Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1156. Erica and Marika’s first time / Petting 2



「 Hmm, kuu, ahn 」

I gently lick Erica’s nipples.

I’m not doing anything rash right now.

Anyway, it’s to keep her from getting afraid.

To make her accustomed to my touch.

「 Aaahn, this is….kuuun~ 」

Erica’s looking at me lick her nipples with a blushing face.

「 What do you feel now? 」

I asked her…

「 I-I’m embarrassed, it tickles, it makes me shiver 」

「 But does it feel good? 」

「 This is…I don’t know…ahn! 」

This young sensitive beauty trembles from her back.

「 But, it’s fun, isn’t it, Erica-san? 」

Ruriko says while recording with her camera.

「 Huh? Fun? 」

Erica’s surprised.

「 Yes. It’s Onii-sama you’re facing, so it’s not scary, see? Onii-sama will listen to your desires. Let him spoil you. Enjoy the sweetest sex with Onii-sama from the bottom of your heart 」

「 Sex? Enjoy? 」

Erica mutters.

「 Yeah, sex is something you have to enjoy or it’ll get boring 」

I let go of Erica’s nipples and told her.

「 Sex feels good, but it’s something to enjoy. You should let out your innermost thoughts out. Cry, scream. Shout. I’ll take it all 」

「 Show our Master your everything. Not just your body, let your mind bare, and let Master take it all 」

Michi said.

「 But, I…I don’t know what I should do 」

Erica looks confused.

「 You may not see it as fun for now, but just tell me what kind of sex you want to try out 」

I say while kneading Eria’s nipples with my fingers.

「 That’s…well 」

Erica’s confused.

Then, Ruriko;

「 Michi, get the bag and give it to Erica-san 」

Bag? Oh, there’s a big in the corner of the room.

Michi took it and brought it to us

「 What’s this? 」

「 I thought that this would be necessary so I brought them from the mansion 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 I thought that Erica-san might like it, so… 」

Michi opens the bag as Ruriko speaks.

Inside the bag are…

A red leather collar, black leather handcuff, and a straw rope.

「 !!! 」

Erica’s eyes opened wide.

「 As mentioned earlier, you can beg Onii-sama for this. What does Erica-san wish for? What kind of deflowering do you want? 」


「 I-I want to be tied up 」

Then, she speaks to Marika who watches us entangle in confusion.

「 Marika-oneesama, Erica is like this! A lewd girl! Indecent! Obscene! 」

Erica’s nipples are turning stiff.

The stain in her panty grows bigger.

「 But, I…what do I do? I feel like I can’t go back once I try it out 」

Erica’s extremely aroused.

A blushing face paired with her white skin.

「 You don’t have to go back., Erica’s already mine 」

I said. Then she looked at me with wet eyes.

「 Then, tie me up! Please tie Erica up 」

「 Sure 」

I stood up.

「 Put your hands on your back 」

「 Okay 」

Putting her thoughts behind, Erica puts her wrist behind her head.

Yep, now I can see her cute armpit.


「 Do you want a collar? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Why does Erica want a collar? 」

「 That’s because Erica is Kuromori-sama’s slave 」

「 You want me to own you? 」

「 Yes, please keep me, own me! Iyaan~ What do I do, I feel my heart throbbing! 」

This middle schooler loved reading vintage porno from an old man’s library.

Erica’s sexual senses have always preferred suffering.

「 Well then, let’s put on your collar 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Ruriko chose a collar that’s light for Erica so it doesn’t burden her.

I set up the red collar on Erica’s neck.

The collar has a short silver chain to it hanging like a necktie on Erica’s cleavage.

「 Aaaaa 」

Erica’s face is melting.

This girl’s a masochist at heart.

「 Do you want to be roped too? 」

The tip of the straw rope gently caresses Erica’s breasts to her armpits.

「 Hyauuu! I want it! I want it! 」

It’s hard to tie girls up.

If done poorly, the blood flow can deteriorate, and it will be painful.

Katsuko-nee’s good at doing rope stuff but I only saw them several times.


All Erica needs is the mood.

Just leather handcuffs on her wrist and the collar is already doing its effect.

