Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1195. Fighting On / Third Match Nightmare



Above the ring…

The match between the masked wrestler Robin Musk, and Denjin M-ko from the Kansai Gachi Toriachichi clan sent by the Yakuza begins.

That said, this is just the lightest class match, so…

Both of them are petite girls that look like cosplayers.


「 Robin Sappou1 Number 3. Victory goes to the one who makes the first move 」

As soon as the bell rings start the match, Robin Musk used her quick movements to set up Denjin M-ko

「 Uryaaa!! Doryaaa! goddammit!! 」

As expected of a pro wrestler.

She accelerated to the ring ropes and jumped with a sharp dropkick.

「 Eishaaa! 」

「 Nyahohoho, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t hit! 」

Denjin M-ko also made a sharp move.

She barely ducked Robin Musk’s kick and grabbed her arm as she landed then went around her in retaliation.

This girl’s accustomed to fights.

She grabs Robin Musk’s waist from behind, and then…

「 There we go!!! 」

She throws Robin Musk with a backhand throw to the mat.

「 Shieeee!! 」

Robin Musk takes it cleanly.

She’s a wrestler so she’s more skilled in fighting over the mat.

「 Tsk, you’re good 」

She took no damage and stood up, then glared at Denjin M-ko

「 That’s my line! Nyufufufun~ 」

Denjin M-ko smiles.

A school cap on her head, a white sarashi on her chest, and schoolboy pants.

This delinquent leader opens her arms and takes a stance.

「 If that’s the case, Robin Sappou Number 27! Furious Sky! 」

Robin Musk jumps towards Denjin M-ko

This time, it’s a flying lariat.

「 What the hell!? 」

Denjin M-ko dodges the flurry, but…

Robin Musk jumped into the ring rope with the same momentum, and then…

She used the recoil of the rope to jump on Denjin M-ko.

「 Tope!! 」

She does a flying cross chop from behind.

「 Funyaa!! 」

Robin Musk’s hand strikes the throat.

「 Hyayayayayan!! 」

Blown away, Denjin M-ko falls to the mat.

「 Now how’s that? 」

Robin Musk raises her hand to appeal to the audience!!

「 Oooooooh!!! 」

The spectators went wild.

「 As expected of someone who fights where it’s a show regularly 」

Nei said.

In a sense, it’s the exact opposite of Edie’s fighting style, which has been the “Instant kill” since the qualifiers.

These girls don’t rush, they let their audience watch their battles thoroughly.

「 It’s not like Line Haruko-san’s fight with her opponent earlier. The atmosphere, I mean 」

I said.

「 Well yeah. Line Haruko-san and her opponent are martial artists in sports, so they do their best to fight their opponents, but don’t focus on showing off to the audience like Robin Musk does 」

Nei’s right.

Edie ignores the atmosphere between her, her opponent, and the audience, and she just takes down her enemies at her rhythm.

Line Haruko-san and her fellow athlete took care to create that atmosphere with their opponent, but they don’t fight for the attention of the audience.

But, Robin Musk tries to create a watchable match, while respecting the atmosphere between her opponent and her audience’s eyes.

「 We need to learn that kind of attitude too 」

Nei, who plans to run a martial arts show in the US with Margo-san, said.

「 Edie’s method won’t increase her fans, no matter how strong she is. I think that it’s great to have Robin’s mindset where you have to be entertaining 」


「 But, I think that a little too much attention to the audience isn’t good for the current fight 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san said.

「 A match for entertainment can only take place if both athletes agree to fight that way 」

Oh, that’s also true.

If her opponent doesn’t focus on showing off to the audience, then Robin-san will be at a one-sided disadvantage.

「 I think that’s okay! 」

Nei said.

「 That delinquent seems to be willing to play with Robin Musk 」

Yeah, Denjin M-ko who got knocked down by Robin Musk’s flying cross chop…

She got up and then swung her body like a cat.

「 You’re good. Masked girl 」

She picks up her school cap, dusted it off, and put it back on.

She shows a fearless smile.

「 Hmph! It’s not masked girl, I’m Robin Musk! 」

「 Who cares about that, my turn! 」

「 Oooh!! 」

Now they’re gearing each other.

「 Maybe this Denjin M-ko is actually in also martial arts show industry? 」

I thought.

I don’t know how the Kansai Yakuza picked their members to send off, but…

If they’re participating in the martial arts tournament, then they must’ve selected a wrestler from a Kansai-only women’s wrestling organization that sells her character well like that or something.

「 I don’t know either. From what I know at least, Denjin M-ko isn’t a pro wrestler. 」

Nei said./

「 I’ve checked out almost every martial arts organization in Japan for today, but I don’t even recognize her face. 」

But, this girl can put together a wrestling-like match against Robin Musk who’s an actual wrestler.

「 Here I go!! 」

Robin Musk runs toward Denjin M-ko once again.

「 Toyaaa!!! 」

Robin Musk jumps onto the shoulder of Denjin M-ko before their body collides.

