Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1196. Fighting On / Angle



『 Round 1 』


「 Teiyaa!! 」

「 Haaaa!! 」

The matches for the lightest class…

The winner of the previous year’s tournament, Monkey Mimi, a member of the Super Combat Karate Tomy Ashida Dojo, and…

The last of the three Musketeers of the European Fujiwara clan using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shinmachi Sakura, began fighting.

Monkey Mimi’s wearing an all-pink karate uniform, and Shinmachi Sakura is wearing the same tank top with the European Fujiwara logo and shorts.

「 Sakura, keep your eyes peeled! She’s not unbeatable if you calmed down 」

As usual, in the European Fujiwara corner is the usual Remy Fujiwara as her coach.

「 Yes! Remy-san!! 」

「 Get your fighting spirit up! Fighting spirit! 」

「 Ushaaaaaa!!! 」

Monkey Mimi watches the two with a cold smile.

「 Hey, Remy-san, it looks like it’s backfiring you know? Look, this girl’s body is stiff from nervousness 」

She said filled with calm.

「 Let’s give it a try 」

Monkey Mimi swoops into a distance where her fist could reach her opponent.

「 Here, Karate punch! Karate punch! Karate Chop! Karate Kick!! 」

Her voice is light, but her punches carry weight.

「 Kuuu!! 」

Shinmachi is guarding with her arms and legs, but she’s losing to the assault, backing off.

「 Even if you guard against such heavy attacks, it’ll still pile up damage 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san said.

「 Her arms are already swelling up. It’s taking its effect 」

「 Hey! Sakura! Don’t back off! Move forward! Find an opportunity and beat her! 」

Remy Fujiwara shouts at her disciple from below.

「 Tackle! Roll! Don’t just get hit! Once you pin her down, you’re stronger! 」

「 Y-Yes!! 」

She replies, but Shinmachi Sakura’s the one on the defensive.

She can’t counter Monkey Mimi at all.

「 Oh, that’s rude. Even Karate practitioners compete in MMA matches so they have plenty of practice fighting on the ground! 」

Monkey Mimi already cornered her opponent.

「 Who said that I’m not good at pinning? Can you not spread such rumors about me? My Karate ears aren’t going to tolerate that so I won’t go easy on anyone who says that 」


「 It’s about time to end this! Karate Wing!! 」

Monkey Mimi kicks off the mat…

It’s like a large bird of prey spreading its wings wide to intimidate its enemy.

Monkey Mimi spreads her arms and jumped high.

「 Karate Beam!! 」

No, I don’t know if that’s a beam, but still…

Monkey Mimi does a knee strike while on-air and it hit Shinmachi’s face.

「 Mogyuu!! 」

Shinmachi-san let out a weird voice and fell to the mat.

Blood spills out from Shinmachi’s nose.

Oh, she hasn’t fainted, but…

「 Auuuuu 」

「 So, can you still fight? 」

Monkey Mimi smiled.

Shinmachi’s already lost her fighting spirit.

「 Hogafaga 」

But since her mouth and nose got kicked, she can’t speak up.

「 What do we do at times like this? 」

Monkey Mimi said…

Shimachi tapped the mat, accepting her defeat.

「 Sakura 」

Remy Fujiwara’s speechless.

「 Okay, well done. You have good talent. You have your basics well. But, you won’t grow stronger from Remy-san’s side 」

Monkey Mimi speaks loudly so everyone in the hall can hear her.

「 Come to our Tomy Ashida Dojo. We’ll develop the abilities of girls like you 」

She’s recruiting while still on the ring.

「 Hey! Monkey, you bitch! 」

Remy Fujiwara glares at her from below the ring, but…

「 The results speak for themselves, right? Remy-san takes inexperienced girls, still in the middle of their training…well, I’ll give credit for the three of them making it to the main round, but still, all your students lost on the first round 」

Right, the remaining three girls from the European Fujiwara clan…

Koganei Hana lost to Edie via knockout.

Karasuyama Chitose lost to Line Haruko.

And lastly, Shinmachi Sakura lost her will to fight due to the overwhelming difference in her ability against Monkey Mimi.

「 Remy-san, you have a lot of people, but your players don’t have depth, do they? In our Dojo, we don’t let people like you enter tournaments like this 」

Monkey Mimi said smiling.

「 We also have a lot of aspiring athletes. Actually, I wanted to compete in the super unlimited class with that 30 million yen prize money, not this one. I want to mess Remy-san’s face with my karate beam to 」

「 Don’t you bullshit me 」

Remy Fujiwara exposes her anger as Monkey Mimi looks down on her.

「 Bring it on! Let’s fight right now! You bastard! 」

Remy Fujiwara tries to get up the ring.

Nono, it shouldn’t be okay for these two to fight.

Remy Fujiwara’s body is huge, but Monkey Mimi’s petite, she’s fighting for the lightest class after all.

「 Oh my, are we doing an exhibition match now? I haven’t warmed up with this girl after all 」

Monkey Mimi shows off light shadowboxing.


「 That’s enough 」

From Monkey Mimi’s corner…

A tall woman in red karate clothing, who’s as tall as Remy Fujiwara, or Margo-san, appears.

「 Mimi, that’s my prey. You’re not allowed to take it 」

「 My, Poron-oneesama! 」

Monkey Mimi speaks to the woman that appeared.

She looks strong, just from her figure.

「 That’s Poron Karisman from the Tomy Ashida Dojo who will compete in the super unlimited class 」

Nei shows me the pamphlet.

Oh, it’s true. Her name’s Oobayashi Machiko, her ring name is Daiporon Karisman

By the way, Monkey Mimi’s name is Ogiwara Mimiko.

