrote this for Erica-san 」

Then, she presents it to Erica-san.

「 Your slavery contract with Onii-sama 」

Erica-san’s eyes opened wide and examined the paper Ruriko presented to her.

「 The contract details are: To serve Onii-sama for the rest of your life. To entertain Onii-sama whenever, and wherever he asks for it. To never have sex with any other man but Onii-sama. To bear Onii-sama’s child. To get along with Onii-sama’s family and the other slaves 」

Ruriko reads the clauses of the contract with a smile.

「 Now, sign here. Erica-san 」

She says and brings out a fountain pen.

Erica-san froze, staring at the document.

「 Kou-chan, I want to ask one more thing 」

Momoko-neechan calls me.

「 What? 」

「 Why are you not using her power at times like this? 」

Momoko-neechan points at Tsukiko who’s drinking tea with Michi and the girls.

「 If you use her power, you can control Erica-san to stop having second thoughts and sign the papers right away, isn’t it? 」

Erica-san looked up at me.

「 That’s what I don’t want to do 」

I said.

「 Ruriko took her time to make this slave-contract paper, you see 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 That’s because I thought that Erica-san would like this 」

「 She would like that? 」

Momoko-neechan is surprised.

「 I don’t know the contents of the books she read but I think it’s like this 」

「 Erica-san’s got a taste for suffering?? 」

「 Yeah, that’s why this is Ruriko’s freebie for her as her senior as my sex slave 」

I said. Ruriko;

「 Don’t you feel your heart beating fast, Erica-san? 」

Erica-san speaks with a blushing face.

「 I was like that too. When Grandfather ordered me to become Onii-sama’s sex slave; “What’s going to happen to Ruriko in the future?” That suspense made my heartbeat. I mean, it’s really unknown to me what will happen 」


「 I had this image of what my future would be like as the daughter of the Kouzuki house. Then, as soon as I became Onii-sama’s slave, it’s all blown away 」

Ruriko was under the impression that she would be the next head of the Kouzuki house.

「 Aren’t you the same? When you discovered that you’re not your mother and father’s real child, that you’re a daughter of your Grandfather and a woman you don’t know at all, you feel that the whole world you believed in came crashing down, hasn’t it? 」

Erica-san didn’t reply.

「 You lost sight of where you belong, haven’t you? I was the same. But, you’ll understand soon…that our place we belong to is together with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

Then, Erica-san.

「 Uhm, I don’t understand, but… 」

She speaks with a rising tone.

「 But, I don’t really know what I should do with myself from here onwards. I don’t even know if I want to be Kuromori-sama’s slave at all 」

She looks at me with wet eyes.

「 But, I’ll sign this sex slave contract 」

Then, she takes the fountain pen.

「 I don’t really know why, but still, I can feel that Kuromori-sama and Ruriko-sama’s giving me so much consideration 」

Her trembling hands signed “Anna Erica” on paper.

「 If…ever I get to something cruel, I won’t regret it 」

Oh, she’s still feeling uneasy.

「 That won’t happen. I mean, it’s Yo-chan 」

Nei laughed.

「 It’s okay, Erica-san, no, it’s Erica-chan now. Either way, Yo-chan’s going to make you happy. Just like us 」

「 Yes, you don’t have to worry 」

Ruriko takes the slave contract paper from Erica-san.

「 Onii-sama, please confirm it 」

I checked that Erica-san signed the papers…

「 I’ll sign on the paper too, give me the pen 」

「 If that’s the case, then please sign in this blank space 」

I signed on the same paper

「 Is this okay? 」

「 Yes. Then, I will be taking care of this contract. I’ll frame it and put it in the middle of Erica-san’s room in our mansion 」

Ruriko said.

「 Ruriko, about that… 」

I looked at Erica-san.

「 Let’s get to our first command 」

「 ?! 」

Erica-san’s startled.

「 Erica-san, you don’t have to live together with us. You can spend your time with your parents at Anna house just like usual. Then, let’s see. For now, you can come over and stay two days a week 」

Erica-san’s going to be a commuting slave.

「 T-That’s…I… 」

「 I know that you feel guilty that you’re being raised by people who aren’t your parents, and that you have to keep quiet about it, endure that. Act like it’s the same as before. If you’re my slave, then you can do that 」

「 That’s your Master’s orders okay? 」

Nei smiled.

「 But in exchange, when you come over, I’ll do whatever, be it rape or training. I’ll shower you with plenty of love. 」

I said. Ruriko;

「 I’ll talk to Anna Kenichirou-sama. Since Erica-san is in an unstable state, she needs to spend some time with us in our home for a few days a week…let’s see, if we say that you’re learning manners in the Kouzuki house, they’ll accept it 」

Her father wouldn’t reject the idea of her daughter having a good relationship with the Kouzuki house.

「 However, two days a week will not be enough, Onii-sama. If she’s to receive training, I think that it has to be half of the week or at least three days in the mansion 」

「 Right! I agree with the three days a week 」

Nei agreed.

Right, Erica-san needs to have some time to get close to everyone in the family first.

「 Then, let’s go with three days a week 」

Erica-san’s still dumbfounded.

「 Erica-san, your Master’s ordering you 」

Ruriko pushes her.

「 Ah, yes, y-you’re right…c-certainly! 」

Erica-san replies to me.

In the end, she feels easier this way.

I’m ordering her to forcibly suppress her feelings of guilt towards her parents.

I’m sure that she doesn’t want to leave her mother and father from Anna house either.

Although, she can’t live the same way in Anna house as before as she now knows that she’s not their real daughter.

It surely is an emotion of an innocent girl of her age.

「 Well then, let’s go back to that room 」

I said.

「 What? 」

「 We’re going to tell your Father, Mother, and the lawyer that Erica-san’s become my sex slave 」

Erica-san’s startled.

「 You have to report to them with your lips. Also… 」


「 You’re going to tell your father that you’re to have sex with me…that I will violate you, deflower you, and then creampie you 」