The straw rope only needs to go on Erica’s breasts and make it look like she’s wearing a rope bikini.

With this, even if we take off the rope later, the rope marks will remain on her skin.

「 Look, Erica-san, this is how you look now 」

Ruriko displays the image she’s filming from the camera to the huge monitor in the room.「 」

「 Iyaaaan, this is embarrassing! 」

Erica felt embarrassed as she looks at her silliness displayed on the big screen.

I get behind Erica and then stretched out my hand, then grabbed her breasts sandwiched between the ropes.

「 Aaaah, wow, it’s so lewd 」

Erica watches herself on the screen and leaks out hot sighs.

「 So, is this fun? 」

I whisper to her small ears while playing with her breast.

「 Yes, this is fun. Iyaaan, it’s making me throb 」

「 Look, Marika’s also watching you 」

I whispered.

「 Aaaah, Onee-sama. Erica’s having so much fun! It’s getting lewder and lewder!!! 」

「 Erica-san 」

Marika’s just dumbfoundedly watching her sister she just met today.

I lick Erica’s armpit.

「 Kyauu! Iyaaan! 」

Her body trembles.

Then, I used the tip of the rope to tickle Erica’s back and thin waist.

「 Aaahn! Kuromori-sama’s a bully 」

「 But you feel good from it, don’t you? 」

「 Yes. It makes me shiver, I love it 」

Erica whose eyes are moist smiled at me.

「 Sex is something fun. So it’s okay if I enjoy myself, right? Even though Erica’s Kuromori-sama’s sex slave 」

「 You’re my slave, and that’s why you can go all out. No, enjoy me violating you, Erica 」

「 Yes, I’m having fun. I’m enjoying it. Please violate Erica all you want 」

I embraced Erica and carried her.

「 Kyaa, I’m carried like a princess 」

「 Don’t struggle, it’s going to be dangerous 」

「 Yes. I’m sorry 」

Erica’s getting even more cheerful.

Now I get the meaning when Momoko-neechan mentioned that Erica’s the star of the middle school.

She sure is extraordinarily cheerful, carefree, and cute.

Today, she’s always been worried about her family, and the secret her Grandfather left behind that;

Erica was mentally unstable all that time, but now…

「 I don’t worry about anything anymore 」

Erica tells me while I carry her.

「 I can entrust everything to Kuromori-sama after all 」

「 Yes. You’re now my slave Erica, so you just have to think of how to live a fun life 」

I said.

「 You don’t have to worry about your Grandfather’s inheritance, the Anna house, all of it 」

「 Yes, Erica will become a splendid sex slave! 」

Erica said with a smile.

「 Look, Marika-oneesama! Kuromori-sama’s carrying me like a princess!! 」

She told Marika.

「 Onee-sama, you can ask for the same thing later! It’s really pleasing 」

「 I-I want to be carried too 」

Michi mutters.

「 Sure, Michi and Ruriko can have it later 」

「 I-I’m glad, Master! 」

I need to treat them all equally.

「 I’m putting you down, Erica 」

I lowered Erica’s small body to the bed.

This girl’s wearing;

A red collar, a black leather cuff on her wrist on the back of her head, and a straw rope on her cute breasts.

Then, a white panty and her socks and shoes.

I took off those shoes and socks.

「 Master, isn’t it much lewder when you leave her socks on? 」

Michi said, but…

「 No, she’s already tied up with a rope so I feel like taking off her socks and she’ll be much more sensitive to the rope when bare legged 」

Erica’s tiny toes show up from her socks.

This beauty has a lovely mold even to her toes.

「 It’s true, it’s much more thrilling when on bare feet. It makes it feel lewder 」

Erica’s breathing roughly.

「 Well then, I’m also taking mine off. Michi, Marika, take off my clothes 」

Ruriko can’t leave filming so I ordered the other two.

「 Yes, then, I’ll take off Master’s lower half, so you can take off the upper half 」

Michi tells Marika.

「 M-Me? 」

「 Hurry up Marika 」

I looked at Marika and sad.

「 This is one of your necessary job as a sex slave 」

「 B-But 」

「 If you don’t like the upper half, then would you swap with me? 」

Michi speaks to Marika with her usual expressionless face.