「 Mimi, you have your prey, but if you try to snatch mine, I won’t go easy on you. I’ll punish you thoroughly 」

Poron told Monkey Mimi.

This girl has some dangerous atmosphere in her.

That kind of atmosphere coming from Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia.

「 Nono, that my bad. Onee-sama can butcher Remy-san by all means 」

Monkey Mimi apologized to her boss.

「 My, my, I’m glad that you understand. I love that cute part of you Mimi 」

Poron shows a smile, then…

「 With that sad. Remy-san, I’m going to tear you to shreds just like last year, look forward to it 」

「 Don’t look down on me! I’ll definitely win this time! 」

Oh, Remy Fujiwara lost to Poron last year.

「 The prize this year is 30 million yen so I’ll win it for sure! 」

「 Well, if you strain yourself too much your legs won’t be able to move 」

Poron looks back at the waiting room.

「 This year, the money is bigger, so I’ve seen a lot more different and fun people this time 」

「 Even so, I’m winning this! 」

Remy Fujiwara declared loudly.

「 Right, win for your disciples too Remy! 」

「 We have high hopes for you Remy! 」

「 Remy-sama! Do your best! 」

「 Go fight!! 」

European Fujiwara clan cheering squad immediately cheered for Remy Fujiwara.

「 Ooh !! 」

Remy Fujiwara raised her arm to respond to the cheer.

「 This is like pro wrestling 」

Nei muttered.

「 What is? 」

I asked.

Remy Fujiwara’s using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Monkey Mimi and Poron are using combat Karate.

Both of them aren’t pro wrestlers.

The pro wrestler was Robin Musk who appeared in the match earlier.

「 No look, they’re entertaining the audience by creating a feud for the future games 」

Nei said.

「 The main event of today’s tournament is the super unlimited class, which has the prize money of 30 million yen. I think that they’re working on making that angle for that audience to expect on 」

I see.

「 Now the match between Remy Fujiwara-san and Poron-san will be vengeance for her disciple 」

「 So they had a meeting beforehand and acted that way now? 」

Megu asks Nei.

「 I wonder? I think that Poron-san and Monkey Mimi-san would make that preparation, but I don’t think Remy-san did 」

Nei said.

「 After all, Remy-san isn’t on the favorable side from that angle. It’s much more convenient for the Tomy Ashida Dojo 」

Yeah, all of Remy Fujiwara’s disciples dropped off from their first main match.

It’s a one-sided mockery from Monkey Mimi and Poron.

「 And if Remy Fujiwara loses to Poron-san in the super unlimited class match, then the gym of European Fujiwara clan might go out of business 」

「 I think that’s her aim 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 Tomy Ashida Dojo’s trying to ruin the reputation of European Fujiwara among the martial arts gyms by beating them up in today’s tournament, aren’t they? 」

「 I think so too, I think that Tomy Ashida Dojo wants to take away the sponsors and trainees who are currently attached to the European Fujiwara clan 」

Nei said.

Oh yeah, European Fujiwara has a lot of athletes and they’re filled with energy.

As for the ring…

「 I think that the number of women in martial arts gyms has been increasing a bit too much lately. 」

Poron Karisman told Remy Fujiwara.

「 So, half-baked gyms like yours are an eyesore to watch just from existing. I mean, I feel sorry for these athletes that someone weak like Remy Fujiwara’s the one teaching them 」

「 It’s fun in our place! All the girls become strong 」

Monkey Mimi speaks to the audience to appeal.

「 We also have a lot of beautiful and strong women like Poron-oneesama and me! 」

「 My, Mimi, you don’t have to say that out loud. It’s embarrassing me 」

She says that she’s embarrassed but Poron Karisman speaks calmly.

「 Well then, Remy-san 」

「 We have to get ready for the next match 」

「 Mimi, I’ll play with you in the waiting room, you didn’t get fired up from that, were you? 」

「 Yes, please do Onee-sama! 」

「 See you all later too 」

Poron said, and Monkey Mimi exits the stage.

「 Remy-san, I-I’m sorry! 」

Shinmachi Sakura who’s left on the ring wiped the blood off her face and said.

「 I’m really sorry for being so coward!! 」

The fact that Monkey Mimi overwhelmed her with her attacks and unintentionally lost her will to fight and admitted defeat.

Now, the intense regret from the bottom of her heart is coming up.

「 I’m sorry, I’m…I… 」

Tears stream down from her nosebleed-covered face.

「 It’s okay now. It’s okay, Sakura 」

Remy Fujiwara said.

「 I’ll definitely avenge you 」

「 Go for it! Remy! 」

「 We’re cheering for you! 」

The spectators speak up.

That’s how the angle is set up by Monkey Mimi and Poron Kariman.

「 Remy-san, I won’t stop in martial arts! I’ll become stronger under Remy-san’s care! I won’t lose next time! 」

「 Sakura!! 」

Remy Fujiwara hugged her beloved disciple tightly despite slumping on the mat.

「 Do your best you two! 」

I hear the cheers, but…

I feel that it’s also under Monkey Mimi’s assumption.

「 Can we go in now? 」

Edie shows up below the ring.

On the other side is Line Haruko.

「 Sorry but it’s our match now 」

Right, the tournament continues.

Now it’s the top four of the lightest class.

『 Without further ado, the semifinals begin! 』

The announcer said.

Letters appear on the huge screen.

『 First Semifinal Match, Edie Sexton from Team Kuromori and Line Haruko from Golden Balm gym 』

There’s still a lot of matches ahead so the matches will go on without a break.

「 Well then, let’s go for it 」

Edie goes up the ring stairs with her usual smile.