Then, she grips M-ko’s head with her thighs.

「 Tihera!! 」

Burururun, she twists her body above M-ko, and…

「 Shaaaaa!!! 」

She used her body weight to gain momentum, spun the body of her opponent, and slammed her into the mat.

「 Muge! 」

Denjin M-ko raised a weird scream.

It seems that she took some damage.

「 Wow, that was the head scissors whip 」

Nei says excitedly.

「 As expected of the junior champion, she’s good at Lucha Libre 」

「 Lucha what? 」

「 It’s a Mexican pro wrestler. The lighter players jump and bounce greatly to appeal to the audience 」

「 However, this match isn’t wrestling 」

Kuromiya-san said.


This tournament is under MMA rules so even if she pins Denjin M-ko to the mat, Robin Musk won’t be victorious.

The deciding factors of the match are;

Knocking out the opponent, or…

The referee announces technical knockout, seeing that the athlete can’t fight anymore.

Or, the coach throwing their towel.

Or when the doctor tells them to stop.

Lastly, when the athlete taps out.

In case that the winner isn’t decided in three rounds of five minutes;

Then the judges will decide who’s the winner.

Those are the rules.

「 Hey! Come on! It’s morning already! Okay! Wake up!! 」

Robin Musk stood up and clapped her hands on Denjin M-ko who’s still lying down on the mat.

「 Oh, she’s not going to pin her down 」

Kuromiya-san said out of surprise.

「 If she pins her, M-ko-chan won’t be able to deal with it, right? 」

Nei said.

「 Huh? If that’s the case, won’t that be her win if she does that? 」

I asked.

「 No, winning like that isn’t fun for Robin-chan. That girl wants to show off 」

I see. So she doesn’t want to win right away.

She’ll take her time to show off to the spectators.

That’s why she’s not going for the winning move.

「 Hmmmm, geez! You’re making me angry! You pro wrestler!! 」

Denjin M-ko who finally got up

「 Eiyasaaa!!! 」

Once again, Robin Musk runs and tries to do a flying kick.

「 FLY HIGH!! 」

It’s a flying body press.


「 Come in come in!! 」

Denji M-Ko grabbed Robin Musk’s flying body…

「 Urararararara!!! I’m an active volcano!!! explosion!!!! 」

She lifted Robin Musk up to her shoulders, spun her around, and slam her to the mat where she can’t defend!!!

「 Airplane spin! 」

Nei mutters.

「 In that petite body. Amazing 」

「 Muu!!! 」

Robin Musk who slammed on the mat ass first groans in pain.

「 That’s not all!! That’s not enough! Jajajajajaii!! 」

Denji M-ko appeals and the audience cheered.

「 Kuuuu, goddammit! We’re not yet done!! 」

Robin Musk slowly gets up although she’s damaged.

「 I’m going to take the nine out of you and win with ten! 」

Denji M-Ko points at her and shouts.

「 What did you say? 」

「 Everyone, you know that pro wrestlers are really strong! 」

As soon as Robin Musk talks to the spectators…

「 I wonder about that!! 」

This time, Denji M-ko spreads her legs wide.

Then, she stamps Robin Musk’s head to the mat.

「 Ooh, it’s the brawl kick!! 」

Nei shouts.

「 I won’t let you! Shaaa!! 」

Robin Musk who should’ve staggered from the damage descends her body.

And she avoids Denji M-Ko’s kick.

「 Ushaaaaa!!! 」

She then turned her body and step into her bust.

「 Uoooooooh!! Dosei!!! 」

She grabs Denji M-ko’s arms and then collapses to the other side after entangling her legs.

「 Kawazu hang? 」

I muttered.

「 No, Yo-chan, that was Kawazu drop!! 」

I don’t even know the difference!

「 Mugyaa! Bafoumuuu!!! 」

The back of Denji M-ko’s head hits hard the mat.


That definitely hurts.

「 Ushaaaaaa!! Uraaaaaa!! 」

Robin Musk stood up and thrusts her fist high in the air, confident that she won.

「 Ooooooooohhh!!! 」

The spectators cheered.

As expected of someone who fights to show off.



「 Fufufu, kukuku!! 」

Denji M-Ko who’s lying down on the mat…

「 Kuhahahahaha, byahahahahahaha!!! 」

She looks up at the ceiling, laughing.

「 ♪ Hmm, hmm, hmm~ Rurururun~ I’m not dying! After all, the world is round ~ It’s good to stay alive, it’s scary to go back home. In this world, it’s about connection and money~ Hmm, hmm, and I’m the leader!! 」

She slowly gets up while singing some song…

Facing Robin Musk…

「 Kuahahaha, Denji M-Ko’s revived! Denji M-ko’s revived! 」

She repeats as if to inspire herself.

「 You’re strong. I don’t think you’re showing any gaps in the start, middle, and end of the match 」

She told her opponent.

「 But, I won’t lose! I’m going! Limiter off! Sonic form!! 」


Denji M-Ko takes off her belt and lowers her pants.