「 N-No, I understand 」

Marika who isn’t accustomed to men won’t go with my lower half that suddenly.

I mean, she’s probably unable to touch me on my upper half.

She probably never let a man reach a distance where they can feel each other’s breaths.

Even so, Michi took off my belt and pulled down my pants right away.

Dragged by the momentum, Marika also unbuttons my shirt with her trembling hand.

These fingers usually play the piano.

「 Master 」

Michi lowers my pants…

I raised my leg and she pulled it out.

「 It’s really big 」

Erica’s staring at my crotch now that it’s just a brief covering it.

Marika’s taking off my shirt a little late.

Her trembling hand was fearful of touching my skin until the end.

「 Michi 」

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi pulls down my briefs respectfully while Erica and Marika are watching.

Michi’s hands did it so the virgin sisters weren’t as afraid compared to if I pull it down myself.

「 Kyaa 」

「 Kyaa! 」

The sisters screamed at the same time when they saw my erect penis jump out of my briefs.

Erica and Marika turned stiff, unable to move from the place.

I already showed it to Erica in the mansion earlier, but this time, her deflowering is coming, and so it should be much more vivid for her.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Her breasts tied in the rope moves up and down as she breathes.

Erica’s body is already sweating.

「 I-It’s going inside me, right? 」

「 Yeah, all the way to the root. It will tear your hymen, then this will violate your insides and ejaculate a lot inside your belly 」

My penis stands strong pointing at the sky.

It’s already at its maximum size.

「 B-Before that…I… 」 I-I have to lick and suck it 」

Erica’s face show fear.


「 You don’t have to go all the way at once. You can learn how to serve with your mouth later 」

Besides, her hands are tied at the back of her head and lying down on the bed.

It would be hard to force her to fellate me.

It’s going to be painful for her if she suffocates.

「 However, it goes in smoothly when it’s a little wet 」

Michi said and puts my penis in her mouth.

Her swarm and narrow mouth wrap my glans.

「 I-I’ll do it too 」

Marika says, readying herself, but…

「 Marika, maybe not now. You haven’t even kissed yet, so we’re not teaching you to fellate yet 」

I said with a smile.

「 But, I’m also a slave 」

「 It’s because you are that’s why I treasure you. Remember, we’re family now 」

I said with a smile.

「 Michi, thanks. That should be enough 」

「 Yes 」

Michi lets go of my penis.

A string of saliva connects my glans and Michi’s lips.

Well then.

「 Erica 」

I also get on the bed.

「 Y-Yes! 」

Thinking that it’s finally time for her deflowering, Erica got nervous.

「 Not yet, I’m going to loosen up Erica’s body a little bit more 」

I said. Then I lied down with her.

「 Ahn 」

I play with Erica’s breasts that are in between the ropes.

Then, I kissed Erica’s lips and licked her cheeks.

「 Hyauu, aaahn! 」

Her body trembles.

I licked her armpit and then sucked her nipples.

「 Uuuu, aaah 」

It’s already pointy. I lick it with the tip of my tongue.

「 Hyaaa!! 」

Then, while licking her nipple, I move my hand to Erica’s navel.

Then, to her drenched crotch.

「 Kyauuuu 」

「 It’s okay. I’m touching them gently 」

it’s better to start with panties on when it comes to virgins.

「 Y-Yes, p-please be gentle 」

Erica tells me wet eyes.

「 Yeah, I know 」

First, push my hand on her crotch and then gently pat up and down.

Don’t put strength, softly touch it.

Oh, it’s already hot in here.

It’s also drenched in love nectar.

「 Erica’s easy to get wet 」

「 I-I’m embarrassed 」

I slowly strengthen my finger stimulation.

「 Aaah, aaaah, it’s much better than touching myself 」

「 From now on, you’re banned from touching yourself 」

I whispered to Erica’s ears.

「 If you want to touch yourself, then tell me. I’ll do it. I’ll violate you, Erica 」

「 Aaaah, yes, I’ll definitely ask for this! Please violate me anytime. Iyaaan~ 」