「 It’s scary when it’s just my flesh you know!! 」

White stuffy bare thighs and blue-white striped panties.

「 Oooooh!!! 」

The boys in the audience cheered.

「 Let’s go! Secret technique, Paranormal smash, naked god fist, the more I take off the stronger I become!! 」

Denji M-Ko goes after Robin Musk.

She whirls both arms, readying for a punch.

She runs around Robin Musk as fast as she can.

「 W-What? 」

Robin Musk can’t understand Denji M-Ko’s intentions.

「 Lyrical, Mycal, Michael and Mioka! All-out destruction! Stardust Breaker!!!! 」

Denji M-ko kicked the trousers she took off.

Then, tosses it to Robin Musk’s face.

「 ?????!!!! 」

Taking the chance that Robin Musk flinched!!


The delinquent girl who stripped her lower half kicks off with a beautiful silhouette

「 Ugyaaa!!! 」

Robin took that strong kick directly.

「 Kuaaaaaa, hiiii, fuuu, eeeh, fuuuu 」

Then, Denji M-Ko attacks Robin Musk with consecutive kicks

「 Ugu!! 」

「 T-This is bad. T-That’s enough!!! 」

The referee stopped the match.

Robin Musk fainted.

◇ ◇ ◇

Robin Musk is taken to the sickbay using a stretcher, but…

The referee’s troubled to decide the outcome of the match.

「 What, what, what? It just happened that my pants got dragged by my legs and flew to her face 」

Denji M-Ko said.

「 It was a coincidence! I didn’t do it consciously! I’m not guilty 」

No, everyone can tell that it was on purpose.

The spectators are also fed up with Denji M-Ko’s shameless attitude.


「 May I? 」

The organizer of the tournament, who declared the opening, came to the judges’ table.

Err, if I recall.

「 That was Edogawa Nagaharu-san 」

Nei said.

Edogawa talks to the referee, then…

He held the microphone and spoke to the spectators.

『 Yes, I’m here again. I know that you don’t want to see me again but bear with me for a little while 』

He said with a smile.

『 AS you can see, that action of hers is likely to be a foul. I’ve seen it too. You’ve seen it too. The old man and his granddaughter over there did too. It’s surprising. I’m shocked too

The old man said.

『 But you see, I don’t know if taking off her pants during the match and using it as an obstruction was on purpose. This is as close to a foul as you can get, but it’s troublesome because we don’t know if we could call it one. Yes, we can’t do anything about it 』

What’s going on?

『 But, if we keep on debating on this, then we can’t continue the tournament. We’re still in the lightest class. Don’t you all want to watch the other matches too? I do 』

「 So, what are we going to do? 」

The spectators shouted.

「 If Robin lost to that, then poor her 」

「 That’s right!! Robin Musk carries the name of her organization too! 」

「 There’s no excuse on looking down on pro wrestling 」

Oh, those were Robin Musk’s fans.

『 Yes. It is as you say. But, even if her loss to Denji M-Ko is foul, she won’t be able to fight again today. Besides, we don’t have any reserves in this class, and so… 』

Edogawa took a pause and said.

『 And so, I propose… This match will be invalid. Robin Musk didn’t lose. And Denji M-Ko-san will advance in her match with a point loss 』

A point loss.

『 If her next match ends with the judges’ decision, then M-ko-san will lose. She will advance to the second round with that kind of penalty 』

So that’s it.

『 Of course, in case Denji M-ko-san does something that seems foul again, then she will lose immediately. That’s much better than winning without playing 』

Edogawa said, but…

「 But you know 」

「 I’m not satisfied with that 」

「 That’s right, even if that girl reaches finals… 」

「 That’s right, what will you do if she wins? 」

The spectators complain.


「 Oh? Do you think that this girl can win against me? 」

Monkey Mimi, the winner of last year’s match, appears wearing her bright pink karate uniform.

「 It’s okay, I’ll kick this girl’s ass before the finals 」

If Monkey Mimi wins the next game, then…

She will be fighting Denji M-ko in the next round.

「 You serious? Lol 」

Denji Mko looked at Monkey Mimi and laughed.

「 Well, you sure are an idiot for not knowing my real strength 」

Monkey Mimi looked at Denji M-ko in contempt

「 Mimi beat her up! 」

「 Monkey! You got this! 」

The fourth match isn’t over yet, and yet…

The audience is already cheering for Mimi.

「 I’ll kick her butt! Ufufu, I’ll do it 」

Monkey Mimi waved her hand to the spectators elegantly.

『 Well then, I think that’s good enough for everyone 』

Edogawa, the sponsor of the tournament speaks on the microphone.

『 Oh, by the way, Denji M-ko-san, please remain in that appear in your next match 』

Remain like that?

『 You’re banned from putting on any pants, so stay like that 』

With that said…

A school cap on her head and sarashi on her chest.

And, a striped panty on her lower half.

Denji M-ko will continue her matches like that.

『 Well then, we’ll meet again! Well then, well then, well then… 』


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